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               TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                                           INTRODUCTION

               DePaul University



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                                                                                                                                           Some might find DePaul University to be a study
                                                                                                                                           in contrasts:

                                                                                                                                           I   One of the nation's 10 largest private universities, where the
                                                                                                                                               typical classroom involves two dozen students taught
                                                                                                                                               by a professor, not a teaching assistant.
               Respected                  ........................................................................................... 4

               Real-World Knowledge                                         ........................................................ 5
                                                                                                                                                             I   A prestigious private university, where
                                                                                                                                                                 30 percent of its 2010-2011 baccalaureates
               Student-Focused                              ........................................................................ 6
                                                                                                                                                                 who entered as first-time freshmen are
               Multicultural                  ....................................................................................... 7                          from families where neither parent holds
                                                                                                                                                                 a college degree.
               Socially Responsible                                 ................................................................ 8
                                                                                                                                                             I   The nation’s largest Catholic university,
               Connected                   .......................................................................................... 9
                                                                                                                                                                 which sponsors Jewish, Muslim, Hindu
                                                                                                                                                                 and Buddhist prayer rooms and
                                                                                                                                                                 student organizations.
               Colleges and Schools
                                                                                                                                                             I   Faculty members renowned for the
               Driehaus College of Business/                                                                                                                     caliber and quantity of their research and
               Kellstadt Graduate School
                                                                                                                                                                 scholarship, who consider teaching their
               of Business ....................................................................................... 10
                                                                                                                                                                 top priority and, therefore, involve
               College of Communication                                              ............................................ 12                             undergraduates in their investigations.

               College of Computing and                                                                                                                      I   Two award-winning urban campuses,
               Digital Media .................................................................................. 14                                               filled with faculty members who proclaim
                                                                                                                                                                 that “Chicago is our classroom.”
               College of Education                                   ............................................................ 16

                                                                                                                                                             I   A place where academic expectations are
               College of Law                        ............................................................................. 18
                                                                                                                                                                 high, yet students vote themselves the
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               College of Liberal Arts                                                                                                                           happiest in the nation.
               and Social Sciences .............................................................. 20

               College of Science and Health                                                   ................................. 22
                                                                                                                                                             These contrasts make perfect sense to
                                                                                                                                                             us. They’re the natural outcome of our
               School for New Learning                                          ................................................ 24
                                                                                                                                                             mission to provide students from a wide
               School of Music                          ......................................................................... 26                         range of backgrounds with a top-
               The Theatre School                                 ............................................................... 28                         quality, values-based education that
                                                                                                                                                             prepares them to work, succeed and
                                                                                                                                                             contribute to the global community.
               DePaul Community
                                                                                                                                                             Read on to learn more about DePaul.
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            DePaul University is named for Saint Vincent de Paul,
            a 17th century Roman Catholic priest known as the
                                                                       Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.

                                                                                          “Chicago’s mayor
                                                                                          couldn’t have described
            “Apostle of Charity.” Born a peasant, he rose to                              DePaul better when he
            become a royal counselor, yet never strayed from his
                                                                                          visited campus to
            lifelong devotion to improving the lives of others. He
                                                                                          announce a major
            pioneered charitable organizations that ensured a
            steady stream of food for the hungry. He championed                           corporation’s decision to
            access to education so that the poor could become                             relocate its Midwestern
            self-sufficient. He challenged the norms of the day by                        headquarters here.When
            ministering to those deemed unworthy, seeing God’s                            the press asked if he
            grace in the faces of those whom society would leave
                                                                       offered financial incentives to attract the
                                                                       company, he said simply that having
            His followers in the Congregation of the Mission,          DePaul University students available to
            commonly known as Vincentians, established                 hire was all the incentive they needed.
            DePaul University in 1898 to carry on Saint Vincent’s
                                                                       What a compliment to our students, who
            work. Founded to serve those who would otherwise
            be denied a college education, DePaul University
                                                                       are well prepared to thrive in a
            today serves students from a wide range of                 multicultural world and who consider
            backgrounds, instilling in them Saint Vincent’s            social responsibility their responsibility.”
            passion for social justice.
                                                                       Father Holtschneider is DePaul’s 11th president
            Our mission is to provide a high-quality, values-          and joined the university in 2004. He is a
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            based education, with particular attention to              director of the Chicago Economic Club and the
            first-generation students and those from                   Chicago History Museum and a member of the
            disadvantaged backgrounds.                                 Council on Foreign Relations. He currently
                                                                       serves as vice chairman of Ascension Health,
            Saint Vincent’s beliefs are evident in DePaul
                                                                       the nation’s largest Catholic health system, and
            University’s hallmarks:
                                                                       as chairman of the Association of Catholic
            I   A high-quality, respected education that enables our   Colleges and Universities, the national
                graduates to fulfill their potential                   association of all Catholic universities in the
            I   An emphasis on combining theory with                   United States.
                real-world experience
                                                                       As president, he shares DePaul’s many
            I   An unwavering focus on our students
                                                                       accomplishments with influential audiences,
            I   An appreciation for the contributions of individuals   from state and national political leaders to
                from a wide range of backgrounds
                                                                       CEOs whose companies recruit DePaul
            I   A passion for the power of community engagement        students. He holds degrees in mathematics and
            I   A vibrant network that merges the classroom with the   theology and a doctoral degree in higher
                rich learning environment that is Chicago              education policy from Harvard University.
            DePaul University is nationally recognized for its
            innovative, academically rigorous programs that use
                                                                                  REAL-WORLD KNOWLEDGE

                                                                                  DePaul blends theory and experience throughout
                                                                                  its curriculum. Students master the application of
            an urban, multicultural perspective to prepare                        classroom concepts through service-learning courses,
            students for their careers and their lives. Its hands-on              research projects, internships, cooperative education
            approach, which complements its partnerships with                     and work-study programs. They graduate with a
            hundreds of Chicago organizations, draws accolades                    portfolio in hand, ready to make an immediate impact
            from guidebooks and employers.                                                       in the workplace.

            I   The faculty members of DePaul’s doctoral                                          I   DePaul’s service-learning program has been
                programs were recognized as the most                                                  consistently honored by U.S.News & World
                productive and distinguished in the nation                                            Report’s annual college rankings of the
                among universities with fewer than 15                                                 nation’s top 25 service-learning programs.
                doctoral programs, according to the Faculty                                           The publication seeks out “schools with
                Scholarly Productivity Index.                                                         outstanding examples of academic
                                                                                                      programs that are believed to lead to
            I   DePaul is fully accredited by the North
                                                                                                      student success.” DePaul was the only
                Central Association Commission on
                                                                                                      Illinois university recognized.
                Accreditation and School Improvement as
                well as a number of agencies that accredit                                        I   More than 3,000 students participate in
                or approve individual programs or schools.                                            service-learning courses and internships
                It hosts chapters of more than 20 national                                            coordinated through the Steans Center, one
                honor societies.                                                                      of a handful of endowed service-learning
                                                                                                      programs in the nation, while simultaneously
            I   The 2011 edition of the Princeton Review’s
                                                                                                      supporting more than 300 organizations
                “Best 373 Colleges” recognized DePaul in
                                                                                                      throughout the metropolitan area.
                three categories of “Great Schools for 15 of
                the Most Popular Undergraduate Majors”—                                           I   The University Internship Program enrolls
                accounting, finance and communication.                                                over 1,000 students in internship courses
                                                                                                      with about 700 area companies every year.
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            I   Twenty-five percent of new full-time
                                                                                                      These internships are in addition to the
                freshmen in 2011 graduated in the top
                                                                                                      hundreds of internships offered through
                10 percent of their high school class.
                                                                                                      individual colleges and departments.
            I   The College of Law’s health law and
                                                                                                  I   Students in every college address real-world
                intellectual property programs and
                                                                                                      problems through courses. For example:
                Kellstadt’s evening MBA program are
                regularly ranked among the best in the                                             - Students in anthropology, sociology and
                nation by U.S.News & World Report.                                                   community-service classes canvassed
                                                                                    neighborhoods to identify the food available in Chicago
            I   Many of DePaul’s 956 full-time faculty members are                  food deserts, which geography students turned into
                internationally respected authorities in their field, including     detailed maps.
                Werner F.M. de Bondt, an expert in investor psychology;
                Ilya Kaler, the only violinist ever to win gold medals at all      - CDM students work on projects to reliably predict
                three of the world’s most prestigious music competitions;            radiologists’ evaluation of lung nodules, aiming to provide
                and Andrea Lyon, nationally known director of the DePaul             greater reliability and reduce unnecessary biopsies.
                Center for Justice in Capital Cases.                               - Student journalists publish stories online through The Red
                                                                                     Line Project and Chicago Storytelling, both vehicles for the
            See additional distinctions at
                                                                                     online journalism classes. In 2010, they earned four awards
                                                                                     in the regional Society of Professional Journalists student
                                                                                     journalism competition.
            At DePaul, students come first, and our students know
            it. Our faculty members choose DePaul because their

                                                                    To prepare graduates to contribute to and succeed
                                                                    in the global community, DePaul infuses world
            first love is teaching and learning. All                               issues into its curriculum and promotes
            full-time faculty members teach, and                                   respectful, multicultural interactions
            those who teach graduate students                                      on campus and in Chicago's many
            also teach undergraduates. University                                  ethnic neighborhoods.
            services are streamlined to enable
                                                                                  I   DePaul consistently ranks among the
            students to make the most of their                                        top 20 in the “Diverse Student Population”
            learning opportunities.                                                   category of “The Best 361 Colleges,”
                                                                                      published by The Princeton Review.
            I   DePaul is the ninth-largest private, not-for-
                profit university in the nation. Among the                        I   About 36 percent of all freshmen are
                top 10, DePaul is the only one with a                                 first-generation students from families in
                primary emphasis on teaching and learning.                            which neither parent holds a college degree.

            I   Faculty members, not graduate assistants,                         I   About 35 percent of all undergraduates and
                teach 98 percent of all courses.                                      32 percent of all students are of color
                                                                                      (Hispanic, African-American, Asian, Multiracial,
            I   Eighty-eight percent of undergraduate
                                                                                      Pacific Islander or Native American).
                classes have fewer than 40 students,
                enabling active student participation and                         I   DePaul is among the top 100 colleges
                individual attention from faculty members.                            in awarding baccalaureate and
                                                                                      graduate degrees to students of color,
            I   In 2010, DePaul began accepting the
                                                                                      according to Diverse Issues in Higher
                Common Application, which enables
                                                                                      Education Magazine.
                prospective students to fill out a single
                application and send it to any of the                             I   In their freshman year, 72 percent of
                program's participating schools. The                                  DePaul students reported hearing diverse
                streamlined process enables students to                               perspectives in classroom discussions
pages 6-7

                spend more time on college research, visits,                          often or very often, compared with about
                essay writing and senior year course work.                            62 percent of freshmen nationally.

            I   Students can resolve registration, financial                      I   About 24 percent of all undergraduate
                aid and billing questions and problems with                           students are 24 years old or older.
                a single visit to DePaul Central.                                 I   About 4 percent of all students are foreign
            I   DePaul's Seton Hall was ranked No. 3                                  nationals and represent more than 85
                among the country's 15 best college                                   countries. The largest numbers of
                residence halls in the Dormy Awards, a                                international students come from China,
                national survey of 9,000 students compiled                            Saudi Arabia and India.
                by College Splash.                                                I   In 1911, DePaul became one of the first
                                                                                      Catholic universities to admit women in a
                                                                                      co-educational setting. The College of Law
                                                                                      was one of the first law schools in Illinois to
                                                                                      admit Jewish and female students.

            As the nation’s largest Catholic university, DePaul
            works to prepare its students to be ethically and

                                                                               DePaul makes the most of its location in one of
                                                                               the world’s greatest cities, meshing seamlessly with
            socially engaged leaders in their chosen fields. Its               the city’s commercial and artistic communities.
            faculty and staff forge global and local educational               Students connect with current practitioners through
            partnerships impacting key ethical and social justice
                                                                               longstanding partnerships with myriad organizations.
            issues that are shaping our world.
            I   DePaul was among only 114 colleges                                               I   In 2009, DePaul was ranked No. 1 in the
                nationally to be admitted in spring 2011 to                                          nation in the “Great College Town” category
                the President’s Higher Education                                                     by The Princeton Review’s annual college
                Community Service Honor Roll with                                                    rankings. The university has made the
                Distinction for its “strong institutional                                            nation’s top 20 for eight consecutive
                commitment to service and compelling                                                 years, according to the survey. DePaul’s
                campus-community partnerships.” It was the                                           outstanding community relations also have
                fifth time DePaul earned federal recognition                                         been repeatedly ranked among the nation’s
                for its commitment to service learning and                                           top 20 in the category of “Town-Gown
                civic engagement.                                                                    Relations are Good.”

            I   The “Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011” praised                                       I   The “Fiske Guide to Colleges 2011” lauded
                DePaul as “the best Roman Catholic                                                   DePaul’s campus environment, noting
                university in Chicago.”                                                              that “DePaul’s Lincoln Park setting is like
                                                                                                     New York’s Greenwich Village without
            I   In 2010 Sierra Magazine ranked DePaul                                                the headaches.”
                57 out of 162 colleges and universities
                reviewed for its annual “Cool Schools”                                           I   All first-time freshmen enroll in either
                survey, which examines a wide range of                                               Discover Chicago or Explore Chicago
                sustainability efforts of schools across the                                         courses, two award-winning programs
                nation. In addition, The Princeton Review’s                                          that immerse students in the city
                Guide to 311 Green Colleges: 2011 Edition                                            and orient them to college life through
                recognized DePaul for its green building                                             courses such as Science in the City,
pages 8-9

                initiatives, conservation efforts, use of                                            Sacred Spaces/Powerful Places and
                alternative energy and environmental                                                 Chicago and Jazz.
                academic programs.                                                               I   About 900 part-time faculty members,
            I   DePaul is one of 62 universities nationwide—                                         drawn from leading business and
                and the only one in Illinois—to qualify for                                          professional firms and artistic organizations,
                the new Community Engagement citation                                                bring the latest trends and tactics into
                given by the Carnegie Foundation for the                                             the classroom.
                Advancement of Teaching.                                       I   DePaul hosts a number of professionals, scholars and artists
            I   University Ministry sponsors two annual service days,              in residence, including Achy Obejas, the Sor Juana Ines de
                through which about 2,500 students, faculty and staff assist       la Cruz writer-in-residence; Alexander Seropian, creator of
                83 community partners, providing over 8,700 hours of               Halo, the game-designer-in-residence; and Diane Swonk,
                service. Over 100 students also participate in 18 annual           clinical professor of finance, chief economist for Mesirow
                service trips during winter and spring breaks.                     Financial and frequent White House consultant.

            I   The DePaul Community Service Association is an alliance of
                22 faith-based and secular student organizations whose
                members provided nearly 25,000 hours of service during
              OF BUSINESS
              Ray Whittington, Dean

              Offering highly respected, flexible programs of
              business study, the Driehaus College of Business is one
              of the nation’s oldest business schools and one of the
              10 largest accredited business programs in the nation.

              I   In 2012, momentum investment pioneer, philanthropist
                  and alumnus Richard H. Driehaus donated $30 million to
                  enhance the academic programs of the college. The record
                  gift, which builds on $3.45 million in previous gifts by
                  Driehaus, is expected to transform the future of business
                  education at DePaul.

              I   In the fall of 2011, the College
                  of Business enrolled 4,249
                  undergraduates and 2,115
                  graduate students. It has the
                  third-largest MBA program in
                  the nation. The college’s size
                  enables it to offer numerous
                  high-quality programs.

              I   Kellstadt’s part-time MBA
                  program has been ranked in
                  the top 10 by U.S.News &
pages 10-11

                  World Report 14 times.

              I   In Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s 2011 undergraduate business
                  rankings, DePaul ranked 40th overall nationally. In the
                  magazine’s part-time MBA rankings, DePaul was ranked
                  43 and the program earned an A+ for teaching quality and
                  an A for curriculum.

              I   Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review ranked
                  DePaul's undergraduate entrepreneurship program 17th and
                  the graduate program 11th nationally in 2011.

              I   In 2010, Diversity MBA Magazine honored William Marty
                  Martin, associate professor of management, as one
                  of the nation’s “Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executive &
                  Emerging Leaders."

              I   Prominent graduates include James Jenness, chairman,
                  Kellogg Co.; Daniel Ustian, CEO, Navistar International Corp.;
                  Stacy Janiak, managing partner, Deloitte in Chicago; Ed
                  Joyce, president and chief operating officer, Chicago Board
                  Options Exchange; Gerald Beeson, chief operating officer,
                  Citadel; and Karen Atwood, president, Blue Cross Blue
                  Shield of Illinois.
              Jacqueline Taylor, Dean

              Unique in its structure and range of course offerings,
              the College of Communication, established in 2007, is
              one of the premier centers for the study of and
              training in communication in the Midwest.

              I   Fall enrollment in 2011 was 1,655 undergraduate students
                  and 260 graduate students.

              I   The college is the second-largest communication college in
                  Illinois and the second-largest producing students with
                  master’s degrees in communications.

              I   The college moved to the
                  Richard M. and Maggie C.
                  Daley Building in Chicago’s
                  Loop in summer 2009. The
                  new space includes a
                  converged media newsroom,
                  computer and writing labs,
                  two sound-proof studios, and
                  a 100-seat film screening
                  room that doubles as a black-
                  box theatre for performances.

              I   Course work is supplemented
                  by a range of comprehensive
                  pre-employment training, internships and networking
pages 12-13

                  opportunities in Chicago’s dynamic communications
                  industry. Students also gain experience through the award-
                  winning student newspaper The DePaulia and Radio DePaul
                  as well as student chapters of the Public Relations Student
                  Society of America, the International Association of
                  Business Communicators and the Film Arts Alliance.

              I   Student-run Radio DePaul was voted the best college radio
                  station in the nation by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting
                  System in March 2010, in addition to receiving eight other
                  awards, and was named runner-up in 2011.

              I   Notable graduates include Marty Wilke, vice president and
                  general manager, CLTV and WGN Television; Lourdes
                  Duarte, co-anchor, evening news, WGN; Lorraine Lynn,
                  promotions director, KISS-FM/Clear Channel; Craig Kanalley,
                  founder of Breaking Tweets and social media editor, New
                  York bureau, NBC News; and Ben Welsh, database producer,
                  Los Angeles Times and co-winner of a 2009 Scripps
                  Howard Foundation National Journalism Award.
David Miller, Dean

The College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM)
is one of the nation’s largest and most innovative
IT programs. It offers cutting-edge degrees in fields
ranging from computer science and networking
to graphics, gaming and digital cinema.

I   CDM enrolled 1,736 undergraduates and 1,905 graduate
    students in fall 2011, with broad representation from the
    United States and about 62 countries around the world.

                                   I   CDM is often the first in the
                                       nation to launch degree
                                       programs in an evolving area
                                       of technology. The school’s
                                       latest innovations are its
                                       digital cinema, animation,
                                       game development and IT
                                       security programs.

                                CDM received a $2 million

                                Major Research
                                Instrumentation grant from
                                the National Science
                                Foundation to help
researchers develop new and innovative ways to make critical

                                                                       pages 14-15
software systems even more reliable and secure.

I   CDM was named a National Center of Academic Excellence
    in Information Assurance by the National Security Agency
    and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2005, a
    distinction that was renewed in 2009.

I   DePaul’s computer game development program was one
    of five collegiate game-design programs featured in
    the July 2011 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.
    The magazine highlighted notable faculty members and
    the success of the award-winning student-created game,
    Octodad, in its profile.

I   In 2010, DePaul awarded about 31 percent of master's
    degrees in Computer and Information Sciences and Support
    Services in Illinois, the most of any CIS program in the state.

I   Prominent alumni include Steve Rubinow, chief information
    officer, NYSE Euronext; Martin Glapa, senior director and
    Bell Labs Fellow, Alcatel-Lucent; Karen Falk, vice president,
    worldwide technology, Northern Trust Co.; Kevin Larson,
    vice president and chief information officer, AAR Corporation;
    and Ryan McGeehan, security manager, Facebook.
              Paul Zionts, Dean

              The College of Education (COE) is widely recognized
              for its success in producing teachers and administrators
              who are prepared to help students succeed in a wide
              range of environments, especially in multicultural,
              urban settings.

              I   In fall 2011, there were 2,205 students enrolled in
                  undergraduate and graduate programs in COE. In fall 2010,
                  it had the fourth largest master's program in education
                  in Illinois.

              I   COE was the first teacher
                  education program in Illinois
                  to establish a clinical model
                  in which students work a
                  minimum of 100 hours in
                  schools prior to graduation.

              I   Working with the Chicago
                  Public Schools and the
                  Archdiocese of Chicago,
                  COE has established
                  Professional Development
                  Schools, a novel educational
                  concept designed to
                  enhance pre-kindergarten
pages 16-17

                  through 12th grade education while providing a creative
                  environment for teacher training and professional faculty

              I   A COE graduate and a student won prestigious Golden
                  Apple awards in 2011; three COE graduates won Golden
                  Apples in 2008 and again in 2009. The Golden Apple
                  Foundation recognizes and develops outstanding teachers,
                  especially for schools of need.

              I   Special education professor Beverly Trezek created a
                  groundbreaking teaching technique for teaching deaf
                  students, who typically plateau at a fourth-grade reading
                  level, that helps them gain one to two grade levels per year
                  on standard reading and comprehension tests.

              I   Prominent graduates include Sunny Chico, president of SPC
                  Consulting and former regional secretary, U.S. Department
                  of Education; and Katie Weitz White, Sherwood Foundation.
              COLLEGE OF LAW
              Gregory Mark, Dean

              Known for its progressive nature since its founding
              in 1912, the College of Law was among the first law
              schools to introduce such educational innovations
              as the study of negotiation techniques, courses in
              international criminal law and pre-trial courses in
              skills and techniques.

              I   The college, which limits enrollment to ensure rich
                  classroom discussions and more personalized attention
                  from faculty members, had 1,031 students in fall 2011.

              I   The college was ranked
                  among the top 100 in the
                  nation by U.S.News
                  & World Report in its
                  “America’s Best Graduate
                  Schools 2011” guidebook.
                  The college's diverse
                  student body also was noted
                  in the rankings.

              I   The Princeton Review
                  named the College of Law
                  as one of the best 167 law
                  schools in the United States
                  in its 2012 survey of law schools that are accredited by the
pages 18-19

                  American Bar Association.

              I   The College of Law was named one of the nation’s top
                  50 producers of “super lawyers” in the 2011 Super Lawyers
                  U.S. Law School Ranking by Minneapolis-based publisher
                  Law & Politics.

              I   Since 1992, the college has been a member of the Order of
                  the Coif, nationally recognized as a mark of excellence in
                  legal studies.

              I   Prominent graduates include former Chicago mayors
                  Richard M. Daley and his father, Richard J. Daley; William
                  Bauer, senior justice, Seventh Court of Appeals; Robert
                  Clifford, partner, Clifford Law Offices; Robert Harris, public
                  guardian, Cook County; Kerrie Holley, IBM Fellow and chief
                  technology officer, Global and America business, IBM; Jack
                  Greenberg, former CEO, McDonald’s Corp.; Carole Doris,
                  chairman, Metra Board of Directors; and Anne Pramaggiore,
                  president and COO, ComEd.
              Charles Suchar, Dean

              The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS)
              is recognized for its innovative liberal studies core
              curriculum that combines critical thinking with
              community engagement to provide students with
              solid career preparation. DePaul’s first and largest
              college offers a wide range of degree programs, from
              traditional majors such as English and philosophy to
              innovative programs such as Islamic World Studies,
              unique interdisciplinary majors and combined
              bachelor/graduate degree options.

              I   A total of 3,444 undergraduate and 1,282 graduate students
                  were enrolled in LAS in fall 2011. Even though the college
                  itself is large, about 70 percent of its classes have 30 or
                  fewer students.

              I   The college has 314 full-time faculty members in 28
                  undergraduate and 20 graduate degree programs. Its size
                  enables a depth and breadth of academic programs rarely
                  found in liberal arts colleges, ensuring a strong
                  interdisciplinary curriculum.

              I   In January 2012, the college dedicated the $33 million
                  Arts and Letters Building, a four-story building with a
pages 20-21

                  central atrium, 47 state-of-the-art classrooms, a PC lab for
                  math and science specialties, student study areas and
                  lounges and faculty offices.

              I   The School of Public Service is one of the few in the nation,
                  with a unique curriculum that integrates nonprofit
                  management and public administration.

              I   The National Security Agency and STARTALK 2011 awarded
                  grants totaling $200,000 to fund two of DePaul’s Chinese
                  language programs.

              I   Prominent graduates include Carla Michelotti, global chief
                  legal, government and corporate affairs officer at Leo
                  Burnett Company, Inc. and executive vice president and
                  general counsel, Leo Burnett Worldwide; Martin Castro,
                  chair, Illinois Human Rights Commission; Luis Sanches,
                  policy director, Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense;
                  Roberto Romo, senior program officer for the Illinois Clean
                  Energy Community Foundation; and Laura Cordero, judge
                  of the Superior Court of Washington, D.C.
              Jerry Cleland, Interim Dean

              In response to the growing demand for well-educated
              professionals in the rapidly growing health care and
              science fields, DePaul established its 10th college, the
              College of Science and Health (CSH), in 2011. It
              includes the programs of biology, chemistry,
              environmental science, health sciences, mathematics,
              nursing, physics, psychology, and science, technology,
              engineering and math (STEM) studies.

              I   In the fall of 2011, CSH enrolled 2,125 undergraduate and 708
                  graduate students. The college has 129 faculty members.

              I   The health sciences degree, established in 2011, is DePaul's
                  fastest growing major. The major offers two concentrations:
                  bioscience—for careers in one-on-one patient care, such as
                  medicine or nursing—and health care policy and practice—
                  for careers in health care administration, public health or

              I   Opened in 2009, the Monsignor Andrew J. McGowan
                  Environmental Science and Chemistry Building received a
                  gold LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building
                  Council. Together with its sister building, completed in 1998,
                  it creates an interdisciplinary education and research hub.

              I   DePaul’s doctoral programs in community psychology and
pages 22-23

                  clinical-community psychology won the inaugural Award in
                  Excellence in Education Programs from the Society for
                  Community Research and Action, a division of the American
                  Psychological Association.

              I   Leonard A. Jason, director of the Center for Community
                  Research, received a $3.3 million National Institutes
                  of Health grant to conduct a comparative study of
                  aftercare programs for ex-offenders with a history of
                  substance abuse.

              I   Kenshu Shimada, associate professor of biology and
                  environmental science, detailed his discovery of
                  Bonnerichthys, a giant prehistoric fish, in the internationally
                  acclaimed journal Science.

              I   Prominent graduates include Luis Nuñez, deputy associate
                  lab director, Argonne National Laboratories; Ruth Brinkley,
                  president and CEO, Carondelet Health Network; Dennis
                  Cesarotti, president, Aires Environmental Services; Linda
                  DeGutis, director, National Center for Injury Prevention and
                  Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and
                  Peggy Troy, president and CEO of the Milwaukee Children’s
              Marisa Alicea, Dean

              The School for New Learning (SNL) has earned
              international acclaim for its innovative approach to
              teaching adult students. The school gives students
              college credit for what they have learned from life
              and work experience and allows them to fully
              customize their undergraduate or graduate degree.

              I   In fall 2011, SNL enrolled 1,974 students on five campuses and
                  through online courses. The average student is 39 years old.
                  A total of 88 percent attend classes part time; 42 percent are
                  students of color; 47 percent live in the suburbs and another
                  43 percent live in Chicago.

              I   SNL was founded in 1972, making DePaul one of the first
                  universities in the United States to meet the needs of older
                  students through a separate college.

              I   SNL’s dean, Marisa Alicea, is one of the few Latinas in a
                  high-level position in higher education (nationally, only 2.4
                  percent of academic deans are Hispanic).

              I   In 2007, University Business Magazine named SNL’s Chronic
                  Illness Initiative one of its “30 Smart Business Ideas.” The
                  initiative allows students with chronic illnesses to earn a
                  college degree outside the constraints imposed by
                  traditional programs.
pages 24-25

              I   SNL professor Miriam Ben-Yoseph was named the 2006
                  Illinois Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation
                  for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for
                  Advancement and Support of Education.

              I   The school was named one of six “Best Practice” institutions
                  in North America by the Council for Adult and Experiential
                  Learning. The American Productivity and Quality Center has
                  praised SNL for its individualized education of adult students.

              I   Prominent graduates include Anne Burke, justice, Illinois
                  State Supreme Court; Bertram Scott, president of U.S.
                  commercial business, CIGNA; Veronica Cavallaro, director,
                  Global Corporate Citizenship, The Boeing Co.; Epifanio
                  Vazquez, Jr.; senior vice president and head of global
                  information security, VISA; Ronald Markham, senior vice
                  president and chief information officer, SPSS; and Laura
                  Thrall, CEO, YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago.
Donald Casey, Dean

The renowned School of Music admits only the most
talented students to its award-winning programs in
performance, music composition, music education, jazz
studies, sound recording technology and performing
arts management.

I   The school enrolled 245 undergraduate and 137 graduate
    students in fall 2011.

I   The school’s 120 full- and part-time faculty members
    perform in many of Chicago’s renowned music institutions,
    including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera of
    Chicago, the Chicago Chamber Musicians and numerous
    chamber music and jazz ensembles.

I   More than 300 public performances in a variety of musical
    styles each year are presented at the DePaul Concert Hall
    and Recital Hall in Lincoln Park, DePaul’s Merle Reskin
    Theatre and the Jazz Showcase in the South Loop, and
    Orchestra Hall at Chicago’s Symphony Center.

I   The award-winning DePaul Jazz Ensemble performs publicly
    throughout the academic year at jazz clinics
    and concerts.

I   Bob Lark, director of the jazz education program, received
    Down Beat magazine’s 2010 Jazz Education Achievement

                                                                    pages 26-27

I   Two record labels, Jazzed Media and Reference Recordings,
    promote CDs created by the DePaul Jazz Ensemble at no
    cost to DePaul and pay the school for CDs sold. This
    arrangement is quite rare; most universities must pay a
    record label to promote student recordings.

I   Music students learn from the "masters" through
    masterclasses throughout the year. Guest artists have
    included: Piotr Beczala and Greer Grimley, stars of the Lyric
    Opera of Chicago; Stephanie Blythe, mezzo-soprano;
    Rudresh Mahanthappa, jazz saxophone, composer and
    recording artist; Mark O'Connor, violinist and composer;
    Mike Roylance, tuba, Boston Symphony Orchestra; and
    Gábor Tarkövi, trumpet, Berlin Philharmonic.

I   Prominent graduates include recently retired Chicago
    Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Samuel Magad;
    Chicago Children’s Choir Artistic Director Josephine Lee;
    Metropolitan Opera baritone Stephen Powell; jazz artists
    Brian Culbertson and Joe Vito; and members of the rock
    group Chicago.
              THE THEATRE SCHOOL
              John Culbert, Dean

              The Midwest’s oldest theatre training conservatory,
              The Theatre School offers highly specialized programs
              that employ a learning-by-doing approach, featuring
              student work in all areas of production. Admission to
              the extremely selective program is limited, ensuring a
              rigorous, intensive, hands-on education.

              I   In fall 2011, The Theatre School enrolled 289 undergraduate
                  and 38 graduate students.

              I   The Theatre School’s faculty
                  includes 102 working
                  professionals who are among
                  the most recognized and in-
                  demand theatre artists in
                  Chicago and elsewhere today.

              I   More than 30,000 people
                  annually attend more than
                  40 productions presented by
                  The Theatre School as part of
                  its Showcase, Chicago
                  Playworks, New Directors
                  Series or New Playwrights
pages 28-29

              I   Chicago magazine’s “Best of Chicago 2011” named TimeLine
                  Theatre, founded by DePaul alumni, the best theatre company
                  in Chicago. It also named faculty members Dexter Bullard its
                  director of choice and Nick Sandy Pullin actor of choice for
                  2011. Pullin was named artistic director of Remy Bumppo
                  Theatre in 2012.

              I   The Backstage College Guide to the Performing Arts lists
                  The Theatre School, along with Yale, Juilliard and Carnegie
                  Mellon, as “prime examples of places that look after their
                  own. The networks that these schools have developed on
                  a national scale can be invaluable for new graduates.”

              I   The Theatre School will move into its new home, a 165,000-
                  square-foot multipurpose facility designed by internationally
                  renowned architectural firm Pelli Clarke Pelli, in 2013.

              I   Prominent graduates include actors Gillian Anderson,
                  W. Earl Brown, Monique Coleman, Judy Greer, Elizabeth
                  Perkins, Amy Pietz, Jacqueline Williams and Oscar-nominee
                  John C. Reilly; Tarell McCraney, award-winning playwright;
                  Criss Henderson, executive director, Chicago Shakespeare
                  Theatre; and Tim Nordwind, bassist for the Grammy Award-
                  winning band OK Go.

              DePaul’s alumni network is now nearly 150,000
              strong. Two-thirds live in the Chicago metropolitan
              area, leading Crain’s Chicago Business to dub DePaul
              “the backbone of Chicago business.” Alumni are
              active and vital contributors to the university,
              Chicago, communities worldwide, and to almost
              every type of corporation and organization.

              I   DePaul awards more than 6,000 degrees annually.

              I   Employers seek DePaul alumni. Surveys indicate that
                  82 percent of 2010 baccalaureate recipients were employed
                  and/or in graduate school within six months of graduation,
                  an 8 percent increase over 2009. In addition, 71 percent of
                  bachelor’s degree recipients and 46 percent of master’s
                  degree recipients found a new job or a better job with their
                  existing employer after graduation—evidence that even in a
                  competitive marketplace, DePaul graduates have the
                  practical experience and expertise to advance and succeed
                  in their chosen fields.

              I   Alumni live in all 50 states, five U.S. territories and about 50
                  countries worldwide. Over 97,000 live in the Chicago area.
                  The countries with the largest number of DePaul alumni
                  outside the United States are Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand
                  and Bahrain.

              I   DePaul alumni make up a substantial portion of the work
pages 30-31

                  force for many notable Chicago employers, including
                  Abbott Laboratories, Accenture, Allstate Insurance, Chicago
                  Public Schools, City of Chicago, JPMorgan Chase, Kraft
                  General Foods, Morningstar and Motorola.

              I   Alumni chapters exist in Chicago, Arizona, Southern
                  California, New York City, Denver and Washington, D.C.,
                  Alumni events typically occur in more than 20 cities across
                  the country and around the world every year.

              I   More than 1,000 alumni mentor students and their fellow
                  alumni through the Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK)
                  program. Alumni actively take part in career networking and
                  professional development activities, where they interact
                  with current students, faculty and staff.

              I   DePaul offers graduates opportunities to continue to
                  develop both professionally and intellectually through
                  networking events, continuing education, professional
                  development classes and formal degree programs.

              Enthusiastic students organized DePaul’s first sports
              team just two years after the university was founded;
              the Blue Demons have inspired a passionate following
              ever since. A member of the elite BIG EAST Conference
              since 2005, DePaul competes in NCAA Division I in
              13 sports.

              I   DePaul sponsors teams in men’s and women’s basketball,
                  cross country, soccer, tennis, and track and field, in women’s
                  softball and volleyball, and in men’s golf.

              I   DePaul teams and athletes have appeared in NCAA
                  post-season competitions 41 times in the past decade.

              I   DePaul women's basketball coach Doug Bruno was an
                  assistant coach for the USA Basketball National Team that
                  won the FIBA World Championships in October 2010. The
                  gold medal was the third for Bruno with USA Basketball.
                  He notched his 500th win as a coach early in DePaul's
                  2010-2011 season and was named an assistant for the 2012
                  U.S. Olympic team.

              I   In 2010-11, four DePaul programs—men's and women's
                  basketball, golf and women's tennis—were recognized
                  by the NCAA for having a perfect APR rate, which measures
                  retention and graduation. DePaul led all BIG EAST programs
                  with five teams—women's basketball, golf, men's soccer,
                  softball and women's tennis—that were recognized by the
pages 32-33

                  league with the Team Academic Excellence Awards, which
                  recognizes the highest collective grade-point averages in
                  each conference sport.

              I   In 1900, when DePaul’s first athletic team was organized,
                  the monogram “D” was selected for the uniforms. From
                  this originated the nickname “D-men,” which evolved into
                  “Demons.” The color blue signifies loyalty and was chosen
                  in 1901 by a student vote.

              I   DePaul’s men’s basketball program gained national
                  prominence under longtime coach Ray Meyer. Meyer’s teams
                  won the NIT in 1945 (then the only national competition),
                  made 21 post-season appearances and reached the NCAA
                  Final Four in 1978-79. He was elected to the Naismith
                  Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979, the fourth active
                  coach to be so honored.

              I   Prominent graduates include National Basketball Association
                  players George Mikan (one of the “NBA 50 Greatest
                  Players”), Mark Aguirre, Terry Cummings and Rod Strickland;
                  Women’s National Basketball Association player Latasha
                  Byears; champion hurdler Kerry Sloan; and sports agents
                  Todd Musburger and Stephen Zucker.

              DePaul prepares its students to be global citizens
              through a vibrant network of study-abroad and
              overseas degree programs that enable faculty and
              students to bring new perspectives back to their
              classrooms and careers.

              I   DePaul regularly sponsors between 50 and 65 study abroad
                  programs in about 35 countries. Over 1,000 students and
                  approximately 60 faculty members participate each year.
                  Activities include short-term study (two to three weeks),
                  intensive summer study (five to eight weeks) and term-long
                  study (10 weeks or more). Programs are offered through
                  study abroad partnerships with DePaul’s schools and
                  colleges and with universities and language schools around
                  the world.

              I   DePaul launched its FY@broad, a study abroad program for
                  freshmen, in 2009. The program sends groups of students
                  to study in Jordan, Germany and Ireland.

              I   Over 1,300 students from about 100 countries study at
                  DePaul annually. Most of them are graduate students in the
                  Kellstadt Graduate School of Business (KGSB) and the
                  College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM).

              I   KGSB faculty members teach the MBA program in Manama,
                  Bahrain, and Taipei, Taiwan. In addition, they teach the
                  Master of Science in Human Resources program in Bahrain.
pages 34-35

              I   CDM offers the Atlantis Dual Degree Program, a trans-
                  Atlantic exchange program in technology and business that
                  enables students to earn a technology degree from DePaul
                  and an international business degree from Linköping
                  University in Sweden.

              I   The School for New Learning offers a Bachelor of Arts in
                  Nairobi, Kenya.
              STUDENT SUCCESS.

              DePaul students begin blazing successful academic
              and career paths well before they graduate.

              I   Lauren LeStourgeon, a senior majoring in environmental
                  science, won the undergraduate student poster competition
                  at the 2011 Great Midwestern NASA Space Grant Regional
                  Meeting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
                  Her research is in the area of earth system science and
                  focuses on plant-atmosphere interactions. She conducted
                  part of her project during the summer at the Toolik Field
                  Station in Alaska.

              I   College of Law student Margaret Kuzma was a 2011 recipient
                  of the prestigious Skadden Fellowship, awarded to a select
                  and distinguished group of law students from around the
                  country who, like Kuzma, aim to put their legal skills to work
                  for the public good.

              I   The Society of Professional Journalists named SPJ DePaul
                  as its National Outstanding Campus Chapter of the Year.
                  SPJ DePaul also received the SPJ Region 5 Campus Chapter
                  of the Year award.

              I   For the second time in five years, a team of students from
                  DePaul's chapter of the Midwest Association of Hispanic
                  Accountants won first place in the KPMG-Association of
                  Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting Case
                  Competition. It was the ninth time that DePaul participated
                  in the annual accounting showdown.

              I   Student Yuki Ota won first prize at the 2011 Solo Artist
pages 36-37

                  Competition at the Chicago Flute Club, while violinist
                  Jennifer Lee won the silver medal at the Forte
                  International Competition.

              I   Octodad, a computer game created by students in CDM's
                  Computer Game Development program, was one of 10
                  finalists in the Independent Games Festival’s international
                  competition for university and trade school students. CDM
                  students also placed in the top 10 with Devil's Tuning Fork
                  the previous year.

              I   CDM's Security Deamons student team won the 2011 Illinois
                  Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.

              I   Twenty students in COE's counseling program helped lobby
                  the Illinois Legislature to pass an anti-bullying bill, signed by
                  the governor in the spring, which requires schools to form
                  anti-bullying committees.

              I   Theatre student Rachel Claxton won first place in The
                  Painter's Journal Young Scenic Artist Award competition.

              LINCOLN PARK This graceful residential campus on Chicago’s
              Near North Side is surrounded by boutiques and restaurants and
              is just a mile from Wrigley Field and the beaches of Lake
              Michigan. DePaul is one of the “Schools with the Most Beautiful
              Campus in an Urban Setting,” according to Kaplan Publishing’s
              “The Unofficial, Unbiased, Insider’s Guide To The 328 Most
              Interesting Colleges.” It is home to the colleges of Liberal Arts
              and Social Sciences, Science and Health, and Education, and the
              schools of Music and Theatre.

              LOOP Anchoring the thriving
              South Loop education district,
              the Loop Campus is an
              integral part of Chicago’s
              famed State Street. Students
              have a wealth of cultural and
              business resources at their
              doorstep, from the Art
              Institute and Millennium Park
              to corporate headquarters
              and the LaSalle financial
              district. The colleges of
              Business, Communication,
              and Law, the School for New
              Learning, and the College of
              Computing and Digital Media
              are based here.

              NAPERVILLE Primarily
              serving adult students,
pages 38-39

              Naperville is the largest of
              the three suburban campuses.
              It houses its own library,
              computer labs and an array
              of student services.

              O’HARE Founded in 1977 to serve the needs of frequent
              travelers as well as residents of the northwest side, the O’Hare
              Campus moved into new space at 8770 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. in
              fall 2010. The site includes a multimedia center, library
              resources and computer labs.

              OAK FOREST Serving students who work or live in the
              south and southwest suburbs as well as on the south side of
              Chicago, this newly renovated campus features networked
              classrooms and an expanded computer lab.

              For detailed directions to each of our campuses,
              go to

                               timeline                                                         I   1962
                                                                                                    School of
                                                                                                                                                  I   2008
                                                                                                                                                      Purchased Richard M.
                                                                                                                                                      and Maggie C. Daley
                                                                                                                                                      Building at 14 E. Jackson.

                                                                                                                                    1993 I
                                                                                                                    Kellstadt Graduate
                I   1898
                                                                                                                    School of Business
                    St. Vincent’s
                                                                                                                    is dedicated.
                    College established.
                                                                                                                    Enrollment 16,500
                    Enrollment 70
                                                     I   1922
                                                                                                       I   1973
                                                         First references                                                                                  2007 I
                                                                                                           First doctoral
                                       1915 I            to Blue Demons.                                                                       The College of
                                                                                                           degrees, in
                             First classes               Enrollment 3,000                                                                      Communication
                                                                                   1948 I                  psychology and
                             held in                                                                                                           established.
                                                                     Master of Business                    philosophy,
                             the Loop.                                                                                                         Enrollment 23,401
                                                                     Administration,                       conferred.
                                                                     DePaul’s first
                        I   1903
                                                                     graduate degree,                                    I   1974
                                                                     established.                                            First suburban
                                                                     Enrollment 11,500                                       campus opened
                                                                                                                             in Park Ridge.

                                             I    1912                                                     1970 I                                                2009 I
                      1907 I                      College of Commerce, School               First residence                                             McGowan
              St. Vincent’s                       of Music established; College                                                                         South opened
                                                                                            hall built.
              re-chartered                        of Law affiliates with DePaul.                                                                        for classes.
              as DePaul                           Enrollment 540                                                                                        Enrollment 25,072
pages 40-41

              University.                                                                   I   1972
                                      I    1911
                                                                                                School for New                      I   1994
                                           DePaul one of first Catholic
                                                                                                Learning established,                   The School of Computer
                                           universities in U.S. to admit female
                                                                                                one of first in nation                  Science, Telecommunications
                                           students in co-educational setting.
                                                                                                created exclusively                     and Information Systems
                                                                                                for adult students.                     established (now College of
                                                                              1945 I            Enrollment 9,311                        Computing and Digital Media).
                                                             Blue Demons win the
                                                             National Invitational
                                                                                                                        1978 I
                                                             Tournament.                                                                                              2012 I
                                                                                                    The Theatre School
                                                                                                                                                  College of Science
                                                                                                    acquired from the Art
                                                                                                                                                  and Heath established
                                                                                                    Institute of Chicago.
                                                                                                                                                  in 2012. Commerce
                                                                                                    Enrollment 12,312
                                                                                                                                                  renamed Driehaus
                                                                                                                                                  College of Business.
    DePaul is known for providing a high-caliber education
    to students from a broad range of backgrounds, with
    particular attention to first-generation students. It is
    nationally recognized for incorporating service
    learning throughout its curriculum and for delivering
    real-world knowledge in an urban, multicultural
    environment. DePaul was founded in 1898 by members
    of the Congregation of the Mission, known as the
    Vincentians. Its patron is St. Vincent de Paul, a Roman
    Catholic priest renowned for his commitment to
    service and changing the world for the better. Fifteen
    Vincentians teach and serve on campus today.

I   DePaul is the largest Catholic university and the ninth
    largest private, not-for-profit university in the nation.

I   Total enrollment in fall 2011 was 25,398, including
    16,384 undergraduate, 7,983 master’s and Ph.D., and
    1,031 law students.

I   There were 956 full-time faculty members in 10
    colleges and schools in fall 2011.

I   DePaul offers about 300 undergraduate and graduate
    programs of study.

I   DePaul has two primary campuses in Chicago and
    three suburban campuses.

I   DePaul is a member of the BIG EAST Conference and
    competes in NCAA Division I in 13 sports.

I   Undergraduate tuition for most incoming full-time
    freshmen in 2011-2012 is $30,000. Tuition for students
    in Music and Theatre is slightly higher but guaranteed
    for four years.

I   In 2010-2011, DePaul oversaw the awarding of about
    $420 million in financial aid and assistance.

I   The operating budget for 2011-2012 is $545.6 million.

I   DePaul’s endowment and institutional reserve funds are
    invested in long-term investment pools whose aggregate
    market value was $384.2 million on June 30, 2011.

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         DePaul University is an equal opportunity educator
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