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					Losing weight is really quite simple if you have strong will but the problem is that
most of us just don't have it when it comes to eating and exercising. This is where
Forever Body Transformation comes in…

Instead of selling based on rapid weight loss, Forever Body Transformation
emphasized the need for permanent changes. They were very clear about how
permanent weight loss required hard work and commitment.

What is in the Forever Body Transformation system?

The Forever Body Transformation system comes with over 200 fitness training
videos showing you everything you need
to do to maximize your weight loss and
maintain a healthy weight.

It also includes a full Ebook that is a
detailed step-by-step action plan to
making sure you hit your weight loss

A 60 day risk free trial. Of course there
are a lot of hype and less-than-stellar
weight loss systems on the market.

These folks want to make sure you’re
confident in trying their weight loss
system and back that up with a no hassle money back guarantee.

They’re confident that once you take action and use the Forever Body
Transformation system that you’ll see excellent results if you put the effort in.

52 hours of LIVE group coaching with creators of Forever Body Transformation.

Awesome, right?

4 simple secrets to lose up to 40% of your body weight!

Where to Begin in Forever Body Transformation

Even the most experienced of us sometimes have trouble figuring out exactly what
our skill level is. Since FBT is designed to work directly with your needs, however, it’s
important for you to figure out what your fitness level is and, as a result, where you
should begin in the program. Here are some a general guidelines that you can use to
figure out which exercise phase you should start out with.

If you have not been active for at least 6 months, start with Section 1 of the Exercise
Phase you’ve selected.

What does ‘not active’ mean? Perhaps you’re coming back from an injury or illness
and have not been very mobile for several months. Maybe you have never had much
experience with exercise, or have a very sedentary lifestyle. In this type of scenario,
you would probably not be able to run for more than a few minutes at a time. If you
have been moderately active for at least 6 months, start with Section 2 of the Exercise
Phase you’ve selected.

What does ‘moderately active’ mean? Maybe you enjoy going for walks on hikes on
occasion. Maybe you have young children who keep you active playing ball or riding
bikes. In this type of scenario, you would probably be able to jog or run a relaxed
mile, which means sustaining a jog or run pace for at least 10 minutes. If you have
been consistently active for at least a year, start with the Phase 3 of the Exercise
Phase you’ve selected.

What does ‘consistently active’ mean? If you have been consistently active, you are
regularly engaged by and committed to active exercise. Perhaps you jog every
morning or go for a hike after work every other weekday. In this type of scenario, you
might be capable of running a 5k at a reasonable pace.

Transitioning up through the Sections of each Phase

Just as it’s difficult for many of us to assess our own skills and find a starting point, it
can be equally hard to really know when we have acquired the skills we need to take
things up to the next level, especially when we’re working independently. A good rule
of thumb with FBT is to move from Section 1 to Section 2 (or from Section 2 to
Section 3) when you’ve been able to perform all the exercises in your current phrase
for at least TWO weeks with ease.

Maintaining Flexibility in your Routine

Now, working out in one of the exercise phases (say Bodyweight) doesn’t mean that
you necessarily are stuck there. That wouldn’t be very flexible of us, would it? And,
after all, that’s what we’ve been promising all along! All of the exercises here are
made to work together. Don’t feel that you can’t mix and match, if you like. Maybe
you start out in Bodyweight and then get a gym membership for your birthday… move
on to the Gym Access phase, not a problem! Or mix the two together, if you’ve really
developed some favorites in Bodyweight along the way.

The point is that you can make it work for you! Again, all the exercises work in
harmony— even if you’ve achieved the highest levels this program has to offer, you
can still benefit from everything you’ve learned up until that point.

Taking a Break
One thing every active person needs to know is when and how to rest. When you
reach the higher levels of the program, for example, you might consider taking a
“break”, in the sense that you might return to the Bodyweight Phase and give your
body some time to recuperate from the stress of your high-level workouts.

You would be amazed at how many professional athletes, even, don’t realize that they
have to rest once in a while. Plus, taking some downtime allows your body to learn…
as any pianist might tell you, for example, their fingers or hands do a lot of “learning”
when they’re not actually playing, but in the downtime after strenuous practice.

There’s also the important issue of variety to consider. Variety in exercise— as with
variety in nutrition— keeps the body interested and keen to keep on going. Your body
is a dynamic, multi-faceted system that wants to work, move, and engage in as many
ways as possible. Let it!

Few Words From The Creators Of Forever Body Transformation

Forever Body Transformation is about incorporating change across the spectrum of
your life. Nutrition is a critical part of that, the biggest part of that, as we’ve
mentioned. One of the most critical elements, however, is realizing that being active
can happen anywhere and at any time. You don’t necessarily need to be a gym rat or
own thousands of dollars in equipment to get yourself on track to a healthier life.

As trainers, we’ve seen people time after time fall off the weight loss track simply
because of a small schedule change in their lives— maybe the time of a weekly
meeting changes or your son’s soccer game switches to Saturdays. Just like that you
think you no longer have time for yourself. Maybe there’s too much traffic on the way
to the gym, maybe you forgot your change of clothes… whatever the excuse, it’s easy
for any and all of us to throw our commitment right out the window when small
changes like this occur.

With this in mind, we designed this program to go with you… and stay with you. Got
15 minutes to yourself in your office during lunch? Great. That works. Got a bit of old
equipment at home that you’ve been wanting to put to use, but don’t know quite how?
Fine. That works, too. A gym devotee with a membership at a world-class facility with
every piece of equipment under the sun? Sure, we can make that interesting, too.

No matter where you are or what lifestyle you need, you will find what you need in
Forever Body Transformation.

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Description: The Forever Body Transformation system comes with over 200 fitness training videos showing you everything you need to do to maximize your weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.