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					<H1> 7 Kingston MMA Facts</H1>

<H2> Kingston MMA: mixed martial arts history facts</H2>

<H3> Kingston MMA: facts on mixed martial arts benefits and safety</H3>

If you go online to look up a good martial art sport in Kingston for you to train in, you may find many
Kingston MMA ads and web sites. Want to know what MMA stands for and how this martial art can
become a part of your life? Read on and learn some of the top 7 facts on MMA, its history and benefits.

Now, MMA stands for mixed martial arts. You may find several Kingston MMA schools to train in this type
of combat sport. Here are some facts for you to learn more about MMA to make that decision.

1. MMA is an ancient type of combat sport

The roots of mixed martial arts go deep in the history of the ancient world. In fact, they date back to
ancient Olympics, where the similar type of combat sport was called pankration. It combined several
different fighting styles and had very strict rules to follow.

2. Mixed martial arts is not a high risk type of sport

According to statistics, professional athletes get more traumas in such sports as boxing or hockey, then in
MMA. This sport has strict rules to follow and pros have to get very well trained to do professional fighting.
All this minimizes the amount of physical damage done to them during the cage fights.

3. You need to know the rules

It’s a good thing to do to learn the MMA rules first and only then attend a Kingston MMA school to learn
the fighting. Some people may view this sport as a burst out of aggression, when it is not. The athletes
know and follow the rules to the letter.

4. MMA athletes are matched against each other in professional fighting

Following the rules the match makers match the athletes by their weight, so none of them would have any
unfair physical advantage over the other.

5. MMA athletes may live right in your neighborhood

Mixed martial arts sport is no longer a TV sport only. You may find many MMA athletes living right in your
area. As it was mentioned, there are several Kingston MMA schools, which train people and teach them this
self-defense technique and sport.
6. MMA is a healthy type of sport

Mixed martial arts provide you with excellent cardio training. Besides, you need to do a fair amount of
general exercising along with the fighting to build up your overall physical strength. So, it keeps you healthy
and consequently, it opens up a way to live a longer and happier life.

7. MMA is good for your self-esteem

Learning the MMA fighting and self-defense techniques you become more self-confident and able to stand
up for yourself and your loved ones. Plus, you become more confident in your body performance and looks,
as MMA gives you the look and walk of a well-trained athlete.

As you may see, all these MMA facts showcase you the benefits of getting trained in mixed martial arts. You
may find experienced teachers, large and clean facilities and well equipped gym for doing your Kingston
MMA training at Martial Arts aXis School.

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