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									                        Should You Buy Huawei B683 or Huawei B593?

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These days, we found some customers are in trouble of how to Choose the wireless router
between Huawei B683 and B593?

Frankly speaking, it's a good question for those users who are committed to Huawei brand. Based
on reliable quality and performance in network connection, Huawei routers had crashed to CISCO
WLAN routers to some extent.

Then how to determine which router among Huawei routers? Take Huawei B683 and B593 as
example, which one is better? For most users who want to buy router, the question should be
“which one is appropriate?"

To answer "which one is better" is easy; Huawei B593 is 4G LTE CPE which supports maximum
download speed up to 100 Mbps and 50Mbps at uplink. With latest new technology, users could
surf at revolutionary speed without latency. The two MIMO antennas can help B593 to reach the
fastest possible speed.
However, Huawei B683 3G Wireless Router could only run on 3G UMTS and 2G network, it can't
work with 4G LTE network. And the maximum speed could reach only 28.8Mbps, which is only a
quarter of speed from B593. There is only one external antenna connector on Huawei B683. So
there is no doubt that Huawei B593 is much better than Huawei B683.

But should you buy Huawei B593 rather than Huawei B683?As the professional consult in
wireless solution, the writer suggests users should have a second thought and the decision

If you buy the router for SOHO, home or office, in most of cases, Huawei B683 is enough to
support the Internet activities based on the current 3G network. According to the practical test
for 4G LTE CPE HUAWEI B593, the peak speed can’t reach 35Mbps with good network
environment under LTE network. And to use new 4G service, the service fee is not at the similar
price as 3G.

There is no doubt that HUAWEI B593 LTE CPE would finally replace HUAWEI B683 Wireless Router.
From a long-term point of view, 4G LTE network will become common. Since the LTE is just at
the beginning, for the users concerning about the cost, HUAWEI B683 would be appropriate
for current usage.

If you need router for the wireless network solution in a project, concerning the future network
upgrade and function is more important than cost, HUAWEI B593 LTE CPE should be the first
option. This LTE CPE B593 is born to meet the industrial applications after time and time test.

Above is my opinion for user’s reference, if you need them, you could check the site for unlocked routers.

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