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									          Plastic Surgery – How it came into practice and where it is today

Plastic Surgery or cosmetic surgery is an emerging medical treatment for improving looks and
features through miner to major surgeries. This is very much in vogue and demand these days as
people are getting more concerned about their physical structure and do want to improve it if
possible by any means. This is a surgery based therapy which corrects body tissues to bring change
in the way external body looks like. This is helpful not only in repairing deformities of the body
structure, but can also improve functional deficiencies in many cases. Plastic surgery cannot be said
a new science as there have been some instances in ancient times to. This can sure be called an
innovative and improved way of doing the things though. Mostly it is being used to enhance beauty
and cosmetic features of the body today. It brings physical changes in the way body looks but
makes considerably difference to the psychological sides too. It makes the person more confident
about his personality hence improves his/her performance too.

The history has it that the plastic surgery had been in use in ancient India. There are several old
stories wherein plastic surgery was practiced to correct broken limbs such as nose or ears of the
soldiers who had lost or got them damaged during war or otherwise. Part of the skin was severed
from some other parts of the body and sewed at the distorted place to give it normal look. The
process later developed in the form of rhinoplasty. It has also been found being practiced in Egypt
in the process of correcting body structure of the diseased with a view to make it appear more
beautiful in the other world. The concept of cosmetic surgery started gaining popularity during AD
129-216 when it developed as an obsession among people to improve their physical looks. There
are many incidences from the period wherein rich and famous got their nose changed to improve
their facial beauties.

In the middle era, the art or say science got restricted from the religious leaders as a sinful act. They
declared it a forbidding practice especially because of the blood loss it involved and possibilities of
ill practices of black-magic that those so-called physicians were suspected to be practicing. It
resurrected after a long time when new practitioners of the medical science introduced innovative
method to perform it during Renaissance time. It was practiced extensively during the World War II
(around ‘40s) when a lot many soldiers got their body parts damaged during fight. Several
successful attempts were made during the period to reshape jaws, repair broken noses, and filling
holes in the bodyline.

This can be said to be the most advanced period in the history of plastic surgery or cosmetic
surgery. There are several way and methods to perform distinguished operations such as
liposuctions, nose lift, tummy tucks, double eyelids, breast augmentation or reduction and more.
Today there are several advanced techniques available such as microdermabrasion, laser, collagen
injection, and chemical peels to make the job easier, efficient and affordable.

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