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									                                                                        Year         of      Prayer       for     Vocations
     g{x XÑ|Ñ{tÇç Éy à{x _ÉÜw                                           Every story is different and yet, every story is very
                                                                        much the same. The men and women who have said
                    January 6, 2008                                     yes to serve God as priests and religious all came to
                                                     They opened        this life in a different way, and yet in each case there
                                                   their treasures      was faith, there was a relationship with God and a
                                                 and offered him        strong desire to serve Him. Please pray for those
                                                     gifts of gold,     already in seminaries as we join their prayer for
                                                    frankincense,       increased vocations.
                                                       and myrrh.
                                                 -Matthew 2:11b

                    MASS INTENTIONS
MON.,         January 7th St. Raymond of Peñafort
 7:00         A.M.        George J. House r/o Mr. & Mrs.
                          Robert Moore
12:00         P.M.        Theodore Spieczny r/o Wife, Mary &
                          Children, Mary, Tom, Todge & Nancy
TUES.,        January 8th
 7:00         A.M.        Mary Donofrio r/o Joe & Ann
                          Butera & Family
12:00         P.M.        Michael Lutzko r/o Rita & Philip Lopa                        The weekend of January 12-13
WED.,         January 9th                                                                      5:00 P.M. – Team A
 7:00         A.M.        Eliso “Lee” Lombardi r/o Ann &                                       8:00 A.M. – Team E
                          George Pepe                                                         10:00 A.M. – Team F
12:00         P.M.        Elisabeth R. Ricci r/o Husband,                                     11:30 A.M. – Team J
                          Michael A. Ricci
THURS.,       January 10th
 7:00         A.M.        Holy Soul in Purgatory of Blessed
                          Mother’s choosing r/o James Roy
12:00         P.M.        Parishioners                                      David, Donna and Tiffany Wineland of Middlesex
FRI.,         January 11th
 7:00         A.M.        Mooney Maley & Whaler Families
                          r/o John Simons                             Thank you to Patricia Engelman for her Christmas gift for our
12:00         P.M.        Francesco Renda r/o Wife & Family           sister parish in Mississippi.
SAT.,         January 12th
 8:00         A.M.        Raymond Gaughan r/o Carrie &
                          Bruce Pernitza
                                                                      Thank you to an anonymous school family for their
 5:00         P.M.        The Cadow Family r/o Jeanne &               generous donation toward the continued development of
                          Robert Mooney                               our technology program.
SUN.,         January 13th
 8:00         A.M.        Danny Pepe r/o Carrie & Bruce Pernitza                       END OF YEAR GIVING;
10:00         A.M.        Joseph Rohall r/o Daughter, Rita Wahler
11:30         A.M.        Valerie Zanetti r/o Walter & Jeanne         It is not too late to include Our Lady of Mount Virgin among
                          Niziol                                      your end of year charity gifts. Please contact Fr. Pat for
                                                                      information about the transfer or stocks or bonds, or about gifts
                        Week of January 6-12                          of cash. Your gift to OLMV allows your parish to continue its
                        Altar Candles                                 mission, and might substantially lower your tax burden.
                        Marian Whale r/o Whale Family
                        Tabernacle Candles
                        Linda Petrozzelli r/o Jim & Pat Benson
                        Sanctuary Candle
                                                                      Today we remember the three wise men from the East who
McConell & Calhoun Family r/o Malt Family
                                                                      came to pay homage to the infant Jesus, bringing Him rich gifts
Altar Flowers                                                         of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The gifts we bring — our
Trevor Connelly Sharp r/o Donald & Bernadette Colanduoni              time, service, and some share of what we earn for the work we
PRAY FOR THE SICK…In your charity please pray for the                 do—are equally precious in His sight.
sick of our parish, the sick who remain in our intentions             December 29-30……………...Not available at time of printing
especially Charlie Russo, Jeanne Russo and those whose names          Christmas to date…………………………..……….$42,322.00
are kept on our prayer list in the sacristy and vestibule. Prayers    December 22-23…………..………………………..$11,355.00.
are also requested for the recently deceased: Mary Connelly,          Additional Christmas Flower Donations...…………….$265.00
and John Kenney.                                                      December 15-16…………………………………… $9,680.00
 THE WISE MEN COME TO BETHLEHEM                                                                      My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
 Today the Wise Men see the little child and Mary his mother.
          With them, Lord,                                                                      “And magi came from the East!”
 we wish to discover you in the midst                                                           Matthew introduces “foreigners” who
 of our brothers and sisters.                                                                   have come to understand the magnitude
 Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!                                                    of Jesus’ birth. The magi represent all
 Today they prostrate themselves before you                                                     of us---outsiders to the House of Israel.
          With them, Lord,                                                 Matthew establishes early on in his Gospel that Jesus has come
 We wish to adore your holy will for us.                                   to heal all of the human family, and to open the way to
 Glory and praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!                               salvation.
                                                                           We celebrate today the Feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany
                                                                           means “a manifestation,” “a sudden insight into the essential
                                                                           meaning of an occurrence or experience.” For us, as a Catholic
                                                                           people, Epiphany means that the “Christ event” is for all
                                                                           people. We are called, therefore, on this day to consider who
CONGRATULATIONS to our School Athletic Association on                      we are as a “missionary people.”
the success of our annual Christmas Basketball Tournament. A
                                                                           Epiphany is the day in which we understand that gentiles,
good time was had by all. Special thanks to our eighth grade
                                                                           bearing gifts, appeared before Jesus. The presence of Jesus
students and their parents who provided a true gourmet kitchen.
                                                                           means that the God of Israel now claims all humanity because
                                                                           the role of Jesus is to bring salvation to all people.
Please remember our Grade 8 Confirmation candidates as
they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this                 We now need to consider our missionary role as we share the
spring. They will make their Confirmation retreat this                     Good News of Jesus Christ with people throughout the world.
Saturday evening.                                                          We consider today the arrival of the wise men who came to pay
                                                                           homage to the new-born baby. As they recognized the special
                                                                           nature of this child, so do we.
                                                                           Jesus is the gift of the Father to a broken humanity. Jesus is the
                                                                           Messiah who will bring redemption. Just as the wise men paid
                                                                           homage, so do we by our willingness to announce the Good
                 next Sunday, January 13th                                 News: Jesus is with us!
                      8:30 – 11:00 A.M.
       Please plan to attend and share in food, fun and                    As we begin this New Year renewed in our faith by the
       fellowship. Our K of C Family Breakfast is the                      presence of Jesus in our lives, let us endeavor each and every
                   “Best deal in town!!!”                                  day to announce the presence of Jesus in our live to all whom
                                                                           we meet. This is the very essence of missionary activity.
                                                                           We really are called to be missionaries, each one of us. We are
                                                                           called to share the reality that Jesus is with us---that Jesus is
                                                                           our saving Lord. We are called in our baptism to announce the
Parish 65th Anniversary Cruise                                             truth that Jesus has redeemed the world---and that we are
                                                                           invited to participate in this redemption.
In celebration of our 65th anniversary, Our Lady of Mount
Virgin Church is sponsoring a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean              The magi travelled far to enter into the presence of our saving
aboard the Explorer of the Seas , beginning on November 1,                 Lord. By our baptism we are forever in the presence of the
2008. Flyers are available around the church. For detailed                 Lord. The Lord lights the world now through us. May we
information, call Pat Benson at Wanderlust Travel, Inc. at 908             become missionaries in 2008---enlightening all whom we
725-3030.                                                                  encounter---far and near---that Jesus has come and that Jesus is
                                                                           with us always!
                                                                           In peace and prayer,
      ECUMENICAL PRAYER SERVICE AT OLMV                                    Father Pat
Please share this announcement with friends from other churches:
Special Prayer Service on Sunday, January 20th at 6:00 P.M. Come           >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
join our neighbors from various churches in the area as we celebrate the   SPIRITUALITY SERIES...To Live in Christ…
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. There will be readings of              Participate in a 6 week program for deepening your knowledge
Sacred Scripture, reflection and song, followed by food and fellowship.    and relationship with Christ. Both morning and evening
We especially invite your presence to welcome visiting clergy and          sessions are offered for your convenience: Mondays at 7:00
choirs who will be joining us for this ecumenical evening in the Taizé     P.M. and Wednesdays at 10:15 A.M. in Petra House. Come to
tradition. Rev. Neal D. Presa, Pastor of Middlesex Presbyterian            either the evening or morning session beginning January 21st
Church will preach. Don’t miss this opportunity to gather us as a          and 23rd and renew your mind and heart for Easter through
faith-filled community at OLMV, welcoming others of different faiths       reflection and sharing on the Good News. All are welcome,
to pray with us for peace and unity.                                       but you must pre-register as there is a $4.00 fee for the series
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                booklet! Please call 732-356-2149 or 732-356-3274.
                                                                             OLMV SOCIAL MINISTRIES

  2008 PARISH RAFFLE CALENDARS                                   A New Year’s Thought. “The Old and New Testaments are
These are the final days that they may be sold so don’t miss     filled with…passages extolling children as gift and blessing. It
your chance to be a part of this year long event. Forms are      is disheartening, therefore, to see how far our culture has
around the church or at the Parish Office during the week.       diverged from that view. …There was no confusion [in the
                                                                 story of Mary and Elizabeth] as to what and who nested under
                                                                 their mothers’ hearts. Yet, 2,000 years later, many well-
            RELIGIOUS EDUCATION                                  educated people do not know – or claim they do not know – the
 IMMEDIATE OPENING - GRADE 5 CATECHIST NEEDED !                  truth about human life before birth.” Cardinal Justin Rigali of
FOR THE TUESDAY 5:30-6:40 P.M. SESSION. Call Dorothy in          Philadelphia, Southern Cross, 10/11/07
the Religious Education Office 732-356-8366 if interested.
                                                                 Monday Activity Center for the Homebound resumes
Classes resume Sunday January 6th and Tuesday, January 8th.      tomorrow January 7 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Petra
     8th grade Confirmation Candidates (Mandatory)               Winter                – January 20, 2008. 8:00am – 1:00pm.
 SATURDAY, JANUARY 12th, 5:00 P.M. (Mass)- 8:30 P.M.             Please mark your calendars for the date. As always, blood is in
                                                                 serious demand. New Jersey Blood Services is very grateful to
Congratulations to Art Liming who won the                        our generous and caring donors. They have stated in previous
December “Rebuild Our Church” 50/50 Raffle.                      letters of gratitude that “There is no substitute for caring people
                  His prize was $945.00                          who take time to donate blood so that others may live.” For more
  Special Thanks to everyone who continues to support our        information regarding Medical Eligibility for blood donation
             “Rebuild Our Church” program.                       please call 1-800-688-0900 or visit their website at
LENTEN NOVENA - Our Lenten Novena will begin this                National Memorial for the Preborn: Jan. 22, 8:30am at the
Monday at 7:00 P.M. in the Church.                               U.S. Capitol. The National Memorial for the Pre-born and their
                                                                 mothers and fathers is the only pro-life event held inside the US
                  Our Lady of Mount Virgin Seniors will          Capitol complex. It is a prayerful remembrance of all victims of
                  meet Tuesday, January 8th at 1:00 P.M.         abortion and a joyful celebration of God’s gift of life. The
                  in the Church Hall.          Upcoming:         program will end in plenty of time for you to get to the start of the
Wednesday, March 12th, “Putting on the Ritz” $63.00/             annual March for Life.
person., Thursday, April 10th , Sight & Sound “Daniel and
                                                                 Millennium Goals       Goal 7:       Ensure environmental
the Lion- Den”, $94.00/per person, Thursday, June 12th ,
Mount Airy Lodge-Casino, $30.00/person. More information
                                                                 Fact: In sub-Saharan Africa 300 million people lack access to
to follow.
                                                                 safe drinking water.
Saint Vincent DePaul Meeting Wednesday, January 9th at           Target: Goal 7 aims to halve the proportion of people without
6:30 P.M. at Petra House.                                        sustainable access to safe drinking water.
                                                                 Progress: The share of people using drinking water from
FAMILY NIGHT AT KERWINS                                          improved sources has continued to rise in the developing world.
Come join your parish family for an evening of friends and       This share increased to 80% in 2004 from 71% in 1990. This
food at Kerwins on Route 28 on Thursday, January 10th. A         means that the world is currently on track to reach the drinking
percentage of the evenings sales is donated to our school. So    water target. However, growing populations and wide disparities
stop by to eat in or take out, and mention you are from Our      between urban and rural areas within countries pose continuing
Lady of Mount Virgin!                                            challenges.
                                                                  At a regional level, while there is progress in sub-Saharan Africa,
    "Disciples of Christ…Stewards of His Gifts"                  it is not yet on track to meet the target. Moreover, this is the
As the New Year begins, we have the opportunity to reflect on    region with the worst disparities between rural and urban
the graciousness of God in our lives. He brings us the gift of   populations.
life each day and we in turn have the opportunity to “give
back” in thanksgiving by serving our brothers and sisters in     Monthly Food Collection for FISH, Inc. Next collection is
need. This occurs each year through the Bishop’s Annual          January 19 – 20, 2008.
Appeal that funds in part or completely more than 25 diocesan                    OLMV ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY
ministries.                                                                               “HELP LINE”
Please, if you have yet to make your household gift for the                                          732-356-0144
2007 Appeal, prayerfully consider doing so this weekend.                         All calls for assistance are confidential.
Your gift will be used wisely by our diocesan ministries to                       VEHICLE DONATION PROGRAM:
serve God’s People here in the four counties known as the         donate a running or non-running vehicle to help the less fortunate.
Diocese of Metuchen. Thank you!                                        To do so please call the help line at 732-356-0144.

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