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									 How should business travelers pack their suit case?
It is very important for every businessman to look presentable even though they have
traveled long distance. Businessmen should pack their suitcase so that their outfits will
appear appealing during the business tours.

At the outset, you should first take your trousers and pack them on the bottom of your
suitcase. At the time of doing so, you should see to it that each of the creases in the legs
remain as straight as practically possible. Also, you should make sure that the waistband of
your trousers lies against one of the narrow sides of your suitcase. You should drape the
trouser legs over the suitcase edge and keep them lying there for some time.

After you are done with this, you should pack your jackets. See to it that every button of your
jackets is buttoned up. The sleeves of the jackets should be folded to the back of the jacket.
After you are done with the folding of these jackets, you should place them on the top of
your trousers. The lower parts of each of your jackets should be kept sticking out over the
edge of the suitcase.

Shirts should be packed after you are through with the jackets. Long sleeved shirts should be
placed on the top of the jackets. After that, pack any hollows left out in the suitcase by filling
them with rolled-up jumpers, short-sleeved shirts and undergarments. This ensures an even
surface inside the suitcase. Pairs of socks can be used to support your shirt collars.

If you are using leather belts for your trousers, make sure you don’t fold them. Lay them
against the edge of the suitcase so that you avoid damage to your clothes. Footwear should be
packed last. Make sure you pack your shoes in a suitable shoe bag so that your clothes
remain clean and the shoes do not keep moving throughout the trip. Company files and other
heavy objects should be kept at the top of your suitcase with the shoe bags. Nowadays, it has
become inevitable for the businessmen to travel quite often for internal and external business
meetings, management training events and business conferences.

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