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									BRUSSELS WORLD FAIR 1958-2008
The dream of Brussels 2008

Come back of an exceptional project, 50 years after the Brussels World Fair of 1958.

First satellite into deep space, presence of televisions within family houses, first computers
and robots, dynamism, plastic materials and also the Cold War and the Atomic Bomb.

This is the global frame in which, half a century ago, has been organised Brussels World Fair
of 1958. Between April and November of the year, it counted more than 40 million visitors.

The history will show it allowed a small country being part of the so called “Socialists” to
show itself at the same rank of the other “big” countries represented.

The Czech House has been a revelation at the World Fair 58 - instead of showing the social
realism style, they have simply stupefied the visitors in all the ways: by it's architectonic
appearance first, sober but sophisticated at the same time by the design of high quality and
exhibited objects, glass, porcelain, textile, industrial products, without forgetting the success
of the genius multimedia project realised.

Articulated around an original and dynamic production, the exhibition has caused an
enormous interest of the public and the Czechoslovakian house has been valued as one of the
greatest places among the national houses represented.

The Czech glass art, which’s success, caused a huge attention of the public, represented for
example by Jan Kotík’s monumental abstract stained glass windows with motives, Stanislav
Libensky and Jarosava Brychtova’s impressive mosaic picture or the glass sculpture of René
Roubicek won Gold Medals

We will note that the Glass Art has known, at this time, an extraordinary impulsion and all its
products would be an essential part of exhibitions and exportations.

What about today? The Czech Art Academy still dominates the Contemporary Glass Art
domain and exports itself worldwide where it excels in the United States of America.

His Excellency Ms Katerina Lukesova

Ambassador of the Czech Republic

Kindly invites you to attend the varnishing of the exhibition Tuesday October 21 at 18h30.
Fiftieth anniversary of The World Fair of Brussels
"Expo 1958 -2008"
Libensky - Brychtova
René Roubicek

Gallery of the House Pierre Werner - Exhibition until October 31, 08

Gallery Jean Claude Chapelotte - Exhibition until November 31, 08

The Czech Republic’s Embassy
2, Rond-point Robert Schuman.

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