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									Storage Made Easy Provides Complete Unified Cloud Data Access to Mitii of

SME connects employees with secure, critical unified information – no matter the desktop, device or

London, United Kingdom, January 29, 2013 --( Mitii Development of Denmark, provider of
knowledge-based training for brain enhancement and recovery, has adopted Storage Made Easy's SaaS
hosted Cloud file unification solution for employee access to Cloud files.

“As a small start-up company with a need to focus on cost effective solutions, we searched for cloud
based file hosting providers. We were surprised to find that not many solutions actually met what we
consider basic needs,” said Jan Friis Hansen of Mitii. “However, with Storage Made Easy, we have a
technology that delivers the features we need, including unified permissions access to the clouds we use,
desktop tools and flexible backup of data.”

Mitii is using Storage Made Easy's Windows Cloud App suite to provide a single virtual file view to its
S3, Google Drive and SkyDrive documents from Storage Made Easy's European server. Access is critical
to Mitii, so they are using the SME technology's granular permission settings across its folder hierarchies.

“Unification of data for easy management and cross cloud search is only one facet of our proposition,”
said Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle. “We also provide unified access from a common set of
permissions that can integrate with in-house identity management systems such as Active Directory and
we offer cloud integration right into the desktop through the use of native web drives so that working with
cloud documents from any vendor is reasonably transparent to the end user.”

Storage Made Easy's Cloud Service Broker platform adds an abstraction layer on top of any information
source. This provides an enhanced cloud experience via a federated view of data through any of the 35
public / private Cloud Providers supported by the Storage Made Easy solution, such as Rackspace, Azure,
Amazon, DropBox, amongst many others.

About Mitii Development:
Mitii Development is a Danish Company, that delivers a new, knowledge-based Professional home
training solution, which opens new opportunities in the area of rehabilitation of people with brain
damage, chronic diseases and others. The system is based on latest brain research and knowledge about
how to organise the training in order to help people with brain damage in the best possible way. It uses
the Microsoft Kinect sensor and enables training that effectively induces neuroplastic changes in the brain
- it's ability to construct new networks on the basis of experiences. Further information can be found at

About Storage Made Easy:
Storage Made Easy provides a cloud service data broker platform and related services either as SaaS or a
hybrid on-premise solution. Storage Made Easy unites cloud and data services into a single environment,

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guaranteeing file access no matter the location or device while providing the highest levels of
management, security, compliance, audit, and access services. Storage Made Easy is wholly owned by
Vehera Ltd., a private London-based limited company. More information can be found at

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