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									General Santos City and its Businesses
General Santos City is a highly urbanized port city found in the southernmost part of Mindanao. Its
growing economy is encompassed by its substantial industries and local businesses. Taking into
account, Gen San is viewed as a prominent location that has good predictions for its real estate, tourism
and hotel industry. Livelihood opportunities in General Santos City at present are comprised of these
principal industries.

Fishing Industry

Situated so close to the sea, Gen San highlights a massive fishing industry most especially its prized catch
of tuna. This industry is one of the biggest supporters of the country. Considered as a 5-billion peso
industry, fishing covers 4% of the country’s GNP.

Most of the top companies in General Santos are canning plants and cargo services to service the
distribution of its fishes. The city harvests the best tunas in the country and is widely exported all over
the world. Five star hotels and first class restaurants highly recommend Gen San’s prized catch.

Agricultural Industry

From the richness of the waters, resources from the land are abundant as well. Export quality goods
that come from the city are coconut, pineapples, bananas and rice. The city also produces a mass of
poultry, hogs and cattle.

Farmers in the city are well-trained with up to date methods and equipment. On the other hand,
manufacturing in the city is done in state of the art plants. Small and private businesses are also one of
the livelihood options in the city.

Retail Industry

Shopping is a main topic especially in a highly urbanized city. Gen San's retail industry is diverse and is in
a boost as well. The city is the shopping capital of the Soccsksargen Region. The area is surrounded by
numerous shopping areas such as malls and department stores, even little souvenir shops. The options
range from local to imported, accessories to appliances.

Building an acceptable lifestyle in General Santos and looking for a living garners many possibilities by
looking at its economical state. Having the combination of the urban atmosphere that welcomes a
positive outlook on livelihood and leisure, Gen San truly is a good city.

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