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Protect Our Corner Newsletter


									Protect Our Corner!                                                          January 2013

                                        We Need Your Help!
                                        Please Take the Time
                                            to Read this

    We are a group of         We are supportive of            We’d like you to take
  your neighbors who                  rural land             some time to consider
       live around a             development that               the implications of
 property of farmland            contributes to the                 this style of
 in Rocky View County          livelihood of farmers           development at this
   that is proposed to             and residents.                 location. Is this
      be a very large             However, we are                   compatible
   commercial/retail,           concerned that land           development for this
      residential and              development:               area? Could this be a
       condominium             maintain or enhance               precedent setting
   development. This          neighborhood safety,                decision for our
  development would             protect or enhance           neighborhood? Could
    employ a ‘village         local property values,          this precedent affect
    vision’, extending               protect the              your corner of Rocky
     outwards north,           environment and be            View at some point in
  south and east from          compatible with our           the future? Even basic
    the corner of the           rural neighborhood            practical affects, like
      intersection of          that includes homes            traffic patterns - may
  Lochend Road (Hwy                  and farms.                have wide sweeping
   766) and Township                                                unforeseen
         Road 262.                                                consequences.

*You do not need to have a Facebook account to access our page!! Please note
   that we can also be reached by email: ‘’
  (this newsletter was prepared by Craig Kindleman, Shane Bachmeier and Jill Cairns)
Protect Our Corner!

            We’d like you to consider:
  The proposed Development is for up to 326
   residential units with no zoning for agriculture, 20
   acre or 4 acre parcels - all units will be smaller to
   accommodate proposed density

  An earlier version of this proposal was defeated by
   Rocky View County Council last September (2011),
   following a neighbour led community effort

  The Proposed Development includes undefined
   and unrestricted commercial/retail with no
   business licenses required
                                                                  Please think about:
                                                             If this proposal passes at Second Reading –
  A village/hamlet vision at this location is not in any
   RV County plans                                              then this proposed Development will

  The area is a rural farming and rural residential        proceed as conceived by the Developer with
   community, current zoning is for agriculture or 20         No Further Public Input Allowed By The
   or 4 acre residential parcels
  Many of the roads potentially affected by this
   proposal; Hwy 766 & TWP 262 specifically, but            There does not appear to be any request for
   also Bearspaw Road, Burma Road and even Rocky
   Ridge Road - seem to be currently handling more          direct control measures to be put in place so
   traffic than they were built to handle and               a wide variety of interpretations can be made
   congestion will potentially increase
                                                            after proposal has been passed with no public
  The County has not significantly altered existing
   land statutes since 1982, which means that the
   proposed Development will likely not adhere to
   the Alberta Municipalities Act, Land Use Bylaws,         This proposed Development is also forming a
   the Area Structure Plan or the County Rural
                                                                 precedent for allowing this type of
   Growth Discussion (please see Facebook page for
   explanation of these terms and documents)                Development throughout Rocky View County

  This proposed Development is also likely to be non          regardless of any statute law, bylaw or
   compliant to the goals of the Rural Growth Plan                          County plan.

  According to the ‘Land Inventory and Residential
   Development Capacity Report’ published by the             If this proposed Development comes to our
   County in 2012, the current land inventory in the        farming and rural neighborhood, what really
   Bearspaw ASP has the capacity for 95 years of
   building without further developments – based on         stops it from coming directly across from your
   a 20 year average building rate                                driveway or just down your road?
Protect Our Corner!                                                                        January 2013

      Want to Know                 The process at Rocky          First Technical Reading at Council
                                                                  will likely take place on Tuesday,
   More? Do More?                  View County Council             January 22nd, 2013. No public
                                   will look something like      input taken into consideration at
                                                                                this time.
                                                                   Second Reading is public and will
                                                                  likely occur on Tuesday, February
                                                                   26, 2013. Public input is allowed
Thank-you for taking the time to read this and for giving the        and encouraged at this point.
whole thing some serious thought. If you’d like to know more
                                                                     Third Reading is public and
or do more to help – we have an email address and a Facebook       occurs roughly one month after
page! We also hope that you’ll be open to writing a letter or      the Second Reading – so March
signing a petition – and joining us in Council in 2013. Please
                                                                      26th, 2013 is a likely date.

believe that we can affect a change here. We live here!

  We would like to gather as much support as possible for the 2nd Reading in County Council to
    tell Rocky View County Council that this proposed Development is not appropriate for the
   neighborhood at this time. Support can be in the form of any or all the following, listed by
priority given: letter writing, petition signing or presentation to council and physical presence at
   the 2nd Reading with County Council. Please note that each voter in a household can write,
                      petition or present – individuals are counted – not households!

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