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					           Brunch Soups, Snacks & Apps
  > Beer Cheese Soup                                                                                          4.5 / 6
        A creamy, cheesy soup made with Yuengling Lager.
  > Mushroom Soup                                                                                             4.5 / 6
        Minced mushrooms, herbs & a touch of cream.
>> Southwestern Chili                                                                                         4.5 / 6
        A bean chili with peppers, onions, tomatoes & spices. Topped with jalapeños & tortilla croutons.
    Soup Special                                                                                           prices vary
        Please ask us what this weekend's soup du jour is!
>> Parfait                                                                                                          6
        Layers of fresh fruit, walnut cream & housemade granola.
>> Petite Salad                                                                                                     6
        An appetizer version of any of our signature salads.
        These salads do not include your choice of topping.
  > Cornflake French Toast Sticks                                                                                   7
        Fried cornflake crusted french toast with powdered sugar & maple syrup.
>> Pot o' Gold Fries                                                                                               7.5
        Yukon Gold fries with a malt vinegar aioli.
  > Baked Spinach Spread                                                                                           8.5
        Mixed cheeses, spinach & herbs served with carrots, celery & warm pitas.
>> Roasted Vegetable Flatbread                                                                                     8.5
        Gluten Free flatbread with a caramelized onion ricotta cheese spread.
        Topped with roasted zucchini, squash, portabella & eggplant.
        Drizzled with a red wine reduction.
>> Hummus Platter                                                                                                   9
        Home Grown hummus & a caramelized onion black bean hummus served with
        a roasted tomato kalamata olive salad & grilled pita. Garnished with feta crumbles.
>> Boneless "Wings"                                                                                                9.5
        Choose either fried breaded chicken thighs or seitan.
        Pick your style:
            Buffalo sauce with celery, carrots & blue cheese dressing.
            Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce with celery, carrots & ranch dressing.
           Thai Lemongrass sauce served with pickled vegetables & unagi sauce.
           Sampler Wing Plate - A portion of all our options with all their accompliments for $12.
  > Baked Brie                                                                                                     10
        Golden raisins, Bourbon poached pears & brie baked inside puff pastry.
        Topped with candied walnuts, drizzled with honey & served with toasted bread.
    Crab Fondue                                                                                                    10
        Crab, lemon, white wine, cheese & herbs served with apples & fresh warm bread.
>> Nachos                                                                       Half Nacho for 7 / Full Order for 11.5
        Tortilla chips, cheese, chili, pico de gallo, sour cream & jalapeños.

                              Brunch Entrées
              All Brunch Entrées are served with home fries unless otherwise specified.

                           We have many vegan Brunch options featuring
                        Tofu Scramble or our housemade Vegan Egg Substitute.
>> The Best B.L.T. Ever                                                                            8
        Bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese & an over-easy egg or tofu scramble.

>> Home Grown Breakfast                                                                            8
        Two eggs your way or Tofu Scramble,
        toast & your choice of bacon, sausage, vegan bacon or vegan sausage.

  > Featured Flavored Pancakes                                                                     8
        3 flavored pancakes, maple syrup & butter. Ask about today's flavor!

  > Shortstack                                                                                     8
        Three pancakes, maple syrup & butter.

>> Breakfast Quesadilla                                                                            9
        Eggs or Tofu Scramble, red pepper, onion, black beans,
        bacon, potatoes & cheese in a flour tortilla. Served with a side of guacamole.

  > Brioche French Toast                                                                           9
        Brioche bread in a sweet cinnamon egg batter with pecan butter & syrup.

>> Garden Veggie Omelet                                                                            9
        Zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, onions, tomatoes & cheese.

>> Tex Mex Omelet                                                                                  9
        Black beans, red pepper, onion, tomato & cheese. Topped with guacamole.

>> Chili Hash                                                                                     10
        Home fries with scrambles eggs or tofu scramble, bacon,
        cheese, scallions, jalapeño peppers & sour cream.

>> Down Home Omelet                                                                               10
        Bacon, sausage, red peppers, onions, diced tomatoes & cheese.

>> Mushroom Madness Omelet                                                                        10
        Portabella, oyster & cremini mushrooms with baby Swiss cheese.

    Chesapeake Omelet                                                                             11
        Crab, onions, pepper & cream cheese. Dusted with Old Bay.

    Steak & Eggs                                                                                  12
        Flank steak topped with hotel butter. Served with 2 eggs your way, home fries & toast.

>> Home Fries                                      3              Bacon                            3

    Sausage                                        3       >> Vegan Bacon                          3

>> Vegan Sausage                                   3          > Multigrain                       1.50

                                                                  or Brioche Toast
    Two Eggs (any style)                           2

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