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SilverLeaf Financial Establishes Brand new Record in First Quarter 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, April 28, 2010 - SilverLeaf Financial ( just
closed its most effective quarter ever since their inception in 2008 - announcing the acquisition
of seven non-performing loans, equaling an overall total outstanding principal balance of
approximately $51 million dollars. The loans are diversely strategically located country wide in
the states of Utah, Oregon, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Florida. That makes the 1st quarter
of 2010 SilverLeaf’s most effective quarter to this point. SilverLeaf is already in workout
negotiations with the borrowers on these assets.

SilverLeaf Financial continues to aim its initiatives on obtaining non-performing loans secured
by cash flowing commercial real estate which include retail, office, industrial/flex, multi-family,
storage, regional malls, hospitality and land across the country. To this point, SilverLeaf has
obtained 45 loans equaling over $166 million dollars of outstanding face value. SilverLeaf
Financial remains an active buyer in the market, and attempts to go on outperforming their
quarter over quarter production from 2009. SilverLeaf Financial is well heading to transforming
into a leader in the distressed debt business by maintaining consistent flow of loan purchases
from the FDIC, national and localized banks, and special servicers.

SilverLeaf is additionally delighted to announce Mark Staples as the new Chief executive of
SilverLeaf Financial. Staples’ primary focus will focus on coordinating SilverLeaf’s endeavours
to handle assets along side Watchmen Asset Management and to oversee the day-to-day
function of the organization. One of SilverLeaf’s Principals, Ross Baldwin, says, “Mark delivers
with him loads of knowledge and experience. We are very privileged to have him in this new

SilverLeaf Financial is going to be represented once more this year at IMN’s “11th Annual U.S.
Real Estate and Opportunity & Private Fund Investing Forum” in New York, NY, June 3rd and
4th. CEO Shane Baldwin will be speaking on two panels, referring to the purchase of non-
performing loans in today’s market.

SilverLeaf Financial will continue to move forward its fundamental objective of obtaining non-
performing loans for a cheap price. The business remains devoted to the actual collateral and
the cashflow it produces. SilverLeaf Financial also pays particular attention to the borrowers that
have confirmed the loan, as well as their ability to carry out at some marked down number from
face. They have been successful in discussing workouts with their borrowers. up to now,
SilverLeaf merely has foreclosed on four investments. Keeping good associations with its
borrowers is a key target for the business. SilverLeaf’s very first and preferred option is working
together with borrowers to forbear foreclosures and make up a win/win situation for the borrower
and SilverLeaf. CEO Shane Baldwin says, “We want our borrowers to feel like the best thing
that ever happened to them was SilverLeaf Financial getting their loan.”

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