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  Vol. 79 NO 6                                                                 Summer 2010

                                                                       Tisha B’Av Services
                                                                            in the
                                                                          Gan Shalom
                                                                          DATE: Monday, July 19th
                                                                                 TIME: 8:15 PM

                         Please join us as we commemorate Tisha B’Av,
                    the day we remember the many great losses of our history
                                   and hope for a better future.
             Our service will include:
                              Chanting of Megillat Eichah by candle/flashlight
                              Prayers for healing inspired by our Gan Shalom
                              (Peace Garden)
                              A Torah lesson about the Jewish ways to access peace and
                              healing in the face of difficult times.
                              In case of rain we will meet in the Chapel.
                                  Please bring blankets and flashlights.

Katz Educational Center at the Appel Campus (Beth El Mailing Address): 8000 Main Street, Voorhees, NJ 08043 FAX: (856) 489-3280
    Administrative Offices: (856) 675-1166 Religious School: (856) 675-1166 X408 Early Childhood Center: (856) 675-1166 X406
Page 2                                                                                                                Beth El News

                                                          President’s Message
                                                             Edward S. Hochberg
                     Since you last heard from me, I’m very excited to report to you that we have hired a new Assistant Rabbi.
                     Rabbi Noah Arnow will be joining the storied Beth El klei kodesh on August 1st. During this hiring process,
                     we interviewed over 15 candidates and we had five meet with us on-site. All of these candidates were ex-
                     cellent in their own way, but I believe at the conclusion of this lengthy process, we found the right person for
                     Beth El.
                       Rabbi Arnow’s background is very interesting. After he graduated from Brown University, he worked on the
New York City Mayoral campaign of Mark Green. After that, he was Chief of Staff of New York City Councilmember, Eric Gioia.
Then, luckily for us, he decided to pursue becoming a rabbi, enrolling in the JTS. During his time at JTS, he has held various
internships, including at Rutgers Hillel, as well as at congregations in the Bronx and Upstate New York. He and his wife, Tammy
and their two children, Caleb (2 ½) and Hallel (7 months), will be joining our community this summer. For those of you who have
met Rabbi Arnow, you know how engaging and enthusiastic he is. We are extremely fortunate to have “landed” him and please
join me in welcoming the Arnow’s to the Greater Cherry Hill metropolitan area.
In other news, during our May Board of Trustees meeting, we passed our budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year. Despite a very
challenging economic environment, we have been able to limit the dues increase to 2%, while maintaining maintenance and se-
curity fees at a flat level. I can’t thank enough our Treasurer, Karen Schlessel and her Budget Committee for their hard work and
dedication in getting us to this point.
It has been a terrific year at Beth El and I am very excited for next year as well. I want to wish you an excellent summer.
                                                              Kol tuv,

BETH EL HIGH HOLIDAYS                                                         BETH EL HIGH HOLIDAY
      HANDICAP PARKING PASS                                                  HANDICAP PARKING PASS
 If you require a handicap parking space                                          APPLICATION
   for your car, we will accommodate as
        many people as possible as                                       NAME:
            SPACE IS LIMITED.
  Please complete the required form & return it to the                   ADDRESS:
      BE office. Your pass will be issued directly.                      PHONE #:
         To Use the High Holiday Parking Pass
   You MUST show the Security Officer your Beth El                       PLACARD #:
   Handicap Parking Pass and he will direct you to a                     LICENSE PLATE:
              Handicap Parking Space.
         The following information MUST be                               I REQUEST A PARKING PASS FOR:
         provided in order to be issued a pass.                             1ST DAY ROSH HASHANAH                         ______
                                                                            2ND DAY ROSH ROSHANAH                         ______
  Please complete the form to the right &
 return to Margie Blum in the Beth El Office                                KOL NIDRE                                     ______
                                                                            YOM KIPPUR                                    ______

                                                                                Your complete order MUST
                        CHECK YOUR MAILBOX
                                                                           be received in the office NO LATER
                               FOR THE
                            HIGH HOLIDAY
                                                                                   than AUGUST 13, 2010
                        SHALEM INFORMATION                                in order to have a pass issued to you.
                         PACKET TO ARRIVE IN                                    Any questions contact Margie Blum
                             MID AUGUST.
Beth El News                                                                                                             Page 3

                    Rabbi Jeffrey ARNOWITZ                                        Beth El Family
                         Don’t Be a Dreykop                                                (as of May 26)
                                                                  SPEEDY RECOVERY:
                    In Leo Rosten’s dictionary The Joys of        Amy Breslow, Natalie Clayman, Fran Cupersmith, Frieda Gildin,
                    Yiddish, he defines a dreykop as some-        Michael Markoff, Jane Pressman, Alan Respler, Rose Weber,
                    one who “talks you into something”, who       Roy Steinberg, Martin Brodack, Faith Goldstein
                    “turns your head” or confuses you. He         BIRTHS:
                    explains:                                     Iris & Steven Auerbach on the birth of their granddaughter, Eden
                                                                  Ariella Klein
The following involves two dreykops, as far as I’m concerned.     Linda & Paul Chase on the birth of their twin granddaughters,
         The phone rang in the law offices. A voice answered:     Maya Dawn and Jada Rose Chase
         “Zucker, Zucker, Zucker and Zucker.”                     Fran & Neal Cupersmith on the birth their grandson, Samuel
            “Hello, may I please speak to Mr. Zucker?”            Ethan Cupersmith
            “I’m sorry, but Mr. Zucker is in court.”              Susan & Ivan Gordon on the birth of their granddaughter, Elana
            “Well, then, can I speak to Mr. Zucker?”              Shira Becker
            “Sorry, Mr. Zucker is in Washington.”                 Joanna & Brett Greenfield on the birth of their daughter, Marley
            “Well, how about connecting me with Mr. Zucker?”      Ryan
            “Mr. Zucker won’t be in until two.”                   Merle & Fred Linden on the birth of their grandson, Aaron
            Sigh. “Okay, then, I’ll speak to Mr. Zucker.”         Matthew Linden and grandson Landon Ecker Wilensky
            “Speaking.”                                           Emily & Michael Landsburg on the birth of their son, Max Lev
 To drey literally means to spin, as in a dreydal. So, when it
                                                                  Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg on the birth of their grandson, Max
comes to a dreykop, Ron Wolfson explains in his book The
                                                                  Lev Landsburg
Seven Questions You‘re Asked in Heaven, it refers to,
“…someone who is always turning, always thinking about her        Ina & Marc Lichterman on the birth of their granddaughter Hailey
next move.” Unfortunately, when it comes to a dreykop all of      Elyssa
this spinning around and around can make you miss what is         Valerie & Robert Linden on the birth of their son, Aaron
right there before your eyes, much like Mr. Zucker and his cli-   Matthew Linden
ent on the telephone.                                             Randi & Stephen Pearson on the birth of their son, Daniel Chase
                                                                  Jackie & Bill Pearson on the birth of their grandson, Daniel
With the synagogue year 2009-2010 behind us and the New           Chase Pearson
Year fast approaching, I want to recommend that we each
                                                                  Audrey & David Pecarsky on the birth of their grandson,
really take a look at our Beth El and all it has to offer us.
                                                                  Bennett Reid Pecarsky
There is so much going on here that it is sometimes hard to
                                                                  Fran Petrella on the birth of her granddaughter, Jaclyn Rose
see what is just for us and to access it. I want to make sure
we stop dreying for a few minutes and take a good look at the
year to come. The summer is the time to start thinking about      Elaine Samson on the birth of her granddaughter, Marley Ryan
what you want to do at Beth El in the year to come, the same
way we plan ahead for our other personal or family activities.    Marvin Samson on the birth of his granddaughter, Marley Ryan
 I encourage you to spend a little time with this Beth El News    Harriet Schulman on the birth of her twin grandchildren, Dina
and with the Colel Beth El adult education brochure you will      Lynn & Zachary Adam Schulman
receive over the summer. Circle the events and dates that         Lois Taylor on the birth of her great grandsons, Aaron Matthew
interest you and put them on your calendar. You might want        Linden and Landon Ecker Wilensky
to mark a Saturday a month to come to morning service with        Saul Waldman on the birth of his great granddaughter, Eden
our wonderful Minyan Yeladin (MY) Service for the kids led by     Ariella Klein
Larry Abrams and Torah Talk for adults with me. Or maybe
                                                                  Genna & Howard Wilensky on the birth of their son, Landon
you would like to join us at our “Beth El Jewish Antique Road
                                                                  Ecker Wilensky
Show” where members will be invited to share their family
heirlooms and explain their special meaning (or have their        Bea & Larry Zitomer on the birth of their great granddaughter,
Jewish meaning explained to them). All of our Arms have           Madison Rose Ashin
planned wonderful calendars, so whether you are a member of       Meredith & Andrew Becker on the birth of their daughter, Elana
Men’s Club, Habonim, Sisterhood, Young Associates, or have        Shira
kids in Kadima or USY, make sure you contact the president        B’NAI MITZVOT:
of that organization for a copy of the calendar. Their contact    Barbara & Marvin Backal on the Bat Mitzvah of their grand-
information is in the appropriate section of this Beth El News.   daughter, Rachel
Also, next year we are thrilled to be adding Rabbi Noah Arnow     Cathy & Marc Backal on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
to our klei kodesh team and expect that he will bring fresh       Rachel
ideas, programs and perspectives to our community, so keep        Melissa & Bryen Barbell on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter
an eye out for his programs as well. Of course, to really find    Elliana
what is here that appeals to you, come in and talk to one of      Sima & Jonathan Bennett on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Aaron
your klei kodesh or to Ronit Boyd, our Community Life Coordi-     Mimi Brodkin on the Bat Mitzvah of her granddaughter, Erica
nator.                                                            Levin
                       (continued on page 5)
                                                                                         (continued on Page 4)
Page 4                                                                                                   Beth El News
                      (continued from page 3)
B’NAI MITZVOT:                                                                  IN MEMORIAM
Tracy & Jeffrey Brown on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Joshua
                                                                     The Beth El Family mourns the passing of
Shirlee & Bernard Brown on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson,
Joshua                                                                          Gerald Rosenberg
Karyn & Martin Davis on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
                                                                       Beloved husband of Uldine Rosenberg
                                                                    Beloved father of Stuart and Alan Rosenberg
Betsy & Peter Fischer on the Bar Mitzvah of their son,
Debbie Grossman on the Bat Mitzvah of her granddaughter,
Molly Grossman
Ilene & Harry Grossman on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,                    IN MEMORIAM
                                                                     The Beth El Family mourns the passing of
Cheryl & Larry Hanover on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Tyler
Alan Kritz & Elisabeth Kahn on the Bat Mitzvah of their daugh-                     Marvyn Wolf
ter, Allison                                                              Beloved husband of Shirley Wolf
Jocelyn & Oren Klein on the birth of their daughter, Eden                     Beloved father of Larry
Heidi & Jay Kopelson on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
Jill & Keith Levin on the Bar Mitzvah of their son, Max
Renee & Arthur Levner on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
                                                                                IN MEMORIAM
Hope & Keith Morgan on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,            The Beth El Family mourns the passing of
Suzanne & Kenneth Morgan on the Bat Mitzvah of their daugh-                      Shirley Dachman
ter Melissa                                                              May her memory be for a blessing
Sharon & Adam Sackstein on the Bat Mitzvah of their daugh-
ter, Jaclyn
Frank Rose & Beth Schwartz on the Bar Mitzvah of their son,
Nancy & Mark Wenter on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,                       IN MEMORIAM
Shannon                                                              The Beth El Family mourns the passing of
Barbra & Allen Wilen on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter,
Rebecca                                                                            Pola Wierzba
CONDOLENCES TO:                                                          May her memory be for a blessing
Linda Appel on the loss of her mother, Rebecca “Rivie” Kottoff
Eric Frantz on the loss of his grandmother, Reba Chaker
The Family of Shirley Dachman
                                                                     BETH EL WELCOMES BACK CONGREGANTS
Gale Dutkin on the loss of her father, Bernard Brown
                                                                     WHO RECENTLY RETURNED FROM ISRAEL
Jerome Lean on the loss of his mother Lucille Lean
                                                                                  Ed & Debbie Hochberg & Family
The family of Grace Markowitz
                                                                                        Phyllis Steinstaltz
Miriam Meltzer on the loss of her mother, Helen Rogoff
                                                                             If you have recently returned from
Stuart & Alan Rosenberg on the loss of their father, Gerald
                                                                        a trip to Israel, please let our office know!
                                                                 Email or call 856-675-1166 x407
Uldine Rosenberg on the loss of her husband, Gerald
Lauren Soll on the loss of her grandmother, Rebecca “Rivie”
Kuttoff                                                          “If you are not getting Yahr’zeit notices
Pam Steele on the loss of her grandmother, Rebecca “Rivie”                   for your loved ones,
The Family of Pola Wierzba
                                                                       please call Shirley at 675-1166”
Shirley Wolf on the loss of her husband, Marvyn Wolf
Larry Wolf on the loss of his father, Marvyn Wolf
Rosetta Wolfson on the loss of her husband Martin
Sol Zytcer on the loss of his son-in-law, Mayer Mory
MAZEL TOV:                                                                                  2 Tallitot
Andy Friedman on being the recipient of the Axelrod Award                       Please call the office to identify!
presented by the New Jersey Holocaust Commission and the                                856-675-1166
Jewish Federation Award
Beth El News                                                                                                                 Page 5

                                                 SAVE THE DATE

                     Dear Congregants,
                  We hope you will join us on Thursday, Oct 28 as we continue the tradition of
                  honoring our clergy. This year, the night takes on special meaning as we will
honor Rabbi Furman for his 50 years of service to Beth El and the community. More information will
be coming shortly. For now, we are asking you all to help us make this night special and please send us any photos
                        you may have of Rabbi Furman at Beth El over the years. Please send the pictures, with a
                        message. Include your name and contact information so we can be sure to get them back to
                        you after we finish creating this special tribute for Rabbi Furman. Please send pictures to
                        the synagogue, attention Ronit Boyd.
                                                            Thank you for your assistance!!!!
                                                  Stacy Farber, Anita Farber, David, Marc & Jeff Backal
                                                                    Event Co-Chairs

                         Kol Nidre
Dear Beth El Family,
    This is the time of year that Beth El asks it’s entire member-                          (continued from page 3)
ship to participate in a special voluntary donation to the syna-                     Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
gogue in the spirit of Kol Nidre, known as the Kol Nidre Appeal.
Throughout the year, Beth El is available to us, reaches out to       In the coming year, we are going to take a closer look at
us and is present for all of our most meaningful life experi-         our Beth EL community in another way. We are very excited
ences. Whether you take part in our synagogue’s beautiful ser-        about a new project of our membership committee, the
vices or enjoy Beth El during a B’nai Mitzvah, wedding, Brit Mi-      Inreach Initiative. For the coming year, a new committee of
lah or a baby naming, it is comforting to know that Beth El will      laypeople is being formed whose task will be to have one-on-
always be here for us.                                                one meetings with congregants to discuss feelings about
    Your Kol Nidre donation is more important now than ever           Beth El, Judaism’s place in our lives, what excites or engages
before. As Beth El positions itself for the future, your donation     us about our community, what we would like to see more or
allows Beth El to continue to provide for us all that we expect       less of and a plethora of other questions and probably a few
and so much more. As Rabbi Krupnick states, “Ask not what             we haven’t even thought of yet. This project is an exciting
your synagogue can do for you, ask what you can do for your           new endeavor by our community to better understand who
synagogue”.                                                           we are, where we are heading and how to enhance the ex-
                                                                      periences, spiritual, emotional and communal, of all of our
    Please consider this appeal and continue to be generous as        members. So, don’t be surprised if you get a call sometime
you have in the past. As in previous years, all of our members        next year from a volunteer who says he or she is calling from
who participate in the Kol Nidre Appeal will be recognized in the     the Inreach Committee at Beth EL and would like a half an
Beth El news as well as at the Voorhees campus.                       hour of your time to sit and talk about the synagogue. I prom-
                            Stuart A. Sauer                           ise, they won’t ask for money, just honesty and engagement.
                                                                      Together we can make our Beth El even more dynamic and
                                                                      engaging for our entire community, by better understanding
                                                                      who makes up our community and why. And if you are inter-
                                                                      ested in being interviewed or being part of this exciting initia-
                                                                      tive, please contact Shari Smith Coordinator of Membership
                        Selichot                                      and Member Services in the Beth El office.
                                                                      Have a wonderful summer and good luck preparing for a year
               Saturday night, September 4, 2010                      of excitement, engagement and communal exploration here
                                                                      at our Beth El.
          A special joint Selichot Service held at
                   Temple Beth Shalom
       featuring the choirs of both Congregations.
Page 6                                                                                                    Beth El News

                   Sisterhood Happenings                                          Casual Dress at
                       Monday, June 7 at 7:00 pm                                 Shabbat Services
                                                                           Join us on these Shabbatot in
                        Summer in the Courtyard
                  Join us for our final event of the year
                  A fun evening with a French Bistro theme.
   Flower arranging demo, drinks, desserts and installation of the
                                                                               CASUAL DRESS
                   2010-2011 Sisterhood Board.
    Couvert: Sisterhood Members - $5. Non-members - $10                      July 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
            RSVP to or 429-2258
                                                                               August 7th and 14th
                  2010-2011 Sisterhood Board
         President – Leslie Breslau                                      Leave your tie & jacket home
         Executive VP – Faye Shapiro
         Communications VP/Past President – Renee Kessler                    Let’s focus on the prayers!
         Education VP – Debbie Drachman
         Fundraising VP – Sharon Sackstein                            This summer at Congregation Beth El
         Membership VP – Erica Rothkoff                                    It’s hot outside, so come to
         Financial Secretary – Linda Harowitz
         Social Action - Cathy Backal and Michelle Billig                       COOL SHUL!!!!
         Torah Fund – Ann Miller
         Treasurer – Renee Rudolph
         Z’havah - Michele Miron and Amy Breslow
         Member at Large - Debbie Shore
         Advisors - Margie Blum and Helene Krupnick
                  Wednesday morning Minyan
         Join us at 7:30 for a spiritual start to your day
Be a part of a special Wednesday morning minyan & continue with                WELCOME
              a nosh and a study session for women.
                                has the gifts you want!                  To our newest members:
    See our selection for Confirmation, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,
                 new Babies, Weddings, etc.
                                                                                   David and Jodi Berg
                         Shop us first!                                    Michael and Elyse Dishler Bernstein
     Look for your Sisterhood mailing over the summer.                            Jeff and Marla Glauser
                 Membership forms and our                                     Michael and Marisa Greenberg
           2010-2011 programming will be inside!
     There is a place for every Beth El woman. Join us!                   Keith and Abbe Kooper Deborah Steen
                                                                                 Stacey and Andrew Unterlack
                                                                                        Daena Flaxman
                    Torah Fund
            Over the summer, remember that Torah
            Fund Cards are perfect for any occasion
(i.e. Simchas, New Baby, Get Well, Sympathy) and can
          be purchased for $4 each at
         or by contacting one of our Torah Fun Secretaries:              Will resume their meetings & activities  
        Melody Taylor- #795-0767,                   after the Jewish Holidays in the Fall For  
       Amy Rossano- #428-0309,                  information on joining or any questions, please 
          Robin Rutberg, #482-0696,                      call Isabel Rudolph (856) 751‐2086 
It is through Torah Fund that our Sisterhood, affiliated with the                Have a wonderful summer! 
international organization Women’s League, strengthens Conser-
vative Judaism by financially aiding the Jewish
Theological Seminary (New York, NY), The Ziegler School of Rab-
binic Studies (American Jewish University in Los Angeles, CA)
and The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies (Jerusalem, Israel).
                                                                                         Save the Date
Our very own Rabbis Krupnick and Arnowitz and our Hazzan                                  Habonim
Pomerantz-Boro are graduates of JTS.
Help us to preserve and promote a strong future for Conservative
                                                                                     Supper in the Sukkah
Judaism by ensuring its future leaders. Torah Fund needs your                        Sunday, September 26, 2010
                                                                                         6 PM
     Please contact Ann Miller or Barbara Sharofsky with any
          questions. , Ann Miller or                                 $ 20 per person
             Barbara Sharofsky
                                                                              Our new Assistant Rabbi,
      Help us preserve & promote a strong future for
    Conservative Judaism by ensuring its future leaders.                    Rabbi Noah Arnow, will speak.
Beth El News                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7
                   The Community Day of Caring held on March 21 raised over $ 6,400 for the American Red Cross disaster services.
                 The day was filled with activities including a gift bazaar, blood drive & concert by Rick Reicht. The blood drive collected
  D              48 productive units of blood which translates into saving 129 lives! The concert had over 300 peopel in attendance, all
  A              of which had an amazing time. Also in attendance were representatives from the Gift of Life, the Bone
                 Marrow Registry, the Red Cross and the Stroke Council who were on site giving out important information on how we can
C Y              be supportive of the organizations. We would like to thank Sylvan Learning Center and Camp Saginaw, our event
O                sponsors. We appreciate the donations they made to make our event a huge success.
M O                We would also like to give a special thank-you to our wonderful vendors & caterers who supplied all the food for the
                 day. ALL proceeds from the food sales went to the Red Cross. Each vendor in attendance also made a contribution
M F              to the Red Cross, the Shul saw no profit from the day. In attendance were over 50 volunteers who came to us through
U                the Disney Give a Day Get a Day Volunteer Program. They made the day much more manageable for the vendors & all of
N C              us, we thank them all for their participation in this worthy cause & wish them a great trip to Disney! Also, a thank you to Ronit
                 Boyd, Donna Bell, Marsha Swerdloff, Margie Blum for all their support & guidance and all of the volunteers for helping to make
I A              this day such a success.
T R                We are grateful for the support we received from the entire synagogue. In particular, we would like to share that the ECC
Y I              collected over $800! What an amazing group of families & teachers! Our Habonim once again heard the call and helped run
                 the food concession stand and our Youth Commission sponsored the concert which brought people of all ages into the building
  N              to shop and support the gift bazaar vendors.
  G                            It was a wonderful way to make our first anniversary in our new home, truly a day for the community.
                                    On behalf of all those who turn to the Red Cross during a time of need, we say Thank-you.
                                                                                         Lynn Goldman Paul                          Michelle Albertti-Billig     Susan Asbell

                                                                                                                                        American                  Beth El Designated as
                                          HABONIM                                                                                                              Emergency Evacuation Shelter
          (If you are an empty nester, you belong in Habonim)                                                                           The Camden County Chapter of the American Red Cross has an-
Celebrate Summer with a Habonim Cookout!                                                                                                nounced that Congregation Beth El in Voorhees has been desig-
                                     (Please bring your own chairs!)                                                                    nated as an emergency evacuation shelter for use in the event of
                                                                                                                                        a major disaster affecting the area. Typically, an evacuation shel-
                           Thursday, June 24, 2010                                                                                      ter is opened when a disaster occurs that may not require over-
                             6 PM (Rain or Shine)                                                                                       night or long-term sheltering. An example of this is a neighbor-
                      at the home of Beth & Harvey Jacob                                                                                hood water main break, gas leak or hazmat incident.
                        152 Westover Drive, Cherry Hill                                                                                 Volunteer leadership, cots, blankets & miscellaneous personal
                                                                                                                                        care items will be provided by the American Red Cross, with Red
  Submit cks for $12 per person payable to Habonim to                                                                                   Cross trained volunteers from the congregation assisting the
Morton Kanovsky, 9 Anvil Ct., Cherry Hill, 08003 by 6/18.                                                                               evacuees.
Name: ________________________________                                                                                                  In keeping with the congregation's Dietary laws, Kosher meals
Telephone: ____________________________                                                                                                 & snacks will be provided by Cody Catering, a division of Barry
E-Mail: _______________________________                                                                                                 Catering.
                                                                                                                                        The Congregation's spiritual leader, Rabbi Krupnick states that
For further information, email                                                                                "The Talmud tells us that he who saves a single life, is as if he
                                                                                                                                        saved the world. To be able to save more than one life should a
                                                                                                                                        disaster strike our area is a sacred responsibility & Beth El is hon-
                                                                                                                                        ored to be considered worthy."
                                                                                                                                        Past President of Beth El & Disaster Volunteer & Board Member
                                                                                                                                        for the Camden County Red Cross, Lynn Goldman Paul, is proud
                                             Come One, Come All                                                                         that her synagogue stepped up to ensure the safety of the commu-
                           Singles, Divorced, Widow and Widowers                                                                        nity should a major disaster occur.
                           Join us for Shabbat Services at Beth El                                                                      Edward Hochberg, President of Beth El added "we hope never to
                                                                                                                                        be called upon to offer shelter, but if the need arises, we are ready
                                            Fridays                                                                                     to help". Camden County American Red Cross Chapter Executive
                                 June 18, July 16 & August 20                                                                           Director Camy Trinidad, stated that "we are proud of this commu-
                                             8 PM                                                                                       nity partnership, as Congregation Beth El has historically assisted
                                                                                                                                        with Red Cross projects such as safety training, immunization
                                       in the Small Chapel                                                                              campaigns & disaster relief fundraising. Having faith-based or-
                                      FOLLOWED BY AN ONEG                                                                               ganizations assist with humanitarian efforts supports both the Red
            Meet singles from NJ, PA and Delaware.                                                                                      Cross & religious communities missions."
             No Synagogue Affiliation is needed.                                                                                        Ms. Trinidad added that free Basic Red Cross Disaster training
  This service is open to ALL single persons of ALL ages.                                                                               will be offered to interested members & will include Mass Care &
                                                                                                                                        Shelter Operations. Once trained, members will serve as disaster
                No reservations are required.
                                                                                                                                        volunteers locally & nationwide should they so desire. For informa-
   For information contact: Norma Kamis (856) 662-7916                                                                                  tion, please call Rick Paul, Director of Emergency Services at
                                                                                                        Camden County American Red Cross (856) 365-7100, x222.
Page 8                                                                                                                 Beth El News

                                                                                                   THE TREE OF LIFE
                                                                                                 LEAF: Purchasing a leaf on
    BECOME A JACOB'S LADDER MEMBER                                                               Beth El’s Tree of Life, which is
                                                                                                 located inside the Shabbat and
    Help your Shul by becoming a member of Jacob’s Ladder.
                                                                                  Holiday entrance to our building, is the perfect
        For an annual contribution of $1,000, you will be                         way in which to commemorate a significant life-
entitled to premium seating at fund raisers, membership in one                    cycle event.
                 of our arms (Men’s Club, Sisterhood, etc.)
                                                                                  Remember your wedding, birthday, anniversary,
 waiver of participation in the scrip program, and recognition on a special
                                                                                  or your children’s B’nai Mitzvah or other accom-
            plaque. Phone the Beth El office for more information.
                                                                                  plishment by having a leaf custom
                                                                                  engraved for $216 (12 times Chai).

                               Memorial Room                                      STONE: For a more significant addition to the
                                                                                  Tree of Life, please consider the purchase of a
                  Honor your loved ones by purchasing a plaque                    stone to adorn the bottom of the artwork. Each
                          ($500) in our Memorial Room                             stone is custom engraved onto an all natural
    Additionally, the names and yahrzeit dates will appear on the digital         surface and promises to be a source of great
    screen, scrolling during the yahrzeit week, high holidays, and other          family pride for years to come. The cost for
          haggim. Phone the Beth El office for more information.                  each stone is $500.
                                                                                              To order the leaf or stone,
                                                                                          please phone the Beth El office.
            Congregation Beth El
    Dor L’Dor Endowment Heritage Society
                      By: Arnold Kaminer
   All religious institutions, including your Congregation Beth
                                                                         Thank you to the congregation for helping to make this the
El, rely upon contributions by their congregants, as well as
                                                                       best year yet for the SCRIP program. The necessary dollars
other benefactors, to fund the many ongoing costs of the
                                                                       that come from this (fun)draising program support many
many activities and daily administration.
                                                                       synagogue endeavors. The increase in participation shows a
   Many of you have already established endowments                     membership that cares.
through Jewish Federation or and have named Beth El as a                 With the summer season here, SCRIP gift cards are useful
recipient in your will or trust.                                       for hotels, restaurants and of course, gift giving. Shoprite is
       All institutions, including Beth El, lose future contribu-      always available. By now, everyone knows that it doesn't cost
tions when their members pass away, unless there has been              any more to use SCRIP for your purchases.
a formal declaration in their wills, in a trust, or in a life insur-     Many types of SCRIP are "in stock" in the Beth El office.
ance policy. Many individuals gift property or life insurance                  Call to see if your favorite merchant is available.
policies, naming Beth El as the owner.                                  National Amusement SCRIP, the RAVE theatre at Showcase
   There are many opportunities and avenues for you to as-                   will be honoring their cards for several more months.
sure the continuity of Beth El for the many generations to             Any SCRIP can be ordered. For a complete list of participat-
come (Dor L’Dor) and would appreciate, and recommend, that             ing establishments, go online to & click on
you contact your professional advisor or Hanina Ruttenberg,            retailers. Office hours to are:
(856) 675-1166 to review your many options.                                 Monday -Thursday 10am-4pm * Friday 10am -1pm
                                                                               Sunday AM, when religious school is in session.
                                                                            Unable to come to the office? WE DELIVER!
                                                                          Visa, Mastercard & Discover cards are accepted,
                            U-Card                                              but, checks are preferred to reduce costs.
          These cards are free and usable at select loca-
                                                                                    IT COSTS NOTHING TO PARTICIPATE.
          tions where you shop and dine. The user receives
                                                                         To volunteer or for information contact David Lieberman at
          personal rewards and Rebates - Beth El receives
          monetary rebates.
                                                                               or Stuart Wasserlauf at
     See Margie Blum in Beth El’s office for further details
                  and to pick up your card.                                     Have a wonderful summer AND REMEMBER...,
                                                                                  DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT SCRIP!
Beth El News                                                                                                            Page 9

                                                                   Congregation Beth El Has
                                                                Finalized Procedures for Amazon
                                                                        Use the Congregation Beth El website:
                                                               as their portal

                                                                                               Enter the Amazon site
                                                                                                   (member or not)
                                                                                                 & make a purchase.
                                                                  That purchase will generate a 4% rebate
                                                                         for Congregation Beth El.
                                                                We are beginning to see activity into our account with
                                                                 recent purchases of ipods and televisions in addition
                                                                to books. Beth El will begin to really reap income from
                                                                 this source when there is an increase in volume. It is
                                                                              really simple....give it a try!!

                                                                      The opportunity exists for significant income
                                                                       if congregants are diligent about following
                                                                                 up on this opportunity.

                                                                                    Please contact Mort at
                                                                                     with any questions.

                             Beth El is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the
                                         “Jewish National Fund Affiliate Program”
                     There is no easier way to earn money for our congregation and to support Israel at the same time.
                                  Here’s how it works: The procedure is as simple as a CLICK!
                         Go to OUR website: - Click on links in the horizontal group of choices.
                 Click on the target site to make your purchase / donation. - Our hope is that everyone will
      communicate this to other congregants, friends and families in order that Congregation Beth El will reap the rewards.
        Possibilities are Plant Trees in Israel, Greeting Cards, Water Certificates, Honor Book Certificates, etc.. Each
         time an order is placed, Beth El gets a 20 percent commission. It’s as easy as that! Give it a try and let
                        others know how great it feels to support Israel and Beth El all at the same time!
       For questions, call Debbie Drachman at 856–719-9485 or email

                                   SUPPORT OUR EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER!
1. Go to
                                                                                      Send custom photo cards
2. Enter Early Childhood Center of Congregation Beth El
   in Voorhees, NJ as your charity                                                 featuring your digital photos!!
3. The ECC earns $$ for every search!                           Go to and you will be re-directed
4. ALSO… Shop through GoodShop... The ECC will earn                         to the ECC’s nanosnap page.
   up to 30% of every purchase!                                      The ECC receives a portion of EVERY sale!
Page 10                                                                                                            Beth El News

                                       BETH EL RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
                                               Yaffa Fuchs, Educational Director

              Please join us for our annual                              Amanda Ross – Amanda is graduating from
                                                                            Gratz College with a Masters in Jewish
                     Awards Shabbat                                         Education and Supervision. As part of
                           featuring                                        her internship, Amanda focused on
                                                                            “Technology in the Jewish Classroom.”
           Confirmation, Post-Confirmation                                  She learned and practiced on the
               and Leadership Awards                                        SMART Board and submitted lessons to the founda-
                              and                                           tion as well. But she did more than that, she trained
                                                                            another teacher on the SMART Board and helped her
                     Recognition of                                         produce a lesson of her own.
                        Midrasha                                         Gloria Andersen – our 6th grade teacher, Gloria loves to
                 and Barrack Graduates                                      learn wherever she is. She wanted to know how to use
                                                                            the SMART Board and persevered. Gloria submitted a
                     Shabbat Korach                                         lesson as well.
                      June 12, 2010                                 We are grateful to our teachers for embracing this new technol-
                      Rosh Hodesh                                   ogy and wish them continued success. We are also grateful to
                       Tamuz 5770                                   Stuart Sauer, Technology Chair, for getting everything to work!

                                                                            June-August Mitzvah of the Month
     Religious School Board Has New Chairs!
Mazal Tov to Hilary Platt, Staci Tinkelman and Marilyn Doane,          G’milut Chasadim – Deeds of Kindness
Religious School troika of School Board Chairs. We thank them              Backpacks for Needy School Kids
for taking on this awesome responsibility and wish them hatzla- For the next three months, Religious School children
cha (good luck) in their new post.                              and parents will be asked to collect all kinds of school
Thank you to Heidi Silverberg & Barb Collik, outgoing Religious supplies, backpacks and tzedakah for Kids Alley, an
School Board Chairs, for the most amazing tenure any Educa- organization in Camden that provides backpacks
tional Director can hope for. Under their leadership Religious filled with school supplies and uniforms for needy kids
School grew and prospered. We are all indebted to them for in Camden so they can start school just like other
their dedication and commitment to our school and synagogue. kids with new clothes and backpacks.
                                                                    Tzadakah collected will go to the fund that buys new uniforms.
                   Toda Rabba to all our…                           Stay tuned for more detail coming to you in the Beth El News
          Room parents, volunteers, program chairs,                 during the summer, from our Social Action Committee.
          graduation chairs, (too numerous to name),
                       for a super year!
              May you continue to go from                                               Mazel Tov to our
           chayil el chayil, strength to strength!                                 B’nai Mitzvah of the Month
                                                                                      Lewis Cohen – June 5th
                                                                                    Rachael Kolmins – June 5th
Religious School’s SMART Board Major Success!                                      Sarah Peterson – June 12th
               As you know, Religious School received a grant
                                                                                   Avital Steinberg – June 12th
               from the Legacy Heritage Fund this past Sep-
               tember for a SMART Board. In addition, we re-                        Max Guralnick – June 12th
               ceived 6 hours of training which took place in the                    Daniel Joffe – June 13th
               Fall. But wait, there’s more… We also received a                     Richard Kirby – June 19th
               guarantee that we would be reimbursed for the                        Mollie Baruch – June 19th
expense of purchasing the computer that was needed in order
to use the SMART Board, provided we submit 10 lesson plans                           Yoni Weiss – June 26th
done by our teachers using the SMART Board Notebook Soft-                          Mica Finehart – August 21st
ware.                                                                            Joshua Swerdloff – August 28th
I am happy to report that thanks to three wonderful teachers,
we accomplished what we set out to do. Let me tell you a little
about them:
    Larry Abrams – not only was he the initiator of this grant,                REMINDERS
        but also, as a result was awarded by using the SMART          Please send it your registration.
        Board room (306) this year for his Kitta Hey (5th Grade.)          Avoid late charges.
        Just ask any 5th Grader how much he/she enjoyed Sun-
        day mornings in Mr. Abrams’ room. Larry wrote several
        lessons for Legacy Heritage.
  Beth El News                                                                                                               Page 11

                                    News from the Early Childhood Center
                                          (winner of the Solomon Schechter Gold Award)
                                                    Roselee Redelheim, Director

School Spirit Day at the ECC
  On May 3, 2010, the children of the Early Childhood Center showed their love for Beth El as they celebrated Spirit Day
at the school. They all participated in a Scavenger Hunt, designed specifically for their age group by one of
our teachers, Morah Rinat. Some jumped through hoops, others danced the limbo, most hopped, walked and
ran, following the directions leading to the next clue. In the end, they all won when they found the water-
melon treat in the refrigerator in their room.
  The children also ran an obstacle course set up by our gym instructors of Kickin’ Flips. At the end of that session, each
age group performed the school cheer! (Bet you didn’t even know we had one!)

          ECC Teachers Trained in CPR and First Aid
            During the month of May, the majority of the ECC staff went through CPR and First Aid training given by the
          American Red Cross. IT is rigorous training in and of itself, but even more so because the course is given from
          4pm - 9pm after the teachers have already worked a whole day. Congratulations to all who became certified.

Baby Steps and Beyond…. Taking Off Full Steam Ahead
  In the last Beth El News edition, we announced the beginning of a new initiative to attract families to Beth El.
WE started “One-derful Ones”, a class for Moms and their 10-19 month olds to interact together in a fun filled,
hands-on experience. The response was so overwhelming that we opened a second class to accommodate the
  We also offer a “What’s New Mommy” class for new Moms and their infants. This group encourages new Moms to share
their experiences and support each other as they begin their crash course in parenting. It began in early May and the
parents seem to enjoy it immensely.
  We are planning more classes like the ones mentioned above to continue for new families and are planning new endeavors
so their children may grow and learn together. Here is a list of our current offerings:
                               • What’s New Mommy?                       0-3 months
                               • Watch Me Grow!                           3-6 months
                               • Creative Crawlers                       6-12 months
                               • ONE-derful Ones                        10-18 months
                               • Get Ready for School                   18-24 months
                                  • Stroller Strides and other wellness programs
              In addition, we are planning parenting programs for Mom & Dad and for working parents as well.
Camp ‘N’ Kids begins June 28
             If you have a child between the ages 2yrs. & 4yrs., check out Beth El’s camp program. Your child can come
             any 3 to 5 days a week, half or full days. Each week the children will learn about a fun filled theme like the
             Circus or animals and will have sports, arts & crafts, games and experiences all related to the theme. Water
sprinklers & water tables give the little ones a chance to splash & play while keeping cool in our beautiful play areas.
                                      For information, call Ellie Burstein, Camp Director, at 675-1166.

                                                 Fun Day Passover program with Miss Lisa Appel

                          Children act out crossing the Red Sea                       Children march through the desert
                          with Miss Lisa Appel during Fun Day                         after leaving Egypt led by Miss Lisa
Page 12                                                                                                             Beth El News

                                        Community life / Youth groups
                                                     Ronit Boyd, Director

                                         Mazel Tov USY for winning the following
                                        Awards at the Regional Spring Convention:
                                        Olam per capita, over 3K to raise Member
                                          Retention, Kadima Member increase &
                                                      overall Tikkun

                                          A YEAR IN REVIEW AND A LOOK AHEAD

                      There’s been lots going on & even more about to happen with Beth El Youth Groups. We had our closing
                      program on May 2 with Religious School. The highlight of the event in Sarah Goldfield’s opinion was WIN-
                      NING THE iTouch. That’s right; Sarah won an iTouch. ALL youth group members names were submitted to
                      the raffle & one lucky winner took the iTouch home. We all wish Sarah much fun with her new gadget. Next
                      year, sign up your children for youth groups & their names will be entered into a raffle as well. The odds are
                      pretty good, just ask Sarah!
                      KADIMA had a great time on May 23 at Great Adventure. USY are off to the Phillies in June.
Our USY has lots to be proud of. They won several awards at the Spring Regional Convention including member retention, in-
creased Kadima membership as well as Tikkun Olam donation. We welcome our new USY Board, we wish them much luck next
year & look forward to the great programs they’ll bring to our building. Lets all take a moment to thank our wonderful advisors for a
great year. Machar had outstanding attendance at events & Tracey Rebock handled it all, as usual. Chaverim said goodbye to
an advisor mid-year, but Amanda Ross stepped in, took over & added great energy to the program. Tammy Kornfeld breathed
new life into Kadima with great programs. Chaim Respes and his USY Board brought home awards, but more importantly
showed our teens Jewish can be fun. At the head of it all was Debbi Silverman, our Youth Commission Chair. Debbi is moving
on after several years at the helm. Thank you Debbi for your time and dedication to Beth El youth!!!! Filling her shoes is incoming
chair, David Breslau. We wish David luck & are excited to see the innovation he will bring to the youth of our Shul. David is look-
ing to shake things up a bit. If you have ideas to share, or are interested in joining the Youth Commission, please feel free to con-
tact him at We are always looking for dedicated parents.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the Fall…, but until then, be sure to sign your kids up for MITZVAH CAMP 2010.
A camp for children in grades K - 5 (current year) being held the week of Aug 30. A brochure is in the religious school mailing & is
available on the Youth Group website. It is an amazing way to end the summer. Your child/children can attend for a day or a
week. Space is limited, so sign up early!

                                   Congratulations to our 2010 - 2011 USY Board:
                                                      President: Jake Fischer
                                     Israel Affairs and Executive Vice President: Eric Kessler
                                 Communications Vice Presidents: May Doar and Levana Berlin
                                         Membership/Kadima Vice President Lena Backal
                          Social Action/Tikkun Olam Vice Presidents: Asher Weinstein and Joey Gerber
                                Religion/Education Vice Presidents: Ben Kirby and Saul Shaaltiel
                                               Programming Chair: Isabel Freedman
                                                Thank you to our outgoing Board!
                     Encampment 2010 is August 17th, contact the Chaim Respes, USY Advisor for more info.

                             A very LARGE THANK YOU to all our volunteers, in particular Habonim and the Mailing Crew,
                                             for helping to make such wonderful programs this year.
                                     Purim                    Consecration Dinner                  Shavuot Chanukah Dinner
                                         Community Day of Caring                  Global Family Fun Day
Beth El News                                                                                                                  Page 13
                                                            BELL LIBRARY NEWS
                                                          Amy Kaplan - Congregation Librarian

                    Summer… Reading....                            LITERARY FICTION - memorable writing,
          Two words that go together beautifully…                                                         great reading:
      two of my favorite words -- and yours, too, I hope!        Burr, C.: You or Someone Like You
     The approaching months bring vacations, long backyard       Grant, L.: The Clothes on Their Backs
afternoons & other opportunities to relax with a great book. Halberstam, J.: A Seat at the Table
Wherever you’re headed this summer, be sure to keep books Pasulka, B.: A Long Time Ago and
from your synagogue library with you.                            Essentially True
                                                                 Roth, P.: The Humbling
    Here is our annual “Guide to Great Summer Reading.”
                                                                 Wiesel, E.: A Mad Desire to Dance
All of these titles may be borrowed from the Bell Library – your
synagogue library. And remember, we continue to get new
books throughout the summer months – the latest and best in
                                                                  HISTORICAL FICTION - learn a little history plus a
Jewish fiction and nonfiction. Whatever your reading preference,
                                                                 good read
we have something to entice you!
   (And, for those rainy days, come in & take home DVDs too!)     Anton, M.: Rashi’s Daughters, Book 3: Rachel
                                                                  Cameron, M.: The Fruit of Her Hands
                                                                  Carter, B.: The Puzzle King
Appel, A.: The Hebrew Tutor of Bel Air                            Diamant, A.: Day After Night
Grodstein, L.: A Friend of the Family                             Elliott, E.: Eve
Guterson, M.: Gone to the Dogs                                    Horn, D.: All Other Nights
Heller, Z.: The Believers                                         Houghteling, S.: Pictures at an Exhibition
Kanon, J.: Stardust                                               Kertes, J.: Gratitude
Kirshenbaum, B.: The Scenic Route                                 Lapid, S.: Valley of Strength
Klein, Z.: Drawing in the Dust
Korelitz, J.: Admission
Koslow, S.: The Late, Lamented Molly Marx                         NONFICTION -
Rakoff, J.: A Fortunate Age                                                   to inform and inspire:
Ratner, A.: The Jump Artist
                                                                  Bascomb, N.: Hunting Eichmann
Shapiro, S.: Speed Shrinking
                                                                  Bernstein, H.: The Golden Willow
Shumas, H.: Love and Other Natural Disasters
                                                                  Boteach, S.: The Kosher Sutra
Spark, D.: Good for the Jews
                                                                  Brown, E.: Inspired Jewish Leader-
Tropper, J.: This is Where I Leave You
Weiner, J.: Best Friends Forever
                                                                  Cohen, R.: Israel is Real
  MYSTERIES & THRILLERS - edge-of-your-seat suspense:             Gerber, R.: Barbie and Ruth
                                                                  O’Donnell, P.: They Dared Return
Berkowitz, I.: Old Flame
                                                                  Prose, F.: Anne Frank – the Book, the Life,             the Af-
Cantrell, R.: A Trace of Smoke
Ephron, N.: Never Tell a Lie
                                                                  Ross, D.: Myths, Illusions and Peace
Fink, J.: A Storm in the Blood
                                                                  Urofsky, M.: Louis D. Brandeis
Kellerman, F.: Blindman’s Bluff
                                                                  Weisel, E.: Rashi
Kerr, P.: A Quiet Flame
                                                                  Wolfson, R.: The Seven Questions You’re Asked
Levin, D.: The Last Ember
                                                                                  in Heaven
Marks, L.: Artist’s Proof
Rabb, J.: Shadow and Light                                                 During the summer months, the Library is open:
Silva, D.: The Defector                                                               Tuesday        9:30 – 12:30
Tallis, F.: Fatal Lies                                                                 Thursday      9:30 -12:30
                                                                            Questions? Need special access? all us at 675-1166, ext. 503.

                 Hats off to Beth El’s Mailing Committee
                 We’d like to take    Shirley Beller     Marlene Mollen                        THINK OF US FIRST
                 this opportunity     Emily Feinberg     Elaine Rosenthal
                 to thank our         Elaine Horwitz     Hazel Starr                        JUDAICA FOR THE HOME
wonderful volunteers under the        Herb Horwitz       Tillie Sternberg                    (Glass, Pottery, Silver)
leadership of their Chairman Tillie   Ruth Katz          Toby Dubner
Sternberg, for being there when-
                                                                                          Tallit Kippot Jewelry
                                      Sheila Hollander   Rose Weber
ever a mailing needs to be done,      Shirley Mangel     Bernice Gothard             Extensive Kids Korner Hostess Gifts
sometimes on very short notice.       Ann Miller         Edith Bristol                                        Located in the Lobby of:
       Thank you ALL!
                                                                                                               Congregation Beth El
        Shirley Yaffa
                                                                             Call for Business Hours           8000 Main Street
                                                                             (856) 675-1166                    Voorhees, NJ 08043
Page 14                                                                                                                         Beth El News

                                                     Contributions                            (as of May 25)
ESTHER M. AARONSON FUND                                                   DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
DONOR                  IN HONOR OF                                        Beth & Harvey Jacob                  Ann Rosenberg, Michael Markoff
Benjamin M. Glakin         Special birthday of Shirley Mangel             Judy & Donald Love                   Renee Shapiro
Elaine & Herb Horwitz      Special birthday of Shirley Mangel MILDRED & HENRY BLUM FUND
Shirley Mangel             Rabbi & Molly Furman’s grand-
                           daughter's marriage
                                                              DONOR                  IN HONOR OF
                                                              Margie & Jeffrey Blum  Birth of granddaughter to Iris &
DONOR                      IN MEMORY OF                                              Steven Auerbach, Birth of daughter
Jay Hammel                 Yahrzeit of Asher Hammel                                  to Jocelyn & Oren Klein, Sharla &
Shirley Mangel             Mayer Mory, Marvyn Wolf                                   Mort Kanovsky’s 50th wedding
RABBI JEFFREY ARNOWITZ FUND                                                          anniversary
                                                              Marlene Mollen         Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Backal,
DONOR                      IN APPRECIATION                                           Debbi Silverman, Jewish Educa-
Ziva & Haim Kantor         Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
                                                                                     tors Assembly honoree, Bar Mitz-
Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
                                                                                     vah of Jameson Fischer
Susan & Ken Morgan         Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz
Z'hava Sisterhood          Tami Arnowitz                      DONOR                  IN MEMORY OF
                                                              Gladys & Harold Heine  Sue Rose
DAVID BACK COLLEGE CONNECTION FUND                            Marlene B. Mollen      Yahrzeit of Rudolph Mollen,
DONOR                      IN APPRECIATION                                           Yahrzeit of Ruth Chepin
Lauren & Marc Neff         Rabbi Isaac Furman
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sorokin Rabbi Isaac Furman                 DONOR                  SPEEDY RECOVERY
                                                              Margie & Jeffrey Blum  Michael Markoff
DONOR                              IN MEMORY OF
Gloria & Ira Back                  Grandmother of Eric Frantz             SYLVIA BOORY FRAGILE X RESEARCH FUND
Jay Hammel                         Yahrzeit of Sylvia Schwartz            DONOR                   IN HONOR OF
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sorokin         Yahrzeit of Aaron Sorokin,             Lisa & Stephen Brodack               Eric Boory
                                   Yahrzeit of Jeanne Sorokin             Michele, Joel, Alexas &              Eric Boory, Man of the Year
Eileen & Bernie Yaffa              Father of Gale Dutkin                  Jared Ettinger
                                                                          Leila & Ian Joffe                    Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Abrams
DONOR                              SPEEDY RECOVERY                        Michele & Scott Warren               Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Morgan
Jay Hammel                         Dr. Burt Nussbaum
                                                                          DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
BELL LIBRARY FUND                                                         Leila & Ian Joffe                    Dr. Samuel Cohen
DONOR                              IN HONOR OF
Donna & Richard Bell               Birth of grandson to Audrey &          CAPITAL CAMPAIGN EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER FUND
                                   David Pecarsky                         DONOR                   IN APPRECIATION
Pat, Jules, Mitch &                Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &       Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg           Rabbi Isaac Furman
Nicole Cwanger                     Bill Landsburg                         DONOR                                IN HONOR OF
Stacy & Dan Farber & Family        Consecration of Mitchell Cohen,        Meredith & Andrew Becker             Andrea Smith recipient of JLLCCF
                                   Consecration of Coby Friedman          & Family                             Award
Beth & Harvey Jacob                Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &       Lisa & Stephen Brodack               Hanina Ruttenberg, recipient of the
                                   Bill Landsburg                                                              Ateret Kavod Award
Alison & Andrew Keim               Kelly & Eric Shore, recipients of      Stacy & Dan Farber & Family          Birth of daughter to Meredith &
                                   Kellman-Brown Award                                                         Andrew Becker
Judy & Donald Love                 Birth of daughter to Joanna & Brett    Debbie & Ed Hochberg                 Birth of daughter to Meredith &
                                   Greenfield, Birth of granddaughter                                          Andrew Becker
                                   to Elaine Samson, Birth of grand       Ruth & Larry Katz                    Birth of grandson to Ann
                                   daughter to Marvin Samson, Bat                                              Rosenberg
                                   Mitzvah of Rachel Backal, Birth of     "Morah" Paula Levine                 Bar Mitzvah of Tyler Hanover
                                   daughter to Meredith & Andrew          Paula Levine                         Birth of Elana Shira to Meredith &
                                   Becker, Birth of grandson to Robin                                          Andrew Becker, Bar Mitzvah of
                                   Sue & Bill Landsburg, Bat Mitzvah                                           Max Levin, Bat Mitzvah of
                                   of Rebecca Morgan, Birth twin                                               Rebecca Wilen
                                   grandchildren to Harriet Schulman,     Tillie Sternberg                     Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Wilen
Hedda & David Morton               Eric Boory - recipient of the Ateret
                                   Kavod, Hanina Ruttenberg, recipi-      DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
                                   ent of the Ateret Kavod Award          Ruth & Larry Katz                    Grandmother of Eric Frantz,
Dora & Oscar Wilsker               Bar Mitzvah of grandson of Frimi &                                          Sue Rose, Yahrzeit of Philip Zeitz,
                                   Irwin Orel, Bat Mitzvah of grand-                                           Yahrzeit of Ida Katz
                                   daughter of Frimi & Irwin Orel         Sunshine Club                        Jon Claude Chetrit
                                                                          Tillie Sternberg                     Marvyn Wolf
DONOR                              IN MEMORY OF
The following contributions were made in memory of Sue Rose:              DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
Micki Goldberg, Alan G. Hait, Marlyn & Milton Shanker, Shirley &          Barbara & Martin Brodack             David Lax
Marvyn Wolf & Family                                                      Ruth & Larry Katz                    Ann Rosenberg
Helene & Saul Bresalier             Dr. Harry Chesnick                    HARRIS COLTON MIDRASHAH SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Judy & Donald Love                  Yahrzeit of Robert M. Love            DONOR                  SPEEDY RECOVERY
Audrey & David Pecarsky             Father of Michael & Judith Hepps      Arlene & Harris Colton               Burt Nussbaum
Marlyn & Milton Shanker             Terri Bryer
                                                                          DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
                                                                          Arlene & Harris Colton               Marvyn Wolf
 Beth El News                                                                                                                   Page 15

                                                   Contributions                         (continued)
ELLIS FAMILY FUND                                                     DONOR                            IN HONOR OF
DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF                        Suzi & JD Abrams & Family        Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Backal,
Laura Luber                       Yahrzeit of Sidney Luber, Mother                                     Victor Levy, Professional Advisor
                                  of Judith Silverstein                                                Award recipient from the JCRC,
Shirley Yaffa                     College graduation of Jason Ellis                                    Kelly & Eric Shore, recipients of
                                                                                                       Kellman-Brown Award
ETZ CHAIM CHUMASH                                                     Sandy & Zalman Agus              Rabbi Aaron Krupnick, recipient of
DONOR                             IN APPRECIATION                                                      the Ateret Kavod Award, Hanina
Women's League Institute          Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz                                               Ruttenberg, recipient of the Ateret
Class - Spring 2010                                                                                    Kavod Award, Bat Mitzvah of
DR. ALLEN B. FREED EARLY CHILDHOOD SCHOLARSHIP FUND                                                    Rachel Backal
DONOR                             IN HONOR OF                         Abby & Bob Belafsky              Birth of granddaughter to Ina &
Yvonne & Sam Brand                Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &                                     Marc Lichtman
                                  Bill Landsburg, Birth of grandson to Erna & Harold Bratt             Special birthday of Sol Zytcer
                                  Merle & Fred Linden                  Lisa & Stephen Brodack          Bar Mitzvah of Bailey Backal,
                                                                                                       Rabbi Aaron Krupnick, recipient of
DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF                                                         the Ateret Kavod Award
Yvonne & Sam Brand                Yahrzeit of Hannah         Roberts, Stephanie & Chuck Cahn           Dr. Steven Gerber, Induction as
                                  Delores Daroff                                                       President of the Medical Society
Marlene & Irving Epstein          Ed Padnis                           Meredith & Bill Cohen & Family   Rabbi Aaron Krupnick, Ateret
Marcia & Michael Postelnek        Yahrzeit of Lee Goldfarb                                             Kavod Award recipient, Victor
DONOR                             SPEEDY RECOVERY                                                      Levy, Professional Advisor Award
Yvonne & Sam Brand                Frieda Gildin                                                        from the JCRC recipient, Jen
                                                                                                       Weiss, AJFCA Chairman's Award
ARTHUR & BETTY GOLDMAN FUND                                                                            recipient
DONOR                  IN HONOR OF                                    Myrna & Larry Cohen              Birth of grandson to Melody &
Lynn & Steve Paul                 Birth of Marley Ryan Greenfield,                                     Craig Taylor
                                  Birth of granddaughter to Elaine Karyn & Marty Davis                 Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Abrams
                                  Samson, Birth of granddaughter to Debbie & Brian Drachman            Bat Mitzvah of Hannah Abrams,
                                  Marvin Samson, Special birthday                                      Bat Mitzvah of Brina Feldbaum
                                  of Dr. Michael Litman, Bar Mitzvah Stacy & Dan Farber                Heidi Silverberg Jewish Educators
                                  of Jameson Fischer                                                   Assembly honoree, Debbi
                                                                                                       Silverman, Jewish Educators
REBA & HARRY GROSSMAN FUND                                                                             Assembly honoree, Victor Levy,
DONOR                 IN HONOR OF                                                                      Professional Advisor Award from
Leah Hoffman                      Birth of great grandson to Lois                                      the JCRC recipient,         Birth of
                                  Taylor                                                               daughter to Joanna & Brett
Lois Taylor                       Birth of 4th great grandson Aaron                                    Greenfield, Birth of granddaughter
                                  Matthew Linden, Birth of 3rd great                                   to Elaine Samson
                                  grandson Landon Ecker Wilensky Stacy & Dan Farber & Family           Kelly & Eric Shore Kellman-Brown
                                                                                                       Academy honoree, Bat Mitzvah of
HAZZAN'S FUND                                                                                          Rachel Backal
DONOR                            IN APPRECIATION                  Caren & Mark Fendrick                Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Morgan
The following contributions were made in appreciation of Hazzan Elaine & Bart Greenspan                Birth of twin granddaughters to
Alisa Pomerantz-Boro: Ziva & Haim Kantor, Robin Sue & Bill Lands-                                      Linda & Paul Chase
burg, Susan & Ken Morgan, Lois Joseph                             Jodi & Steven Kalodner               Birth of granddaughters to Karen
DONOR                             IN HONOR OF                                                          Friedlander
Mimi Brodkin                      Bat Mitzvah of Jaclyn Sackstein Sharla & Mort Kanovsky               90th birthday of Sol Zytcer
Susan & Paul Cherkas              Birth of granddaughter to Ina & Ziva & Haim Kantor                   Birth of daughter to Meredith &
                                  Marc Lichtman                                                        Andrew Becker
Faye & Gary Shapiro               Bat Mitzvah of Brina Feldbaum   Renee & Craig Kessler & Family       50th wedding anniversary of
Audrey & Marc Snyderman           Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Backal                                         Sharla & Mort Kanovsky
                                                                  Carol & Jules Lieberman              Rabbi Aaron Krupnick, recipient of
ALLAN E. HECSH FUND                                                                                    the Ateret Kavod Award
DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF                        Shirley Mangel                   Eric Boory Ateret Kavod Award
Laura & Alan Wechsler             Yahrzeit of Alyce Wechsler,                                          recipient, Rabbi Aaron Krupnick
                                  Yahrzeit of Benjamin Wechsler                                        Ateret Kavod Award recipient,
DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF                                                         Hanina Ruttenberg Ateret Kavod
Michele & Scott Warren & Family   Rebecca "Rivie" Kuttoff                                              Award recipient
                                                                  Hermie & Morty Mann                  Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Wilen
RABBI AARON KRUPNICK SPECIAL FUND                                 Maryann McLoughlin                   Special birthday of Shelley Zeiger
DONOR                  IN APPRECIATION                            Anita & Murray Moliken               Bar Mitzvah of Bailey Backal
The following contributions were made in appreciation of Rabbi Marilyn & Steve Roth                    Birth of great grandson to
Aaron Krupnick: Linda & Paul Chase, Gale & Richard Dutkin, Ziva &                                      Sol Zytcer
Haim Kantor, Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg, Susan & Ken Morgan,      Lea Rozovsky                         Rabbi Aaron Krupnick           Ateret
Harriet Schulman, Suzi & JD Abrams                                                                     Kavod Award recipient, Hanina
Ann Rosenberg                     For return to good health!                                           Ruttenberg,Ateret Kavod Award
Edith Goldberg                    Amy & Charles Rossano,                                               recipient
                                  Melody & Craig Taylor
Page 16                                                                                                                    Beth El News

                                                    Contributions                             (continued)
DONOR                             IN HONOR OF                          DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
Lauren & Jon Soll                 Birth of granddaughter to Marvin     Harold & Elaine Sklar                Sue Rose
                                  Samson                               Hazel Starr                          Marvyn Wolf
Hazel Starr                       50th anniversary of Sharla & Mort    Tillie Sternberg                     Yahrzeit of Rebecca Evantash
                                  Kanovsky                             Audrey Thomas                        Audrey Berman
Beth & Ed Vernick                 Bat Mitzvah of Elliana Barbell       Cookie & Allan Weinberg              Dorothy Vederman
Allan & Michael Weinberg          Paul Stolpen recipient of JFCS       Pearl & Leonard Weinstein            Yahrzeit of Herman Weinstein
                                  Volunteer of the Year Award          Hilda Weiss                          Yahrzeit of Michael Weiss, Sarah
Beth & Craig Wynne                Bar Mitzvah of Idan Kantor                                                Kumove, Rose Weiss
DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF                         DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
The following contributions were made in memory of Rebecca             Stacy & Dan Farber & Family          Amy Breslow, Michael Markoff
“Rivie” Kottoff: Sherri & Alan Breslow & Family, Tracy & Jeff Brown,   Glenn Fuhrmann                       Rick Charny
Joanna & Brett Greenfield, Marlene & Jerry Jacobson, Debbi & Michael   Lil & Doc Joe Hassman                Michael Markoff
Silverman, Shari & Jonah Smith, Ruth Zeiger                            Elaine & Herb Horwitz                Alan Respler
Lenore & Stanley Adleman           Yahrzeit of Fannie Adleman,         Sharla & Mort Kanovsky               Martin Brodack
                                   Meyer Adleman                       Cookie & Alan Weinberg               Rose Weber
Melissa & Bryen Barbell            Roy Liebgott, Craig Kamis           DAVID LANDSBURG SELICHOT FUND
Shirley Beller                     Marvyn Wolf
Warren Bonin                       Yizkor of loved ones
                                                                       DONOR                  IN APPRECIATION
                                                                       Shirley & Marvyn Wolf & Family       Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg
Randi & Howard Bresalier           Dr. Harry Chesnick
                                                                       Sandra & Arnold Kaminer              Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg
Sherri & Alan Breslow & Family     Yarhzeit of Helen Blomberg,
Edith Bristol                      Yahrzeit of loved ones              DONOR                                IN HONOR OF
The Brodacks                       Grandmother of Eric Frantz,         Eleanor & Philip Goodman             Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
                                   Mother of Melissa Sable                                                  Bill Landsburg
Elayne & Alan Cohen                Marylyn Soll                        Ruth & Larry Katz                    Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
Myrna & Larry Cohen                Yahrzeit of Dr. Herman F. Cohen,                                         Bill Landsburg
                                   Yahrzeit of Sam Cofsky              Elaine & Bart Rovner                 Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
Thalia & Herb Cohen                Sue Rose                                                                 Bill Landsburg
Helene Cooperman                   Yahrzeit of Adele Jacobson          Elaine Samson                        Birth of great grandson to Lois
Karyn & Marty Davis              Dr. Samuel Cohen, Yahrzeit of         DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
                                 Allan Davis
                                                                       Robin Sue & Bill Landsburg           Yahrzeit of Rachel Melissa Lands-
Debbie & Brian Drachman          Dr. Samuel Cohen
                                                                       & Family                             burg
Stacy & Dan Farber & Family      Grandparent of Kelly & Eric Shore
Carol & Joel Fleisher            Jerry Rosenberg                       LUKOFF CULTURAL FORUM FUND
Florence Fridrich                Yahrzeit Abraham Levin, Rifka         DONOR                  IN HONOR OF
                                 Rose Kravitz, Harry E. Fridrich MD    Judy & Fred Ruttenberg               Birth of grandson to Jackie & Bill
Gloria & Myron Gilbert           Dorothy Goldis                                                             Pearson
Peggy & Louis Gold               Yahrzeit of Beth Gold                 Marcy Sanders                        Birth of grandson to Jackie & Bill
Edith Goldberg                   Sue Rose                                                                   Pearson
Roz Goldman                      Brother of Lila Eisner                DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
Yetta Goldman                    Brother of Lila Eisner
                                                                       Judy & Fred Ruttenberg               Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
Philip Goodman                   Yahrzeit of Samuel Goodman,
                                                                        Marcy Sanders                       Yahrzeits of Gertrude Fagelson,
                                 Yahrzeit of Edith Marcus
                                                                                                            Meyer Sanders, Stephen Marcus,
Harriet Goodstein                Jerry Rosenberg
                                                                                                            Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
Nancy & Ed Jaffee                Ed Brodkin
Leah Kalina                      Yahrzeit of Harry Kalina              DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
Minnie & Richard Kaplan          Yahrzeit of Minnie Reichman           Judy & Fred Ruttenberg               Marc Levin
Mrs. Anna Krichev                Dr. Samuel Cohen                      SANDRA MASIN SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Lucille Lean                     Marion Menell                         DONOR                 IN HONOR OF
Ellen & Jay Levy                 Yahrzeit of Sylvia Levy
                                                                       Beverly & Dennis Glass               100th birthday of Lena Kellerman,
Hermie & Morty Mann              Jerry Rosenberg, Marvyn Wolf
                                                                                                            Sharla & Mort Kanovsky’s 50th
Debbie & Nelson Mellitz          Yahrzeit of Rose Mellitz, Yahrzeit
                                                                                                            wedding anniversary
                                 of Martin Mellitz
Alice Mohr                       Yahrzeit of Eli Adler                 MILLER KIDDUSH CUP FUND
Frimi & Irvin Orel               Yahrzeit of Rose Speigel              DONOR                   IN APPRECIATION
Gail & Marty Raffner             Yahrzeit of Morris Raffner, Celia     Shirley & Marvyn Wolf & Family       Ann & Bernie Miller
                                 Raffner, George Miller, Bernice
                                                                       DONOR                                IN HONOR OF
                                                                       Ann & Bernie Miller                  Bar Mitzvah of Aaron Bennett,
The Reber Family                 Elsie Samet
                                                                                                            Birth of daughter to Meredith &
Marilyn & Steve Roth             Yahrzeit of Gladys Schwartz
                                                                                                            Andrew Becker, Birth of grand
Bev & Sydney Segal               Yahrzeit of Sarah Rose, Yahrzeit
                                                                                                            daughter to Susan & Ivan Gordon,
                                 of Benjamin Spitzer
                                                                                                            Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
Dr. A. Louis Shor                Yahrzeit of Rosalind Shor
                                                                                                            Bill Landsburg, Birth of grandson to
Harriet Schulman &               Merle Spellman
                                                                                                            Merle & Fred Linden, Birth of twin
Todd Schulman
                                                                                                            grandchildren to Harriet Schulman,
Dr. A. Louis Shor                 Yahrzeit of Frieda Shor
                                                                                                            Birth of granddaughter to Iris &
Judy & Len Simkin                 Yahrzeit of Harry Simkin
                                                                                                            Steven Auerbach
Beth El News                                                                                                                        Page 17

                                                      Contributions                             (continued)
DONOR                              IN MEMORY OF                          DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
Ann & Bernie Miller                Son-in-law of Sol Zytcer, Mayer       Bonnie Schwartz                      Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
                                   Mory, Marvyn Wolf                     Heidi & Danny Silverberg &           Grandmother of Robin Struhl,
Judy & Steven Kuhl                 Lillian Frank                         Zachary                              Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff, Father of
Paula & Larry Ninerell             Marvyn Wolf                                                                Gerri Friedman, Mother of Marcia
Barrie & Larry Solomon & Family    Yahrzeit of Stephen S. Caplan,                                             Golde
                                   Yahrzeit of Noeline Caplan            DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
DONOR                              SPEEDY RECOVERY                       Heidi Silverberg                     Amy Breslow
Sharon & Bill Bronstein & Family   Dr. Burton Nussbaum                   NAURICE & INGRID ROSEN FUND FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION
Micki Goldberg                     Natalie Clayman                       DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
PHYLLIS & IRVING NATKOW FUND                                             Howard Rosen                         Evelyn Rosen
                                                                         Mary Jo & Stephen Rosen              Evelyn Rosen
DONOR                    IN MEMORY OF
Paula & Howard Hait                Sue Rose, Marvyn Wolf                 DONOR                                SPEEDY RECOVERY
Connie Janoff & Family             Yahrzeit of Russell J.        Janoff Howard Rosen                          Warren Mangel
BETH EL RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND                                            JUDITH COHEN SEGAL FUND
DONOR                   IN APPRECIATION                                  DONOR                   IN HONOR OF
Sandra & Arnold Kaminer            Barbara & Mark Collik                 Shirley & Harold Skolnick            Birth of granddaughter to Lynn &
Linda Weiss & Josh Matasow         Howard Joffe                                                               Jerry Marshall
DONOR                              IN HONOR OF                           SIM SHALOM SIDDUR
The Brodacks'                      Heidi Silverberg, Jewish Educators    DONOR                                IN HONOR OF
                                   Assembly honoree, Debbi               Margie & Jeff Blum                   Gladys & Barry Robbins 50th
                                   Silverman Jewish Educators                                                 wedding anniversary
                                   Assembly honoree                      Audrianne & Martin Levene            Gladys & Barry Robbins 50th
Ann Krupnick &                     50th wedding anniversary of                                                wedding anniversary
Joseph Lowenberg                   Gladys & Barry Robbins                Marilyn & Steve Roth                 90th birthday of Sol Zytcer
Shirley Mangel                     Rabbi Isaac Furman's 50th             Bena & Steven Weil                   Sharla & Mort Kanovsky’s 50th
                                   anniversary at Beth El                                                     wedding anniversary
Karen, David, Marc &               Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Morgan         ANDREW & ERIC SUSSMAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND
Zoe Schlessel
                                                                         DONOR                  IN HONOR OF
Renee & Steve Shapiro              Confirmation of Jacob Backal,
                                                                         Linda & Paul Chase                   Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Backal
                                   Confirmation of Ashley Freedman
                                                                         Joan Feinberg                        Birth of grandson to Fran & Neal
Elynn & Steven Shulman             Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Wilen
Debbi & Michael Silverman          Engagement of Rachel Collik
                                                                         Lil & Doc Joe Hassman                Birth of granddaughter to Elaine
Judy & Stuart Wasserlauf           Gladys & Barry Robbins 50th
                                   wedding anniversary
                                                                         Shari & Jerry Sussman                Birth of twin granddaughters to
Beth & Craig Wynne & Family        Heidi Silverberg, Jewish Ed-
                                                                                                              Linda & Paul Chase, Birth of
                                   ucators, Debbie Silverman, Jewish
                                                                                                              grand-daughter to Lynn & Jerry
                                   Educators Assembly honoree
DONOR                              IN MEMORY OF                          DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
Leslie & David Breslau & Family  Dr. Samuel Cohen                        Sandra & Arnold Kaminer              Dorothy Vederman, Father of
Jill & Barry Dubrow              Morris Block, Father of Erica                                                Kathleen Paella
                                 Rothkoff                                Estine & Richard Wells               Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
Mary, Craig, Oliver & Hannah Fox Craig Kamis
Valerie & Larry Gross            Dr. Samuel Cohen                        HARRY W. TAYLOR FUND
Alan Hait                        Marvyn Wolf                             DONOR                                IN HONOR OF
Ray & Belle S. Hirn              Irving Harrow                           Merle & Fred Linden                  Marriage of the children of Mr. &
Ronda & Steve Manders            Dr. Samuel Cohen                                                             Mrs. Michael Taylor
DONOR                              SPEEDY RECOVERY                       DONOR                                IN MEMORY OF
Barbara & Martin Brodack           Joy Rockoff, Amy Breslow              Sue Taylor                           Brother of Lila Eisner
                                                                         Estine & Richard Wells               Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
DONOR                   IN HONOR OF                                      CHARLES E. TROBMAN MEDICAL RESEARCH FUND
Sherri & Alan Breslow & Family     Heidi Silverberg, Jewish Educators    DONOR                  IN APPRECIATION
                                   Assembly honoree                      Muriel & Joel Asnen                  Gary Shapiro
Bonnie Richman                     Bar Mitzvah of Josh Brown             DONOR                                IN HONOR
Lauren & Jon Soll                  Bar Mitzvah of Josh Brown,            Muriel & Joel Asnen                  Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
                                   Bar Mitzvah of Jameson Fischer,                                            Bill Landsburg
                                   Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Morgan,        Sherry & Mitch Cohen & Family        Engagement of Richard Bronstein
                                   Bat Mitzvah of Rachel Backal,         Joyce & Richard Feder                Marriage of son of Enid & Barry
                                   Birth of daughter to Joanna & Brett                                        Rigberg
                                   Greenfield, Birth of granddaughter    Nikki & Len Feldman                  Sharla & Mort Kanovsky’s 50th
                                   to Elaine Samson                                                           wedding anniversary
                                                                         Maxine & Ed Ladov                    Birth of grandson to Robin Sue &
                                                                                                              Bill Landsburg, Engagement of
                                                                                                              Robert Respler, Birth of grandson
                                                                                                              to Melody & Craig Taylor
 Page 18                                                                                                                 Beth El News

                                                   Contributions                           (continued)
DONOR                            IN HONOR                              DONOR                             IN MEMORY OF
Sheryl & Jerry Lean              Birth of grandson to Melody &                                           Kessler, Marvyn Wolf, Father of
                                 Craig Taylor, Birth of grand-                                           Kathleen Paella, Yahrzeit of Jerry
                                 daughter to Ina & Marc Lichtman                                         Yaffa
Phyllis & Malcolm Trobman        Marriage of Adrianne Jerud, Birth Eileen & Bernie Yaffa                 Dorothy Vederamn
                                 of granddaughter to Ina & Marc Esther & Marty Zoblin                    Father of Jody Ogen
                                 Lichtman                          DONOR                                 SPEEDY RECOVERY
DONOR                            IN MEMORY OF                   Ada & Harvey Richards                    Natalie Clayman
Justin Cohen & Family            Grandfather of Adam Karasick   Shirley Mangel                           Rose Weber
Phyllis & Donald Levy            Yahrzeit of Morris Trieff      Shirley Yaffa                            Michael Markoff
Ina & Marc Lichtman              Cousin of Carole Britchkow- Esther & Marty Zoblin                       Howard "Howie" Singer
                                 Nunberg, Yahrzeit of Lottie H.
                                                                ARLENE ZELNICK FUND
Kim & Stephen Shankman           Thelma Zimmet                  DONOR                                    IN MEMORY OF
& Family                                                        Patti, Rick, Adam & Alysa Weiss          Joseph Novick
Enid & Barry Rigberg             Mother of Mel Saluck           Lillian Zelnick                          Sylvia Solomon, Joseph Novick
Phyllis, Malcolm & Les Trobman   Yahrzeit of Marion Goldberg
Sharon & Steve Usdin             Thelma Zimmet, Father of Norman
                                 Rednik, Father of Erica Rothkoff
DONOR                            SPEEDY RECOVERY
Phyllis & Michael Markoff        Amy Breslow
Enid & Barry Rigberg             Rose Weber
Phyllis & Malcolm Trobman        Michael Markoff
DONOR                            IN HONOR OF
Barbara & Jay Berman             50th wedding anniversary         of
                                 Gladys & Barry Robbins
DONOR                            IN MEMORY OF
Elise & Steven Lieberson         Rebecca "Rivie" Kottoff
DONOR                            IN HONOR OF
Joe & Barbara Walkes & Family    Special birthday of Bernard
Barbara & Joe Walkes & Family
                                 IN MEMORY OF
                                 Dr. Harry Chesnick, Dr. Samuel
                                                                           ARE   YOU AVAILABLE FOR                   MINYAN?
                                 Cohen, Grandmother of Eric                   Please let us know if your available
                                 Frantz, Yahrzeit of Marilyn Gold
                                 man, Roy Liebgott                          to be called if help is needed to make a
DONOR                            IN HONOR OF                               at with your name,
Selma Ellis                      Special Birthday of Stuart Yaffa
Micki Goldberg & Applebaum       New venture of Jay Goldberg "The               phone # & times which are best.
Family                           Club House"
Elaine & Herb Horwitz            Special birthday of Sol Zytcer
Hermie & Morty Mann              57th wedding anniversary of
                                 Hermie & Morty Mann
Shirley Yaffa                    Birth of daughter to Joanna & Brett
                                 Greenfield, Birth of granddaughter
                                 to Elaine Samson, Sharla & Mort                      WANTED:
                                 Kanovsky’s 50th anniversary,
                                 Bar Mitzvah of Jameson Fischer,                 SHABBOS REGULARS
                                 Confirmation of Jason Zoblin
DONOR                            IN MEMORY OF                            The Top 5 Reasons to come to Shul on Shabbos:
Bernice Gothard                  Mother of Mr. & Mrs. Marlon
                                 Mattis, Yahrzeit of Dora Clare,
                                                                        1. Help other families celebrate their Simchas.
                                 Yahrzeit of Jack Gothard               2. Enjoy the one cell-phone free zone left in
Ceil & Samson Gradinger,         Gerald Rosenberg
Lynn Gradinger Besen                                                       America.
Elaine & Herb Horwitz            Son-in-law of Sol Zytcer, Mayer        3. Let Hazzan’s voice find a special place in your
Simmy & Joe Krassan              Russel Leatherman, friend of Etna         heart.
                                 Kessler                                4. Take time to give thanks.
Leona Tanker                     Jerry Rosenberg                        5. Feel good about yourself.
Shirley Wander                   Yahrzeit of Irving Wander
Shirley Yaffa                    Russel Leatherman, friend of Etna
 Beth El News                                                                                                                   Page 19

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                    Beth el directory                                               Beth El News Editor
       Telephone: (856) 675-1166 ▪ Fax: (856) 489-3280                  •        Belle S. Hirn -

        Clergy & STAFF                           Board Officers                  BOARD COMMITTEES (cont.)
Aaron Krupnick, Rabbi                     President: Edward S. Hochberg     Fundraising: Dr. Burton L. Nussbaum
Jeffrey Arnowitz, Rabbi                   Vice Presidents:                  Habonim: Margie Blum & Judy Simkin               Lauren Soll                    
Isaac Furman, Rabbi                                                Eric Clayman                   HAZAK (Seniors):
Alisa Pomerantz-Boro, Hazzan                    Isabel Rudolph - (856) 751-2086               Dr. Burton L. Nussbaum               Shirley Mangel - (856) 667-6071
Hanina Ruttenberg, Executive Director              House: Barbra Wilen             Allen Wilen                    
Shirley Yaffa, Administrative Secretary             Long Range Planning: Alan Wilen               Treasurer: Karen Schlessel         
Yaffa Fuchs, Educational Director       Marketing: Nancy Cutler               Financial Secretaries:           
Roselee Redelheim, ECC Director              Lisa Brodack                   Membership: Alison Bell Keim                
Debora Borenstein, Coordinator of            Barbara Collik                 Men’s Club: Ray Katz
       Programming & Outreach                              Recording Secretary:              Other Revenue Chair: Eric Clayman
Margie Blum, Events Coordinator              David Backal                                        Personnel: Eric Clayman
Shari Smith, Marketing &                                                    
                                            Board committees
       Membership Coordinator                                               Religious School: Staci Tinkelman,            Adult Ed: Myra Gutin                         Marilyn Doane & Hilary Platt
Amy Kaplan, Librarian           Budget & Finance: Karen Schlessel    
Ronit Boyd: Director of
              Community Life           Catering: Lauren Soll                Ritual Advisory: Howard Joffe                
Chaim Respes: USY Advisor              College Connection: Gloria Back      Scrip: David Lieberman &                              Renee Rudolph
Tammy Kornfeld: Kadima Advisor         Construction & Endowments:                             Alan Wilen                  Singles: Norma Kamis
Tracey Rebock, Machar Advisor             Early Childhood: Jodi Laufgraben &   Sisterhood: Leslie Breslau
Amanda Ross, Chaverim Advisor                   Meredith Becker                              Social Action: Cathy Backal &
                                                  Michele Billig
                                                                            Technology: Stuart Sauer
                                                                            USY President: Sarah Raff
                         Memorial Chapels, Inc.                             
                                                                            Web Site: Morton Kanovsky
                  Bernard A. Platt, Director NJ Lic. No. 3480
                   Harry A. Platt, Manager NJ Lic. No. 3824                 Young Associates: Michael Markoff
                    Alison Platt, Director NJ Lic. No. 4542                
                                                                                     Don Melnick
                2001 Berlin Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-3794                
                   856.428.9442           800.262.9442                      Youth Commission: David Breslau

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