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									 July/August 2012

Tammuz – Elul 5772
                                     TEMPLE TALK
     Issue No. 10               Temple Israel – PO Box 4284 – Springfield, MO 65808
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 Volume 5772-5773
                                Letter from the Rabbi
                                   My history professor Dr. Jacob Marcus of blessed memory used to say that there is no such
                                thing as a “first Jew.” He said that if ever you start to talk about a “first Jew” anywhere, there
                                always turns out to be another Jew who was there before him.

                                  We do know that twenty-three Jews arrived in the colony of New Amsterdam (later New
                                York) in 1664. Governor Peter Stuyvesant wanted to expel them, but the Dutch West Indies
                                Company, in which Jews played an active role, ordered that they be allowed to stay. They
                                soon were joined by other Jewish settlers.

                                   But Jews had arrived in the New World even earlier. The year 1492 is famous for the voyage
                                of Christopher Columbus and infamous for Ferdinand and Isabella’s expulsion of the Jews
                                from Spain. It is very probable that some of these Jews sailed across the Atlantic with
                                Columbus. Other Jews, too, were coming to North and South America in the fifteenth and
                                sixteenth centuries.

                                  Jewish migration continued throughout the colonial period. By the time of the American
                                Revolution in 1776, there were approximately 2,000 Jews living in the American Colonies,
                                most of them Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal. The newborn United States of
                                America was the first country in which Jews received equal citizenship.

                                   The nineteenth century saw a huge influx of Ashkenazic Jews, first from Germany and then
                                from eastern Europe: Poland, Austria-Hungary, Russia, etc. Ever since, Jews have flourished
                                here to an unprecedented degree. For the most part, the United States of America has truly
                                been a goldina medina, or golden land. As our country celebrates its 236th birthday, we have
                                much for which to be thankful. So, happy Independence Day!

                                Rabbi Rita Sherwin

Rabbi’s  Letter             1                                      Oneg Shabbat Hosts
President’s  Letter         2   July 6            Ray & Mandy Van Ostran      August 3          Ray & Mandy Van Ostran

Sisterhood                  3   July 13           Ray & Mandy Van Ostran      August 10         Ray & Mandy Van Ostran

Yahrzeits                   4   July 20           Judith Peavey               August 17         Sylvia Persky

Donations                   5   July 27           Marc & Nancy Cooper         August 24         Ray & Elizabeth Weiner
Member News           3&6                                                     August 31         Volunteer needed
Upcoming Events             7      Volunteers to host an Oneg Shabbat are needed. Please call Oneg coordinator Melanie Curtis at
                                home (890-5157), work (269-8922) or cell (429-6120) if you can help. We truly appreciate our
Calendar          Insert        volunteer hosts! If we have no volunteers, we are unable to offer Onegs.

Letter from the President
At the end of May, Cindy and I visited our older daughter, Rachel, who lives in New Jersey, near
Philadelphia. As part of the visit we attended Friday night services at the temple she has recently joined,
Temple Emanuel in Cherry Hill, a Reform congregation. It is not a coincidence that it is the same
congregation that our friends Marty Rosenberg and Ellen Fenick also belong to. And for those really
paying attention, it is also the congregation one of whose previous rabbis was   Jonah   Kaplan’s  mother.    
Rachel tells me that there are three congregations in Cherry Hill this size, plus a Jewish Community

It was like being in Jewish heaven. We ate supper at a Jewish-style deli, called the Kibbutz Room.
Brought back lots of memories of home, New York City.

The congregation has about 1,000 family units, about ten times the size of ours. We were met at the
entrance by the rabbi (they have two, plus a cantor) and the executive director. The building was
gorgeous. Most spectacular was the ark. Rather than built into a wall, like many, including ours is, it was
surrounded by metal flames reaching to the sky. It was breathtaking.

I kicked myself, saying  “Toto,  I  don’t  think  we  are  in  Springfield  anymore.”

Some   observations:   First,   the   prayer   book   was   the   same   as   ours,   but   smaller.      Kind   of   like   a   Reader’s  
Digest   version   of   the   Mishkan   T’Filah.      Second,   the   prayers   were   the   same,   but   songs   were   just   a   bit
different, kind of like regional dialects. Third, Temple Emanuel has two Friday night services and we
went   to   the   later   one.      Interestingly,   there   were   not   a   lot   of   people   there.      I   don’t   know   how   many  
attended the earlier one, but as a percentage of the total, it was pretty close to what we get. Fourth,
besides the rabbi and the executive director, there was also a uniformed police officer near the entrance.

Finally, we brought home a copy of their monthly newsletter. It is clear that when a congregation
reaches a certain size, there are lots of things that can be done.

I woke from my dream. I was back in Springfield, back to our little congregation of some 100 families.
We  cannot  do  what  Temple  Emanuel  can  do.    We  don’t  have  the  staff,  we  don’t  have  the  funds,  we  don’t  
have the building and other resources. I think we do quite a bit with what we have.

But, smaller congregations have more opportunities to participate in various ways. And smaller
congregations need a greater percentage of its membership to help carry out its functions.

So we may not live Over the Rainbow. But we do pretty well with what we have. We could do better and
we could do more, but we need your participation.

Our July board meeting will be on the 8th, the August board meeting will be on the 12th, both at 9:30 am.
As always, members are invited to come.

Mark Rushefsky

                                      TIME CHANGE: BEGINNING JUNE 1,
                                  FRIDAY EVENING SERVICES ARE AT 8:00 PM.

                                                    MISSION STATEMENT
  At our June 10 meeting, the board adopted the mission statement printed below. Normally, we would bring this up
  at our annual congregation meeting, but we did not have a chance to get to it. Instead, we are asking the
  congregation to let us know what you think of this statement.

  If you have any comments, please contact me. My phone number is 862-9614 and my e-mail address is
  mark.rushefsky@gmail.com. I would like to hear from anyone who has comments by July 31.

  Temple Israel Mission Statement:

  The mission of Temple Israel is to be a Jewish presence in the Ozarks by serving as the spiritual, educational, and
  cultural center for all Jews and their families.

  Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), we are an inclusive congregation which welcomes Jews from all
  backgrounds to join us in our proud affirmation of Judaism and the Jewish people.

  In support of our mission, we provide communal worship services and holiday observances, celebrate life cycle
  events, engage in the study of Torah, participate in social action projects, and offer a wide variety of cultural and
  social programming.

Sisterhood Corner
Twelve sisters met Sunday, June 10 at the temple for a long awaited Sisterhood meeting – we  hadn’t  had  one  since  January!  
Should I call meetings more often – or do you like erratic meeting times?? Let me know! As always, we had a delicious
pot luck luncheon before the meeting!

It was reported by our secretary/treasurer that we now have 38 paid Sisterhood members. That is wonderful, but we
would sure like to know how to get more of you to participate. If anyone has ideas for projects, fun activities, speakers, or
trips, please tell me or any Sisterhood member, as we are open to all suggestions that will help increase participation.

Book Club is still up and running. We read The Invisible Wall by Henry Bernstein and discussed it at the home of
Elizabeth Weiner on June 27.

Sisterhood’s   mitzvah   projects   have   consisted   of   donations   to   Temple   Israel’s   Chai   Fund   to   wish   a   r'fua shalemah to
members who were ill, a donation to the Kitchen, Inc. following a fire at their facility, and a donation to an organization
that helps homeless and troubled youth, The Rare Breed. We are also going to sponsor a Hebrew School project, details to
be announced. A Sisterhood member who wishes to remain anonymous made a generous donation to help purchase four
new fryers for the kitchen.

We have planned a Mah-Jongg day for Sunday afternoon, August 5 at the home of Becky Supak. Those who want to learn
and/or play must have a 2012 Mah-Jongg card. If you RSVP after the card order has been placed, we might be able to find
an extra card or two. We will have at least three members who can patiently teach those of you who want to learn the

Sisterhood will meet in the temple kitchen on Sunday, October 21 and Sunday, October 28 for group baking sessions in
preparation for Art Fest on November 18. We have in our midst several experienced bakers who will teach us to make
strudel, challah, blintzes, rugelach, hamantaschen, and kugel. This year we will sell only Jewish baked goods. Please join
us on one or both of these Sundays so we can bake lots and lots, and then you can go home and bake even more! This is
Sisterhood’s  biggest  annual contribution to the temple and we want to make more money than ever this year.

We will again sponsor the Erev Rosh Hashanah Oneg on September 16 and we hope to have enough desserts left over for
the Rosh Hashonah luncheon the next day and maybe even for break-the-fast following Yom Kippur.

Movie nights, plays and concerts, game days, outings to museums and Jewish festivals were discussed as future activities.
Stay tuned – be active, give us suggestions and re-join Sisterhood in September!

Your Sisterhood President,
Judith Peavey                                                                                                                                      3
                     Tree of Life                                     Yahrzeits
    Remember that dedications on the Tree of Life                           July 6
          are permanent reminders of                                  Ruth L. Rubenstein
            special people or events.
                                                                            July 13
                                                                       Seymour Dorman
   Births, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings, Honors,                     Sidney Friedlander
     Achievements, or just to honor individuals.                 Helen Nicolopolas-Surprenant
                                                                          Don Shipps
             Please contact Fred Hamburg                            Mary Maxine Simonson
                   (417) 881-4425                                           July 20
                                                                        Emilian Furtak
                                                                       Julian Grossman
                                                                         Betty Krause
                                                                        Isaac Levenfus
                                                                         Irena Sendler
    Bikur Cholim & Condolences                                         Ernest Tarrasch

           If you know of anyone in the                                     July 27
                                                                          Rose Caplan
                Jewish community
   who is sick or has had a death in the family,                           August 3
                                                                        Adamarie Dean
      please contact any of the following:                          Israel Robert Freelander
           Rabbi Sherwin at the temple                                     Leah Grote
                   (417) 888-5151,                                        Frieda Sadow
                                                                         Nathan Scher
        Ruth Arneson (417) 861-6366, or
          Margo Hudson (417) 743-2349                                     August 10
                                                                       Hilary M. Fletcher
                                                                       Herman Levenfus
                                                                         Cory Riceman

                                                                          August 17
                IN MEMORIAM                                            Danny Davenport
                                                                         Gladys Lewis
                                                                          Joel Persky
We are saddened to announce the death of a long-                       Dustin Riceman
time member of this congregation, Darlene
                                                                          August 24
Rubenstein, who passed away after a long illness on                      Julius Grote
June  20.    Our  loving  condolences  are  with  Darlene’s              Reginald Levy
husband George and their children Rosemary, Julie,                      Paul Schwartz
                                                                      Shirley Schwitzman
and Steve and their families. Zichronah livrachah,                    Jerome J. Shestack
may the memory of the righteous be for a blessing.
                                                                          August 31
                                                                      Gilbert S. Greenwald
                                                                        Shelia L. Mosten
                                                                      Bertha Zimmerman

             temple israel on the web                              If you would like to make a
                                                                donation in remembrance of your
                  you can find us at:                           loved one’s yahrzeit, please send
                                                                        your donation to:
                                                                          Temple Israel
                         and                                              PO Box 4284
                follow us on facebook                             Springfield, MO 65808-4284

  Rabbi’s  Discretionary  Fund                            Donation to Our
                                                          Temple Kitchen
            From Harry Dorman.
                                                   A generous donation towards the
                                                 purchase of four new frying pans was
To thank Rabbi Sherwin for the personal and
                                                    made by an anonymous donor.
loving wedding ceremony she conducted for
                                                              Thank you!
  our daughter Lauren’s  marriage  to  Kelly  
       From Tom and Judith Peavey.

  A huge thank-you to Rabbi Sherwin for
 performing such a beautiful and personal
                                                           Concert Fund
  wedding ceremony under the chuppah.                 From Mark and Cindy Rushefsky.
      From Kelly and Lauren Fisher.
                                                  In honor of our daughter Lauren’s wedding
                                                                to Kelly Fisher.
 With fondest regards to Rabbi Sherwin and              From Tom and Judith Peavey.
             the congregation.
         From Leon Schwartzman.                  To honor and thank Dan and Margo Hudson
                                                   for the glorious post-wedding time at Sky
                                                 From the Peavey family and the Fisher family.

         Chai Donations
  In loving memory of Julian Grossman.
       From Steve and Amy Scher.

     In loving memory of Rose Caplan.
            From Leatrice Fetter.

To honor and thank Gytel Lotven for baking
with love the amazing heart-shaped challot
      for  Lauren  and  Kelly’s  wedding.
                                                     REQUEST FOR OUR TEMPLE
       From Tom and Judith Peavey.
To honor Harry Dorman and all those who
  work to  tend  our  “tzedakah  garden.”        Our dedicated and hard-working gardener
            From Anonymous.                      Harry Dorman is making his annual
                                                 request for used nylon pantyhose for
To honor Mel Curtis and all those who work       attaching plants to stakes. Please put
to coordinate and host the oneg Shabbats.        pantyhose in the paper sack on the bench
            From Anonymous.                      by the front door.

          July Birthdays                                       August Birthdays
 1 – Harold Singer                                        1 – Susan Conine
 4 – Miriam Taub                                          1 – David Tarrasch
 7 – Kenneth Burstin                                      3 – Brian Hamburg
 11 – Nancy Bright-Kaufman                                5 – Harry Dorman
 12 – Miriam Merrifield                                   6 – Thomas Peavey
 17 – Herbert Cohen                                       8 – Elizabeth Weiner
 18 – Irwin Cohen                                         9 – Amy Scher
 20 – Sherry Speaker                                      12 – Rudy Iturria
 21 – H. David Morrow                                     15 – Melanie Curtis
 25 – Arlene Grier                                        17 – Jeff Eaker
 27 – Robert Grand                                        19 – Mareen Gill
 31 – Bobbie Kallembach                                   19 – David Romano
 31 – Pam Weiss                                           29 – Doris Nachman
                                                          29 – Daniel Weinhaus

Religious School registration is from July 30 through August 15. Registration is by mail and the
registration forms can be downloaded from the website: Jewish417religiousschool.com. Go to
Sunday School under the Main Menu for all registration information. Mail completed registration
forms and tuition to the temple:

       Temple Israel
       PO Box 4284
       Springfield MO 65808-4284

  Our own author/former congregant Sandy Asher's work is being featured at the Library
            Center - Saturday, July 14, 7:00 pm and Sunday, July 15, 2:00 pm:

 The Library Foundation presents a special fundraiser featuring a reading of "Walking
 Toward America." Admission $10 for adults, $5 for students. The one-woman script was
 developed by former Springfield author Sandra Asher from the memoir of Springfield
 resident Ilga Vise. Former Springfieldian and actress Annie Meek Montgomery portrays
 the young Ilga Vise during her courageous flight with her family from their homeland in
 Latvia during World War II. The script was chosen for development at New York
 University’s New Plays for Young Audiences workshop at the Provincetown Playhouse in
 2011, a Friday Night Footlights reading at the Dramatists Guild in May 2012 and a world
 premiere full production at The Open Eye Theater in Margaretville, N.Y. on Memorial Day
 weekend 2012.
  FALL HOLY DAYS SCHEDULE (Details in September issue of  “Temple  
 Saturday, Sept. 8        8:00 pm           Selichot service

 Sunday, Sept. 16         8:00 pm           Erev Rosh Hashanah service

 Monday, Sept. 17         10:00 am          First day Rosh Hashanah – Morning service
                          12:15 pm          Luncheon
                          1:30 pm           Children’s  service
                          2:15 pm           Tashlikh
                          8:00 pm           Evening service

 Tuesday, Sept. 18        10:00 am          Second day Rosh Hashanah – Morning service

 Friday, Sept. 21         8:00 pm           Shabbat Shuvah

 Sunday, Sept. 23         10:00 am          Yizkor service at cemetery

 Tuesday, Sept. 25        8:00 pm           Kol Nidre service

 Wednesday, Sept. 26      10:00 am          Yom Kippur – Morning service
                          3:00 pm           Afternoon service
                          4:30 pm           Children’s  service
                          5:00 pm           Yizkor service
                          5:30 pm           Neilah service
                          6:30 pm           Break-the-fast

 Friday, Oct. 5           6:00 pm           Shabbat and Sukkot dinner
                          7:00 pm           Shabbat and Sukkot service

 Sunday, Oct. 7           1:30 pm           Simchat Torah and Consecration

                                      SHAVUOT THANKS
   Thank you to those who baked and contributed the delicious cheesecakes we enjoyed
at our Shavuot picnic: Elaine Hamburg, Amy Scher, Kay Jones, Melissa Iturria, Phyllis
Singer, Melanie Curtis, Cindy Platz, YaoYao Platz, Sophie Platz, and Alexandra Okeson-
Haberman. Thank you to the kitchen crew: Merlin Coffee, Melanie Curtis, Ilene Raphael,
and Mandy Van Ostran. And thank you to everyone who came to the picnic and made
Shavuot such a good time.

                          THANK YOU FROM THE RABBI
  On behalf of myself and the congregation, I wish to thank those who stepped forward to lead the four
Shabbat services I missed while recuperating from surgery. Thank you to Mandy Van Ostran for
organizing the services. Thank you to Mandy, Irwin Cohen, Marc Cooper, and Pearl Walker for giving the
divrei Torah. Thank you to Marc Ekhause for leading the Torah services and for chanting Torah and
haftarah. Thank you to Mark Rushefsky, Ken Burstin, and Jonah Kaplan for leading services and playing
the guitar. Thank you to service readers Julian Pacheco, Alexandra Okeson-Haberman, Victoria Kaufman,
and Anna Weiner. You praiseworthy Jews empowered the congregation to fulfill the mitzvah of the
recitation of prayers on Shabbat.
   Also I wish to thank everyone, especially the Sisterhood, for your visits, cards, food, drink, phone calls,
prayers, best wishes, and all manner of encouragement and support. You have truly helped me to achieve
a refuah shleimah, a speedy healing, and I appreciate your menschlichkeit from the bottom of my heart!

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