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REVEALED: The One Quality That Determines Success


Check out these success tips from Brian Tracy!

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									REVEALED: The One Quality That
Determines Success
It's ironic that I came across this video today.

This day started out like every other Monday morning...but by about 10:00 it made a vast shift.

I've come to expect curve balls in life. Almost welcome them. For it is in times of challenge that
you really get the chance to grow the most.

And of course, it's during those times when people come out to tell you to keep your head up,
focus on the positive, control your thoughts...blah, blah, blah...

Don't get me wrong.

You have to do all of that.

BUT...It's also important to have a balance between staying positive and focused, and objectively
looking at the facts.

Blind faith the expense of objectivity... can keep you from making the necessary
adjustments on your path to your dream.

I love how Brian Tracy summed it up here...



Optimism is indeed the on quality that determines success!

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