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Dukascopy Bank Review 2013


Overview of Dukascopy Bank features and characteristics, including clients coverage and regulation, account types, markets covered, commission structure, trading technology, educational resources, available analysis and research tools, and customer support facilities.

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									     Review of

Dukascopy Bank
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                   Company Profile
Registered Name:   Dukascopy Bank SA
Headquarters:      Route de Pre-Bois 20
                   1217 Meyrin
Foundation:        1998
Status:            Bank
Entity Level:      Parent Company

1/28/2013        - Dukascopy Bank Review   3
            Broker Type
• Forex

1/28/2013 - Dukascopy Bank Review   4
                International Reach
Clients Coverage:             International - over 75% international clients
US Clients Allowed:           No
Not Accepting Clients From:   United States
Website Languages:            Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,
                              Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

1/28/2013        - Dukascopy Bank Review                    5
              Regulation and Safety
Regulated:           Yes
Regulators:          FINMA (Switzerland)
Money Segregation:   Yes

1/28/2013         - Dukascopy Bank Review   6
             Accounts and Opening
Types of Accounts:             Managed Account
                               Retail Account
                               Service Provider
                               Standard Account
Account Opening Process:       Paper Form
Time To Open an Account:       1-3 Days

1/28/2013         - Dukascopy Bank Review   7
                       Account Types
Demo Account:                     Yes
Islamic (Swap-Free) Account:      Yes
Managed Account:                  Yes
MAM/PAMM Account:                 Yes
Portfolio Management Account:     Yes
Retirement Account:               No

1/28/2013        - Dukascopy Bank Review   8
            Currencies and Funding
Account Currencies:   AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, JPY, PLN, SGD, USD
Funding Options:      Bank Wire, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron

1/28/2013       - Dukascopy Bank Review            9
            Exchanges and Partners
Member of Exchanges:   N/A
Partners:              Dukascopy Europe

1/28/2013      - Dukascopy Bank Review   10
            Underlyings Covered
• Commodities
• Currencies (Exotic)
• Currencies (Majors)
• Currencies (Minors)

1/28/2013 - Dukascopy Bank Review   11
• Forex: Depending on the services used by
  the client, various commissions may
• Min. deposit (Margin): $5,000.00 for Non-
  Swiss Residents
• Min. deposit (Margin): $1,000.00 for Swiss

1/28/2013 - Dukascopy Bank Review   12
            Trading Platforms
• JForex by Dukascopy
• SwissFX Mobile by
• SwissFX Web by

1/28/2013 - Dukascopy Bank Review   13
            Trading Channels
Web:        Yes
Desktop:    Yes
Mobile      Yes

1/28/2013 - Dukascopy Bank Review   14
                 Integrated Modules
News:                             No
Charts:                           No
Indicators and Studies:           Yes
Custom Indicators:                No

1/28/2013        - Dukascopy Bank Review   15
                     Trading Features
One-Click Trading:                N/A
Chart Trading:                    No
Hedging:                          Yes
Scalping:                         Yes
Fractional Pips:                  Yes
Guaranteed Stop-Losses:           No

1/28/2013        - Dukascopy Bank Review   16
EA (Expert Advisors) Allowed:      Yes
Social Trading (Follow/Copy):      No
Custom Auto-Trading System:        No
DDE Capabilities:                  Yes

1/28/2013         - Dukascopy Bank Review   17
                        Order Types
Market Order:          No
Limit Order:           Yes
Stop Order:            No
Trailing Stop Order:   No
OCO Orders:            No

1/28/2013       - Dukascopy Bank Review   18
                       Forex Execution
Dealing Desk (DD):                     No
Non-Dealing Desk (STP):                Yes
       Instant Execution:              Yes
       Direct Market Access:           Yes
ECN:                                   Yes

1/28/2013             - Dukascopy Bank Review   19
                 Forex Spreads
Spread Type:   Variable
EUR/USD:       0,8
USD/JPY:       0,8
GBP/USD:       1,3
USD/CHF:       1,2
AUD/USD:       0,9
USD/CAD:       1,1

1/28/2013   - Dukascopy Bank Review   20
Platform Guides:     Yes
Seminars:            Yes
Webinars:            Yes
Tutorials:           Yes
Personal Coaching:   No

1/28/2013         - Dukascopy Bank Review   21
            Tools, Analysis & Research
Charts:               Yes
News:                 Yes
Financial Calendar:   Yes
Screener:             No
Market Analysis:      Yes
Trade Strategies:     Yes
Online Community:     Yes

1/28/2013          - Dukascopy Bank Review   22
                     Customer Support
24/7 Support:                   Yes
Phone Support:                  Yes
Phone Dealing:                  Yes
Call-Back Support:              Yes
Email Support:                  Yes
Live Chat Support:              Yes
Skype Support:                  Yes
Personal Account Manager:       Yes

1/28/2013          - Dukascopy Bank Review   23
                                             Rating                    N
Average Rating by
                                               4,95                    3
Professional Review Sites:
Average External Sites Users
                                               3,23                    784
Average BrokersWiki Users
                                               3,83                    6
Weighted Average Final
                                               4,39                    793
Max. rating: 5.00

1/28/2013           - Dukascopy Bank Review         24
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