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SilverLeaf Financial Scores Its Largest Quarter of Purchases Ever since the Company’s Creation

SALT LAKE CITY, April 27, 2010 - SilverLeaf Financial ( has had its
most effective quarter since the inception of the organization in late 2008. SilverLeaf reported their latest
acquisition of 7 new loans equaling an overall face value of $51.2 M. The loans are in numerous different
locations countrywide such as Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Utah and Oregon. This will make the
first quarter of 2010 the most hectic the corporation has seen. SilverLeaf happens to be in negotiation with
the borrowers of these investments.

SilverLeaf Financial continues to focus on picking out non-performing loans anchored by cash flowing
commercial real estate countrywide. thus far, SilverLeaf has procured 45 loans, equaling $166,626,845 in
face value. SilverLeaf Financial remains an active buyer on the market, and wishes to triple the amount of
volume purchased from exactly what it did a year ago, in 2009. The company’s motive would be to buy
$75 M in face value per quarter, giving it a total of $300 M for 2010. SilverLeaf Financial will boost its
financial prominence by maintaining a relentless deal stream of loan acquisitions from localised banks
and special servicers.

SilverLeaf is furthermore ecstatic to announce Mark Staples as the new President of SilverLeaf Financial.
Staples’ focal point should be to conserve the relationship with SilverLeaf’s asset management partner,
Watchmen Asset Management, as well as to retain the overall operation of the corporation. SilverLeaf’s
Director of Acquisitions, Trevor Linton, says, “Mark can bring with him loads of experience and
knowledge. We are certainly fortunate to have him with us on our team.”

SilverLeaf Financial will be represented again this coming year at IMN’s “11th Annual U.S. Real Estate
and Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum” in New York, NY, June 3rd and 4th. CEO Shane
Baldwin would be speaking on two of the panels, discussing the purchasing of non-performing loans in
today’s industry.

SilverLeaf Financial will continue to advance its fundamental objective of acquiring non-performing
loans for much less. The company remains centered on the underlying collateral and the income it creates.
SilverLeaf Financial pays exclusive attention to the borrowers that have assured the credit, as well as their
capability to repay at a lower number from face. They've been successful in doing workouts with their
borrowers. to this point, SilverLeaf Financial has had to foreclose on only four assets. Retaining good
relationships with their debtors is a essential mission for the company. SilverLeaf works together with the
borrowers to restructure their debt and make a win/win situation for the borrower and SilverLeaf. CEO
Shane Baldwin says, “We want our borrowers to feel as though the greatest thing that ever happened to
them was SilverLeaf Financial buying their loan.”

The corporation is happy regarding the prospects of the new year, and it's happy with regards to the most
significant quarter of acquisitions in company history.

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