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					                             Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone

                 Saras Corporate with Cornerstone
                               Product comparison document

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                                                                             Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone

                                                    Table of Contents

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                                      Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
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                                                Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
1. Background

a. Summary

Cornerstone Ondemand provides a learning and talent management solution that integrates
employee onboarding, learning, performance, compensation and succession planning. The
cornerstone approach is based on three concepts – Integrated approach to talent management,
learning as a driving force for employee performance and Multi tenant software-as-a-service

Saras Corporate solution has unified all the key processes such as course management,
assessment management, training management, competency management to engage corporate
employees around strategies and new initiatives in the organization.

Cornerstone performance management solution provides companies with goal alignment,
performance reviews, assessments and development plan. Through Cornerstone’s partnership
with Lominger International, Customers can access competency assessment programs based
on Lominger’s 67 research-based and experience-tested competencies that can be mapped to
job roles. Saras competency management module in which the competency can be mapped to
the job roles is well integrated with course management, training management, assessment
management and therefore the current version of Saras corporate solution is more focused on
employee’s learning activities.

Cornerstone compensation manages all types of compensation programs including salary, merit
increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments and other pay components. Cornerstone
succession helps develop multiple succession scenarios for any position within the organization.

Saras item authoring, test and assessment solution and collaboration tools such as web
conferencing tools, ask expert, FAQs have made the product suite very unique to deliver a
flexible, configurable and user friendly application for the corporate world. An informal learning
environment can easily be created with the help of available collaboration tools. Cornerstone
delivers a social networking and community platform and it has also integrated WebEx,
Microsoft Live meeting for virtual meeting.

Employee search and enroll for course and assessment, Learning continuum based enrollment,
question authoring through web and MS word provides an ease of use in the Saras solution.
Cornerstone’s ability to support in multiple languages and incorporation of onboarding,
Compliance, Extended enterprise with a combination of performance, compensation and
succession modules provide a complete solution for an organization’s human resource

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                                                      Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
     b. About Cornerstone

     Cornerstone OnDemand is a global provider of a comprehensive learning and talent management
     solution delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cornerstone currently empowers over 4.25
     million users across 164 countries and in 16 languages. The solution consists of five integrated
     platforms for learning management, enterprise social networking, performance management,
     succession planning and extended enterprise.

     Cornerstone’s over 390 clients include multi-national corporations, large domestic (US)
     enterprises, mid-market companies, state and local public sector organizations, higher education
     institutions and non-profit entities. It supports multiple client deployments of more than 150,000
     users, including one client with more than 700,000 users.

     Founded in 1999, Cornerstone OnDemand is headquartered in Santa Monica, California with
     offices in London, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.

     Geographic Focus: Direct sales operation in US, UK, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East,
     France and Germany.

     c. About product

                                      Cornerstone Ondemand

Cornerstone Solution
    Onboarding: Cornerstone Onboarding provides tools to meet needs around new hire processing,
       tracking, development and orientation.
    Learning: The learning management system allows to create, manage and deliver personalized and
       blended learning programs.
    Connect: It provides a platform for social learning, professional networking and collaboration.
    Performance: A platform for performance appraisal and the alignment of individual goal with
       departmental objectives and organizational strategy.
    Compensation: It is a platform that streamlines the process of administering the salary and incentive
    Compliance: It provides the tool to administer and manage the process for adhering to the
       regulatory requirements.
    Succession: It provides a platform of automated talent profiles, career management, internal
       recruiting and succession planning.
    Extended Enterprise: It is a platform for delivering training, certification program and knowledge
       asset to the extended networks of partner, resellers, distributors, suppliers and customers.
    2.Analytics: It offers customized report for talent management.
         Business model

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                                               Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
a. Licensing model
         Saas (Software as a service)
         On-Premise delivery

b. Verticals
         Mainly Corporate Sector
         Higher education to some extent
         K 12

c. Customer base
           Financial Services
               Barclays, American Banker Association, Master card, BNP Paribas, Scottrade.
           Business Service
               Kelly Services, Active Languages, Pearson, Prime Pay, Raba Kistner.
           Health Care
               BJC Health Care, Cardinal Health, Sanford Health, Covenant Health, Diversified
               Clinical Services.
           K 12
               Teach for America, KIPP, San Francisco Conservation Corp, New Leaders for
               new schools, San Francisco unified school district.
           Higher Education
               London School of Business, More house school of Medicine.

           Manufacturing
               Honda, Hercules, Heidelberg Cement, Smith Corporation, Stock Building Supply.
           Non Profit
               City year, Good Will, United way of the bay area, Boys and Girls club of America,
               Oxfam America.
           Public Sector
               Manchester Airport, Brooklyn Public Library, County of San Mateo, Pierce
           Retail & Travel
               Thomas Cook, The cheesecake Factory, Carlson, Chico’s.
           Technology & Media
               TIBCO, Bright House, Siemens, Virgin Media, Royal Technologies.

d. Product positioned by the competitor

   “Cornerstone OnDemand helps organizations empower their people and optimize workforce
   productivity with a comprehensive suite of integrated talent management solutions for
   learning, professional networking, compliance, performance, compensation and succession
   management, as well as reporting and analytics. The Company's true software-as-a-service
   (SaaS) architecture provides customers with rapid deployments, minimal IT costs, greater
   flexibility, proven reliability and a lower total cost of ownership”.

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                                                  Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
3. Functional/features comparison


Course Management System
Course Management
Administrators can easily add courses and programs
in to the system (using wizard) and publish the same
to one or more organizations. Each course can be
tagged with attributes/metadata such as course
objectives, outcome, course credits, duration etc.
Supports Self-registration. Individual and bulk
registration by Admin through CSV file. Support for
employee search and register.
Non SCORM Package                                                            Information on non
Course administrator or Instructor can build non-                           SCORM package for a
SCORM package using any types of file like PPT,                              SCORM course not
PDF, HTML, Word etc. to build and tag Non SCORM
package to courses.
Course references
Instructors can provide supporting files and notes for
the learning objects as course reference.
Course pre-requisites
The course can be tagged with its pre-requisite
course or test and Post tests.
Course completion feedback
Provides the ability for employees to provide their
course feedback, admin and managers can view their
course feedbacks.
Course tracking
Administrator can track the frequency and duration of                       Employee’s interest is
learners’ access to individual course components.                             also track able.
Course certificate
Provision to configure a course certificate template
and issue certificate to the users after successful
completion of the course.
Standard compliance
SCORM – 1.2, 1.3, 1.4                                                       Claims for all the latest
IMS – 1.1.2, 1.1.3 and 1.1.4                                                     standards.
QTI – 1.2 and 2.0
Communication tools
The below communication tools are configurable and                           Communication tool
can be used by the Administrators and employees.                             available in different
     Announcement
     Notification
     Alerts/Reminder
     Email/c mail.
Discussion Forum

Date 1/29/2013                                                                         Page 7
                                                  Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
Administrator and employees can post queries and                                    An extended use of
responses on course related and general topics.                                      discussion forum
Ask an Expert
Ability for the users to raise their course related
queries to an expert and an expert will respond to
them. An expert can also have option to publish the
frequently asked question as FAQ.
Administrator and employees can bookmark and                                        Auto bookmarking is
access the course at the particular course element.                                      available.
Virtual classroom
Administrator and employee can collaborate in           Integrated with Big Blue   Integration made with
synchronous and asynchronous mode using the                 Button – an open       web conferencing tools
                                                            source software.        such as WebEx, Live
following tools.                                                                          Meeting.
     - Chat
     - File sharing
     -  Audio/Video conferencing
Course catalog
The Course catalogue provides the view of courses                                  Access to 30,000 titles
available for an Organization. In the catalogue                                    from leading e-learning
                                                                                       providers (25).
courses are categorized by Category/sub category.
The system allows users to view the course
catalogue, course attributes and go for course self
Multi languages
User and administrator interface supported in 16        Enabled based on client

Item Authoring
Question types:
Item authors or administrator can create and manage
more than 5 types of Questions.
    1. Multiple choice static
    2. Multiple response static
    3. Matching
    4. True or False
    5. Fill in the blank
Item Repository
Item Authors can create and place items to personal
as well as shared repository.
Search & Advanced search
Ability to search item banks by keywords, in label,                                           -
question text, choices, feedback, meta-tags, topic
names or author names.
Item Attributes
Attach item attributes such as complexity levels and
classification to each item.
MS Word based authoring
Authoring Items using MS Word based templates.                                                -
Standard compliance

Date 1/29/2013                                                                               Page 8
                                                  Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
IMS QTI – 1.2 and 2.0                                                        Claims for following
                                                                                the latest IMS
Import/Export Items to industry standard files formats
like IMS QTI.
Item elements
Play audio/video, multimedia, flash objects as part of
Item elements like Item text, response and feedback.
Test & Assessment
Test types:
Administrator can create the following types of test.
    Random test
      Configured
Question presentation
Divide assessment into separate blocks for sections.
Save test
Allow auto-save to save participants answer without
affecting their progress through the assessment.
     Allow restart of assessment from where you
         left off, when technical issues cause
Time limit
       Set time limit for an assessment
       Display time remaining and option on/off
       Provide Buzzer when time limit is about to
Test layout                                                                            -
Allow content to change look and feel for different
assessment styles.
Schedule (Timetable)
Can make tests available to groups at specific times.

Training Management System
Training Master
       The training admin can add training locations
        and specify number of rooms/halls available
        and the hall capacity.
       The training admin can add internal/external
        trainers with their present location and the
        training centers they can travel etc.
       The training admin can create training
        program for one or more activities like Online
        and ILT, and tag trainer, training material and
        infrastructure requirements for each activity.
Create training event
       The training admin can create training event                          Provision to create
        manually based on demand, learning                                    training program is
        continuum and competency requirements.
       Each event may have one or more than one

Date 1/29/2013                                                                        Page 9
                                                   Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
          training program.
         Each program may have one or more training
         Each activity has start date, end date, trainer
          for each activity.
         The trainer/employee can accept or reject an
          assigned/enrolled training event.
         The training event will be displayed in the
          employee and trainer's calendar.
Training Cost Report
         The training cost report for program,                                     Customizable report
                                                                                   available in Analytics.
          organization and department etc.
         The training costs by courses, workgroups,
          programs, batches, locations.
          Provision to enter actual training cost
          incurred for each event or batch.
Calendar based navigation
         Provision   for   the     trainee/trainer to                              Calendar available
          launch/view their training events from the
Competency Management
Competency Library
    Competency Library is created for an                                               A separate
                                                                                   competency module
      organization.                                                                   does not exist;
    Information such as classification, cluster,                                     components of
      competency code, competency name,                                              competency are
                                                                                       integrated in
      description, skills are stored in the                                        performance module.
      competency library.
    Role and responsibilities are mapped to
      describe the responsibilities for each role.
    Performance criteria and competencies
      required for each role are also provided.
    The admin has the provision to specify skill
      levels required for each competency.
     The admin can provide performance goal and
      key performance indicator (KPI) for each role.
         The admin can tag competencies to role
         The admin can tag a course/training program
          for a role / competency / skill.
Lominger International                                               -
Competency assessment through Lominger
Performance Management

         Performance Appraisals can be done by             It is in the Roadmap
          employee,   manager    and   manager’s

Date 1/29/2013                                                                              Page 10
                                                Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
      Skill gap analysis will be generated
      Manager       can       prepare    employee’s
       development plan
      Provision available for Managers to share
       their team’s performance feedback and team
       members (employees) can go through that.
Onboarding                                                     -
 Dynamic curricula generation for new hire.
 Collection and analysis of new hire data.
 Access to single location for key orientation data.
 Link to long range development plan.
 Report at any stage for new hire onboarding
 Generation of compliance report.
Compliance                                                     -
 Automated audit tools.
 One time or ongoing compliance task
 Single centralized view of all compliance activities
   and requirements.
Succession                                                   Succession
 Succession management plan – graphical                  Planning is in the
   summaries of each employee’s performance vs.            road map and
                                                         management is not
 Career profiling – building inventory of skills        included as part of
   across the organization.                                Saras Product
 Documentation of employee career preferences.               Strategy
 Building team with unique skills.
 Internal recruiting.
 Various budgets, bases and adjustment
   guidelines by pay grade, Job role, cost center,
   division, location.
 Salary data integrated for accurate valuation of
   specific job roles.
 Bonus management tools.
 Equity management tools.
 Standard report to pull key data.
Extended Enterprise
 Train Customers.                                             -
 Partner certification.
 Web based access to detailed data on all
   extended enterprise activities.
Saras Learning Space as a collaboration

Date 1/29/2013                                                                   Page 11
                                                  Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
Forming community:
Learning communities can be created at any level of                              Workplace
the learning objects such as course, test, and                                 communities are
collection of Items or common interests of the                                    formed.
registered members. Communities are
          Content centric (course based)
          Profile based (common interests)
          Open (all registered members)
Tag Metadata:                                                                         -
Standard metadata LOM (Learning object metadata)
and LIP (Learner information package) can be tagged
to the communities and users.
Invite members:                                                                       -
Members can automatically invite to the community
through inbuilt intelligence, by matching Learning
Space Profile with User Profile. Members who have
registered for a course automatically become a
member of that course community.
Web 2.0 tools
Community collaboration, content development and
contribution, sharing activities can be performed
using the Web 2.0 tool such as
    1. Blog
    2. Wiki
    3. RSS Feeds
    4. Podcast
    5. Discussion Forum
Synchronize tools
Community members can involve             Synchronize
collaboration using the tools such as
     1. Chat
     2. Whiteboard
     3. Audio/Video conferencing
     4. File Transfer
Share documents
Owner of the community can share documents, which
are related to the topic of the community.
My Friends                                                                            -
Community members can create their friends network
to share, access and contribute content easily with
their friends.
Learner Ranking                                                                       -
Points are awarded to the community members
based on their contribution to the community content
development activity. Based on the points earned
members are positioned with different levels.
         Mind mapping kind of network views                                 Professional network
         Three kinds of network views are available                               available
           Similar community network
           My network
           My friends network
         Shows related communities, users and
          contents available in each community.
         Enables user to navigate to the LS from

Date 1/29/2013                                                                      Page 12
                                                    Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone
          network view.
         Shows users status currently online/offline
SCORM Player                                                                               -
         Members can browse the courses within the
         Communities are enabled with SCORM
QTI Player                                                                                 -
         Members can take online test within the
         Communities supported with QTI Player.
Search                                                                                      -
         Enables context based search.                                          Search available but
         Search can be performed through keywords                                level of details not
          or tagged metadata.
         Search communities, users.
         Search content of Blog, Wiki, DF topic or
My Dashboard                                                                               -
         Web part enabled.
         Easy to customize and configurable.
Content                                                                                    -
         Provision to view and personalize content
         Content can be presented as Top, featured,
          recent and favorite assets/artifacts.
Web Conferencing
         Fully integrated web conferencing and IM.        Integrated with web
Web 2.0
Web 2.0 toolkit including tags, ratings, voting and
social bookmarking.
Video Sharing
Create learning channels to share video and
recorded presentations.
Sharing & Blogging
Enterprise blogs, wiki, micro-blogging, discussions,
file sharing and videos.

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                                              Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone

   4. View of Conrnerstone Ondemand

The screenshots below provides some insights on Cornerstone’s Solution.

                      A High level view of the Cornerstone’s Solution

Date 1/29/2013                                                                 Page 14
                                      Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone

                 The Compliance area covered by Cornerstone

Date 1/29/2013                                                         Page 15
                                                  Product comparison Saras Corporate vs. Cornerstone

                           A screen shot from Compensation Module

    5. Conclusion

Cornerstone OnDemand's Talent Management software aims to solve all the human resources

needs—and a fair chunk of the support, documentation, and customer interaction as well. Their

Learning Management System is quite comprehensive in comparison to other providers that are

looking to offer end-to-end Talent Management software. It is a single solution that handles your

HR, work flow, and training needs, and provides your customers and employees with innovative

opportunities to interact and share information, all without building a single server yourself; it is

worth taking a closer look at the Cornerstone OnDemand SaaS offering.

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