Wool Removed From Drivers’ Eyes With New Online Car Insurance Comparison Tool by kalai7


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									Wool Removed From Drivers’ Eyes With New Online Car Insurance Comparison

CompCompare to give drivers the power to navigate car insurance chaos

Melbourne, Australia, January 29, 2013 -- Australian car owners now have
access to greater insurance transparency through a new online
“comprehensive cover checker”, which allows drivers to compare their
existing policy against other leading competitors’ offerings.

CompCompare is an online tool that summarises some of the key aspects of
individual car insurance policies, such as cover and service, across
major brands and multiple dimensions. Developed by Progressive Direct
Insurance Company, which offers insurance online-only, the tool aims to
help take the confusion out of comparing comprehensive car insurance

Progressive’s Australian Manager, Simon Lindsay says the tool is a step
towards giving more power back to consumers, and with a few clicks, can
help consumers feel comfortable that switching to a cheaper policy won’t
compromise their level of material cover or service features.

“As an industry, we should always be looking to improve clarity and
transparency for the consumer. The current model of comparing policies in
Australia can be overwhelming – with multiple product disclosure
statements to read and call centre conversations to endure – the overload
of information makes it very hard for drivers to understand what they are
actually signing up for.

“If a car owner finds a much cheaper policy than their current provider
offers CompCompare helps make it easy to see how insurance options weigh
up at a high level, allowing consumers to eliminate brands that don’t
offer the right cover or service combination for their needs. Once a
consumer has narrowed down their options, it will mean only reading
perhaps one or two more detailed product disclosure statement reviews.
This helps drivers get the policy with the best possible value, while
potentially saving them hundreds in annual insurance premiums,” he says.

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