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									Making a Lifestyle Change this
With the start of the new year, you may find
that your gym becomes suspiciously
crowded. If you are having trouble finding
a treadmill to run on or there is a line for
your favorite weight machine, you may
want to start looking for alternative

Whether you are the avid gym goer that is
annoyed by the new crowd or you are part of the new crowd, it can be frustrating to get your
workout in while the gym is so crowded. Finding an alternative form of exercise can be a great
way to actually enjoy your exercise.


Enjoying exercise may seem like an impossible task, but there are a lot of ways that you can get
out and move your body without participating in a typical workout. It can be scary to reach
outside of your comfort zone to try something new, but it may be well worth it in the long run.

Taekwondo can be a great way to get your body moving, elevate your heart rate, increase your
flexibility and increase your strength. Although you may have never taken a Taekwondo class in
the past, starting a new class could be a great way to get your exercise in.

While you are looking through the different Taekwondo classes in the area, you should look for a
studio that offers classes for beginners. Working with a teacher that is going to understand the
limitations of a beginner and help you work through is your best bet of having success.

If you are hesitant about taking a Taekwondo class, make sure that you do your research ahead of
time. If you are looking to do Taekwondo in Provo, you will probably only have a few different
options of studios.


                                                 If you are looking to do Taekwondo in a big
                                                 city rather than Taekwondo in Provo, you may
                                                 find that you have many more studio options.
                                                 With a wide variety of options, you may have
                                                 to invest more time into the research process.
When you only have a few options, you should not be afraid to start talking with the different
studios and getting to know the teachers at the studios. As you talk with different teachers, you
may find that you feel more comfortable with one studio or one studio is more affordable.

Should you give Taekwondo a try and end up not liking it, move on to another activity that you
may like. Find a hiking club in your area or start kayaking to ensure that you are getting the
movement in each day that is going to help you be healthy.

Enjoying the time that you spend exercising can help you find motivation to exercise on a daily
basis. It may also ensure that you stick with your workouts and establish a lifestyle change
rather than simply working out for the first few months of the year.

Exercising can improve your quality of life. Get out there and find something that you love to do
that will also provide you with the exercise that you need.

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