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									How to soundproof your room

                                                      There are many reasons to soundproof a room. Your
                                                      son’s new drum set is one.

                                                      Transforming a room into a theater is another—you’d
                                                      hate for the newest action movie to be heard on the
                                                      other side of the house when people are trying to
                                                      sleep. Whatever your reason, you don’t have to hire
                                                      a professional to sound proof the room for you.

                                                      Instead, you can do it yourself. There are a number of
                                                      ways to do it.

Pick one you feel comfortable with or works with your decoration interests. The first is very effective,
but takes some construction work.

Making the walls thicker

Make your ceiling, walls or floor thicker. The more things you put between the sound making device and
the room(s) you’re trying to block from the noise.

To keep from hearing loud noises from above, you should drop your ceiling down a bit. Sound then has
to travel through the floor above, into an insulated space and then through another ceiling to get to you.

By the time it reaches you, it is either too quiet to hear, or significantly diffused. You can do similar
things with sounds coming from the sides and the floor.

You can build an extension onto the wall to act as a dropped ceiling. To sound proof your floors, you can
install thick carpet with insulating foam.

These options take a bit more remodeling work, but the result is a sound proofed room with the ability
to restructure or reimagine the room as a whole. It’s a wonderful option for customizing the new look of
the room.

If indoor construction—i.e. remodeling—is not your forte, you can try putting furniture and decorations
in the way. Sound travels best through smooth, thin, and dense surfaces.

When you put things that are porous, thick and airy in the way, it has a tougher time getting through.
Putting a tall bookshelf on an adjoining wall will significantly dampen the sound coming through.
In addition to making the room feel homey, the books, thick wood and air between helps dampen the
sound that would normally shoot through the bare wall. Thus, making your wall significantly more sound
resistant than it was before.

Adding large furniture on the walls you want to sound proof is an excellent way to get the job done. If
you want to stick to the theme of the room, you can buy or create your own diffusers.


Diffusers are porous, foam like squares that
capture sound. You see them hanging on the
walls of movie and concert theaters.

Yours would be smaller and more easily
managed. The porous nature of the fabric and
foam underneath captures sound waves.

The shape of the mount helps to diffuse how
much sound bounces from one wall to the
next, reducing the echo as well. Installing your
own diffusers can add to the feel of a practice room or theater.

For floors, you can add an area rug and furniture to sit on everywhere. Sound proofing the room is all
about blocking it with things.

Installing additions and adding attractive furniture will help you do the trick every time. And the best
thing is, you can do it yourself.

The best part about soundproofing a room is that is works in both directions. If you don’t want to be
disturbed while practicing your drum beats or watching a movie, the sound proofing keeps out the noise
just as much as it keeps in yours.

Gerber Construction is a Utah Construction Company dedicated to building things that make a
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