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SilverLeaf Financial Boss Shane Baldwin Examines Debt Options for the Second Quarter of 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, May 19, 2010 - The Salt Lake City-based private equity corporation SilverLeaf Financial
remains really occupied this quarter. “The 2nd quarter seems just about the most active quarter
considering the fact that banks, special servicers and the FDIC began selling debt,” said SilverLeaf
Financial CEO Shane Baldwin. “We notice many loans offered this quarter by special servicers, along
with an increase of loans for sale by local banks. Currently in the market we are seeing around 5 billion
dollars in financial loans that could trade this quarter.” When inquired about current pricing in the
market, Baldwin said, “I think we will have pricing come down because there's a whole lot on the
market. I believe we will be able to buy mortgages at much better prices than we’ve seen typically. We
are also witnessing more non-recourse commercial loans on the market this quarter opposed to
recourse loans, along with an increasing number of loans secured by retail assets.”

At the moment a total of 72 banks have failed in 2010. That is well over double the amount of banks
shut down this time last year. “We project over the next couple of years we will continue to see a great
deal more affected assets, but I imagine they will be more commercial mortgage backed securities
(CMBS) and non-recourse loans that we’ll see being sold. SilverLeaf continue to target underwriting
recourse paper and non-recourse paper sold by local banks, and also by special servicers,” said Baldwin.

SilverLeaf Financial will show no warning signs of slowing down as they boost their rate of obtaining
loans. Baldwin states, “We will continue to be very active buyers in the marketplace, and focus on
obtaining a lot more lending options than we did in the first quarter of 2010. As we continue to grow our
overall portfolio, we presume the time has come to strike while the iron is hot.”

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