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					Mindy Pordes Has Had a
 Long and Successful
   Real Estate Career
Mindy Pordes – An Experienced Real Estate

Mindy Pordes has been working in real estate for
more than 20 years. She has achieved a lot in this
field both individually and as a part of the team.
Whether it is sales, management, market entry or
new business development, she has proved herself in
each and every area. Many times she has achieved
record sales in the most difficult and challenging
market conditions and that too in a quick time. She
is a person who has a lot of drive and energy and
she likes to take initiative.
Mindy Pordes Is Familiar With Trends Of
Real Estate Sector

Real estate has always been a difficult field to excel
in and in the current economic and market scenario,
it has become even more difficult. It takes a special
person to succeed and deliver in such circumstances
and it is not something that anyone will be able to
do. She has all the qualities that are required for
becoming a good real estate executive. Besides
having excellent communication and presentation
skills she is also computer savvy and has thorough
knowledge of MS Word, Excel and CMS.
Mindy Pordes Has Worked With Several

Ms. Pordes has been providing on site real estate sales
and marketing services to various clients for last many
years. The list of people with whom she has worked
includes investment funds, banks, equity partners, banks,
lenders and developers. She has previously worked with
MARKA-TECH ASSOCIATES, INC where she directed pre
construction sales and office operations. Over the years,
she has achieved individual and team success in sales,
sales management, new business development, and
market entry in highly ground breaking programs for
improving sales strategy and this helped her company to
earn millions of dollars as profit.
Mindy Pordes Has A Long History In Real Estate
Management And Marketing

She got her real estate license at a young age of 22. She started
her career while working in a boutique firm. There, she sold
hundreds of residential properties in the Aventura Sunny Isles,
Miami Beach and Downtown Miami. She was awarded with
Salesperson of the Month several times as she achieved the
highest volume of real estate sales in a short time period. She has
worked in the field of real estate sales, management and
marketing for a long period of time.
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