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Magnipic have designed a site for you that would assist you with your home design and with a personal and unique statement in your living room. The use of the various artistic effects we offer in the site will assist to bring together your personal statement and your home interior design. The age of digital photography demands us to pay close attention when we deal with blowing up images and printing them, in such a way that the final result will resemble the original. Whether this refers to printing your photos on canvas, photo paper or wallpaper, we use the most advanced technologies in order to guarantee the best results for you, our customers.
Magnipic is committed to preserve for you, our customers, the intensity of the experience you've captured with the camera, in an image that would express the various unique qualities of each and every one of you, and which will celebrate your special moments in colors.

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									3 Steps To Make Your Loved
     Ones Feel Special
Thinking Of Gifting Something
An online photos on canvas/ canvas
     printing service in the US
Give Your Memories A Personal Touch

 Get your loved ones a memorable gift -
 print on canvas a wonderful photo
      Its’ Simple!!!    STEP

Choose a Picture
Upload your image
from your PC, digital
camera or from a
scanned file

Upload to Magnipic
Select the size (up to
85 inches!), and turn
your picture into an
Fast Delivery
Select your desired        STEP
treatment, and your
picture is on its way to
your home!
Enjoy it!
Your picture will
remind you great
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616 Corporate Way,
Suite 2 Valley Cottage,
NY 10989-2050
Email :
Toll Free: 866-996-5757

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