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					Kailash Vijayvargiya
    At the Republic Day Parade
      Nehru Stadium, Indore
At the Republic Day – 26th Jan‘13

                     Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya
                     was honored to be the
                     Chief guest at the Nehru
                     Stadium, Indore this 26th
                     January 2013
The Flag Hoisting Ceremony

                  The Flag hoisting ceremony
                  was that memorable
                  moment when every
                  Indian’s head was held high
                  with a sense of pride and
The Republic Day Parade
               The Scout and Guides
               paraded at the Nehru

               The Parade was one such
               moment where the future
               Indians stood shining and
               determined to strive for
               nation’s respect.

               The BJP Cabinet Minister
               appreciated the efforts and
               wished them luck for
The Patriotic Performance

                 Young students from the
                 local schools performed on
                 various patriotic songs
                 spreading the message of
                 equality and secularism
Various Activities