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									                                    STATE BOND COMMISSION 

                                        DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY 

John Neely Kennedy                                                                            WhitmanJ. Kling,Jr.
  State Treasurer                                                                                  Director
    & Chairman                                    Certificate

                 I, Whitman J. Kling, Jr., Director/Secretary, State Bond Commission, do hereby

         certify that lines of credit are hereby granted and approved at its meeting on July 19,

         2012, for each of the Priority 5 projects described on Exhibit A attached hereto, identified

         herewith and made a part hereof, all of which are contained in Priority 5 of Act 23 of the

         2012 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature.

                 Exhibit A hereto contains a functional description of each of the Priority 5

         projects for which expenditures will be reimbursed, and sets forth the maximum principal

         amount of debt to be incurred to reimburse expenditures for each of the projects


                 WITNESS by my hand and seal of the State Bond Commission in the City of

         Baton Rouge, on this 19 day of July, 2012 .

                                                         Whitman J. Kling, Jr.
                                                         State Bond Commission


                       Post Office Box 44154· Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804 • (225) 342-0040
                                                                                                                             Exhibit A

Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond CommiSSion

    Agcy.                                                                                              Recommended
             Agency Name                           Project Title                         Parish        Priority 5 NLOC
                                                                                                          FY 12·13
    01-107 Division of           Statewide Roofing, WaterproOfing, and Related     Statewide                   33,000,000
           Administration        Reoairs and Eauioment Reolacement Prooram
    01-107 Division of           Capitol Complex Acquisitions, Demolitions,        East Baton Rouge            15,000,000
           Administration        Sitework, Construction and Renovation of
    01-107 Division of           DPS and ISB Data Centers, Planning,               East Baton Rouge             2,750,000
            Administration              ruction and Renovations
  i 01-107 Division of           New Orleans State Office Facility                 Orleans                      1,460,000
  101-107 Division of            New Data Center and Data Replication Center,      Rapides                     23,000,000
           IAdministration      IPlannlno and Construction
  i 01-107 Division of           Louisiana Clerks of Court Data Networking         Statewide                      500,000
            Administration      ISvstem Plannino. COnstruction and Acquisition
  . 01-107 Division of           State Office Buildings Major Repairs, Equipment   Statewide                    1,500,000
            Administration       Replacement, and Renovations, Planning and
  • 01-107 Division of           Americans With Disabilities Act Implementation    Statewide                    2,000,000
  i        Administration        for State Facilities. Planning anciConstruction
    OH07 Division of             Major Repairs for State Buildings Based on        StateWide                   52,875,000
           Administration        Statewide Condition Assessment, and
                                IInfrastructure. Plannino and Construction
   01-107 Division of            Hazardous Material Abatement Projects             StateWide                    2,000,000
   01-107 Division of            Mold Remediation and Indoor Air Quality,          Statewide                    1,000,000
          Administration        IPlannino and Construction
   01-111 Homeland               GOHSEP Building Expansion, Planning and           East Baton Rouge              1,720,000
          Security and           Construction

   01-112 Department of      Camp Minden, Infrastructure, Rehabilitation,          Webster                      4,850,000
          Militarv Affairs   Phase 2 Plannino and Construction
   04-139 Secretary of State Old State Capitol Environmental Control Systems,      East Baton Rouge               500,000
                             Plannlno and Construction
   04-139 Secretary of State Louisiana State Cotton Museum, Planning and           East Carroll                   400,000
   04-139 Secretary of State Garyville Timbermill Museum HVAC,                     St. John the                 1,800,000
                             Interior/Exterior Renovation, Security System and     Baptist
                             Site Improvements, Planning and Construction

    05-252 Office of Business Wet-Lab Business Incubators, Planning and            Caddo, East Baton            6,000,000
           Development        Construction                                         Rouge, Orleans

    05-252 Office of Business   Mega-Project Site Preparation, Planning and        Statewide                   40,000,000
           Develoornent         COnstruction
    05-252 Office of Business   louisiana Cancer Research Center in New            Orleans                      10,000,000
           Development          Orleans, Planning, Construction, and Equipment

    06-263 Office of State      Construction of Civil Rights Museum, Planning      Orleans                        400,000
           Museum               and Construction
    0~263 Office of State       Old U. S. Mint Museum Exhibit                      Orleans                      3,400,000
    06-264 Office of State      Tunica Hills State Preservation Area, Acquisition, West Felidana                 2,995,000
           Parks                Plannino and Construction
    06-267 Office of Touri           Vinton Welcome Center                         Calcasieu                     2565000
    06-A20 New Orleans City     Splash Park, Planning and Construction             Orleans                       4,500,000

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Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond Commission

    Agcy.                                                                                             Recommended
             Agency Name                                  Project Titfe                 Parish        Priority 5 NLOC
                                                                                                          FY 12~13
   06-A20 New Orleans City     [:park Golf Complex Improvements, Planning Orleans                               3,300,000
          I Park                   Construction
   07-270 DOTO-                Juban Road (LA 1026) Widening (1-12 to US 190) Livingston                       12,400,000
   07-270 DOTO­                 1-12 O'Neal Lane to Walker/Satsuma Widening,      East Baton Rouge,            14,000,000
           Administration       Plannina and Construction (Supplemental)          Livinoston
   07-270 DOTO-                 Essen Lane Interchange, Phase Two, Planning       East Baton Rouge            11,000,000
          IAdministration      Iand Construction
   07-270 DOTO-                IVerotSchool Road, Construction                    Lafayette                   24,000,000
   07-270 DOTO-                La 3034 Improvements                               East Baton Rouge              1,50MOO
  .07-270 DOTO -                Pecue Lane/HO Interchange, Planning, Design,      East Baton Rouge             11,000,000
           Administration       Riahts of Way. Utilities and Construction
  107-270 DOTO­                 1-49 from 1-220 in the City of Shreveport to      Caddo                       73,000,000
           Administration       Arkansas State Line, Construction, Right of Way
                               Iand Utilities
   07-2~-                       LA 930 Reconstruction                             Ascension                     7,750,000
   07-270 OOTO-                Globalplex lntermodal Access Road                  st. John the                  5,100,000
           Administration                                                        Bantist
   07-274 DOTO Public           Water Resources Management Program, Studies, Statewide                          1,000,000
          IImorovements        IPlannina and Construction
   07-274 DOTO - PubliC         Lake O'Arbonne Alternative Spillway, Planning,   Lincoln, Union                 1,250,000
           Imnrovements         Construction and Renairs
   07-274 DOTO - Public         Lake Bistineau Erosion Remediation, Planning and Bienville, Bossier             1,700,000
           Imorovements         ronstruction
   08-403 Office of Juvenile    Community Based Program, Juvenile Justice        Statewide                     16,000,000
           Justice              Improvements, Planning, Construction,
                                             Arnuisltion, and Eauioment
    08-416 Rayburn              Security Perimeter Fence, Planning and           Washington                     2,000,000
            Correctional        Construction
    08-419 Office of State     Renovate Training Academy, Planning and            East Baton Rouge             16,100,000
            Police             Construction
    09-326 Office of Public    New Office of Public Health Central Laboratory     Orleans                       1,000,000
            Health             Fadlitv. Plannina and Construction
  109-330 Office of Mental     Emergency Generators for Greenwell Springs         East Baton Rouge              1,200,000
            Health             camous Plannina and Construction
  ! 09-331 Central Louisiana   Electrical System Sub-Station Upgrade              Rapides                       2,300,000
            ~tate HosQital
  109-332 Eastern Louisiana    Center Building and Fire Alarm System            East Feliciana                  5,300,000
            Mental Health      Renovation and Restoration, East Louisiana State
            Sv<;tpm            Ho<;oit;:tl. PI;:tnnina ;:tnd Cllnstruction
    19-601 LSU Baton Rouge French House Renovation, Acquisition, Planning         East Baton Rouge              4,325,000
                             and Co
    19-601 LSU Baton Rouge Renovate Old Engineering Shops for Art                 East Baton Rouge             14,000,000
                             Deoartment Plannina and Construction
    19-601 LSU Baton Rouae South Campus Land Acquisition                          East Baton Rouae              4375000
    19-602 LSU Alexandria    Multi-Purpose Academic Center, Planning and          Rapides                       2,000,000
    19-603 University of New Human Performance Center Renovations for Fine        Orleans                       5,600,000
           Orleans           Arts and Music Departments, Planning and
                               I("',<n...... '...... nn

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Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond Commission

    Agcy.                                                                                          Recommended
             Agency Name                         Project Title                        Parish       Priority 5 NLOC
                                                                                                       FY 12-13
    19-610 LSU HSC Health     Air Handler Replacement, Planning and             Lafayette                    1,780,000
           Care Services      Construction
    19-610 LSU HSC Health     University Medical Center in New Orleans          Orleans                    35,500,000
           care Services
  i        Division
  119-610 LSU HSC Health      Replacement of Air Handlers and Chillers, WO      Calcasieu                    1,565,000
           care Services      Moss, Planning and COnstruction
  i        Division
  119-610 LSU HSC Health      Emergency Room ExpanSion, University Medical      Lafayette                   2,800,000
           care Services      Center, Planning and Construction
  119-618 Southern            New Classroom Building, Southern University ­     caddo                         350,000
           University         Shreveport, Planning and Construction

  .19-623 Grambling State     Long-Jones Hall Renovation, Planning and          Lincoln                     2,000,000
           LJniversitv        COnstruction
    19-623 Grambling State    Campus Utility Infrastructure Assessment,         Uncoln                      1,125,000
           University         Planning and Emergency Repairs and/or
                                            Plannina and Construction
    19-623 Grambling State    Dunbar Hall Replacement, Planning and             Uncoln                        175,000
           IUniversitv        Construction
    19-625 Louisiana Tech     Business Building Replacement, Planning and       Uncoln                       1,680,000
            University        Construction
    19-625 Louisiana Tech     Louisiana Tech Research Park, Real Estate         Uncoln                      4,000,000
            University        ACQuisition Planninq and Construction
    19-627 McNeese State      ADA Upgrades Campus-wide, Planning and            Calcasieu                    2,000,000
            LJniversitv       Construction
  119-629 University of       Sandel Hall Renovation, Planning and              Ouachita                    16,050,000
            Louisiana -       Construction
  l19-671 Board of Regents System-Wide Telecommunications Wiring and            Statewide                    1,500,000
                                Eauioment Plannino and Construction
  ! 24-960 Legislative          State Capitol HVAC Replacement and              East Baton Rouge            4,000,000
                        Council Renovations
    36-LOO Lake Borgne Basin Drainage Improvements to LA 46 Roadway             st. Bernard                  1,200,000
            Levee District      Drainage Improvement Project Between Parish
                                Road and Webster Road, Planning and
                              f'nn<:tn .rtinn
    36-L13 Pontchartrain      Lake Pontchartrain West Shore Hurricane           St. John the                8,500,000
            Levee District    Protection Proiect                                Baotist
    36-L13 Pontchartrain      East st. Charles Urban Flood Control Project,     St. Charles                   500,000
            Levee District    Plannino and Construction
    36-L29 Bossier Levee      Flat River Bank Stabilization, Planning and       BosSier                      1,100,000
            District          COnstruction
    36-POl Abbeville Harbor   Bulkheading and Dredging at Port Venmilion        Vermilion                     680,000
            and Terminal      ($1,000,000 cash and/or In Kind Match)

    36-P17 Port of New        Cruise Ship Tenminal, Planning and Construction   Orleans                      6,000,000
    50-JOO Bossier Parish     Sewerage District 1 of the Parish of BoSSier,     Bossier                      6,245,000
                              Planning and Construction ($28,000,000 Local
    50-J19 East Feliciana     Courthouse Improvements, Planning,                East Feliciana               2,700,000
           Parish             Acquisitions, Renovations and Construction
                              !($~ .000.000 cash and/or.In-Kind Miltch)

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Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond Commission

    Agcy.                                                                                              Recommended
             Agency Name                         Project Title                               Parish    Priority 5 NLOC
                                                                                                          FY 12·13
    50-J22 Grant Parish       Southern Grant Sewerage System Improvements,          Grant                         730,000
                             Istudv and Deslon
    50-J23 Iberia Parish      Five Lane Road Extension from Highway 675 to          Iberia                       1,600,000
                              Hiahwav 3212 Plannina and Construction
    50-J24 Iberville Parish   New Iberville Parish Hospital • Acquisition of        Iberville                    2,500,000
                              Prooertv, Plannina and Construction
    50-J26 Jefferson Parish   Bayou Segnette Sports Complex Improvements,           Jefferson                    1,500,000
                              Including Hall B Expansion, Planning and
    50-J26 Jefferson Parish   Breaux Ditch Improvements (U-Channel                  Jefferson                    1,225,000
                              Installation from East Ames to Lafitte Larose
                                        ., Plannina and ConstnJction
    50-J26 Jefferson Parish   Parc de Families, Construction of Utilities,          Jefferson                   3,000,000
                              Restrooms, Pavilions and Roadways in Raw
                              Undeveloped Wooded Area in Order to Initiate
                              Construction of Regional Park, Planning and
  i                          I("nn.:tn ,,-tinn
  • 50-328 Lafayette Parish   Governmental Complex, Jail Physical Plant             Lafayette                    2,000,000
                              Upgrade, Planning and Construction ($4,980,000
  i                          INon-State Match'
    50-J33 Madison Parish     Health Unit, Planning and Construction ($200,000      Madison                       405,000
  i                          ICash or In-Kind Match Reauired)
    50-J38 Plaquemines        Peters Road Bridge and Extension, Planning and        Jefferson,                   2,300,000
           Parish            [Construction                                          Plaauemines
    50-J46 St. Helena Parish Emergency ADA and Life Safety Renovations to           St. Helena                    400,000
                              the Court House, Planning and Construction
                              (ctJhRO_OOO Federal Flinn.:;)
    50-J50 St. Martin Parish 1-10 Frontage Road, LA 328 to LA 347, Planning         St. Martin                  4,550,000
                              and Construction
    50-J51 St. Mary Parish    Infrastructure Improvements at the Charenton          St. Mary                     2,000,000
                              Canal Industrial Park
    50-J51 St. Mary Parish    Cajun Coast Welcome Center and Tower                  St. Mary                     1,000,000
                              Overlook for the Tourist Commission dba Cajun
                              Coast Visitors and Convention Bureau, Planning
                              ;mn Construction C!t2_DL324 LOCAl Funds)
    50-J57 Vermilion Parish Vermilion Parish Road Imorovements                      Vermilion                     320000
    50-J58 Vernon Parish      Creation of Vernon Lake Cultural Center,              Vernon                        300,000
                              Recreation and Tourism Park, Planning and
    50-J58 Vernon Parish      Visitor Center Plannino and Construction              Vernon                        700000
    50-M05 Alexandria         Sugarhouse Road/Eddie Williams Blvd. to LA            Rapides                     6,700,000
                              Hwy. 1, Phase I and Phase II, Planning and
                              Construction (!t'l_nnn nnn LorAI Match)
    50-M09 Arcadia            Multi-Purpose Community Center, Planning and          Bienville                    2,570,000
                              Construction ($350000 Local Match)
    50-M33 Brusly             New Police Department Headquarters and Sub            West Baton Rouge             2,180,000
                              District #2 Fire Station
    50-M54 Cotton Valley      Cotton Valley Sewerage System Improvements,           Webster                       300,000
                              Plannino and Construction
    50-M59 Cullen             Potable Water and Distribution System                 Webster                       250,000
                              ImDrovements Plannina and Construction
    50-M65 DeRidder           Community Recreational Building and Shelter,          Beauregard                   1,975,000
                              Planning and Construction and/or Acquisition and
                              Rehabilitation of the Existing Facility ($1,500,000
                              Lnral Match)

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Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond Commission

      Agcy.                                                                                              Recommended
                 Agency Name                        Project Title                          Parish        Priority 5 NLOC
                                                                                                            FY   12~13

  i   50-M93 Forest Hill           Renovation of Community Facilities, Planning and   Rapides                        620,000
                                  Construction ($375.000 Local Match)
  150-MJ6 Monroe                   Downtown Development District Facilities and       Ouachita                       250,000
                                  Infrastructure for River Front, Design and
  .50-MK2 Morean Citv              Martin Luther Kino Jr. Boulevard Reconstruction    St. Marv                        500 000
  .50-ML3 New Orleans              Behrman Park Improvements - New Soccer             Orleans                       1,500,000
                                   Facility, Planning and Construction, Master
  I                              iPlannina
  .50-ML3 New Orleans              Eastern New Orleans Hospital, Planning, Design,    Orleans                       4,000,000
                                  and Construction
      50-ML3 New Orleans           Norman Playground Basketball Gym, Planning         Orleans                       1,000,000
                                  and Construction
  !   50-MRl Shreveport           Shreveport Arts Center Replacement, Planning,       Caddo                          255,000
                                  Construction and EQuiDment
      50-MT5 Thibodaux             LA Hwy 20 (N. Canal Blvd.) Widening, Planning      Lafourche                      540,000
                                  and Construction
      50-MV2 West Monroe          Creation of a Hurricane/Disaster Shelter by         Ouachita                       700,000
                                   Expanding the West Ouachita Senior Center,
                                 I Plannina and Construction
                                  Audubon 2020 Exhibits (50% Local Match)             Orleans                       4,500,000

      50-N70 Regional Transit     Airport to CBD Regional Rail Line ($5,000,000     Orleans                         4,500,000
             Authoritv            Local and $10.000,000 Federal Match)
      50-N98 Kingsley House       Kingsley House Renovations, New Construction, Orleans                             1,000,000
                                  and Maior ReDairs
      50-NBM Black River Lake     Black River Lake Drainage Structure Installation, Concordia                       2,500,000
             Commission           Studies, Permits, Planning and Construction

      50-NC2 Baton Rouge      Children's Museum, Planning and Construction            East Baton Rouge               500,000
             Recreation &     ($5,000,000 Local Match)
             Parks Commission

      50-NC2 Baton Rouge      Anna T. Jordan Site and Facility Improvements           East Baton Rouge               500,000
             Recreation &     (Non-State Match Required)
             parks Commission

  i   50-NC2 Baton Rouge      Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center Education                East Baton Rouge               500,000
             Recreation &     Building/Conference Center, Planning and
             Parks Commission Construction

      50-NCN South Toledo    Esto Booster Station Discharge and Supply Line           Sabine                         510,000
             Bend Waterworks Replacement
               I Di<;trlrt

      50-NE7 West Calcasieu   Community Center - Phase 2, Event Center,               Calcasieu                     1,500,000
             Community Center Planning and Construction

      50-NEZ Louisiana Alliance Louisiana Alliance of Boys and Girls Club, Inc.,      Statewide                      150,000
              of Boys & Girls    Planning, Acquisitions, and Construction
      50-NFN DOC-DHL, Inc.       Cohn Senior High Renovation, Planning and            West Baton Rouge               400,000
      50-NG6 Louisiana Black     Museum and Cultural Center, Land Acquisition         East Baton Rouge              1,090,000
              History Hall of    Planning and Construction ($100,000 Cash
             IFame              land/or In-Kind Match)

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Act 23 of 2012
Priority 5 Noncash Lines of Credit
July 2012 Meeting of the State Bond Commission

  I Agcy.                                                                                              Recommended
                Agency Name                       Project Title                           Parish       Priority 5 NLOC
  i    No.
                                                                                                           FY 12-13
      50-NGQ Strand Theatre of   Repair and Renovation to the Strand Theatre of caddo                             950,000
             Shreveoort          Shreveoort
      50-NGY Lincoln Parish      Public Safety Complex, Planning and Construction Lincoln                       2,200,000
             Sheriffs Office
      50-NHC ARC of Ouachita     Emergency Shelter and Therapeutic Center for     Ouachita                        900,000
                                 the Developmentally Disabled, Acquisition,
                                           Construction and n.
      50-NHF New Orleans           OF Homeownership Center, Planning and          Orleans                         230,000
             Neighborhood        Construction

      50-NHL Bogalusa            capital Improvements at Washington St.           St. Tammany,                  3,500,000
              Community          Tammany Regional Medical Center                  Washington
              Medical Center

      50-NHM Trinity Christian   ICarrollton Community Center Renovations, Land Orleans                           400,000
              Community           Acquisition, Site Work, Planning and Construction

      5Q-NJ2 Contemporary        Contemporary Arts Center Renovation, Planning    Orleans                         300,000
             Arts Center         and Construction ($6,131,272 Local Match)

   50-NJ8 North Louisiana      Replacement of Shreveport Fadlity, Planning and    caddo                        19,125,000
           Criminalistics Lab Construction
   50-NJ9 Dryades YMCA         Technical Training Center, Planning and            Orleans                       3,700,000
   5Q-NLN Midway               Midway Water System, Planning and Construction     Webster                         505,000
           Waterworks Inc.
  150-NLQ Sarepta Water        Sarepta Water Works                                Webster                         715,000
           Works District
   50-NLR Horseshoe Road Horseshoe Water System, Planning and                     Webster                          80,000
           Water System,       Construction
   50-NNO Grant Parish Fire New Fire Station in Verda                             Grant                           480,000
           District #7
   50-NQQ Acadia Parish        Acadia Parish Convention and ViSitors              Acadia                        1,920,000
           Tourist             Commission Regional Conference Center,
          ICommission         I Plannina and Construction

   SQ-NQW calcasieu Parish      New Water System, Planning and Construction       calcasieu                       950,000
          IDistrict No. 10
   50-NRD South Beauregard Multipurpose Recreational FaCility, Planning and       Beauregard                      465,000
           Parish Recreation Construction
           District #2

      50-S39 Pointe Coupee        POinte Coupee Parish School Board Central Office POinte Coupee                3,225,000
              Parish School       Relocation, Renovation and Rebuilding Due to
             IBoard              IFloodina Cilll<;M Bv HurriCAne GU<;til\;

                                                                                               Total      662.030.000

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