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									Online Learning Is Here to Stay!
In the last few years my life has changed and changed for the better, all due to my
decision to pursue the course in MBA in Finance. While surfing the net one day I
chanced upon this online curse and decided to know more about it.

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While going through the website I came to know about the course material, faculty
involved, course duration, course fee and all the relevant procedures required to
take admission. I was amazed at all the information provided. Although I have
heard about online courses, but this was the first time I did a thorough research on
The first thing that struck me was I will be able to pursue my work and education
both at the same time and that too at my own convenience and comfort was
something that I had been searching for a long time.

Due to my financial strains I could never go for further advanced course. But the
online MBA in Finance was not only cheap and affordable but it was costing me
30-60% less compared to the regular courses available. At this fee I was not only
able to do a vocational course but also opt for the specialisation paper of my
choice. This was something which could not even think of.

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Moreover the fact that I could give time to my family as well as work is quite
interesting. This online course was meant to tap my multi-tasking capabilities. I
realized that I will be able to do my work, look after my family and study all at the
same time.

Well, this was just the beginning. After the completion of the course, I shifted from
my previous job and joined a corporate company as a financial adviser. There I
was able to apply all the skills and expertise that I had acquired from my course.
Within a few years I had gained enough experience and decided to open a
Financial Advising Firm. Few years down the line, I have done quite well for
myself with prospects of better growth.


When I look back at all my experiences and how this Online MBA in Finance
course changed my life and gave my professional career a new dimension, I really
cherish the day I chanced upon online learning.

Online Learning has opened up many new avenues for me and considering the way
technology has made inroads into our life, Online Learning is here to stay and
Shape the Future of Education.

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