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Chitraparna Sinha

                 A snapshot of the work I have been doing since 2007-end.
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Thanks for downloading / reading my portfolio; I hope we can work together in the near or

distant future.

Experience Summary:
      1. Experience in writing feature articles, short stories, biographies, editorial pieces, press

          releases, product reviews, eBooks, research reports and creative blogs.

      2. Well versed in researching, copyediting, rewriting, transcription editing and


      3. Competent in SEO content development & marketing in multiple niches.

      4. Professional blogging.

      5. Strong technical command over English language; familiarity with virtually all writing

          styles; serious commitment to excellence in the printed and published world.

         BA (English), 2008

         MA (English), 2010

Writing Samples:
      1. Author Rank – The New Trust Evaluation Tool

      2. How I Earned $855 in 1 Day?

      3. IPhone Mobile Payment Processing is Safe and Reliable

      4. Blogging in India

      5. Not Making Money with AdSense? Stop Shooting in the Dark
                                                          Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                          Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

Works Done:
Below is a semi-detailed description of the companies / websites I worked with along with my

job responsibilities.

                          Blossom Books (Not an online venture)

Years – 2007/08/09/10

Company Info – It is a 15-year old publishing company involved in non-fiction publications,

writing pre-teen and teenage learning content. The owner is a popular writer named ‘Gratian


Job Description – Research and write children stories and grammar content.

                               Creative Lipi Webtech Pvt. Ltd.

Year – 2008/10

Company Info – “Creative Lipi is an integrated Internet identity solutions company that helps

organizations in managing their online visibility and reputation. We achieve this through a

combination of Internet marketing services that include, but are not limited to, search engine

optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), and Web content writing solutions for

almost all formats of online business communications.”

Job Description – Web content writer for health, beauty, women issues, real estate, fashion and

                                                             Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                             Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

                            Ayushveda Informatics India Pvt. Ltd.

Year – 2008/09

Company Info – “The Company aims at providing the most innovative and developed web

solutions. We aim at providing excellent website designing and Search Engine Optimization

services to ensure better return of investment to our clients. We ensure this through promotion

of your website by providing effective content and using advanced technological techniques.”

Job Description – Web content writer for various informative portals – technology, lifestyle,

health, pregnancy, travel, recipes, parenting, computers, internet, beauty, fashion, education,

fitness, business and holidays.

                                     Darjeeling Tea Xpress

Year – 2009

Company Info – “Darjeeling Tea Xpress is a Darjeeling based progressive Tea Brand with a

singular focus on delivering the best Darjeeling Teas to Tea Connoisseurs and consumers

worldwide. Founded by tea entrepreneurs with a strong history in the tea industry, Darjeeling

Tea Xpress has been founded with a vision of sharing Darjeeling teas with the world, the way it

was meant to be tasted, fresh and of the highest quality.”

Job Description – Website SEO content writer and blogger
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                                                          Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna


Year – 2009

Company Info – “PROFFI SEO provides professional SEO services worldwide for small and

medium size businesses.”

Job Description – Website content developer and SEO article writer

                                        Bay Area SEO

Year – 2010

Company Info – “Alameda Internet Marketing is Bay Area SEO Company specializing in helping

small and medium business get found online. Our goal is to help our clients reach the greatest

potential from their websites through search engine optimization, effective web design, social

media marketing, and well managed Google AdWords campaigns.

Job Description – SEO content developer

                                       Emotion Films

Year – 2010

Company Info – “A film production company that deals with multi format content designs,

advertisement development and media, both online and offline”

Job Description – Review and write product descriptions
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                                                             Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

                                 Clark Consolidated Industries

Year – 2010

Company Info – “A multi-business industry that publishes e-Books on variety subjects and aids

lawyers in training.”

Job Description – Develop a business e-Book

                                            Chris Deals

Year – 2010

Company Info – “It is a daily deal site that offers some of the best deals in telecom today. The

owner, Christopher Mennon Chavis, has partnered with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and

Nextel to offer telecom deals at affordable rates.”

Job Description – Research and write keyword-based SEO content

                                       Intimates Australia

Year – 2010

Company Info – “Intimates Australia is amongst the top online retailers of European Sexy

Lingerie and Intimates within Australia and New Zealand. The products we offer are made of

high quality European fabrics and include products from the all the top brands in Europe.”

Job Description – Research and write creative blogs on lifestyle and fashion.
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                                                            Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna


Year – 2010/11

Company Info – “We create niche communities and experience around our rich information.

We’ve an extensive presence with over 100 niche web properties, proprietary CMS and over

10M page views per month. Our state of the art technology platform, strong editorial expertise,

and ability to constantly deliver rich content make us a one-stop-spot for content creators,

publishers, readers and advertisers.”

Job Description – Write Q&A and intensively researched SEO articles

                                         Wish Good Luck

Year – 2010/11

Company Info – Top online resource for everything related to good luck and superstitions.

Job Description –Create site content and promotional materials from scratch.

                                        Physique Makeover

Year – 2010/11

Company Info – “At Physique Makeover, my team of personal trainers motivates and coach

people with their weight loss issues. Apart from providing 1 on 1 personal training, semi-private

training (1 on 3) and conducting Extreme Fat Burn System Crash Course workshops, Physique

Makeover also provides psychological help, supportive nutrition for clients to give them optimal

RESULTS in their fat loss.”

Job Description – Chief Blogger for health and weight loss issues
                                                             Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                             Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

                                           Elaine Biss

Year – 2010/11

Company Info – “Following her passion and love for feminine illustrations, Elaine Biss has been

sought after to create logos, company looks and identities that feature a softer, more artistic

side. Her fashion illustrations, boutique renderings, girly characters and accessories all have her

trademarked touch of Parisian chic.”

Job Description – Write Press Releases and web content, mostly legal content.

                                            May Levy

Year – 2010/11

Company Info – “May Levy is a PR Strategist, Social Media Wizard and SEM guru based in New

York City. She specializes in generating appropriate social media buzz for your small and large

online business. We began May Levy as a small business venture in 2008 and since then have

grown into a large viral media buzz creation house.”

Job Description – Prepare webpage content for MayLevy.com and write occasional blogs.

                                 Dog Obedience Training 123

Year – 2011

Company Info – It is a single venture initiated by Carmelo Harmon to provide dog owners with

dog training manual / instruction program.

Job Description – Prepare the training manual involving lot of writing and research
                                                            Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                            Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

                                       Prospect Solutions

Year – 2011

Company Info – “Prospect Solution is an online career agency for freelance writers and

research writers. Prospect Solution primarily aims to provide writing jobs to freelance writers

in any field of specialization.”

Job Description – Write academic papers for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate

students all over the world, excluding science subjects.

                                        Income Insiders

Year – 2011/12

Company Info – It is an innovative venture to tap into small business segment online by

providing easy to understand resources that would help a small business owner to make money


Job Description – Write blogs daily, research new feature stories, and promote content on

social media platforms.
                                                            Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                            Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna

                                    Private Links Builder

Year – 2011/12

Company Info – “The Private Link Builder is the world’s leading link building service. Through

a privately owned network of over 10,000 niche websites, The Private Link Builder helps

businesses get top rankings for their websites through our proprietary and fully automated

back-link building system.”

Job Description – Write blogs daily, research new feature stories, and promote content on

social media platforms.

                                        Paula and Chlo

Year – 2011/12

Company Info – “A very popular blog by Paula, an ex-restaurateur; the blog is about the

musings of a foodie, Francophile, and handbag fanatic.”

Job Description – Rewrite legal content to suit the blog’s requirement.


Year – 2011/12

Company Info – “Italics is a 100% copy and content creation agency, but comes to you with

invaluable value-adds. Our objective is to promote your business through creative

communication, which will result in increasing both your customers and consequently your


Job Description – Sr. Content Developer
                                                            Email: socialvani@outlook.com
                                                            Facebook: facebook.com/chitraparna


Apart from the above list, I have worked with more than 125 individual clients in the capacity of

a web content developer, SEO marketer, blogger, editor, proofreader, business report writer and


I came across these clients through freelance marketplaces like – fiverr.com, freelancer.com,

elance.com, craigslist.com, freelancewritinggigs.com and online-writing-jobs.com.

Hope to hear back from you!

Chitraparna Sinha

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