Mizoram Tourist place Attractions by VirginiaLuther


									     Deviate Yourself to a World of Surprise with Mizoram

Mizoram is a Christian populated state which lies towards the southern most corner of
the North Eastern states. It shares its borders with Assam, Manipur and Tripura.
Mizoram tourist place attractions flourishes in endless valleys covered with rich and
abundant surroundings. Mizoram in India has an abundant deep valleys veiled with rich
and ample surroundings filled with a vast variety of flora and fauna.

Trekking in Mizoram is simply excellent and exciting.. There are about in Mizoram
varying from 1,179 m to 2,157 m in altitude. The peaks also offers plenty range to
travellers who are fond of adventure sports such as mountaineering and climbing.
Enjoy the scenery of Mizoram tourist place attractions enveloped with abundant wild
flowers, wonderful landscape, local people, conversing & dancing people. There are
routes, which rise steeply, and which go around local villages, passing through forests
of rhododendron. It is this very charm that attracts the spiritual joy that trekkers have
found to be.

Adventure lovers can head to the following places to indulge in Mizoram adventure:

A Mizroam tour takes you to this bustle commercial town that lies around 192 km from
Aizwal. Champai serves as a good base for the trekkers specially during the spring.
Tourists can also view the rhododendrons in around. Just 5 km away from the
Ruantland, there lies a traditional village of Mizos. A visit to the village will offer you to
view the age-old traditional Mizo way of life.

Phawangpui is recognized as the Blue Mountain. It is the highest peak in Mizoram.
Phawangpuilies 7, 100 feet above the sea level. The whole plateau is a garden of
rhododendron surrounded by gorgeous trees and flowers of all shapes. Travellers can
also enjoy the stunning views of the blue hazed hills and valleys. This is the place that
serves as a venue for Mountaineering in Mizoram.

Lunglei Town
If you are among those who love natural beauty, then do not skip this place. This
beautiful Mizoram tourist place attractions offers you full extent to enjoy the cool and
pleasant climate, natural landscape and rich flora. You can also find the remains of the
British Missionaries and the first church of Mizoram.

Phawngpui National Park
Phawngpui National Park is located at 2175 m above sea level. This park is known
among the popular Mizoram tourist place attractions. With a surrounding area of 3000
sq m, the park boasts of rich flora and fauna. Tourists can view different animals like
tigers, sambar deer, hoolog gibbon, bear and serow.

Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari is occupied by leopard, deer, swamp, elephant and tiger. Mizoram takes
arrogance in its rich variety of wild life that you can see in the Dampa Sanctuary. It is
situated at the north western tip of the Mizo hills. And it was established in the year
1976. Best time to visit the sanctuary is from November to March. The rivers, plains,
peaks and the lakes are the popular treasures of Mizoram.

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