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									                   CAR INSurANCE

                   Your PoLICY DETAILS

PMV NN PD 2012 12 V1          FBD Insurance plc, trading as No Nonsense,
                               is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
Welcome	to	No	Nonsense	Insurance
Thank	you	for	choosing	to	insure	your	car	with	No	Nonsense	Insurance.	
At	No	Nonsense	we	aim	to	provide	our	customers	with	low	cost	car	insurance	without	
sacrificing	on	service.	We	offer	a	range	of	solutions	so	customers	can	choose	the	best	
option	for	their	needs	and	budget.	

•	 Our	“Ready	Made”	product	is	hassle-free	and	provides	the	cover	you	need	in	a	simple	
   low	cost	package

•	 “Build	Your	Own”	is	a	stripped	down	product	that	allows	you	to	choose	only	the	
   cover	you	want,	starting	from	the	most	basic	cover	to	get	you	on	the	road,	with	the	
   option	to	add	on	the	additional	benefits	that	suit	you.	

•	 With	“SmartDriver”	drivers	can	choose	their	cover	from	one	of	the	options	above	
   and	may	have	the	opportunity	to	get	up	to	30%	cash	back	on	their	policy	by	
   demonstrating	safe	driving	behaviour.				

Please	read	your	Policy	document	carefully	in	conjunction	with	your	Schedule	and	
Certificate	of	Insurance.	We	recommend	that	you	keep	a	copy	of	your	Proposal	Form	
for	your	records.	Your	Schedule	of	Insurance	will	show	you	which	Sections	of	the	Policy,		
Additional	Features	and	Endorsements	apply	to	you.	There	are	Conditions,	Limitations	
and	Exceptions	that	apply	to	individual	Sections	of	the	Policy	and	Policy	Conditions	
and	General	Exceptions	that	apply	to	the	overall	Policy.	

I	hope	you	are	happy	with	your	new	Car	Insurance	Policy	and	will	remain	a	satisfied	
customer	of	No	Nonsense	in	the	future.	

Group	Head	of	Marketing
                                                                         NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy   1

UsefUl ContaCt
                                             Phone: 1890 25 27 37
 Customer service for general questions
                                             Fax: 01 465 4245
 Claims Service                              Phone: 1890 25 27 39
                                             Phone: 1800 945 248
 Car Breakdown Assist*
                                             (NI & UK: 00 353 91 560695)

 Approved windscreen supplier*
                                             Phone: 1890 77 99 55
 AAA Mobile Windscreens

* These services only apply to the Policy Features that appear on your
Policy Schedule.

No Nonsense Insurance may monitor and record calls to improve our
service and to prevent and detect fraud.

Policy of Insurance                                                2
Section 1 - Liability to Third Parties                             3
Indemnity                                                          3
Exceptions to Section 1                                            4
Section 2 - Loss or Damage to Insured Car                          4
Indemnity                                                          4
Exceptions to Section 2                                            5
Territorial Limits                                                 6
Advisory Notice                                                    6
No Claim Discount                                                  6
Limitations as to use                                              6
Description of Drivers                                             6
Endorsements                                                       7
Additional Features                                                8
General Exceptions of the Policy                                  13
Policy Conditions                                                 14
A Guide to No Nonsense SmartDriver (Telematics)                   17
2    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

    Policy	of	Insurance
    This	Policy	is	evidence	of	the	Contract	of	Insurance	between	the	Insured	named	in	the	
    Policy	Schedule	attached	hereto	(hereinafter	called	“the	Insured”)	and	NO	NONSENSE	
    INSURANCE	a	trading	name	of	FBD	INSURANCE	plc	(hereinafter	called	“the	Company”),	
    based	on	the	information	provided	by	the	Insured	on	the	signed	Proposal	Form	and	

    In	return	for	the	Insured	having	paid	or	agreed	to	pay	the	Company	the	premium	
    stated	in	the	Schedule	as	consideration	for	such	insurance,	the	Company	will	provide	
    insurance	cover	under	the	terms	of	the	Policy	during	the	period	of	cover	as	shown	in	
    your	Policy	Schedule	and	any	subsequent	period	for	which	The	Company	accepts	the	
    premium	required	for	renewal	of	this	Policy.

    Signed	on	behalf	of	No	Nonsense	Insurance

    Company	Secretary

    Insurance Act 1936                 Finance Act 1990
    We will pay any money due          We have paid, or will pay, the
    under the policy in the Republic   appropriate Stamp Duty to the
    of Ireland.                        Revenue Commissioners in line
                                       with the requirements of the
                                       Finance Act 1990.
                                                                        NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy        3

seCtIon 1 -                                            COVER FOR OTHERS
lIabIlItY to                                           In terms of and subject to the limitations of the
                                                       indemnity which is granted by this Section to the
tHIrD PartIes                                          Insured the Company will at the request of the
                                                       Insured indemnify any person (hereinafter called
                                                       the “passenger”) being carried in or mounting into
INDEMNITY                                              or dismounting from any vehicle described in the
The Company will:                                      Schedule hereto
(a) Indemnify the Insured against all sums             Provided that the passenger:
    (including costs and expenses incurred with the    (a) is not entitled to indemnity under any other
    Company’s written consent) which the Insured           Policy.
    or his personal representatives shall become
                                                       (b) shall as though he were the Insured observe
    liable to pay to any person (exclusive of the
                                                           fulfill and be subject to the terms exceptions
    excepted persons as hereinafter defined) by
                                                           conditions and endorsements of this Policy in
    way of damages or costs on account of injury
                                                           so far as they can apply.
    to any person, caused by or through or in
    connection with any vehicle described in the
    Schedule hereto;                                   PERSONS DRIVING INSURED VEHICLE
(b) Indemnify the Insured up to an amount not          In terms of and subject to the limitations of the
    exceeding €30 Million (Thirty Million Euro)        indemnity which is granted by this Section to the
    inclusive of costs which the Insured or his        Insured the Company will indemnify any driver
    personal representatives shall become liable       described in the Schedule hereto who is driving
    to pay to any person (exclusive of the excepted    any vehicle described in such Schedule
    persons as hereinafter defined) by way of
                                                       Provided that:
    damages or costs on account of damage
    to property occasioned by each and every           (a) such driver is not entitled to indemnity under
    accident or occurrence or series of accidents or       any other Policy.
    occurrences arising out of or following on from    (b) such driver is not a person in the Motor Trade
    one and the same event, caused by or through           driving the vehicle for purposes necessitated
    or in connection with the use of any vehicle           by its overhaul upkeep and/or repair for the
    described in the Schedule hereto;                      Insured.
The Company shall have the right to instruct at its    (c) such driver shall as though he were the Insured
own expense a Solicitor of its choice for:                 observe fulfil and be subject to the terms
(i) representation at any coroner’s inquest in             exceptions conditions and endorsements of this
    respect of any death                                   Policy in so far as they can apply.
(ii) defending in any Court of Summary Jurisdiction
     any proceedings in respect of any act causing     TRAILER
     any event which may be the subject of
                                                       The Company will indemnify the Insured in terms
     Indemnity under this Section
                                                       of and subject to the limitations of the indemnity
(iii) defending in any Court of Summary Jurisdiction   which is granted by this Section in respect of:
      any proceedings for manslaughter or
                                                       (a) any trailer whilst attached to any vehicle
      dangerous driving causing death or serious
                                                           described in the Schedule hereto.
      bodily injury subject to a maximum payment of
      €2,500 in respect of any one proceedings.        (b) any detached single axle trailer up to half tonne
                                                           unladen weight, other than caravans, mobile
                                                           homes, trailer tents, boat trailers and any
                                                           trailer which incorporates machinery or other
4    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

    Provided that:                                            BASIS OF SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS
    (1) cover shall be inoperative in respect of liability    Repairs
        arising out of the operation as a tool of such
                                                              In the event of the vehicle being damaged the
        trailer or of plant forming part of such trailer as
                                                              Insured can select to
        attached thereto except as far as is necessary to
        meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts.       a) Use the Company’s Approved Repairer Scheme,
                                                                  in which instance no estimate for the work
    (2) the Company shall not be liable to indemnify
                                                                  is required and work can begin as soon as
        the Insured in connection with any vehicle or
                                                                  practicably possible
        trailer whilst such vehicle is drawing a greater
        number of trailers in all than is permitted by law.      or
                                                              b) Arrange for the reasonable and necessary
                                                                 repairs at a repairer of the Insured’s choosing
    EXCEPTIONS TO SECTION 1                                      but you must send the Company a detailed
    The Company shall not be liable to pay for:                  repair estimate and full details of the incident
    •	 Death or bodily injury to any person driving the          as soon as possible so that repairs can be
       Insured vehicle or in charge of such vehicle for          approved. The Company will only be liable for
       the purpose of driving                                    the repair costs at a non-approved Repairer
                                                                 provided the repair costs do not exceed what
    •	 Death or bodily injury to any person arising out          would have been charged by the Company’s
       of or in the course of their employment except            Approved Repairer and the Company has
       to the extent where cover is required under Road          issued authorisation to the repairer to carry
       Traffic legislation                                       out the work. The Company reserves the right
    •	 Loss of or damage to property belonging to or             to request the Insured to obtain alternative
       held in the care custody or control of the Insured        estimates.
       or any person driving with the Insured’s consent          N.B. The Company will not be liable for any loss
    •	 Loss of or damage to any insured vehicle or               of use of the vehicle arising out of any delay in
       trailer or other vehicle attached to the insured          issuing authorisation to the Repairer.
       vehicle or any property carried in or on such a        If any part or accessory of the vehicle described in
       trailer or attachment.                                 the Schedule hereto is obsolete or unobtainable
                                                              from the makers, the liability of the Company in
                                                              respect of such part or accessory shall be limited
    seCtIon 2 - loss                                          to the cost of such part or accessory as set out in
                                                              the maker’s last published price list together with
    or DamaGe to                                              the current labour charge for the fitting thereof (if
    InsUreD Car
                                                              TOTAL/CONSTRUCTIVE LOSS
    INDEMNITY                                                 In the event of:
    The Company will indemnify the Insured against            (a) the vehicle being damaged beyond repair or the
    loss of or damage to any vehicle described in the             Company deeming repairs uneconomical, or
    Schedule hereto and/or its accessories and spare
                                                              (b) the vehicle being stolen and not recovered.
    parts while thereon including damage by frost and
    loss or damage while in transit by sea (or during the     the maximum amount payable by the Company
    process of loading or unloading incidental to such        in respect of such loss shall be the market value
    transit) between any ports in the territory covered       of such vehicle immediately prior to such loss or
    by this Policy. The Company may at its own option         damage but not exceeding the Insured’s estimated
    repair, reinstate or replace such vehicle or any part     value as stated in the Schedule less any residual
    thereof and/or its accessories and spare parts or         salvage value. The Company at its option can elect
    may pay in cash the amount of the loss or damage.         to take over the right to dispose of the salvage at
                                                              any time during the course of the claim.
                                                                         NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy          5

TOWING COSTS                                             payment shall be made to the owner to be
                                                         determined whose receipt shall be a full and final
If such vehicle is disabled by reason of loss or
                                                         discharge to the Company in respect of such loss
damage insured under this Policy the Company
                                                         or damage.
will pay for the cost of towage up to a maximum
limit of €175 to the nearest repairers. After repair
of such loss or damage the Company will pay the          EXCEPTIONS TO SECTION 2
reasonable cost of delivery of the vehicle to the
                                                         The Company shall not be liable to pay for:
address of the Insured in Ireland.
                                                         a) loss of use depreciation wear and tear
                                                            mechanical or electrical or electronic
REPLACEMENT LOCKS                                           breakdowns failures or breakages or any loss or
The Company will indemnify the Insured up to                damage caused by the vehicle being incorrectly
a maximum limit of €500 in respect of the cost              fuelled;
incurred in replacing the locks and alarm for the        b) damage to tyres by application of brakes or by
insured vehicle if the keys for the insured vehicle         punctures cuts or bursts;
are stolen from:
                                                         c) damage to the vehicle described in the
(a) the Insured’s normal residence or any other             Schedule hereto and/or its accessories and
    private residence at which the Insured is               spare parts caused by the goods carried therein;
    spending the night or
                                                         d) the breakage of glass in the windscreen or
(b) any hotel room or guesthouse room at which              window(s) of the vehicle described in the
    the Insured is spending the night.                      Schedule hereto;
by means of forcible and violent entry to or exit        e) the cost of importing parts or accessories from
therefrom.                                                  outside the E.U. or any additional cost of parts
The Company shall not be liable in respect of:              or accessories above the price of similar parts
                                                            available from the manufacturer’s European
(a) Any loss where the keys are stolen by deception
    or fraud or taken by a member of the Insured’s
    family normally residing with the Insured.           f) any car phone, audio, visual or navigational
                                                            equipment fitted to the insured vehicle whether
(b) Any loss where the theft of keys is not reported
                                                            fixed or portable, which do not form part of the
    immediately on discovery to the Gardai, and in
                                                            manufacturer’s original specification for your car;
    addition, in the case of a hotel or guesthouse, to
    the proprietors.                                     g) loss or damage to the insured vehicle where the
                                                            vehicle is taken without the insured’s consent
                                                            by a family member spouse or partner or person
FIRE BRIGADE CHARGES                                        residing in the same household;
If an event occurs which is the subject of indemnity     h) any modifications to the insured vehicle unless
under this Section, the Company will also pay the           they form part of the manufacturer’s original
Fire Brigade attendance charge as may be levied             specification for the vehicle or are optional
by the Local Authorities up to an amount not                extras fitted that we have agreed to cover;
exceeding €1,000.                                        i) Loss or damage to the Insured Vehicle arising
                                                            from theft when the boot sunroof or any door
HIRE PURCHASE LEASING OR FINANCE                            of the vehicle has been left unlocked or when
                                                            ignition keys are on or in your car;
                                                         j) Any costs of storage of the insured vehicle
If to the knowledge of the Company the Insured’s
                                                            following an insured event.
vehicle is the subject of a Hire, Lease or Finance
Agreement (including Hire Purchase) such
6    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

    terrItorIal                                             European Union States and Designated States.
                                                            However, Green Cards are available on request. It

    lImIts                                                  is important to allow sufficient time between the
                                                            journey and the application to the Company for a
                                                            Green Card. An administration charge will apply for
                                                            issue of each Green Card.
    The Policy Indemnity specified under the “Cover
    Operative” on the Schedule applies in relation to
    events occurring in:                                    no ClaIm
    •	 Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the Isle
       of Man or the Channel Islands.
                                                            In the event of no claim being made or arising
                                                            under this Policy during a period of insurance as
    MINIMUM COVER ABROAD                                    specified immediately preceding the renewal of
    The Policy is extended in respect of the Insured        the Policy, the renewal premium shall be reduced
    Vehicle to give the minimum indemnity required          as follows:
    to comply with the laws relating to compulsory
                                                             Period of Insurance                    Reduction
    insurance of motor vehicles in:
                                                            The preceding year                      20%
    a) Any European Union Member State.
                                                            The preceding two consecutive years     30%
    b) Designated States being any other countries
                                                            The preceding three consecutive years 40%
       which the EU Commission is satisfied that
                                                            The preceding four consecutive years    45%
       arrangements have been made to meet the
       requirements of Article 7(2) of the EEC Directive    The preceding five consecutive years    50% (Max)
       on Insurance of Civil Liberties arising from the
       use of motor cars (No. 72/166/CEE).                  Claims made in respect of Additional Features
                                                            will not affect your entitilement to earn No Claim
    INSURED VEHICLE                                         lImItatIons as
    For visits abroad, the Insured is advised to obtain
    the full cover afforded under the Policy by             to Use
    obtaining a Territorial Extension under the Policy.     As shown on the Certificate of Insurance on issue.
    If the Company agrees and the Insured pays the
    additional premium requested, the Policy will be
    extended by issue of Endorsement.

                                                            DesCrIPtIon of
    The Certificate of Motor Insurance is sufficient        DrIvers
    in most European Union Member States and                As shown on the Certificate of Insurance on issue.
    Designated Territories as Proof of Insurances. Green
    Cards (International Motor Insurance Certificates)
    are no longer legal requirements for visiting most
                                                                      NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy           7

enDorsements                                             05 INSURANCE SUSPENDED - All
                                                            Policy Cover
Of the following endorsements the Policy is
                                                            It is agreed that all insurance under this Policy
subject only to those referred to by number
                                                            is suspended.
in the current Schedule to the Policy. Unless
otherwise indicated in the body of the                   06 INSURANCE SUSPENDED - Third
endorsement the Index Mark and Registration                 Party Only
Number of any vehicle and/or the Name of
                                                            It is agreed that all insurance under Section
any person appearing in the Schedule against
                                                            1 of the Policy (Liability to Third Parties) is
an Endorsement Number shall be deemed to
restrict such endorsement to operate solely
in respect of such vehicle(s) and/or person(s).          08 EXCLUDING NAMED PERSON(S) -
Endorsements are subject otherwise to the                   FROM DRIVING
terms exceptions limitations and conditions
                                                            It is agreed that this Policy shall be
contained in this Policy.
                                                            inoperative whilst any vehicle insured
                                                            hereunder is being driven by or is for the
                                                            purpose of being driven by or in the charge
01 EXCESS (Accidental Damage only)                          of any person named in the Schedule against
     The Company shall not be liable to pay                 this endorsement number.
     the first amount as stated in the schedule
     against this endorsement number of any
                                                         09 NAMED PERSON(S) ONLY DRIVING
     claim as defined hereafter in respect of loss          It is agreed that the subsection “Persons
     of or damage to any vehicle described in the           Driving Insured Vehicle” of Section 1
     Schedule hereto.                                       (Liability to Third Parties) of this Policy
                                                            and the “Description of Drivers” of this
02 EXCESS (All Sections)                                    Policy shall apply solely in respect of the
     The Company shall not be liable to pay the             person(s) named in the Schedule against this
     first amount as stated in the Schedule against         endorsement number.
     this endorsement number of any claim in
     respect of which indemnity is provided by
                                                         14 INTEREST OF OWNER
     any Section of this Policy. The Insured shall          It is agreed that the indemnity provided
     indemnify the Company in respect of any                by Section 2 of this Policy shall also apply
     sum not exceeding such first amount which              in respect of the owner referred to in the
     the Company pays in respect of any such                Schedule against this endorsement number.
     claim which may be the subject of indemnity
     under this Policy. The expression “claim” shall
                                                         16 INDEMNITY TO EMPLOYER
     mean a claim or series of claims arising out of        It is agreed that in terms of and subject to the
     one cause.                                             limitations of and for the purpose of Section
                                                            1 (Liability to Third Parties) of this Policy
03 THIRD PARTY ONLY                                         the Company will indemnify the Insured’s
     It is agreed that Section 1 (Liability to Third        Employer named in the Schedule against
     Parties) only is operative.                            this endorsement number in the event of
                                                            an accident occurring whilst any vehicle in
04 THIRD PARTY FIRE AND THEFT                               respect of which indemnity is granted by this
     It is agreed that liability shall only attach to       Policy (other than a vehicle belonging to such
     the Company under Sections 1 and 2 but that            Employer) is being used by the within-named
     no liability shall attach under the said Section       Insured upon the business of such Employer
     2 except for loss or damage caused directly            PROVIDED THAT
     by fire, self-ignition, lightning or explosion or
                                                            (i) such Employer is not entitled to
     by theft or any attempt thereat.
                                                                indemnity under any other Policy
8   NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

        (ii) such Employer shall as though he
             were the Insured observe fulfil and           aDDItIonal
             be subject to the terms exceptions
             conditions and endorsements of this           featUres
             Policy in so far as they can apply.           The following Additional Features are only
                                                           operative under the Policy if the specific
    22 SPECIFIED TRAILER - Cover as                        Eendorsement Number and Features
       Policy                                              description title are shown on the Policy
        It is agreed that the indemnity provided           Schedule.
        by this Policy shall apply in respect of the
        trailer/s full details of which is/are described
        in the Schedule of this Policy. For the purpose    20 PERSONAL PROPERTY
        of this Policy any such trailer and plant               It is agreed that in respect of loss of or
        forming part of or permanently attached                 damage to Personal Property while in any
        to such trailer shall together be deemed to             vehicle described in the Schedule hereto
        constitute a trailer.                                   by fire or theft (or attempt thereat) or
    50 EXCLUDING LEARNER PERMIT/                                by accidental means, the Company will
                                                                indemnify the Insured or at the request of
                                                                the Insured such other person as may be the
        The Company will not indemnify the Insured              owner of the property so lost or damaged
        or other persons while any vehicle described
                                                                Provided that:
        in the Schedule hereto is being driven by a
        person who is the holder of a Learner Permit/           (i) the total liability of the Company shall
        Provisional Licence only.                                   be limited to the amount stated in the
                                                                    Schedule against this endorsement
    51 INCLUDING NAMED LEARNER                                      number in respect of any one occurrence
       PERMIT/PROVISIONAL LICENCE                               (ii) compensation payable to any person
       HOLDERS                                                       other than the Insured shall be paid
        The Company will not indemnify the Insured                   direct to such other person who shall as
        or other persons while any vehicle described                 though he were the Insured observe fulfil
        in the Schedule hereto is being driven by a                  and be subject to the terms exceptions
        person who is the holder of a Learner Permit/                conditions and endorsements of this
        Provisional Licence only, other than any                     Policy in so far as they can apply and
        person named in the Schedule against this                    whose receipt shall be a full discharge in
        endorsement number.                                          respect of any liability hereunder
                                                                (iii) the Company shall not be liable in
                                                                      respect of loss of or damage to goods or
                                                                      samples carried in connection with any
                                                                      trade or business
                                                                (iv) the Company shall not be liable in
                                                                     respect of loss of Cash or fraudulent use
                                                                     of Credit Cards or Cheques.
                                                               NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy         9

36 WINDSCREEN AND WINDOW                             Completion of Journey within Ireland
   GLASS                                             If repairs cannot be carried out at the
   Indemnity in respect of repair or replacement     roadside and you are more that 30KM away
   of damaged or broken Glass in the                 from your home, we will arrange and pay for:
   windscreen or windows of your car and any         •	 onward public transport of the Insured
   scratching to the bodywork caused by the             driver and passengers home or to the
   broken glass, as long as there has not been          intended destination
   any other loss or damage.                           or
   For Windscreen/Window Claims Use No               •	 a replacement car for up to 48 hours and
   Nonsense Car Insurance’s approved supplier:          public transport back to collect your car
    AAA Mobile                                          when repaired
                      1890 77 99 55                    or
   Excluding                                         •	 overnight accommodation for one night
                                                        only, while repairs to the car are being
   •	 Any amounts in excess of €223 where
                                                        carried out, subject to a maximum value of
      repair or replacement is not carried out by
                                                        €35 per person and €175 in total.
      our Approved Supplier detailed above.
                                                     Theft of Car within Ireland
   •	 Any cars placed on temporary cover.
                                                     In the event of theft of the car which is not
72 CAR BREAKDOWN ASSISTANCE                          recovered within 24 hours, where that theft
   COVER - Freephone 1800 945 248                    has been reported to us and the Gardai, the
   (NI & UK 00 353 91 560695)                        Company will provide a replacement car for
   It is agreed that in respect of immobilisation    up to five days or until your car is recovered,
   of the car described in the Schedule as a         whichever is the sooner.
   result of an accident, mechanical breakdown,      Completion of Journey within England,
   fire, theft or any attempt thereat, malicious     Scotland and Wales
   damage, punctures that require assistance to      If repairs cannot be carried out at the
   fix or replace a wheel, lost keys, stolen keys,   roadside, we will provide a replacement car
   keys broken in the lock or locked in the car,     for up to 48 hours, subject to a monetary limit
   happening during the period of insurance          of Stg £100.
   within the Island of Ireland or in England,
                                                     If the car cannot be repaired before
   Scotland and Wales. The Company will pay for
                                                     departure date, the Company will cover the
   the following kinds of benefits:
                                                     cost of towing the car to the port you are
   Roadside & Doorstep Assist                        leaving from, subject to a monetary limit of
   One hour’s free labour at the roadside or at      Stg £250.
   your home or your place of work if the car        Message Relay
   can be repaired in situ. Note: The insured
                                                     We will pass on two urgent messages for you.
   driver must be with the car when the repairer
   arrives. If there is no insured driver with the   Limits of Responsibility
   car when the repairer arrives, no benefits        We will not be responsible to you if we are
   shall be applicable under this endorsement.       unable to provide the services specified by
   Towing                                            this endorsement as a result of:
   If the car has broken down away from home         •	 the Commercial Conditions applied by Car
   or at home and repairs cannot be carried             Hire Companies, which will include but
   out in situ, the Company will cover the cost         may not be limited to the driver providing
   of towing the car to the nearest competent           a Full Licence free of Endorsements, Credit
   repairer or to your own garage, whichever is         Card deposit and returning of the hire car
   the closer.                                          to a pick-up point
10   NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

         •	 any Government control restrictions                 NO NONSENSE Car Breakdown Assistance
            prohibitions or any other act or omission of        is a 24 Hour Emergency assistance service
            any Government agency or local authority,           in the event of Car Breakdown.
            or the default of any supplier, agent or            The choice of the assistance supplied
            other person or of labour disputes or               depends on the options available to the
            difficulties                                        assistance provider at the time of the
         •	 any other event beyond our reasonable               request for assistance.
            control                                             The Company shall not be liable for any
         •	 if we have to make a forced entry to your           expenses you accrue without dialling the
            car because you are locked out, you must            Freephone Car Breakdown Assistance Line.
            sign a declaration, saying that you will be
            responsible for the damage                       74 NO CLAIM DISCOUNT PROTECTION
         •	 cover is not applicable if your vehicle is
            modified for, or is taking part in, racing,         Notwithstanding anything contained to the
            trials or rallying.                                 contrary in the “No Claim Discount” Section
                                                                of this Policy, a single claim, costing no more
         Exclusions to Car Breakdown Assistance
                                                                than €10,000 can be made under Section 1
                                                                or 2 (where applicable) in any one period of
         The Company shall not be liable:                       insurance without affecting the No Claim
         1.   For any liability or consequential loss           Discount earned under this Policy.
              arising from any act performed in the
              execution of the assistance services
                                                             76 PERSONAL ACCIDENT AND
              provided                                          PASSENGER MEDICAL EXPENSES
         2.   To pay for expenses, which are                    The Company will pay one of the following
              recoverable from any other source                 benefits if the Insured suffers accidental
                                                                bodily injury in connection with an accident
         3.   For any claim arising where the car is
                                                                in the insured car and if within 3 months of
              carrying more passengers or towing a
                                                                the date of the accident, the injury results in:
              greater weight than that for which it was
              designed as stated in the manufacturer’s                                              BENEFIT
              specifications or arising directly out of          Death                              €10,000
              the unreasonable driving of the car on
              unsuitable terrain                                 Total and irrecoverable
                                                                 loss of sight of both eyes
         4.   For any accident or breakdown brought
              about by an avoidable, wilful and                  Total Loss of one or more
              deliberate act committed by the Insured            limbs which have been
                                                                 severed at or above the
         5.   For the cost of repairing the car other
                                                                 wrist or ankle
              than outlined in the benefit “Roadside &
              Doorstep Assist” above                             Total and irrecoverable
         6.   For the cost of any parts, keys, lubricants,       loss of sight of one eye
              fluids or fuel required to restore a car’s
              mobility                                          Excluding:
         7.   For any claim caused by fuels, mineral            •	 any person over 75 years at the time of
              essences or other flammable materials,               their injury
              explosives or toxins transported in the
                                                                •	 any injury resulting from suicide or
                                                                   attempted suicide
         8.   We may refuse assistance in
                                                                •	 anyone who is driving under the influence
              circumstances where a driver is clearly
                                                                   of alcohol or drugs at the time of the
                                                                  NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy           11

   Medical Expenses                                     in that situation will be entitled to take
   If the Insured or his driver or any occupant of      possession of the Insured’s damaged vehicle
   any vehicle described in the Schedule hereto         to dispose of as deemed appropriate.
   shall in direct connection with such vehicle         In the event it is not possible to provide a
   sustain any bodily injury by violent accidental      new replacement vehicle of the same make
   external and visible means the Company will          and model, the Company’s liability will be
   pay to the Insured the medical expenses in           limited to the cost as set out in the maker’s
   connection with such injury up to the sum of         last published list price, less any discounts
   €1,000 in respect of each person injured.            that may have been applicable at the time.

78 CAR HIRE EXPENSES                                 82 INSURED DRIVING OTHER PRIVATE
   The Company will provide indemnity in
                                                        MOTOR CARS - Third Party Only
   respect of expenses incurred arising out of          Cover
   the hiring of a car as a direct result of the        The Company will indemnify the Insured, in
   Insured vehicle sustaining damage which is           the terms of and subject to the limitations of
   subject to indemnity under Section 2 (Loss or        the indemnity which is granted by Section
   Damage to insured Car) of the Policy                 1 of this Policy (Liability to Third Parties), in
   Provided the total liability of the Company          respect of any event while personally driving
   shall not exceed:                                    a motor car (private type) not belonging
                                                        to him and not hired to him under a hire
   (1) the sum of €40 in respect of any one day         purchase agreement and not in his custody
   (2) the sum of €300 in respect of any one            or control by reason of the business or
       occurrence or series of occurrences,             employment of the Insured, provided he is
       arising out of one cause.                        not entitled to indemnity under any other
   If within 12 months of its registration as new       This extension applies only to private
   in the Insured’s name, and provided it has not       passenger vehicles. It does not apply to vans,
   travelled more than 25,000 kilometres, the           car-vans, jeeps with no seats in the back or
   vehicle described in the Schedule hereto:            vans adapted to carry passengers.

   a) sustains damage to the extent that we          83 STEP BACK DISCOUNT
      assess the damage at greater than 60% of
      the Manufacturer’s list price at the time
      of the damage                                     Notwithstanding anything contained to the
                                                        contrary in the “No Claim Discount” Section
                                                        of this Policy, It is agreed that where the No
   b) is stolen and not recovered within 28             Claim Discount would otherwise be forfeited
      days of the date of you telling us about          in its entirety as a result of any one claim, the
      the Theft.                                        No Claim Discount will not be forfeited in its
   The Company will, at the Insured’s request           entirety but will be calculated as follows:
   and subject to the consent of any other party
   who has an interest in the vehicle, replace
                                                              50%          it reduces to       40%
   the vehicle with a new vehicle of the same                 45%          it reduces to        30%
   make and model if available, provided the
                                                              40%          it reduces to        20%
   list prices of such vehicle does not exceed
   the Insured’s estimated value as stated in the             30%          it reduces to        0%
   Schedule.                                                  20%          it reduces to        0%

   Where the Insured or any other interested
   party avails of this provision, the Company
12   NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

     84 SMARTDRIVER                                        decide to cancel the Policy please return the
                                                           SmartDriver device to: Freepost No Nonsense
         The No Nonsense SmartDriver device is an
                                                           Insurance PO Box 11225 Dublin 12.
         electronic telematics device which is fitted
         to the Insured Vehicles OBD (on board             No Liability is accepted for any costs
         diagnostics) port or battery. The SmartDriver     incurred in the installation/removal of the
         device will measure and transmit various          No Nonsense SmartDriver device; for loss
         aspects of how the vehicle is driven. These       or damage to the Insured Vehicle; loss of
         data measurements will include time, date         value or other financial loss arising from the
         location coordinates, braking frequency and       installation of the No Nonsense SmartDriver
         force, cornering and acceleration. This data      device in the Insured Vehicle.
         will be used to determine driving behaviour       Prior to installation or at any time during
         and calculate driver score. No Nonsense           the first period of insurance the Insured can
         may also use the data collected from the          elect to convert the SmartDriver Policy to a
         SmartDriver device in the event of a claim, in    standard No Nonsense Insurance Policy. The
         calculating policy premium and for statistical    Insured must notify No Nonsense Insurance
         analysis. All data transmitted to and from the    by contacting us on: 1890 25 27 37 and
         SmartDriver device is secure.                     return the device in the Freepost packaging
         This device is owned by No Nonsense               provided. Cash back rewards only apply in
         Insurance and is issued to the Insured for a      respect of SmartDriver Policies.
         period of up to 6 months to monitor driving       Should the Insured decide to opt out at any
         behaviour.                                        time by unplugging the device, they will no
         It is a condition of this policy that:            longer be eligible for the SmartDriver cash
                                                           back. To opt out please contact No Nonsense
         1) Within 14 days of its receipt, the No
                                                           on: 1890 25 27 37 and return the device in
            Nonsense SmartDriver device must
                                                           the Freepost packaging provided.
            be installed in the Insured Vehicle and
            remains in use at all times (unless notified   This Endorsement wording should be read
            otherwise by No Nonsense).                     in conjunction with ‘A Guide to No Nonsense
                                                           SmartDriver (Telematics)’ which is found at
         2) Should the Insured permanently change
                                                           the back of this Policy Document.
            cover from one vehicle to another the
            Insured must notify us of the new vehicle
            details and also transfer the SmartDriver
            device to the new vehicle.
         3) The No Nonsense SmartDriver device
            is returned to No Nonsense when
            requested during the period of insurance.
            This request will occur approximately 6
            months from the date cover commences.
             Non adherence with the additional Policy
             Conditions relating to the No Nonsense
             SmartDriver Endorsement will result in
             Policy cancellation in accordance with the
             General Conditions of the Policy.
         If the No Nonsense SmartDriver Policy is
         cancelled whilst the SmartDriver device is
         installed in the Insured Vehicle, No Nonsense
         will retain €125 from any cancellation
         refund. This retention will be refunded by
         No Nonsense on receipt of the returned
         SmartDriver device. Should the Insured
                                                                              NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy          13

General                                                                      from any irradiated nuclear fuel or
                                                                             from any nuclear waste from the

exCePtIons of                                                         (ii)
                                                                             combustion of nuclear fuel;
                                                                             the radioactive, toxic, explosive or
tHe PolICY                                                                   other hazardous or contaminating
                                                                             properties of any nuclear installation,
                                                                             reactor or other nuclear assembly or
The Company shall not be liable:                                             nuclear components thereof;
(1) In respect of                                                     (iii) any weapon or device employing
    (a)    any liability (in excess of the common                           atomic or nuclear fission and/
           law or the statutory liability applicable to                     or fusion or other like reaction or
           the case) undertaken by the Insured by                           radioactive force or matter;
           special contract.                                          (iv) the radioactive, toxic, explosive or
    (b) any loss damage liability and/or injury                            other hazardous or contaminating
        arising out of any event occurring                                 properties of any radioactive matter.

           (i)   while any vehicle described in the       (b)   any consequences of war, invasion, act of
                 Schedule hereto is being driven by             foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war
                 or is for the purpose of being driven          be declared or not), civil war, rebellion,
                 by him in the charge of any person             revolution, insurrection or military or usurped
                 other than a driver as described               power
                 under the heading “Description of        (c)   loss, damage, cost or expense of whatsoever
                 Drivers” in this Policy or                     nature or any legal liability for personal
          (ii)   while any vehicle in connection with           injury to third parties or damage to property
                 which insurance is granted under this          belonging to third parties directly or
                 Policy is being used                           indirectly caused by or resulting from or in
                                                                connection with:
                 otherwise than within the Limitations
                 as to Use in this Policy.                      (i)     Any act of terrorism regardless of
                                                                        any other cause or event contributing
                                                                        concurrently or in any other sequence to
(2) except under Section 1 in respect of any loss                       the loss
    damage and/or injury arising during (unless it              (ii) (a) biological or chemical contamination
    be proved by the Insured that the loss damage
    and/or injury was not occasioned thereby)                           (b) missiles, bombs, grenades or
    or in consequence of earthquake, riot or civil                          explosives due to any act of
    commotion.                                                              terrorism.
                                                                For the purpose of this exception an act of
                                                                terrorism means an act, including but not
(3) (except so far as is necessary to meet the                  limited to the use of force or violence and/or
    requirements of the Road Traffic Acts) in respect           the threat thereof, of any person or group(s)
    of                                                          of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf
   (a)     loss or destruction of or damage to                  of or in connection with any organisation(s)
           any property whatsoever or any loss                  or government(s), committed for political,
           or expense whatsoever resulting or                   religious, ideological, ethnic or similar
           arising therefrom or any consequential               purposes including the intention to influence
           loss or any legal liability of whatsoever            any government and/or to put the public, or
           nature directly or indirectly caused by or           any section of the public, in fear.
           contributed to by or arising from:                   For the purpose of (ii) (a) “contamination”
           (i)   ionising radiations from or                    means the contamination, poisoning, or
                 contamination by radioactivity                 prevention and/or limitation of the use of
14    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

           objects due to the effects of chemical and/
           or biological substances. This exception            PolICY
           also excludes loss, damage, cost or expense
           of whatsoever nature directly or indirectly         ConDItIons
           caused by, resulting from or in connection          This Policy and the Schedule shall be read
           with any action taken in controlling,               together and any word or expression to which a
           preventing, suppressing or in any way               specific meaning has been attached in any part
           relating to any act of terrorism.                   of this Policy or of the Schedule shall bear such
           If the Company alleges that by reason of            meaning wherever it may appear.
           this exclusion, any loss, damage, cost or           Any condition of this Policy or of any Endorsement
           expense is not covered by this insurance            herein in so far as it is a prohibited condition within
           the burden of proving the contrary shall be         the meaning of Part VI of the Road Traffic Act
           upon the Insured. In the event any portion          1961/1968 shall not be a condition affecting the
           of this exception is found to be invalid or         right of any person to recover an amount under or
           unenforceable, the remainder shall remain in        by virtue of the provisions of Section 76 of the said
           full force and effect.                              Act.
     (d)   (i)    Loss of or damage to data or software,
                  in particular any detrimental change in      1. Claims/Summonses & Prosecutions: The
                  data, software or computer programs             Insured shall give notice in writing to the
                  that is caused by a deletion, a corruption      Head or any Branch Office of the Company
                  or a deformation of the original                immediately after the occurrence of any
                  structure, and any business interruption        event in consequence of which the Company
                  losses resulting from such loss or              may become liable under this Policy with full
                  damage.                                         particulars thereof or where such event did
                  Notwithstanding this exclusion, loss of         not occur in the Insured’s presence within 48
                  or damage to data or software which             hours after the occurrence of such event first
                  is the direct consequence of insured            came to his knowledge together with such
                  physical damage to the substance                particulars of such event as are in his knowledge
                  of property which is insured shall be           or procurement.
                                                                  Every letter, claim, legal proceedings including
           (ii)   Loss or damage resulting from an                writ, civil bill, civil summons or other notice
                  impairment in the function, availability,       and every correspondence, communication or
                  range of use or accessibility of data,          notice from the Personal Injuries Assessment
                  software or computer programs,                  Board (PIAB) shall be notified and forwarded
                  and any business interruption losses            unanswered to the Company immediately on
                  resulting from such loss or damage.             receipt.
                                                                  Notice shall also be given in writing to the
     (4)   in respect of claims by any person for injury          Company immediately the Insured shall have
           arising out of and in the course of the                knowledge of any impending prosecution or
           employment of the injured person or damage             inquest in connection with any such event.
           to his property where this provision is not
           inconsistent with the provisions of the Road
           Traffic Acts.                                       2. No admissions: No admission, offer, promise,
                                                                  payment or indemnity shall be made or given
                                                                  by or on behalf of the Insured without the
     (5)   In respect of any accident, injury, loss or            written consent of the Company which shall
           damage whilst your car is in or on any part of         be entitled if it so desires to take over and
           an airport, airfield or any area where aircraft        conduct in the name of the Insured the defence
           normally land, take off, move or park.                 or settlement of any claim or to prosecute in
                                                                  the name of the Insured for its own benefit any
                                                                         NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy        15

   claim for Indemnity or damages or otherwise           6. Arbitration: All disagreements arising out of
   and shall have full discretion in the conduct            this Policy shall be referred to the decision of
   of any proceedings or in the settlement of               an arbitrator to be appointed by the parties
   any claim and the Insured shall give all such            or, failing agreement, by the President for the
   information and assistance as the Company may            time being of the Incorporated Law Society
   require.                                                 of Ireland. Where any difference is referred to
                                                            arbitration, the making of an award shall be
                                                            a condition precedent to any right of action
3. Other Insurance: If at the time any claim arises
                                                            against the Company. Claims not referred to
   under this Policy there is any other existing
                                                            arbitration within 12 calendar months from
   insurance covering the same loss, damage
                                                            the date of disclaimer of the liability shall be
   or liability the Company shall not be liable
                                                            deemed to have been abandoned.
   except under Section 3 (Personal Accident) of
   this Policy to pay or contribute more than its
   rateable proportion of any loss, damage, costs        7. Due Observance & Fulfilment: The due
   or expenses. Provided always that nothing in             observance and fulfilment of the terms
   this condition shall impose on the Company               provisions conditions and endorsements of this
   any liability from which but for this condition it       Policy in so far as they relate to anything to be
   would have been relieved under Proviso (a) of            done or complied with by the Insured and the
   Section 1 (Liability to Third Parties) to the cover      truth of the statements and answers in the said
   granted to persons driving the insured vehicle           proposal shall be conditions precedent to any
   or to the cover granted to passengers for their          liability of the Company to make any payment
   acts of negligence.                                      under this Policy.

4. Alcohol & Drugs: If the Insured, or any               8. R.T.A. Obligations: The Insured shall repay to
   authorised driver, is involved in an accident and        the Company all sums paid by the Company in
   as a result is convicted of an offence involving         respect of any claim under this Policy which the
   alcohol or drugs or was driving while under              Company would not have been liable to pay
   the influence of alcohol or drugs, cover will            but for the provisions of the Road Traffic Acts
   be restricted to the Company’s liability under           and all expenses incurred by the Company in
   the Road Traffic Acts. The Company reserves              connection with any such payment.
   the right to recover all sums paid in respect of
   any settlement of any such claim (including
                                                         9. Your Cancellation Rights:
   claimant’s costs).
                                                            You may cancel the Policy at any time by
                                                            sending us cancellation instructions in writing
5. Reasonable Care: The Insured shall take                  and returning the Insurance Certificate and Disc
   all reasonable steps to safeguard from loss              on issue. Provided no claim has occurred or is
   or damage and maintain in a roadworthy                   pending during the period of insurance, we will
   condition any vehicle described in the                   return to you premium as follows:
                                                            1. If instruction is received within 14 days of
   For instance, examples of such reasonable steps             the date of you taking out cover, or the date
   include:                                                    you receive your Policy Schedule and Disc,
   •	 Where applicable the Insured Vehicles should             whichever is the later, we will return your
      have a current valid NCT Certificate.                    premium paid less a pro-rata premium for
   •	 Anti-freeze should be used in the proportions            the period you have been on cover.
      recommended by the manufacturer.                      2. If instruction is received at any other time,
   •	 Tyre depth should be within legal limits.                we will calculate the return premium in
                                                               accordance with our Cancellation Scale
   The Company shall have at all times free access
   to examine such vehicle.
16    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy
                                                             11. The Insured
         Period of cover not
                                           % Refundable         The expression “the Insured” shall for the
                                                                purposes of these conditions and so far as
         1 Month                               80%
                                                                the context permits be deemed to include
         3 Months                              60%              a reference to the Insured’s personal
         6 Months                              40%              representatives.
                                                             12. Instalment Premium Payment
         9 Months                              20%
                                                                If premium is being paid by instalments and the
         Over 9 Months                      No refund           company is unable to collect any instalment by
        Cancellation by us:                                     the due date, the Company will regard this as
        If we have to cancel your Policy, we will               cancellation of this Policy and act in accordance
        send you ten days notice of cancellation by             with procedures outlined within Policy
        registered letter to your last known address            Condition 9.
        and in such an event provided no claim has              If you have not paid all your premium, we may
        occurred, we will return to you the premium             take any unpaid premiums from any claim
        paid for the period of insurance still left to run      settlement we make to you.
        on the policy.                                       13. Fraud
        We will apply a €50.00 administration charge to         If the Insured, or any authorised driver, or any
        any policy that is taken out and subsequently           person acting for or on behalf of the Insured,
        cancelled by us because the information given           make any claim, knowing any part of it to be
        to us was incorrect or where any requested              false or fraudulent, the Company will not pay
        documentation required to complete the                  the claim and will cancel your Policy and any
        Contract is not submitted.                              other Policies you may have with the FBD Group
                                                                Companies. The Company may also involve
                                                                the relevant Authorities to bring criminal
     10. Suspension of Policy
        The cover under Section 1 “Liability to Third
        Parties” and/or the complete Policy cover can
        be suspended at your written request. If the
        suspension is for a period of 28 consecutive days
        or more, the Company will allow a suspension
        rebate of the proportion of the premium
        representing the suspended period of cover (less
        25% if just Section 1 of your Policy is suspended)
        less an administration charge. During any
        suspension period, the Company will continue to
        collect Direct Debit instalments. The suspension
        will be effective from the date the relevant
        Certificate of Motor Insurance and Insurance
        Disc have been surrendered to NO NONSENSE
        INSURANCE. There is no suspension rebate
        allowed if a claim has occurred under the Policy.
                                                                         NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy            17

a GUIDe to                                               to keep track of driving scores as safe driving has a
                                                         direct impact on this.

no nonsense                                              Based on the score achieved after approximately
                                                         3 months of monitoring driving behaviour No
smartDrIver                                              Nonsense may issue a cash back reward of up to
                                                         30% of the premium paid. Alternatively, an upfront
(telematICs )                                            discount of up to 15% followed by an additional
                                                         discount of up to a further 15% may be earned
                                                         by downloading and using the TopDriver mobile
INTRODUCTION                                             phone app when cover is arranged.
This Guide should be read in conjunction with            The SmartDriver device must remain installed in
Endorsement 84 SmartDriver contained within              the vehicle for a further period of approximately
this Policy Document.                                    3 months to allow the validation of the score
                                                         achieved in the first 3 months and to determine the
The SmartDriver device comprises of a small
                                                         renewal premium.
electronic device fitted discreetly into the
Insured Vehicle.                                         After approximately 6 months from the date of
                                                         cover commencing the Company will request that
                                                         the SmartDriver device should be returned to:
The SmartDriver device will measure and transmit         Freepost No Nonsense Insurance PO Box 11225
various aspects of how the vehicle is driven.            Dublin 12. It is a condition of this policy that the
These data measurements will include time, date          SmartDriver device is returned to the Company
location coordinates, braking frequency and force,       within 14 days of receipt of the return request.
cornering and acceleration. This data will be used
                                                         The Company reserves the right to retain €125 of
to determine driving behaviour and calculate driver
                                                         any policy cancellation refund if the SmartDriver
score. No Nonsense may also use the data collected
                                                         device is not returned within 14 days of receipt of
from the SmartDriver device in the event of a claim,
                                                         the return request.
in calculating policy premium and for statistical
analysis. All data transmitted to and from the            It is a condition of this policy that the SmartDriver
SmartDriver device is secure.                            device is installed in the Insured’s Vehicle and that it
                                                         remains in use at all times.
A SmartDriver welcome pack will be issued on
receipt of a signed Proposal Form and proof of
No Claims Discount. Installation instructions            INSTALLATION
for the self-install device are available at www.
                                                         The Insured is responsible before installing the
NoNonsense.ie/install. These are specific to the
                                                         device to ensure they have the agreement of
Insured’s Vehicle make and model.
                                                         anybody with a legal interest in the vehicle to the
Alternatively the SmartDriver device can be              fitting of the device.
installed by a mechanic at the Insured’s own cost.
                                                         In most cases the device will simply connect to the
Further assistance is available from No Nonsense
                                                         Insured Vehicle’s OBD-II port (On board diagnostics
by calling 1890 25 27 37.
                                                         port). Where the location of the OBD-II port is not
Once the SmartDriver device has been installed a         suitable for permanent installation the device may
confirmation text and e-mail will be sent confirming     be connected to the Insured Vehicle’s battery.
the device has been properly installed. Additional
                                                         The Insured is responsible for any installation or de-
notification text and email messages will also
                                                         installation costs incurred.
be sent where No Nonsense notices changes to
the installation, including the deactivation and
reactivation of the device.                              THE DATA COLLECTED
User ID & login details will also be emailed to enable   No Nonsense will use the data collected by the
access to the customised SmartDriver portal to           SmartDriver device for the following purposes:
regularly check driving performance. The User ID
                                                         •	 Testing the installation or deinstallation of the
and login details should be kept in a safe place.
                                                            SmartDriver device
The portal will show driving behaviour information.
                                                         •	 Calculating and charging insurance premiums
It is important to access this information regularly
18    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy
       based upon actual driver vehicle behaviour            No Nonsense will request that the SmartDriver
     •	 Controlling personal data for the purpose of         device is returned using a self-addressed envelope
        providing services relating to the insurance         and an alternative device will be issued for
        policy. The Company will process information in      installation.
        accordance with its responsibilities under the       If the second SmartDriver device is also unsuitable
        Data Protection Act 1998 and EU Data Protection      the Company will request that this device is also
        directive                                            returned. On return of the second SmartDriver
     •	 Data will be used for any underwriting or claims     device the policy will be amended to a standard
        development or investigations that may be            No Nonsense Policy with no penalty to the
        required, and for fraud prevention and detection     Policyholder.
                                                             CHANGES TO THE INSURANCE POLICY
     TAMPERING AND MISUSE                                    AND IMPACT ON THE SMARTDRIVER
     The No Nonsense SmartDriver device is a telematics      DEVICE
     device to record and monitor driver behaviour. It       A)   Permanent change of Vehicle whilst the No
     enables Policyholders obtain cheaper premiums by             Nonsense SmartDriver device is installed.
     improving driving standards.                                 It is the Policyholder’s responsibility to
     No Nonsense will not tolerate tampering or misuse            arrange for the SmartDriver device to be
     of the device.                                               removed from the current vehicle and
     The device must only be installed on the vehicle             transferred to the new vehicle. Guidance is
     insured under this policy.                                   available by calling No Nonsense on
                                                                  1890 25 27 37.
     The SmartDriver device can identify the vehicle to
     which it is attached. If it is transferred to another
     vehicle No Nonsense will be notified.                   B)   Cancellation of the Policy whilst the
     Whilst every effort will be made in the scoring to           SmartDriver device is installed.
     prevent distortion by a single event No Nonsense             The No Nonsense Policy can be cancelled by
     will be able to identify any pattern of driving              the Insurance Company or the Policyholder in
     behaviour which are extreme or which appear to               accordance with the Cancellation terms that
     be with the deliberate intent of manipulating the            are outlined within the General Conditions
     driver score. All such instances will be investigated        section of this Policy Document.
     and may result in policy cancellation.                       If the Policy cancellation is in the period
                                                                  of cover where the SmartDriver device is
                                                                  installed in the Policyholder’s Vehicle they
                                                                  must de-install the device and return it to No
     AND FAULTS                                                   Nonsense Insurance in the Freepost envelope
     Occasionally the transmission of data may be                 provided. If the device is not returned the
     impaired or interrupted by power failures, or                Insured will be billed €125 for the cost of the
     other causes and events that are outside of the              device.
     Company’s controls. Any interruption in data
     transmission will be factored into assigning driver
     behaviour scores where it is possible to do so.         C)   Temporary Substitutions on the Insurance
                                                                  Policy whilst the No Nonsense SmartDriver
     In the unlikely event of the No Nonsense
                                                                  device is Installed.
     SmartDriver device being faulty please contact No
     Nonsense on 1890 25 27 37.                                   If a temporary substitution is made during
                                                                  this period there is no requirement to transfer
     The Company will record on the policy that there
                                                                  the No Nonsense SmartDriver device to the
     has been an issue with the installation of the
                                                                  new vehicle and this will not affect cover.
     SmartDriver device so that cover under the policy
     remains unaffected.
                                                      NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy   19
D)   Full Suspension of Cover whilst the No
     Nonsense SmartDriver device is installed.
     If cover is fully suspended during this period
     for longer than 1 month the Company will
     request that the Policy is switched to a
     normal No Nonsense Insurance Policy.

E)   Additional Drivers on the Policy whilst
     the No Nonsense SmartDriver device is
     Driving behaviour of all drivers will be
     monitored and is included as part of the
     overall driver score. This policy wording
     must be shown to any named driver on the
     Insurance Policy so they are aware that their
     driving will be monitored and data collected.
20    NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy

     WHat to Do In tHe
     event of an aCCIDent
     1. Do not admit liability for the accident.
     2. Take the Registration Number of the vehicles involved.
        (This, along with the Insurer’s name and Policy Number
        should be on the Disc on the windscreen).
     3. Exchange names and addresses with relevant persons.
     4. Notify the Gardai immediately but in any event no later
        than 24 hours thereafter if there is any injury to persons
        or animals or if your car is stolen or damaged as a result
        of theft or malicious damage.
     5. Keep a record of all injuries and damage sustained and
        draw a sketch map of the scene.
     6. If there are witnesses, get their relevant details, i.e.
        names, addresses, telephone numbers etc.
     7. Notify No Nonsense Insurance immediately. Contact us
        by phoning: 1890 25 27 39.
     8. All correspondence regarding the accident should
        be sent, unanswered, to NO NONSENSE INSURANCE.
        Notice of any prosecutions should also be sent to NO
NoNonsense Car Insurance Policy   iii

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