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(B. 1938, Milan, Italy) Bruno Bozzetto created his first animated short “Tapum, the weapons’
history” back in 1958 at the age of 20. This animated short sparked interest at the Cannes Festival
and made it possible for him to meet Norman McLaren, a Canadian master of animation, as well as
John Halas, a British film producer who offered him the chance of collaborating.

In 1960 the Bruno Bozzetto Film Company was established in Milan. This business covered film
production, advertising and television too and saw the start of a very active cooperation within a
team of young drawers, animators and script-writers, among whom Guido Manuli, Giuseppe
Laganà,Giovanni Mulazzani, and Maurizio Nichetti only to mention a few of them.

One of Bozzetto’s most famous creations was a funny character known as “Mr Rossi” who has
starred in many animated short films and three feature films destined to both TV and cinema.

In 1965 , Bruno Bozzetto was the only Italian to create and produce an animated feature film in
over 20 years of stillness, “West and Soda” followed by “Vip my brother superman” (1968) and by
“Allegro non Troppo” (1976), the italian answer to the famous “Fantasia” by Walt Disney.
The film has been screened and appreciated by the American critics long before it was even
released in Italy or Europe.

In the 70ies Bruno Bozzetto started devoting himself to his early comics by creating comic-strips in
colour also based on the new adventures of “Vip my brother superman” and “West&Soda”, all
published on the back-then renowned weekly “Corriere dei piccoli”.
These same years the author began testing live action filming by releasing “Oppio per oppio” , “La
cabina” and the “Sandwich” series.
In the middle of the 80ies he made his first live action film entitled “Under the Chinese restaurant”
starring Nancy Brilly, Amanda Sandrelli and Bernard Blier.

Bozzetto has always asserted that animation can make hard scientific concepts more understandable
to the common audience.
As a matter of fact, with Piero Angela’s strict cooperation, he delivered about 100 shorts belonging
to the scientific TV program “QUARK”.
Throughout his career, he produced many animated shorts which were sold and screened all over
the world and for which he received many awards including The Golden Bear Award for “Mr Tao”
at the Berlin Film Festival and an Oscar Nomination for “Grasshoppers” in 1991.
In 1995 “Help!” became part to the project “What a cartoon!” By Hanna& Barbera.

Bruno Bozzetto took part to many international juries all around the world and his works have been
the core focus for more than 10 thesis within the animation studies field.

From the 90ies onward, his growing interest towards the technological innovations and the 2D
animation technique encouraged him to release “Europe and Italy”, the first and the most popular
of the numerous animation shorts for the Web created by him with Macromedia flash.

Later on, by exploiting the same technique, he created “Yes&No”, “The World’s history for those
who are in a hurry”, “To bit or not to bit”, “Adam”, “Life” and “Neuro”.
The Flash shorts “Olympics” and “Otto in 17” star Otto, a new funny bespectacled character created
through a few essential traits that has become protagonist of this new animation phase.
In 2005 a new animated short, “Freedom”, produced by the Council of Bergamo, celebrates 60
years of freedom in only one minute.

Bruno Bozzetto also created the Tv series “Spaghetti family” (26 episodes of 26’ each), directed by
Giuseppe Laganà, produced by RAI and realized by the Animation Band. The series has been
assigned the Pulcinella Award 2003 for the best TV series addressed to all kinds of audiences.

In 2002 the Provincial Council of Bergamo produced “Sport or Spork”, an educational short
against Sport bad teaching imposed by parents and mass media
In the following years, the Council commissioned another two animated shorts by the titles “Baby
Scanner” and “I am the Law”, both made by Studio Alienatio.
Again on the Council’s initiative that financed the project, the cartoonist with the full support of his
new Studio of production, Studio Bozzetto&Co., and Studio Alienatio, carried out the direction of
“Weapons on the road” (2008), a new educational animated short over the tragic topic of road
Studio Bozzetto&Co., founded in 2008, chooses to operate in Milan, were the former Bruno
Bozzetto Film’s studios were based.

Still in strict collaboration with The Animation Band Bozzetto worked on a few minutes’ pilot for a
feature film project titled “Mammuk” which was produced by RAI CINEMA.

In 2005 The Cineteque of Milan produced a DVD compilation of the most popular TV highlights of
the 1960’s and 1970’s made by Studio Bozzetto ( “Sigle animate. Le sigle TV della Bozzetto Film
realizzate da Guido Manuli “).

In the meantime Bruno Bozzetto began exploring 3D animation by directing “Looo”, an animation
short that mocks the 3D Italian world with its subjection to the fully developed American
“I Cosi” also belong to the three-dimensional field. This Tv series for children was co-produced by
Rai Fiction and The Animation Band while it was realized by Maga Animation Studio.

In April of the same year, Bruno Bozzetto was assigned the Pulcinella Lifetime Achievement
Award 2006 and along with him Roy Edward Disney, Walt Disney’s nephew, was awarded too.
Shortly after, in the month of June, the notorious Guglielmo Marconi Foundation awarded Bruno
Bozzetto by handing him the “Calamaio” prize for the innovation of languages.
In 2007 it’s the notorious University of Bergamo to confer an honorary degree on him within the
field of “Theory, techniques and management of all performing arts”.

Since 2008 Bruno Bozzetto has been constantly working over the very recent 2D/Flash and 3D
animation techniques by means of which he created a 2D series titled “Bruno the Great” , realized
by Studio Bozzetto&Co. and produced by Disney Channel for a worldwide distribution.
Also the 3D series entitled “Psicovip”, co-produced by RAI Fiction and Maga Animation Studio
which also took care of its animation, was completed in the same year.
In this series, Minivip and Supervip, the protagonists of the long feature film “Vip my brother
superman”, are back this time in a three-dimensional shape and background.
In march 2009 the series has won the Pulcinella Award for the best Series in the Young Adults’

At present, Multimedia San Paolo has been distributing Bozzetto’s three long feature films on a
Dvd restored version.
As a matter of fact, “Allegro non troppo”, “Vip my brother superman” and “West and Soda” are
enclosed into the Dvd-set “Tutto Bozzetto…o quasi”.
After seeing the positive outcome of the films’ restoration , Bruno Bozzetto and Barn continue
cooperating so that,since 2008, also Mr Rossi’s complete filmography into a Dvd-set officially
appears on the Italian market. Multimedia San Paolo remains the official distributor whereas BARN
is once again the graphics’ supervisor.

In 2009, the Provincial Council of Bergamo is back into cooperation with Bruno Bozzetto who
animates a new short dedicated to sports (“Sporting”).

Together with Studio Bozzetto &Co., the author has also created a very amusing Flash animated
short for the Goethe Institut, based on the complex relationship between Italians and Germans and
their stereotypes (“Va bene!?”). The film was released in January 2010.
A few months later,it is “Camuni” to be released, a short film that combines 2D animation with live
action, commissioned by the cultural department of Valle Camonica to promote the notorious
rupestrian engravings as a precious artistic heritage.

Between 2010 and 2011 Bruno Bozzetto, cooperating with Nicola Ioppolo and Valentina Mazzola
for the screen-playing, completes a script for “Viavai”, an ambitious 3D animated project of a new
breathtaking feature film focused on environmental subjects.
Not much later, after completing “Love and Fun” and “Game”, two more Flash animated shorts, the
Cartoonist writes and directs “Rapsodeus” which recalls “Allegro non Troppo”. This animation
short is played over the 2nd Hungarian rhapsody by Liszt which has been simulated by an orchestra
(Roberto Frattini).
Directed by Bruno Bozzetto and animated by Studio Alienatio, it shows the nonsense that lays
behind each of the wars fought by mankind.

2012 with its political and financial events striking Italy pushed Bruno to make a new amazingly
sarcastic video by the title “Meritocracy” (Meritocrazia”) focused on a very actual subject. The
absolute novelty of this short is the electrifying Rap song performed/sung by Roberto Frattini over
the lyrics written by Bruno Bozzetto.

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