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					Friday, July 13, 2005

Mr. Paul Itishunn
MP, Moosetown
300 Garrison Rd.
Frye, ON
H0N 0R0


Dear Mr. Itishunn:

How many times have you heard people dismiss something with the expression, “That’s history!”? If
nothing else, this phrase seems to drive home the difference between currency and worth. Fortunately,
Canada’s heritage is not something we can dismiss with an overused and unfounded adage.

We know you value the history of our community, and as constituents of Moosetown, the Moosetown
Village Archive is honoured to invite you on a tour of our archives—all at a time of your convenience
within the next six months [or specify a date taking place no sooner than one month from when you
expect your MP to receive this invitation.] We anticipate the tour to last 45 minutes. [Here, mention
who will be in attendance]. We hope the tour will allow us to discuss our role in the community, as well
as the role of the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) nationwide.

Since inception in 1985, CCA has worked to promote the efforts of over 800 Canadian archives. CCA
collaborates with others to organize, preserve and open wide this treasure chest of resources—documents,
photographs, maps and audio-visual materials—for the benefit and use of all Canadians. Through such
initiatives as WWW.ARCHIVESCANADA.CA, the world may now access Canadian archival
information. Drawing in member institutions from every province and territory, CCA has established a
nationwide network of archival resources to serve the interests of all Canadians.

The Moosetown Village Archives is a proud member of this network. [Insert information about your
archives here, emphasizing the relevance of your archives to your community.]

Archives are at the heart of our identity as Canadians. We hope that by presenting you with the resources
available to our community, together we will encourage the use and support of our archives, and of
archives nationwide.

We’re looking forward to your response!

Yours sincerely,

[Name of Programme Contact, Title]

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