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									We are so excited about offering this                                           Schedule
Midwifery Cruise Conference for such an
amazing fee. What an incredible value! We          Sat     Set Sail at 4:00 PM!
have chosen February to have the cruise                    (We recommend you get to the Dock
because it is "off" season for cruises and the             between Noon - 2 PM. Lines can be
costs are much lower at this time of year. We              long)
have kept the line-up of speakers small for a
couple of reasons. First, this is one way we       Sun
have kept the costs and overhead lower.            8:30 AM Keynote Address by Janet Dirmeyer,
Secondly, this will afford us time to spend with          LM/CPM. Serves on the Texas
the speakers on a much more personal level.               State Midwifery Board, State Grievance
Thirdly, we wanted to offer a conference that             Committee
is not cluttered with so many workshops that       9 AM   Anne Frye: All You Need to Know About
there simply is no time to spend with each
                                                          The Pelvic Floor
other. What an opportunity to get to know
midwives from all over the USA.                    Noon   Lunch
                                                   2 PM   Ida Darragh, LM, CPM. The NARM board
Remember, you must register for both the                   and NARM testing.
Carnival Cruise and the Conference.                5 PM
                                                          End of Sessions
                                                          "You Might Be a Midwive's Husband                  Oceans of
    To register for the conference go to                   if..." (This will be better than the vagina
         HoustonMidwives.org                                monologues.)
                                                           There will be games (dominos, cards) on the
                                                           deck every night (late) for all those late
                                                           night folks.                                      Cruise February
                                                   Mon & Tues - Ports of Call                                                  4th - 9th
                                                   9 AM    Gail Tulley: Resolving Shoulder Dystocia
                                                   Noon    Lunch
                                                   2 PM
                                                   3 PM
                                                           Anne Frye, Issues of Cord Clamping
                                                           Bill Jack Davis: Dealing with Difficult Clients
                                                                                                             5 Day Western Caribbean
                                                   5 PM    End of Sessions                                   cruise for midwives and their
                                                   Thurs - Arrive in Houston at 8:00 AM                      families
                                                           (It can take until noon to debark so plan
                                                                                                             Explore ancient Mayan
                                                                                                             ruins. Wander pristine beaches.
            Other Important
                                                                                                             Snorkel on coral reefs. Enjoy
                                                                                                             lively cantinas or lazy beaches.
          Numbers & Websites
              Galveston Hotels                                                                               Best of all learn practical
        m.galveston.com/islandhotels/                                                                        skills and the latest information
                                                                                                             from engaging speakers.
        Shuttle Service from airports
         galveston limosine services
        galvestonlimousineservice.com                                                                        Register Today
                800-640-4826                                                                                 at HoustonMidwives.org
2012 Midwifery Cruise Conference                                                                           TRAVEL INFORMATION
We are thrilled to offer the very first North
American Midwifery Cruise Conference.                                                              We recommend flying into Hobby Airport
HoustonMidwives.org will be offering                                                               as it is the closest. However, shuttles are
CEU's and ACNM CEU's are pending.                                                                  available from both Hobby and
                                                                                                   Intercontinental Airports. Our travel agent
We encourage you to go online to                                                                   can assist you with all your travel
CARNIVAL.COM to check out the NEW                                                                  arrangements.
ship, Carnival Triumph and all the
activities available.                                                                                   Contact Cheri: 877-367-0520
Excursions in ports of call are extra and are the
responsibility of each participant. We recommend
                                                                                                   If you are flying in from states where
you attend all information sessions on the ship and                                                weather can effect your flight schedule, we
take the time to read all literature provided by                                                   recommend you come in the night before
Carnival. Your cabin steward will slip a bulletin                                                  and stay at one of the Galveston Hotels. If
under your door every night with daily offers and                                                  you opt to take a shuttle from one of the
discounts. Any questions see Janet Dirmeyer or                                                     Houston airports be prepared to pay
seek help at the lobby desk. You will be asked to                                                  approximately $100.00. Renting a car
put an amount of money down on your sailing card                                                   might be more cost effective. Also note
when you check in. NO ONE accepts cash on the                        SPEAKERS                      that it can take up to 2 hours to get from
ship, except for gratuity left for your steward,                                                   the airports to Galveston.
waiters & maitre d'. Be careful! Those cute             Anne Frye, CPM, author of many
little drinks can add up. Interesting tidbit...Room
service is FREE! (Except alcoholic beverages)           popular midwifery texts and the soon
                                                        to be released, Female Anatomy in 3-D,
                                                        -- Session Topic: Everything You Need To
                                                        Know About the Pelvic Floor & Issues of
We will be eating together in                           Cord Clamping
the same formal dining room
each night. The time will be
noted on your Carnival
Sailing Card issued at                                  Gail Tulley, BS, CPM, CD (DONA) author
                                                        of The Belly Mapping Workbook and
        Register for the Conference
                                                        -- Session Topics: Resolving Shoulder
Complete the Online Registration Form at                Dystocia
houstonmidwives.org OR mail the following information
and payment to GHMA, 21810 Raven Tree Ct, Porter, TX
                                                        Bill Jack Davis, MA, LPC-S, LMFT
Full Name
Address                                                 -- Session Topics: How to Deal with                          Go To
Phone #                                                 Difficult Clients; You Might Be A
                                                        Midwife's Husband If...                      HoustonMidwives.org
Conference Cost                                                                                             For Registration
         $200 if paid by 9/30/11
         $250 after 10/1/11
                                                        Ida Darragh, LM, CPM. She is the as the         & Additional Information
                                                        chairperson on the NARM board and she is
Cruise Cost (Contact Cheri @ 877-367-0520 for
                                                        also over the NARM testing.
                                                                                                        Or Call Janet Dirmeyer at
current cruise prices & registration)
Prices range from $389-$559. (Cabins at these
prices are limited, BOOK NOW!)

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