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									Is Laser Hair Removal Right For                 How Should I Prepare For Laser
Me?                                             Hair Removal?

Reasons to get hair removal by laser over       During your free consultation, your
other methods include being self-               certified laser technician will review your
conscious of facial hair, in-grown hairs, or    history and examine the area to be treated
the sheer time it takes to shave or wax on      to determine whether you are a good
an ongoing basis.                               candidate for treatments. Don't be afraid to
                                                ask questions!
Lasers usually target melanin so if you
have dark hair and light skin you may be        Be aware: you cannot undergo laser hair
the “ideal candidate”. It is this reason that   removal if you have a tan from sun
hair removal is more challenging on             exposure or sunless tanning products; you
people with darker skin (more                   must wait until the tan completely fades.
pigmentation).                                  That's because a tan increases the risk of
                                                blistering and discoloration after treatment.
Clients commonly come from every walk           To be on the safe side, you should avoid
of life; each having their own reasons for      sun exposure four to six weeks before
getting laser hair removal. Remember not        treatment.
to be embarrassed to tell your laser
technician about your unwanted hair. At         Two to three days before having laser hair
Laser Advantage, we are used to hearing         removal, you should shave the area to be
a wide range of requests. You are not           treated and allow stubble to grow back.
alone in wanting your hair removed!             Don't wax or pluck the hair, or undergo
                                                electrolysis three weeks before treatment.

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Top 5 Reasons for Laser Hair                   How Laser Hair Removal Works                    What to Expect During and After
Removal                                                                                        Treatment

1. Improved Self-Confidence                    Our elōs® Laser Technology targets hair         Most people tolerate laser hair removal
   Laser hair removal can help you feel        follicles harnessing both optical and bi-       very well. Some people have likened the
   and look your very best, no longer          polar radio-frequency (RF). The laser           feeling to that of a rubber band snapping
   questioning how you look when you           beam targets darker pigmentation (the           against your skin. After laser hair removal,
   show off a bit of skin.                     dark color of the hair). The heat generated     you may experience brief swelling and
                                               by the laser disables and then destroys         redness. In most cases this is minimal and
2. Look Great                                  the root of the follicle while preserving the   quickly passes. Don't expect, however,
   Hair removal by laser can help you be       surrounding skin.                               that all the hair will fall out right away - it
   free to enjoy smooth and sexy skin all                                                      may take as long as two weeks after
   the time. No more discomfort or             Laser hair removal is most successful           treatment.
   unsightly areas between grow-in             when the hair is in its Anagen phase (the
   stages.                                     phase when a hair follicle is its active        For the most part, you can return to your
                                               growth). This is why laser hair removal is      normal routine immediately, though you
3. Save Money                                  not a one-time procedure.                       should avoid direct sun exposure. Be sure
   Laser for permanent hair removal may                                                        to use sunscreen with a high SPF. You
   seem expensive, but over time you will      Typical patients require 6-8 treatments for     should continue to avoid direct sun
   really be saving the dollars. In the long   optimal results. At Laser Advantage, our        exposure and tanning booths for several
   run, laser hair removal costs less than     procedures and equipment have been              weeks after treatment. Be careful when
   waxing, electrolysis and other hair         proven to achieve permanent hair                touching the treated areas: don't wax or
   removal methods.                            reduction for people of all skin types and      pluck hairs, pick at the skin, or rub or
                                               on virtually every body part.                   scrub it.
4. Save Time
   Free up your time with laser hair                                                           Most people see 50-80% hair reduction in
   removal. Eliminate the daily or monthly                                                     the treated area between three and five
   hair removal routine, no longer having                                                      sessions. Results vary among clients.
   to think about missing your lunch hour
   to wax, or get electrolysis again. Wake
   up each morning and just go!

5. Eliminate Ingrown Hairs
   Say goodbye to ingrown hairs that can
   cause discomfort, infections and self-

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