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                                             Vehicle Tracking System

                                             Vehicle Scheduling and Maintenance System

                                             Vehicle Tracking System

                                             Job Management and MIS Reporting

                                             Monitoring System
    SYSTEM                                   Advanced Safety Features
     Real Time Tracking
     Real time fleet status on
     Google map
     Auto Route Optimization
     Customized Geo- Fence
     Speed Vigilance and over
     speeding report                 Road transport in India is a dominant            This      solution     ensures    secure
     Tracking On Time Delivery       Segment in India’s transportation sector.        transportation of good across terrains. It
     Remote Vehicle immobilization   It not only adds to economic development         gives you visibility beyond your line of
                                     but also plays a vital role in social            sight with intuitive real time vehicle
                                     integrations of country because of easy          tracking interface for your computer and
                                     accessibility, door to door service.             smartphone accessible through internet.
    MAINTENANCE SYSTEM                                                                The solution comprises features to
     Task Scheduling for half load   Understanding its importance as life line,       provide real time information of vehicle
     and full load                   Fleet robo trucking and logistic solution is     during transit. The fleet operator can
                                     been developed with an objective:-               track real time location and movement of
     Vehicle Maintenance Report
                                     a. To empower transporters envisage              vehicle in transit on digital map. It
     Tire log Report                                                                  ensures safe and destined transportation
                                         themselves work with efficient Global
     Loan Payment, Insurance,            Standard.                                    of goods across India.
     Annual Check up                 b. To enhance vehicle productivity and
                                                                                      In-Vehicle devices used in this solution
                                         output with optimization                     are robust and designed to work
                                     c. To streamline process and record              effectively in adverse conditions and in
                                         management         for         resource      different climatic conditions.
                 fleet robo

                                      IN-VEHICLE TRACKING DEVICE

      Consolidated Reports
      Driver Profile Management/
      PUC/ insurance
      Automatic Mail and Alerts
      Instant SMS Alerts
      Status Reporting For

MONITORING SYSTEM                                   SPECIFICATIONS:-
  It monitors the safe
                                           Two Way Data Communication Support
  transportation of humidity
                                           Geo-Fence Function
  and temperature sensitive                Build-In Motion Sensor To Save Traffic Cost
  goods.                                   Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Back-Up Battery 850mah

  Heat sensors which brings                8m Build-In Memory For Data Logging
                                           External GSM And GPS Antenna
  alarm so that product damage
                                           Virtual Odometer
  could be controlled                      Ota Configuration
                                           8-30 V Input Range
                                           Operating Temp. Range : -20℃~+70℃
                                           Storage Temp Range : -30℃~+85℃
                                           Humidity Range         : 5%~95%

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