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Whether you are building your nest egg, or just making an effort to reduce your
day to day expenses, there are many ways on how you can increase your savings.

Saving on leisure

 If you enjoy going to the movie theater at night consider daytime matinees
instead since ticket prices earlier in the day are often cheaper. To save even more,
consider streaming movies over the Internet or make use of a DVD rental service.
                                                      If you love viewing sports live,
                                                      consider getting inexpensive
                                                      seats. You can also look for last
                                                      minute deals and cheaper
                                                      resale tickets.

                                                  We all like to shop, dine, and
                                                  watch various types of
                                                  entertainment. All of these are
                                                  luxuries and should be done
                                                  sparingly. You need to treat
                                                  yourself every once in a while,
but be certain you’re paying for something you really want.

How to save on automotive cost

Consider carpooling or car sharing with your family and peers. Carpooling is the
sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car. You can also
trim expenses on transportation by running all your errands in one day, instead of
many times throughout the week.

Saving on food

Don’t buy bottled water. Purchase a water
container and fill it with water from your
home or office instead. Bringing home made
lunch and snacks can also help you trim
expenses, and is usually a healthier
alternative than dining out. Also, consider making your own coffee rather than
buying it from a coffee shop. You will be surprised as to the amount of money you
can save from skipping coffee shop trips.
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Save money on household energy

Making sure that your home is properly insulated and energy efficient is an
effective way to help you save money on energy expenses. Make it a habit to
                         unplug appliances which are not in use. If you've got
                         the resources, consider doing home improvement
                         projects that help you save on energy costs, such as
                         using skylights. You can also put more money into
                         savings by buying cheaper gas. There are several
                         natural gas providers in the country, and it’s possible
                         that your current provider is on the pricier end of the
spectrum. Research your options, and switch providers.

For example, Hitstrom can provide energy to your house at a much lower price
than what you pay your present provider. The best thing is that it is produced
from 100% renewable energy, which means you get cheap, and eco-friendly
energy for your home.

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