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					  The Message
CongregaTion BeTh Yeshurun
                                housTon, TX       January 2010/Tevet-Shevat 5770                  Vol. XLV, No. 6

                                          Shalom                       mely
                                                 with   Rabbi bRian StRauSS

                                          long life is not always an accident. Writer and longevity
                                          expert, Dan Buettner, in conjunction with the National
                                          Institute on Aging and the nation’s top gerontologists

Inside                            recently discovered that only about 25% of longevity is
                                  determined by genetics. The other 75% is largely determined by the choices we
                                  make every day.
 Politics and Religion with           The gerontologists discovered that the average American could live up to
  William Schneider Jan. 17       fourteen more good years by putting certain habits to work. As you will see,
                                  these habits are also ones that we as Jews can easily adopt.
                                       1. De-Stress – We all know that the 24/7 American lifestyle can be toxic.
 YES Group lunch Jan. 20              Today, over 30 million Americans suffer from sleeplessness. We are not
                                  getting enough quality time with our children and our spouses. Divorce rates
 Sisterhood Shabbat and          are at all time highs. And surveys say we as Americans are more unhappy than
  Rubenfeld Scholar               ever before.
                                       The gerontologists found most of the world’s longest-lived people incorporate
  Weekend Jan. 22-23              some form of meaningful downtime into their lives.
                                       Deep down, I think many of us understand, more than ever before, we do
 Cultural Arts Committee         need a break. We need Shabbat. In essence, Shabbat is an extra seven weeks
  Light Opera evening Jan. 24     plus of needed vacation time each year. Shabbat was developed by a tradition
                                  that is in the business of strengthening families, developing our spiritual insides,
                                  and bringing meaning to our lives. As we begin a new year, try it and see for
 Akiba Winter classes            yourself.
                                       2. Cultivate a Sense of Purpose – A study funded by the National Institutes
 Simcha Tree Honorees            of Health (NIH) found that people who are excited about life and feel that
                                  they’re making a difference tend to live longer (and healthier) lives than those
 Family Album and                who just “get by.”
                                       This new year, if you are not already, consider getting more involved at
  B’nai Mitzvah                   Beth Yeshurun. Whether it’s joining a committee, volunteering your time, or
                                  helping to teach our young, getting involved in the Jewish community can make
                                  a difference for yourself and countless others.

Looking Ahead                          3. Embrace Your Spiritual Side – It was discovered that faith is a key element
                                  that most centenarians have in common. People who attend religious services
                                  are about one-third less likely to die in a given period than those who don’t.
 Share the Magic Feb. 4          Those with spiritual beliefs were found to have less depression, better immunity,
                                  and even lower rates of heart disease.
                                       Come join us at Beth Yeshurun on Shabbat this year. Being at shul can be
 Cultural Arts Committee         one of the best ways to get in touch with your own spiritual side.
  Bezalel School lecture with          Other habits contributing to longevity included maintaining close family
  Dr. Alec Mishory Feb. 6         ties, daily physical activity, eating less meat and more healthy foods, and even
                                  drinking red wine in moderation.
                                       Whatever choices you make this New Year, I hope they will contribute to
 Annual Dinner and               making this year and many future years, healthy, happy, and peaceful ones for
  Meeting Feb. 14                 you and your loved ones.
beth YeShuRun welcomeS one                of   ameRica’S top newS commentatoRS

                                      SCHNEIDER      Senior Political Analyst

                              “POLITICS AND RELIGION”
                            Since 1990, William Schneider has been CNN’s top man when
                            it comes to political analysis. Schneider has been called “the
                            nation’s electionmeister’’ by The Washington Times and “the
                            Aristotle of American politics’’ by The Boston Globe. Campaigns
and Elections Magazine called him “the most consistently intelligent analyst on television.’’
He is a member of the CNN team that earned a Peabody for its 2008 election coverage.

 Sunday, January 17, 2010, 7:30 P Free

                     With Rabbi David and Marcie Rosen
                             June 6 - 17, 2010

                                           For complete details, download the
                                           colorful brochure and application by
                                           going online to
                                           - or call Norma in Rabbi Rosen’s office
                                           to mail you a copy.

                                           Limited spaces remain to be part of
                                           this extraordinary experience!
Akiba Class Schedule Winter 2010
2nd Term: January 10, 17, 24, 31; February 7, 21; March 7, 14, 21
February 14 = Yom Limmud @ Beth Israel, February 28 = Purim Carnival

Class                                                   Instructor                           Location*
9:00 – 10:00
Invitation to Judaism                                   Rabbi Morgen                         Zubowski A

10:00 – 11:00
How Conservative Judaism Differs                        Rabbi Rosen                          Stein Hall
Nuts & Bolts I                                          Rabbi Strauss                        Zubowski B
Beginning Hebrew                                        Deborah Cutler                       Zubowski A
Insights on the Torah                                   Rabbi Horwitz                        Board Room

11:00 – 12:00
Adult B’nai Mitzvah Hebrew                              Deborah Cutler                       Zubowski A
What Should a Modern Jew Believe?                       Rabbi Horwitz                        Board Room
Beit Tefillah (House of Prayer)                         Rabbi Morgen                         Freedman Levit Sanctuary
*Tentative locations. Check monitors for room locations.

Invitation to Judaism - This is a yearlong course geared especially for those thinking about conversion to Judaism. Major
beliefs, holidays, life cycle and other practices will be discussed.

How Conservative Judaism Differs - Since it’s founding, Conservative Judaism has defined itself through innovations
concerning the role of women and gays, what is kosher and what is not, prayer, and so much more. Using the decisions of our
movement's Law Committee, we will explore all the ways that Conservative Judaism differs from Orthodoxy.

Nuts & Bolts I - Reconstruct your understanding of Judaism. This is the first year of a two-year course which will survey
Jewish beliefs, holidays and life-cycle events. It is designed to enrich your understanding of the Jewish way of life and
thought. It will also serve as the first year of the Adult B’nai Mitzvah program.

Beginning Hebrew - Hebrew for the absolute beginner. Learn to recognize and read the aleph-bet, develop fluency in
reading and jump into reading of Hebrew prayers in the Siddur.

Insights on the Torah - The Torah is the – well, the “Bible” – of the Jewish people. But its wisdom is often concealed
amidst the stories that are told or the details of the rules and rituals. Rabbi Horwitz will bring the Torah’s wisdom to life by
examining closely selected passages of the Torah through the lenses of the great Jewish commentators.

Adult B’nai Mitzvah Hebrew - For those participating in the Adult B’nai Mitzvah program, this course will teach you how
to lead the prayers for Shabbat morning and to read your Torah and Haftarah portions.

What Should a Modern Jew Believe? - Since the Enlightenment many Jewish thinkers have re-examined traditional Jewish
beliefs in order to make sense of them in the modern world. Rabbi Horwitz will survey some of the great writings of
Abraham Joshua Heschel, Mordecai Kaplan, Arthur Green, Byron Sherwin, Eugene Borowitz, Neil Gillman, Louis Jacobs,
and Elliot Dorff. If these names are not familiar to you, you may be surprised to learn what they say about Jewish Beliefs in
the Modern World.
                                                                         Save the Date
                                                                       February 14, 2010
                                                                        Beth Yeshurun’s
                                                                        Annual Dinner
                              A Message from our President, Stuart Wilson
                    Congregation Beth Yeshurun, in furtherance of its mission to provide a spiritual,
                    learning and caring community, has established the Myrna E. Rudolph Tikkun Olam
                    award. Myrna embraced the philosophy and values of the "caring community"
                    tenet of our mission by participating in, and encouraging social interaction and Tik-
                    kun Olam in order to strengthen our congregation, the Houston community, our
                    families, our schools, the Jewish people, and Eretz Yisrael. At the 2010 Annual Dinner,
                    not only will Myrna's life be honored, but this award will be presented to Vicky and
Michael Richker who exemplify Myrna's spirit and the true meaning of Tikkun Olam. We hope you
will join us for this special evening.

        The Sisterhood of                                       Please join us as we honor
    the Traveling Candlesticks
                                                          DR. AL GORDON
     Please join us as we celebrate our annual
      Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood Shabbat

  Friday, January 22 6 p.m.
      Freedman – Levit
         Sanctuary                                       on the occasion of his retirement after serving
                                                          more than 30 years as Gabbai and Head Gabbai
    Followed by Dinner                                           at Congregation Beth Yeshurun
                                                                 Shabbat Morning, Jan. 23, 9:30 a.M.
   R.S.V.P. by January 18th
                                                                     FreedMan-Levit Sanctuary
  Your check is your reservation

   Adults $18 Children $10
                                                        Help to bring food for seniors in need
                                                              Help the Social Action committee support the JCC Meals-on-
 To make reservations or if you would like to par-      Wheels Grocery Donation Program. Please bring canned tuna or
                                                        chicken, soup of any kind, spaghetti and pasta sauce or canned pasta,
 ticipate in the service with your “special” candle-
                                                        saltines or peanut butter crackers, fruit cups, juice boxes, Ensure (liq-
        sticks, please contact Judy Zivley              uid dietary supplements), or any other non-perishable, single-serving
      at or 281.898.0039               foods to the synagogue or to the school. No desserts or sweets please,
                                                        as most clients are diabetic. You can make a difference!
Purim Carnival February 28, 2010
         Purim Carnival Sponsorship Form                             The Purim Carnival is coming!
         SpONSORShip & 3 FAmiLy pASSeS*
         SpONSORShip & 1 FAmiLy pASSeS*
                                                                       Sunday, February 28th!
         $250 LeVeL SpONSORShip & 1 FAmiLy pASS
         SpONSORShip LeVeL ONLy
                                                                           10:30 am - 2 pm
 $180    FAmiLy pASS pACKAGe*
                                                                                                  CAKE WALK
Presale: $20/60 tickets, $40/130 tickets, Family Pass $180
Available for pick up at BYDS beginning February 1, 2010                                           CAROUSEL
Day of Carnival:$30/60 tickets, $65/130 tickets, Family Pass $200                              CORN-ON-THE-COB
*FAmiLy pASSeS - includes unlimited attractions, one meal voucher                                FERRIS WHEEL
and snacks* for each person in the immediate family living in one                              KOSHER HOT DOGS
household.                                                                                        HUGE SLIDE
            SPoNSoRShIP oPPoRTUNITIES                                    MOONWALKS
    Please indicate what you would like to sPonsor                        ROCK WALL
__Rock Climbing Wall $1,000      __mechanical Bull $1,000              KOSHER SAUSAGE            New this year!!
__Swing Ride $1,000*             __2 Trains @ $1000 each                SWEET SHOPPE                 Swings
__huge Slide $500                __merry-go-Round $500
                                                                        TATTOO BOOTH             Basketball Hoops
__Bungee Trampoline $500         __2 moonwalks @ $500 each
                                                                           TRAINS                  Speed Pitch
__Ferris Wheel $500              __Speed pitch* $500                                              Jacob’s Ladder
__Basketball hoops* $500         __Jacob’s Ladder* $500
__pony Rides $500                __home Run T Ball* $500
__hi Striker $250                __inside Games $250 each                     Something for Everyone!
__Cupcake Walk $250              __Face painting Booth $250
__Sandy Candy Booth $250         __Tattoo Booth $250
__popcorn $250                   __Outside Games $250 each
*new this year!

i would like to be an individual sponsor
Name ________________________________________
phone# __________________________
e-mail ________________________________________
Full Name(s) listed on pass(es):______________________
Amount $__________                                                      The Purim Carnival helps provide funds for our
i would like to be a corporate sponsor                              Family Life Department, which develops and spon-
please list the information as you would like it to appear in       sors programs, classes, and events for congregants
our carnival program and press releases.                            of all ages. Many of the programs include education
Name of Company ________________________________                    and Tikkun olam (social action) in a social environ-
Contact _________________________________________                   ment. Your sponsorship will also help us award
Address _________________________________________                   need-based scholarships to families who otherwise
items donated if donation is not monetary ______________
                                                                    might not be able to participate in some of these
Donation Amount or Value ____________
                                                                    worthwhile events. For more information about the
Telephone Number and e-mail ________________________                carnival, please contact Family Life Coordinator,
_________________________________________________                   Robin Berry, Carnival Chairs, Jen Deutsch, Dana
Will you be using the Family pass(es) that your donation            Liss-Hakimi or Amy Zadok, Rabbi Brian Strauss, or
qualifies for? Yes or No (please circle one) If yes,                Program Director, Tammy Friedman.
Full Name(s) to be listed on pass(es): __________________
              Please return with your payment to:
            CONGReGATiON BeTh yeShURUN
                 ATTN: pURim CARNiVAL
         4525 BeeChNUT hOUSTON, TexAS 77096
     Sunday                  Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday                Friday              Saturday
B/M: Bar/ Bat Mitzvah
CLT: Candle lighting
                                                                                                                                     1                       2
HHS: Hillel High Sch.                                                                                                New Year’s Day
MM: Museum Minyan
RS: Relig. School                                                                                                    Syn. Ofc. Closed     Sanctuary/MM
FL: Family Life                                                                                                                          Combined Service
                                                                                                                    Shabbat Renewal
YP: Young Prof.                                                                                                                              9:30am
                                                                                                                        6:00 PM
SH: Sisterhood
BH: Brotherhood                                                                                                         CLT: 5:16 PM
CAC: Cultural Arts Cmte.
                                                                                                                       Chapel 8:00 am       Chapel 8:30 am
                                                                                                                              5:15 pm              5:00 pm

                     3                      4                    5                       6                      7                    8                       9
                                                Security Cmte Mtg.       RS resumes                                 Shabbat Renewal      B/M: Jeffrey Gold
                                                                                              Davening Dads 7 am                               Kyle Gold
                                                                                                                        6:00 pm
                                                                            No HHS
                                                Membership Cmte.                                                                             MM 9:15am
                                                                                                                     Shabbat Yachad       Sanctuary 9:30am
                                                                                                                        6:15 pm
                                                                                                                                          Jr. Cong. 9:30am
                                                                                                                                         Tot Shabbat 9:30am
                                                                                                                                         Mini Minyan 9:30am
                                                                                                                        CLT: 5:21 PM
    Chapel 8:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am         Chapel 7:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am       Chapel 8:30 am
           5:15 pm                 5:15 pm               5:15 pm                5:15 pm                 5:15 pm               5:15 pm              5:00 pm

                   10                    11                      12                    13                   14                     15                        16
                                                                                                                     Rosh Chodesh        B/M: Andrew Hardee
        Akiba                                                                 RS                                                              Emery Mintz
                            Budget Cmte.
          RS                                                             HHS resumes                                Shabbat Renewal
                                                                                                                                           Rosh Chodesh
                                                                                                                        6:00 pm
                                                                                                                                            MM 9:15am
                                                                                                                     Shabbat Yachad
                                                                                                                        6:15 pm           Sanctuary 9:30am

                                                                                                                                          Jr. Cong. 9:30am
                                                                                                                        CLT: 5:27 PM
    Chapel 8:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am         Chapel 7:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am       Chapel 8:30 am
           5:30 pm                 5:30 pm               5:30 pm                5:30 pm                 5:30 pm               5:30 pm              5:00 pm

                   17                    18                      19                    20                   21                     22                        23
        Akiba               Martin Luther          Exec. Cmte.         YES Lunch/Program                            Sisterhood Shabbat      MM 9:15am
                            King, Jr. Day                                                                                 6:00 pm
          RS                                    Board of Trustees                                                                         Sanctuary 9:30am
                           Syn. Ofc. Closed                                   RS                                                          Jr. Cong. 9:30am
 William Schneider
                                                                              HHS                                   Rubenfeld Scholar    Rubenfeld Scholar
“Politics & Religion”
                                                                                                                        Weekend              Weekend
                                                                      Investment Cmte. Mtg.
                                                                                                                    Jeffrey Shoulson     Jeffrey Shoulson
    Chapel 8:00 am                                                                                                      CLT: 5:33 PM
           5:30 pm          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am         Chapel 7:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am       Chapel 8:30 am
                                   5:30 pm               5:30 pm                5:30 pm                 5:30 pm               5:30 pm              5:15 pm
                   24                    25                      26                    27                   28                     29                        30
     Akiba                                                                                                          Shabbat Renewal      B/M: Molly Horowitz
                                                                                               100 Jewish Men           6:00 pm              Tu B’Shvat
      RS                                                                      RS
CAC Opera Event                                                                                                                              MM 9:15am
                                                                              HHS                                    Family Retreat in     Sanctuary 9:30am
Rubenfeld Scholar                                                                                                      Galveston
    Weekend                                                             JTS Lunch and
                                                                            Learn                                                         Family Retreat in
Jeffrey Shoulson                                                                                                                            Galveston
                                                                                                                        CLT: 5:39 PM
    Chapel 8:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am         Chapel 7:00 am          Chapel 7:00 am        Chapel 7:00 am       Chapel 8:30 am
           5:30 pm                 5:30 pm               5:30 pm                5:30 pm                 5:30 pm               5:30 pm              5:15 pm

         RS                                         Visit WWW.BETHYESHURUN.ORG for event details
                                                                 and updated times
    Chapel 8:00 am
           5:45 pm
         shaBBaT serviCes                                              iT’s a MiTzvah!
                                                                                 sponsored Meals
FRIDAY, JAN 1 - Candlelighting Time 5:16pm
New Year’s Day
                                                               Interested in sponsoring a Chapel Minyan weekday breakfast,
5:15pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel
                                                          or a Chapel or Museum Minyan Shabbat Kiddush in memory of
6:00pm Shabbat Renewal
                                                          your loved one or in honor of a simcha? Please contact Eileen
                                                          Pettigrew, Food Service Manager, at epettigRew@bethYeShuRun.oRg
SATURDAY, JAN 2 - Parashat Vayechi                        or (713) 666-1881, ext. 368. Sponsorships will be acknowledged
8:30am J.B. Greenfield Chapel                             in The Message. Standard breakfasts begin at $140 and kiddushes
9:30am Combined Sanctuary/Museum Minyan Service           begin at $145. Special meals may be arranged with the Food
11:30am Weekly Torah Study                                Service Department and monthly sponsorships are available. All
5:00pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel                             sponsorships must be paid in advance. Dates will be reserved in
                                                          the order they are received.
FRIDAY, JAN 8 - Candlelighting Time 5:21pm                     Recent sponsored breakfasts and kiddushes have been gener-
5:15pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel                             ously given by those listed below.
6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Gold Families            Susan Baum in memory of Helen Katz
6:15pm Shabbat Yachad                                      Sally & David Ben Moyal in memory of Sarah Ben Moyal
                                                           Susan and Scott Bender in memory of Irene Oshman Levey
SATURDAY, JAN 9 - Parashat Shemot                          The Finkelman and Joachim Family in memory of their son,
8:30am J.B. Greenfield Chapel                                grandson and brother: Jonathan Hershel Finkelman
9:15am Museum Minyan                                       Mireille Katz in memory of Olga Mordo
9:30am Sanctuary Service - B’nai Mitzvah: Jeffrey Gold     Judy Magids & Family, Reba Magids & Family and Jan & Jack
  & Kyle Gold                                                Magids & Family in memory of Samuel Bernard Magids
9:30am Jr. Congregation                                    The Naggar Family in memory of Charles Naggar
                                                           Linda and Shelly Rubenfeld in honor of their wedding
9:30am Tot Shabbat
9:30am Mini Minyan
                                                           Dr. Alvin S. Wexler in memory of Darryl Marcus Wexler
11:30am Weekly Torah Study
                                                           Merryl & Gordon Zuber in memory of Philip A. Zuber
5:00pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel
                                                           Shabbat Services schedule, cont.
FRIDAY, JAN 15 - Candlelighting Time 5:27pm
5:30pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel                              SATURDAY, JAN 23 - Parashat Bo
6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Hardee                   8:30am J.B. Greenfield Chapel
  & Mintz Families                                         9:15am Museum Minyan
6:15pm Shabbat Yachad                                      9:30am Sanctuary Service
                                                             - with Rubenfeld Scholar Jeffrey Shoulson
SATURDAY, JAN 16 - Parashat Vaera                          9:30am Jr. Congregation
                                                           11:30am Weekly Torah Study
Rosh Chodesh
                                                           5:15pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel
8:30am J.B. Greenfield Chapel
9:15am Museum Minyan
                                                           FRIDAY, JAN 29 - Candlelighting Time 5:39pm
9:30am Sanctuary Service - B’nai Mitzvah: Andrew Hardee
                                                           5:30pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel
  & Emery Mintz                                            6:00pm Shabbat Renewal - with the Horowitz Family
9:30am Jr. Congregation
11:30am Weekly Torah Study                                 SATURDAY, JAN 30 - Parashat Beshalach
5:00pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel                              Tu B’Shvat
                                                           8:30am J.B. Greenfield Chapel
FRIDAY, JAN 22 - Candlelighting Time 5:33pm                9:15am Museum Minyan
5:30pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel                              9:30am Sanctuary Service - Bat Mitzvah: Molly Horowitz
6:00pm Sisterhood Shabbat                                  11:30am Weekly Torah Study
  - with Rubenfeld Scholar Jeffrey Shoulson                5:15pm J.B. Greenfield Chapel
                                                                                       TREE OF LIFE                          ohhj .g
                                                                        Morgen and
                                                                        Cantor Diane
                                                                A LEAF HAS BEEN
                                                                 DEDICATED TO

                   Junior Congregation                            IN HONOR OF
        A Saturday morning Shabbat service for elementary
                                                                   Saturday Mornings
                    students and their families.
       Provides a nurturing environment for students to gain         9:30 - 10:30
         necessary skills to lead services in preparation for       Mandel Weiner
                     their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
                   Target age: 8 - 11 year olds                        School

               Childrens’ serviCes                                                         siMCha Tree honorees
      Join Rabbi Steven Morgen & Cantor Diane Dorf                     BY
             Saturday mornings, 9:30 - 10:30!

   Junior Congregation Dates: SEP 13, 20, 27 OCT 4, 11, 18, 25 NOV 1, 8, 15 22 DEC 6,13
        JAN 10, 17, 24, 31 FEB 7, 14, 21, 28 MAR 7, 28 APR 4, 18, 25 MAY 2, 9, 16

                                                                                                                    Rabbi Celine and David Hecht
                                                                          Jan. 9
                                                                                                                   Steven surprised with two Simcha

                                                                                                               MorgenTree Leaves in honor of their 50
                                                                             Steven                                         and
                                                                                                                           anniversary Aug. 16, 2009. One
                                                                         Jan. 16
                                                                          Morgen and                          Cantor Diane
                                                                         Cantor Diane
                                                                                                                     Dorf the leaves was donated by their
                                                                                                                           children and grandchildren (Janet
                                                                         Jan. 23                                           and Jeff Mintz, Adam, Bradley and
                   Junior Congregation                                                                                     Jeremy; Diana and Ronny Hecht,
                               Junior Congregation Mornings
        A Saturday morning Shabbat service for elementary
                    students and their families.
                                                                                                                           Andrew and Michelle; and Arlene
       Provides a nurturing environment for students to gain service 9:30 - 10:30
        A Saturday morning Shabbat                                    for elementary
         necessary skills to lead services in preparation for      Mandel Weiner                  Saturday Mornings Jerry Hecht, Ryan, Jordan and
                                students and their families.
                     their Bar or Bat Mitzvah.
      Provides a nurturing olds                                        School
                   Target age: 8 - 11 year environment for students to gain                             9:30 - 10:30 Collin). The other leaf was donated
          necessary skills to lead services in preparation for       Auditorium                     Mandel Weiner family members and friends.
      Join Rabbi Steven Morgen & Cantor Diane Dorf
              Saturday mornings, 9:30 - 10:30! Bat Mitzvah.
                                  their Bar or                                                                             by
                               Target age: 8 - 11 year olds                                                School
                                                                                                Celine and David Hecht
                                                                                                                               Celine and David joined BY in
  Junior Congregation Dates: SEP 13, 20, 27 OCT 4, 11, 18, 25 NOV 1, 8, 15 22 DEC 6,13
    Join10, 17, 24, 31Steven21, 28 MAR 7, 28 Cantor Diane Dorf
       JAN    Rabbi FEB 7, 14, Morgen & APR 4, 18, 25 MAY 2, 9, 16                          1959 when they were married by Rabbi William Malev and
                   Saturday mornings, 9:30 - 10:30!                                         Cantor George Wagner. (Their family membership started with
                                                                                            Adath Yeshurun.) Each of their three children, Janet, Ronny
Junior Congregation Dates: SEP 13, 20, 27                                                   and Jerry, had 1, 8, B’nai Mitzvah and were confirmed here.
                                                                                OCT 4, 11, 18, 25      NOV their 15 22         DEC 6,13
       JAN 10, 17, 24, 31                          FEB 7, 14, 21, 28             MAR 7, 28    APR 4, 18, 25         MAY 2, 9, 16
                                                                                            Two of their children and their families live in Houston, while
                                                                                            their daughter lives in Encino, CA, with her family. Celine &
                                                                                            David’s favorite activities include traveling and enjoying all of
                                                                                            their grandchildrens’ many activities. Donating their time as
                                                                                            volunteers is an important part of their lives. David volunteers
                                                                                            at Seven Acres and Holocaust Museum Houston; Celine at St.
                                                                                                               Morgen and
                                                                                            Luke’s and MD Anderson. Celine joined Sisterhood as a young
      Led by Rabbi Strauss & Cantor Davis Jacobs                                                              Cantor Diane
                                                                                            adult and serves on Beth Yeshurun’s SAC. BY has always been
                                                                                            an integral part of their lives and they attend services regularly.

                                                                                               Elaine and Sam Merwin were
                                Join Congregation
                             Junior us Jan. 8 & 15!                                       surprised with a Simcha Tree Leaf in
                                                                      Saturday Mornings of their 60 anniversary July 10,
      A Saturday morning Shabbat service for elementary                                                     th
                  students and their families.
     Provides a nurturing environment for students to gain                 9:30 - 10:30   2009. The leaf was donated by their
                    their Bar with Marilyn
        Mini Minyan or Bat Mitzvah. Albert
       necessary skills to lead services in preparation for             Mandel Weiner     children, grandchildren, The Davises
                                                                               School and The Winklers (children: Bruce
                  Target age: 8 - 11 year olds
                                                                          Auditorium Terry Merwin, Rodney and Vicki
    Join Rabbi Steven Morgen & Cantor Diane Dorf
         Tot Shabbat with Eve 10:30!
            Saturday mornings, 9:30 -           Zehavi                                    Merwin and Babette and Jeff Davis;
                                                                                          and grandchildren: Josh Merwin,
                    and Rabbi Strauss
Junior Congregation Dates: SEP 13, 20, 27           OCT 4, 11, 18, 25     NOV 1, 8, 15 Ian Merwin, Lindsey McKnight, Kyle
                                                                                           22    DEC 6,13
                 Jan. 31 FEB 7, 14, 21, 28 MAR 7, 28 APR 4, 18, 25 MAY 2, 9, 16
     JAN 10, 17, 24, 9 * 9:30-10:30am                                                     McKnight, Marlie Merwin, Jared Davis,
                       See you there!                             Sam and Elaine Merwin
                                                                                          Joel Davis and Mira Davis).
                                                                                               Sam and Elaine became members
                                                                of BY in their younger years. Sam had his Bar Mitzvah at a
                                                                branch of Adath Yeshurun, which merged into BY and Elaine
                                                                was in BY’s first Confirmation class. Their two sons attend BY
                                       Davening with Dads       while their daughter lives in New Jersey with her family. Many of
                                                                their grandchildren attended the nursery and day school here.
                        Led by Rabbi Strauss and Dan Roubein
                                                                Elaine is a member of Sisterhood and Sam belongs to the YES
                        to help Dads and their kids connect
                                                                Group, 100 Jewish Men and serves on the Budget and Finance
                        with prayer. Jan. 7 from 7-7:30 a.m.
                                                                Committee. Both Sam and Elaine enjoy attending Friday night
                        in the school.
                                                                services (especially Friday Night Alive!), Study Groups and the
                                                                many interesting programs and speakers at BY.
                                                                                                  Emery Lewis Mintz (Jan. 15/16)
                                                                                             is the son of Lauren and Jordan Mintz;
                                                                                             brother of Evan, Ally, Andrew and Nich-
                                                                                             olas; and grandson of Eudis and Sanford
                                                                                             Schwartz, Rita Schwartz and the late
                                                                                             David Schwartz and Irwin Mintz. Emery
                                                                                             attends St. John’s School.

              B’nai MiTzvah
                             Jeffrey Eric Gold (Jan. 8/9) is the                                  Molly Ann Horowitz (Jan. 29/30)
                        son of Wendy & Danny Gold, brother                                   is the daughter of Barbie and Jeffrey
                        of Scott and Stephanie, and grandson of                              Horowitz, sister of Jake, and grand-
                        Roxanne and Samuel Gold, and Elaine                                  daughter of Sunny and Lee Horowitz,
                        Roufa. Jeffrey attends The Emery/Wein-                               Corky and Melvin Maltz, and Marty
                        er School. For his Mitzvah Project, he                               and Susan Fenberg. Molly attends The
                        participated in the TOPSoccer program                                Emery/Weiner School. For her Mitzvah
                        helping children with a mental or physi-                             Project, she volunteered with JFS Chap-
                        cal disability play soccer. He will also                             laincy Program and Challenger Division
                        donate to Hadassah Hospital.                                         of West University Little League. Molly
                                                                                             will also donate to the National Mul-
                             Kyle Gold (Jan. 8/9) is the son of
                                                                                             tiple Sclerosis Society in memory of her
                        Marc and Syndy Gold; brother of Josh,
                                                                                             beloved aunt, Debi Fenberg.
                        Michael, Kelsey, Brooke, Cory and
                        Andy; and grandson of Sam and Rox-            Beth Yeshurun is happy to list Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, their
                        anne Gold and Murray and Lea Shen-            parents, siblings, grandparents, school and Mitzvah Projects.
                        ker. Kyle attends Spring Branch Middle        Please contact Hilary Nitsun at or
                        School. For his Mitzvah Project, Kyle         (713) 666-1881, ext. 305 for your submission deadline.
                        collected and donated stuffed animals
                        to MD Anderson.

                             Andrew Tyler Hardee (Jan. 15/16)                sYnagogue offiCe Closures
                        is the son of Eric and Lisa Hardee;
                        brother of Alexander, William and Jon-                            fridaY, JanuarY 1
                        ny; and grandson of Linda Rosen, Lewis                                     and
                        and Fredell Rosen and Conley and                                MondaY, JanuarY 18
                        Ruthie Hardee. Andrew attends Persh-
                        ing Middle School. For his Mitzvah Proj-
                        ect, Andrew is collecting items for the
                        Ronald McDonald House of Galveston
                        and is donating monetarily to the Juve-
                        nile Diabetes Research Foundation.

          Cell Phone Recycling Program
                 at Beth Yeshurun                                     weekdaY Chapel serviCes
 Recycle your unwanted cell phones                                    DEC 27-JAN 1: Sun 8am, Mon-Thu 7am, Fri 8am,
 at Beth Yeshurun! There will be three
                                                                      Sun-Thu 5:15pm
 receptacles set up to receive the cell
 phones - the Beth Yeshurun front of-                                 JAN 3-8: Sun 8am, Mon-Fri 7am, Sun-Thu 5:15pm
 fice, the Bender/Levy Lobby, and in                                  JAN 10-15: Sun 8am, Mon-Fri 7am, Sun-Thu 5:30pm
 the BYDS lobby. Please contact Mar-                                  JAN 17-22: Sun 8am, Mon-Fri 7am, Sun-Thu 5:30pm
 sha Weiss, mweiSS@bethYeShuRun.oRg                                   JAN 24-29: Sun 8am, Mon-Fri 7am, Sun-Thu 5:30pm
 for questions.                                                       JAN 31-FEB 5: Sun 8am, Mon-Fri 7am, Sun-Thu 5:45pm

THE MESSAGE of Congregation Beth Yeshurun (USPS 968-500) is published monthly August-July by Congregation Beth Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut,
Houston, Harris County, TX 77096-1801. Periodical Postage Paid at Houston, Texas. POSTMASTER send address changes to Congregation
Beth Yeshurun, 4525 Beechnut, Houston, TX 77096-1801.
  around The sYnagogue
Hanukkah packages for Jewish soldiers
                                                  Sisterhood          members
                                             and friends came together
                                             to      prepare         Hanukkah
                                                                                SAC helps with Health Fair for Homeless
                                             packages for Jewish soldiers.            Members of Social Action Committee prepared 300
                                             Mandelbrot was baked by            sandwiches for the one day Health-Fair for the Homeless that
                                             Sylvia Schultz and Sheila          took place on Nov. 15 at the Third Ward Multi Service Center.
                                             Franklin, cut by Morris            The members also meet twice a month to make sack Lunches
                                             Schultz, then wrapped and          for SEARCH. If you would like to help, please contact Vicky or
                                             packed by Janice Goldstein         Michael Richker at Pictured standing:
                                             and Relda Finger Hoffer.           (l-r) Harry Bloom, Beverly Bloom, Clara Gold, Hedy Spiegel,
Morris & Sylvia Schultz and Sheila Franklin
                                            These special treats were           Cheryl Lieberman, Blanche Rose, Miriam Rosenbloom, Debbie
boxed along with chocolate and Hanukkah cards graciously                        Gottesman, Toby Brown, Michael Richker, Marsha Abramson
handmade by our BYDS students under the direction of                            and Vicky Richker; seated: Libby Baum and Max Esses; not
Principal Mindy Rosenthal (Many thanks, Mindy!). The boxes                      shown: Schirley Castro and Bernadean Rosenblatt.
were shipped to Jewish
military personnel in
Iraq and Afghanistan and
to members’ children
in the service in Japan
and Virginia. Boxes sent
to Iraq and Afghanistan
included toiletries and
those sent to Afghanistan
also contained handheld                 Relda Finger Hoffer, Sheila Franklin
games.                                          & Janice Goldstein

Hanukkah packages for college students
    Dreidels, gelt and goodies arrived at the dorms and apart-
ments of over 150 of our Beth Yeshurun college students across
the country this December. It was a loving taste of Hanukkah
and the spirit of the holidays because Sisterhood and Beth Ye-                  BYB Tefillin demonstration
shurun feel it is so important that we keep our college youth
                                                                                    Beth Yeshurun Brotherhood hosted a Sunday morning
connected to their Jewish roots. For many of our youth, these                   breakfast and Tefillin demonstration for our Bnai Mitzvoth
care packages are sometimes their only Jewish connection away                   students on Nov. 15. Rabbi Strauss offered a complete
from home. Sisterhood is proud to annually fund the Hanukkah                    explanation of why we daven with Tefillin. Hazzan Propis
and Passover care packages and our volunteers make sure this                    demonstrated the proper method to wear Tefillin and recited
wonderful mitzvah continues each year. Thanks to our Sister-                    the prayers we use when putting on Tefillin. Participating were
hood chair, Debbie Gottesman, Rabbi Rosen and Norma Gon-                        Neal Taibel, Daniel Morgen, Andrew Kalmans, Ian Arzt, Jeffrey
zales who gathered addresses and lists of our members’ stu-                     Gold, Kyle Gold, Leah Rosenberg, Ben Racusin, Jake Stein, Ben
dents. Thank you to Linda Brandt in our Gift Shop who ordered                   Roberts, Lauren Skolnick, Jaclyn Wertheimer and Sam Grosser.
the dreidels, and a special thank you to Sisterhood volunteers                  Thanks to volunteers Steve
Rhonda Bass, Malka Levy, Diane Levy, Arlene Staller and Shelly                  Rudoff and Bubba Silberstein.
Alexander for packaging and shipping the goodies.                               Also thanks to Charles Racusin
    To help volunteer for the spring Passover project or to make                for the photographs. Much
sure your college student receives the spring Passover package,                 thanks to Pat and Howard
you must contact Norma Gonzales with their spring school ad-                    Sussman for donating the
dresses now at ngonzaleS@bethYeShuRun.oRg.                                      matching Tefillin bags.
Weekly prayer service for the ill
     About 15 years ago, Rabbi Segal preached a sermon
on the High Holy Days about “The Power of Prayer.” It was
based on a statement from the prophet Jeremiah (17:14)
who asked for a personal healing, the story of Moses praying
for his sick sister Miriam (Numbers 12:13), but especially
on medical research published in The Southern Medical
Journal 81:7 (July, 1988) 826-829, by physician Dr. Ralph
Byrd, and other medical research done at Dartmouth
Medical School, Duke University College of Medicine and
Harvard University College of Medicine.
     Since then, a group of men and women has met every         Pictured at a recent Wed. prayer service for the ill: seated: Lois Brook; standing
Wed. afternoon in the Schwartz Study at Beth Yeshurun at        (l-r): Bernadean Rosenblatt, Reva Shapiro, Judy Magids, Toby Joachim, Gordon
5:45 p.m. for a 15-minute prayer service for the ill where          Zuber, Rabbi Jack Segal, Cindy Abrahams, Sherry Stoger and Rae Gerson.
specific names are mentioned, hoping they will be able to
                                                                Seeing is believing!
overcome their illnesses.
     If you have a name you would like included on that list,
please call Hilary at the synagogue at (713) 666-1881, ext.
305, and also state how long you would like that person’s
name included on the prayer list (a month, six months, a
year, always, etc.) However, even better, why not come
to join the prayer group? New people always come to
participate in prayers.
     Gordon Zuber is the coordinator of the groups and
prepares each week a list of the ill, while Rabbi is the one
who prepares the text of the service. We hope you will
want to join this group on Wed. afternoons at 5:45 p.m.
for their 15-minute prayer service. Just come. You do not              Beth Yeshurun Congregant Mark Strug sent us this photo of snow
have to call.                                                                    falling through the sukkah on Friday, Dec. 8.

                               Join us for two very special evenings with the
                                         Cultural Arts Committee
      Sunday evening, January 24 at 7:00 PM                            Saturday evening, February 6 at 7:30 PM
     The Culture, Coffee and Camaraderie Series                           Dr. Alec Mishory will lecture on art
           presents a light opera evening                                        of the Bezalel School,
              Featuring Opera Singers,                                    featuring pieces that are on display
             Kristin Goodkin, soprano                                               in our very own
               Andy Papas, baritone                                       Mollie and Louis Kaplan Museum.
      Graduates of the Moores School of Music,                                   Q & A to follow lecture
                University of Houston
               Howard Pollack, piano                                    Followed by a wine and cheese reception.
                  Mixed Repertoire
      Dessert Reception following performance                    Free of charge and open to the entire community.

      $10 Tickets are available at Beth Yeshurun                    This event is made possible by donations to the
                   and at the door                                       Mollie & Louis Kaplan Museum Fund.
                                                                1/12     2      Nicole & Jeff Dobbs
                                                                        24      Steven & Julie Scheinthal
                                                                         7      Andrea & Yosef Winard
                                                                1/13    58      Leon & Evelyn Cohen
                                                                        38      Milton & Dorothy Karp
                                                                        15      David & Stacy Middleman
                                                                         8      Trevor & Allyson Morris
              faMilY alBuM                                      1/14
                                                                                Michael & Janine Pappert
                                                                                David & Judy Bell
                                                                        31      Lenny & Sherry Dubin
Births                                                                  9      Jonathan Harris & Tandy Camberg-Harris
                                                                        26      Marc & Tyann Nathan
     On Oct. 14, 2009, Owen Reade Leif was born to Jessica      1/15    15      Brian & Angela Brener
and Joshua Leif. He was 20 3/4 inches long and weighed seven            29      Rafael & Fortuna Esquenazi
pounds fifteen ounces. Owen’s proud big brother is Alexander            44      Jerry & Kerry Hoffman
and his grandparents are Derek and Elaine Lowenstein of Bell-
                                                                        32      Michael & Susan Klaiman
port, NY and Phyllis Leif of Monroe Township, NJ. He is named
                                                                        26      Howard & Elyse Schultz
in memory of his great grandfather Siegfried Lowenstein and
                                                                1/16    46      Abram & Rochelle Batagower
his three great-grandmothers, Recha Hartman, Ruth Leif and
Helen Schiffres.                                                         5      Brad & Amira Staller
                                                                        41      Morris & Linda Taibel
Anniversaries                                                          16      Nathan & Paula Ticatch
                                                                1/17     6      Howard & Randee Berman
1/1     9     Robert Lamm & Celia Schwarz-Lamm                          41      David & Rosemarie DeVido
       18     Bruce & Linda Ruzinsky                                    40      Saul & Norma Szub
       60     Scott & Leslie Stange                             1/18    18      David & Sally Ben-Moyal
        9     Bernard & Ruth Szeinbach                                  13      Mark & Elisa Getz
       16     Albert & Kathleen Wiesenthal                              62      Jack & Shirley Katz
1/2    11     Rabbi Brian & Lisa Strauss                                 6      Jerry Levit & Rona Milbauer Levit
       22     Vincent & Jackie Wedelich                                 12      Jeffrey & Laurie Rosenberg
1/3    29     Joseph & Deborah Freilich                         1/20     6      Perry & Dita Sable
       56     Myron & Helen Levy                                1/21    15      Cory & Lisa Birenbaum
       29     Sergio & Claudia Soroka                                   15      Jeff & Debbie Karchmer
1/4     7     Michael & Danielle Carlson                        1/22    10      Jason & Staci Beinart
       29     Jay & Linda Rosen                                         49      Cyril & Joan Lotzof
       34     Sion & Robyn Saghian                                      27      Scott & Reina McMillian
1/5     2     Dan & Taryn Braun                                         56      Mark & Sofiya Strupinskiy
       35     Steven & Sharon Cohen                             1/23    11      Nir & Dori Golan
        8     Daniel & Amy Ferber                               1/25    57      Hymie & Blanche Abramson
        2     Joshua & Lauren Vogel                                     21      Jerome & Susan Feldman
       30     Nestor & Dory Yudelevich                                  14      Alex & Irina Niemer
1/6    37     Micky & Jackie Fleischer                                   3      Steven & Bonnie Schultz
       36     Melvyn & Lea Fradkin                              1/26     9      Michael & Mila Milo
        2     Arturo & Deborah Karakowsky                                8      Anatoliy & Irina Pukhovich
       19     Robert & Lisa Suvalsky                            1/27    47      Michael & Linda Kashar
1/7    67     Joseph & Mildred Pfeffer                                   3      Elan & Melanie Levy
        9     Andrew & Julie Price                                      58      Donald & Ruth Peaceman
       17     Stephen & Juliana Tew                                      2      Yuval & Renee Raizen
1/8     5     Adam & Jackie Berry                               1/30    35      Michael & Margot Barnard
       49     Alfred & Freda Bieler                             1/31     1      Joshua & Jessica Samet
       32     Barry & Ellen Croft
        6     Michael & Julie Kaplan
1/9    66     Morris & Veda Glesby
1/10    1     Howard & Leigh Levine                             The congregation extends its sincerest condolences to the families of
        6     Grant & Ginger Marblestone                          Irvin Cohen, Walter Cohen, Alan Elbein, Sidney Goldstein,
       10     Patrick & Tabitha Ramone                          Sandy Gotsdiner, Octava Jackson, Selma Leff, Dr. Jack Levine,
       29     Tom & Elli Samuels                                 Belle Malev, Leslie Ayn Robins, Samuel Urbach, Ethel Wald
1/11   40     Salem & Barbara Geller                                         May their memories be for a blessing.
                                                                  Kayla Paige Roseman by Terry & Olga Gordon
                                                                   Bar/Bat Mitzvah Anniversary of
                                                                  Beryl Fisher(65) by Judy Fisher Levene
                                                                   Wedding Anniversary of
                                                                  Gail Gluckman & Ilan Kuperman by Andrea & Shay
                                                                  Danny & Danielle Kuperman by Andrea & Shay Kuperman

                  donaTions                                       Leah & Jimmy Malick(59) by Mimi, Michael, Jason & Jamie
                                                                  Berkowitz; Sherri, Allen, Ilana & Jeremy Tanner; Margie, Rick,
                                                                  Ruben & Dana Norton; Avi, Steve, Aaron & Sophie Gold
              reCeived oCToBer 20 - noveMBer 23
                                                                  Marlene & Norman Rosenthal(50) by Sterling & Rachelle
     BY POPULAR DEMAND! You’ve spoken; we listened. As            Neuman
many of our congregants have requested a return to publicizing    Rabbi Jack & Toby Segal by Jack & Shirley Katz
donations in the weekly bulletin, we are transitioning back to    Barbara & Jerry Selzer by Melissa, Scott, Sydney, Hayley &
this. Because of the status and timing of donations received so   Zachary Selzer
far, February will be the last month we publish donations on a    Sherri & Allen Tanner(25) by Mimi & Michael Berkowitz; Leah
monthly basis in The Message. In January, we will begin publi-    & Jimmy Malick; Margie & Rick Norton
cizing donations in the weekly bulletin. A minimum donation        Marriage of
of $10 per listing is required to have your donation published.   Carrie Douglas & Dr. Adam Price by Celia Schwarz & Robert Lamm
B’nai Mitzvah donations will be printed in the weekly bulletin    Stephen Jacobson & Julia Lake by Josh & Stephanie Cohen;
beginning in January. Some, because of timing, will be acknowl-   Susan, Jeffrey & Kacie Penn; Stuart, Robyn & Mindy Solomon
edged in both the weekly bulletin and The Message. Other do-      Jennifer Metter & Daniel Leventhal by Tootie & Steve Fradkin
nations will be either in the weekly bulletin or The Message,      Birthday of
depending upon when received. Thank you for your continued        Shirley Alter(80) by Bob & Dorothy Jenkins
support of Beth Yeshurun.                                         Barbara Golub by Sylvia Freedman
                                                                  Arnold Kagan by Martin & Debbie Kagan
                                                                  Dr. Dave Kaminsky(97) by Jerry Lass; Marcia & Victor
IN HONOR OF                                                       Shainock
 Bar/Bat Mitzvah of                                              Ben Katz(90) by Helen Brounes; Martha Katz & Marshall
Reed Fredricks by Adam Brand; Arthur & Nancy Brand;               Kreuter; Maurice & Jackie Lewis; Merryl & Gordon Zuber
Jennifer Brand; Rhoda Brand; Arlene Brenner; Sharon, Van &        Jerry & Rona Levit by Sandy & Kenny Kopel; Jerry & Rona Levit;
Jeff Gardner                                                      Michael & Carol Wilk
Jeffrey Eric Gold by Josh Gold; Kelsey Gold; Kyle Gold; Marc &    Michael Lewis by Dr. Dave Kaminsky
Syndy Gold; Michael Gold; Dr. Samuel & Roxanne Gold; Scott        Lillian Milder(90) by Ada & Irwin Caplan
Gold; Stephanie Gold; Wendy & Danny Gold; Doug Roufa;             Hayley Naggar(1) by Rob, Elizabeth & big brother Finn Naggar
Elaine Roufa; Elliot & Lisa Roufa; Keith Roufa; Kenny Roufa;      Bunny Radoff by Beverly & Jake Trachtenberg
Megan Roufa                                                       Sylvia Schultz(80) by Clara & Bobby Gold; Lisa & Douglas
Kyle Gold by Jeffrey, Scott & Stephanie Gold; Joshua, Michael,    Graber; Miriam & Allan Graber; Rikke & Jerald Graber; Lisa
Kelsey, Brooke, Cory & Andy Gold; Marc & Syndy Gold; Dr.          & Joe Harkins; Joy & Stuart Lenett; Lois Rosen; Beverly & Jake
Samuel & Roxanne Gold; Wendy & Danny Gold; Ben Shenker;           Trachtenberg; Bess Wishnow
Murray & Lea Shenker                                              Daniel Siegman(50) by Ron & Pauline Siegman
Andrew Hardee by Alexander, William & Jonny Hardee; Conley        Ronnie Stein(50) by Robert & Judith Komorn
& Ruthie Hardee; David & Stacey Hardee; Eric & Lisa Hardee;       Jane Weil(50) by Dean Putterman; Elissa & Tom Varadi &
Ian Hardee; Cooper Hawthorne; Todd & Jayme Hawthorne;             Family
Adam Rosen; Lewis & Fredell Rosen; Linda Rosen; Zachary            Birth of
Sensat; David & Rachel Wyatt; Miles Wyatt                         Asher Burck by Carolyn Plessner
Molly Ann Horowitz by Julie Adam; Gail & Ed Dollin; Susan          In Honor of
& Marty Fenberg; Cheri & Ken Frame; Kevin Frame; Whitney          Rabbi David Rosen, Rabbi Steven Morgen, Hazzan David
Frame; Barbie & Jeff Horowitz; Denise Horowitz; Jake Horowitz;    Propis, Cantor Francyne Davis Jacobs, Arnold Rosenzweig &
Sunny & Leon Horowitz; Claudia & IB Maltz; Corky & Melvin         Hilary Nitsun by Barbie & Jeff Horowitz
Maltz; Donna & Jim Maltz; Graham Schlanger; Leighton              Rabbi Rosen, Rabbi Morgen, Rabbi Strauss, Hazzan Propis &
Schlanger; Terry & Sam Schlanger; Max Solomon; Tracy & Rob        Cantor Axelrad by Wendy & Danny Gold
Solomon; Zachary Solomon; Nicholas Wood                           Rabbi Danny Horwitz by Dr. Dave Kaminsky
Emery Lewis Mintz by Rachel & Sam Friedman; Vicki & Al            Rabbi Rosen by Nancy Brand & Family; Dr. Dave Kaminsky;
Friedman; Evan, Ally, Andrew & Nicholas Mintz; Lauren & Jordan    Mrs. Richard Newman; Dorothy & Fred Yondorf
Mintz; Eudis & Sanford Schwartz; Lenny & Efrat Schwartz; Ella     Frieda Dow by Ada & Irwin Caplan; Richard Leibman; Rici &
& Sarah Schwartz; Rita Schwartz; Rusty Schwartz; Ira & Becca      Dr. Harold Miller
Shaw; Robbie Shaw; Sara & Michael Shaw                            Winnie Isaacs by Sallee & Bruce Loeser; Rivka Riki Roussos
Talya Jessel Morris by Susan & David Morris and Hanna &           Arthur Miller & Marilyn Ozaroff by The Roberts/Rudoff
Shara Morris; Lidya K. Osadchey                                   Family
Steven Reinitz by Richard & Teri Reinitz                         Annette Davis by Lynn & Gil Friedlander
Annette Sondock & Judy Yambra by Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Kaplan          David L. Davis by Albert J. Davis
Adult Education by Chris Harrell                                 Rebecca Davis by Ralph L. Davis
The Homeless by Schirley Castro                                  Sidney Denn by Gertrude Denn
My Aliyah by Babette M. Weiser                                   Ida Dochen by Thelma Zirkelbach
Our Children & Grandchildren by Mr. & Mrs. Morris Taibel         Edward Dvoretzky by Charlotte S. Dvoretzky; Al & Sarah Marks
 Complete & Speedy Recovery of                                  Jacob Evans by Clara E. Goldstein
Marlene Friedman by Wendy, Steven & Ryan Schwartz                Fred Fallas by Shirley & Bill Morgan
Dr. Al Gordon by Leah & Paul Katz                                Jack Farbstein by Myra & Stuart Dobbs; Marlene Farbstein
Selene Gorel by Shirley & Jack Alter                             Debi Fenberg by Barbie & Jeff Horowitz
Richard Marks by Ann Plantowsky; Emily & Albert Stein            Lilyan Feinstein by The Biomedical Engineering Department at
Oscar Smith by Susan & David Morris and Hannah & Shara           The Methodist Hospital
Morris                                                           Hyman Fink by Jack Fink & Family
Dean Solomon by Dr. & Mrs. Howard Rubin                          Jonathan Hershel Finkelman by The Finkelman & Joachim
Florence Stein by Wendy, Steven & Ryan Schwartz                  Family
IN MEMORY OF                                                     Jean Fisher by Judy Fisher Levene
Sam Abramson by Evelyn & Yale Schorr; Sharon Kboudi Yamin        Lina Font by Norma & Rudy Gonzales & daughter
& Gregory Yamin                                                  Harry Freedman by Moe & Jackie Lewis
Sol Abramson by Shirley Bell                                     Milton Freedman by Elaine & Steve Epstein; Twilight & Marc
Evelyn Einhorn Alexander by Michael, Shelly, Marc & Amanda       Freedman; Sylvia Freedman; Judy & Ronnie Yambra
Alexander                                                        Eddie & Bob Friedberg by Tootie & Steve Fradkin
Stanley Applebaum by Esther Applebaum                            Ida Caplan Garfinkel by Evelyn & Yale Schorr
Sam Asarch by Tom & Bobbi Asarch                                 Louis Gershen by Barnett & Sam Gershen
William Baker by Sherry, Michael, Yael & Stephanie Van           Dora Gerson by Esther Applebaum
Doreen Barnard by Michael & Margot Barnard                       Mollie Gerson by Pat Chanon; Mr. & Mrs. Robert Firestone;
Esther Berkman by Ada & Irwin Caplan                             Madelyne & Irving Taub
Annette Kantor Bernstein by Lissa Streusand                      Leon Gilbert by Fran Spector; Mindy Spector
Dr. William Barton Berry by Robin & Joshua Berry & Family        Sarah Glesby by Mr. & Mrs. Morris Glesby
Elsie Berwald by Dorothy & Milton Burnstein                      Leah Goldberg by Jerry Lass
Pesach Berzak by Richard D. Leibman                              Gavril Goldenberg by Yene Perelberg
Ruby Binder by Jerry & Rona Levit                                Bertha Goldstein by Nina Switsky & Family
Toby Bistrow by Greg, Julie & Dori Smith; Scott & Susan Smith;   D.A. Goodgame by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Goodgame
Sheryl & Larry Smith                                             Hyman S. Golub by Barbara Golub
Louis Blend by Barbara & Jerry Selzer & Family                   Ida Gordon by Steven L. Gordon
Stanley Bloch by Michael & Margot Barnard                        Esadore Grenader by Joan Grenader
Fyodor Borchenko by Lilya Borchenko                              Edith Starsky Gross by Mel, Nancy, David & Priscila Gross
Harry Braham by Anne, Denis, Sarah, Jodi & David Braham          Martha Gross by Mr. & Mrs. James Gross
Allen Brand by Adam Brand; Arthur & Nancy Brand; Jennifer        Sydney Gross by Mr. & Mrs. James Gross
Brand; Rhoda Brand; Arlene Brenner; Sharon, Van & Jeff           Rosa Gurevich by Avrumgersh & Fanya Gurevich
Gardner                                                          Marvin R. Guttman by Andrew, Suzanne, Micah & Elijah
Leah Bratkovsky by Richard D. Leibman                            Guttman
Sarah Braunstein by Richard Marks & Family                       Leon Halpern by Steve Halpern
Brigitta Brunner-Stirniman by Rosemarie & David DeVido           Albert Harris by Mark & Gail Rudel
Harry Burnstein by Milton & Dorothy Burnstein                    Minnie Frankel Hecker by Gaylon & Marvin Hecker
Harry Cantor by Arnold & Loretta Roman                           Ulli Hirsch by Sue & John Goott
Louis Caplan by Ada & Irwin Caplan                               Mollie Hochstein by Mr. & Mrs. James Gross
Samuel Charendoff by Joseph Charendoff                           Sam Hochstein by Mr. & Mrs. James Gross
Herman Charski by Abie Charski                                   Rev. Joseph Hurwitz by Skibell/Weinberger Family
Leon Cohen by Barbara Golub                                      Harold Warren Israel by Jack Fink & Family
Harry Corenblith by Rose Rosenberg                               Henry Jackler by Harriette Jackler
Barbara Costin-Maisel by John S. Maisel                          Rose Jaffee by Alvin & Sharon Jaffee
Harold (Sonny) Daniels by Sara Daniels & Family                  Laurabelle Jenkins by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jenkins
Werner Dannenbaum by Rena & Harvey Zidell                        Rose Kagan by Arnold & Sharon Kagan
Bertha Dattle by Phillip Dattle                                  Ethel Kamin by Cindy & Steffen Van Keppel
Charles Davidoff by Mireille & Cecil Chait & Family; Lenny,      Paula Kantor by Mrs. Celia Kantor; Lissa Streusand
Sherry, Jordan & Jared Dubin; Sylvan & Eva Dubin; Shirley &      Elliott R. Kaplan by Bertha G. Kaplan and Hilda & Bobby
Leon Mucasey; Janis & Larry Odensky & Family; Jay & Linda        Frank
Rosen; Karen & Bill Rubinsky & Family; Evelyn & Yale Schorr;     Max Kaplan by Joe & Joy Kaplan; Peter Williamson & Patricia
Sylvia & Morris Schultz; Dr. & Mrs. Barry Weinstein; Judy &      Golemon
Ronnie Yambra                                                    Rose Kaplan by Peter Williamson
Donations, cont.                                                Denis Braham; Cari, Jack, Ryan & Morgan Brandt; Karen & Fred
IN MEMORY OF                                                    Buckwold; Robin & Lu Dorfman; Joanne Epstein Trust; Margie
Baile Karkowski by Edith Karkowski/The Weitz Family             & Clive Fields; Howard & Judith Finkel; Tootie & Steve Fradkin;
Helen Greenberg Kasman by Rae Sheinberg; Arlene & Joe           Ricki & Milton Frankfort; Linda & Gordon Franklin; Fran & Abe
Staller                                                         Friedman; Lynn & Willy Goldberg; Dan Gordon; Debbie & Mark
Mildred Kay by Babe Green                                       Gottesman; Grzebinski Family; Winnie & Willie Isaacs; Kevin &
Joseph Keiter by Eileen & Aaron Keiter                          Cantor Francyne Davis Jacobs; Sue & Stuart Jacobson; Bob &
Stanley Kisluk by Elaine & Gerald Kisluk                        Dorothy Jenkins; David & Carolyn Karesh; Elizabeth & Frank
Sadie Winkler Klein by Muriel Klein Shaw                        Karkowsky; Harvey & Mireille Katz; Leah & Paul Katz; Marvin &
Julius Kleinman by Rebecca Kleinman                             Sharon Turboff Katz; Robert & Judith Komorn; Olga Lara; Diane
Sigmund Kleinman by Rebecca Kleinman & Family                   & Alan Levin; John Quinn; Susan, Jeffrey & Kacie Penn; Carolyn
Gertrude Komorn by Robert & Judith Komorn                       Plessner; Esther & Gary Polland; Aliza Porat; Irving & Paula
Celia Kramer by Bernice & Jordan Loftus                         Pozmantier; Linda Rabinowitz; Laura & Joe Rice; Burt & Ryva
Leon Kuper by Cathy & Stephen Kuper                             Reckles; Vicky & Michael Richker; Ann & Dan Rogers, Robin &
Sandra Kuper by The Kuper Family                                Ashley; Bernadean A. Rosenblatt; Louise & Stewart Rosenthal
Ann Kutchinsky by Burt & Ryva Reckles                           & Family; Toiee & Dan Roubein; Linda & Shelly Rubenfeld;
Louis Lamm, Jr. by Robert Lamm                                  Misi Schlueter; Gayle, Gladys & Elyssa Schnurr; Morris &
Sam & Mollie Lass by Barbara Goldmar; Jerry Lass; Jim Lass      Sylvia Schultz; Herman (Bubba) & Maxine Silberstein; Ellen &
Dorothy Laufman by Babe Green                                   Andy Taer; Ilona & James Thomson; Gayle & Steve Waldman;
Benjamin O. Leff by Judy & Jon Harris                           Marsha Weiss; Bonnie, Jerry & Nicole Winograd; Rochelle &
Charles Jacob Leff by Rolaine & Morrie Abramson; Bobbi &        Lee Wunsch; Judy & Ronnie Yambra; Brenda & Ed Yosowitz;
Tom Asarch; Jacob & Maralyn Cohen; Martin & Dr. Kelli Cohen     Beth Yeshurun Office Staff
Fein; Marvin & Sharon Turboff Katz; Janet & Elton Lipnick;      Charles Naggar by Fifi Goodfellow
Esther & Gary Polland                                           Rose R. Nathan by Mrs. Herman Nathan (Shirle)
Melvin Lefkovits by Larry Layne                                 Morris Nelkin by Rae & Max Uzick
Henia Leibman by Bobbi & Tom Asarch                             Sam Nepomnick by Ruth Wolpa
Solly Leibman by Richard Leibman                                Zelmanas Ben Ostrin by Naomi Ostrin & Family
Clara Leon by Marc B. Cohen                                     Samuel Pappert by Marcia & Jerry Pappert
Israel Levin by Jack & Leorah Levin                             Harry Pasternak by Robin & Brad Stein; Jeffrey & Fran Toubin;
Janie Graber Levin by Tammi & Bob Altshuler; Lainie Maier;      Mimi & Leon Toubin; Rachel & Andrew Toubin
Mrs. Herman (Shirle) Nathan                                     Morris I. Penn by Shirley & Jack Alter; Helen Brounes; Tootie &
Frieda Axelrad Levine by Jerry K. & Dana L. Robinson            Steve Fradkin; Maurice & Jackie Lewis; Joel & Shirley Mandel;
Jack Levine by Beverly & Jake Trachtenberg                      Glen A. Rosenbaum; Toiee & Dan Roubein; Julie & Ronnie
Ruth Levinson by Esther & Larry Chess                           Stein; Robin & Brad Stein; Sherry & Jonathan Stoger
Milton Levit by Jerry & Rona Levit                              Azik Perelberg by Yene Perelberg
Betty Levy by Vivian & Julian Levin                             Rosalie Poscovsky by Fred Kogen & Sandra Sklar
Esther Levy by James Howard Lewis                               Fred Price by Donna & Harry Price
Annie G. Lewis by Herbert J. Lewis; Maurice & Jackie Lewis      Rabbi Howard Rabinowitz by Linda, Daniel & Jeremy
Dorothy Lewis by James Howard Lewis                             Rabinowitz
Murray Lewis by Jaffee Family                                   Gerald Rauch by Lila Rauch
Arnold Leo Liebling by Helly Liebling & Brenda Liebling-        Malka Raynes by Gale Zubowski
Goldberg                                                        Alan Reed by Jennifer & David Kaufman, Noah & Abby; Audrey
Fanny Lubel by Elaine & Sam Merwin                              & Rick Reed, Samantha & Jenne; Eileen Reed; Teri Reed; Jeffrey,
Charles Magids by Judy Magids & Family                          Kelli & Brian Rudelson; Paula & Steve Soffer
Samuel Bernard Magids by Judy Magids & Family                   Allene Reynolds by Joel & Shirley Mandel
Belle Malev by Shirley & Jack Alter; Mireille & Cecil Chait &   Charles Rice by Ralph D. Cohen; Richard Marks & Family; Gale
Family                                                          Zubowski
Jules Maltz by Bobbi & Tom Asarch                               Sonnie Schepps Robinson by Cary, Karen, Seth & Jake
Herman Marks by Richard Marks & Family                          Robinson; Jerry K. & Dana L. Robinson
Larry Massin by Mabel Massin                                    Blooma Rosen by Fran Spector; Mindy Spector
Abram Mayzenberg by Genya Mayzenberg                            Buddy Rosen by Lois Rosen & Family
Israel Messing by Mireille & Cecil Chait & Family               Dorothy Rosen by Shelley Guyer; Jeanine Levin; Nancy Rosen
Robert Michaels by Judy & Ronnie Yambra                         Lester Rosen by Fredel & Lewis Rosen
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Ida Mintzer by Sylvia & Marty Mintzer                           Henry Rosenberg by Sheila & Marvin Rosenberg
W.C. Moore by Bobbie & Stanley Weinstein                        Mollie Rosenberg by Sheila & Marvin Rosenberg
Olga Mordo by Claudette Entenberg                               Simon Rosenkranz by Reneé & Hank Bickart
Beverly Paula Howard Morgen by Marilyn & Jay Albert; Bobbi      Fay Rosenthal by Lynn & Willy Goldberg; Marlene & Norman
& Tom Asarch; Daniel Bissonnet & Susan Mesches; Sarah &         Rosenthal
Ruth Rubin by Linda & Jerry Paine                                Samuel Weinstein by Bobbie & Stanley Weinstein
Edith Sachs by I.R. Fletcher                                     Celia & Israel Weiser by Alice Weiser
Mildred & Harry Sachs by Joel Sachs                              Rose Benis Weisman by Dr. Alan & Sandy Rubin
Julius Salzman by Terry Salzman                                  Walter G. Wender by Jerry & Faye Wender
Leon Samet by Peggy Samet Fine                                   Henry A. Wertheimer by Ruth & Harold Kleinman; Wertheimer/
Louis Sandler by Carl & Susan Sandler                            Solimani Families; Sharla Wertheimer & Family
Morris Sankary by Ely & Esther Zalta                             Rose Wertheimer by Sharla Wertheimer & Grandchildren
Bertha Schanker by Harriette Jackler                             Darryl Marcus Wexler by Alvin S. Wexler
Rose Schlossberg by Jack Schlossberg                             Ann Willekens by Lee Simons Zoldan
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                                                                 Miriam Wizig by Dr. Jack & Janice Levine
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Max Schorr by Yale & Evelyn Schorr
                                                                 Evelyn & Yale Schorr; Lisa & John Torry
Ruth Schwade by Karen Reichek & Joel Kaufman                     Ben Yellen by Marlene & Norman Rosenthal; Lynn & Jerry Yellen
Adolph Schwartz by Linda S. Rosen & Family; Eudis & Sanford      Irvin Yondorf by Fred & Dorothy Yondorf
Schwartz; Rusty Schwartz                                         Morris Zeidman by Aron & Phyllis Frank; Robin & Brad Stein
Eva Schwartz by Beverly Borden
Sam Schwartz by Beverly Borden; Sylvia & Marty Mintzer;
Florence Schwartz
Dorothy Scott by Benjamin Scott
Linda Jane Segal by Jack Fink; Phyllis & Aron Frank; Esther
Levit; Laurie & Alan Selzer, Jenny & Daryl Selzer; Lisa & John
Anne K. Shainock by Lois & Sharla Blank
                                                                  sYnagogue offiCe
Morris Shainock by Marcia & Victor Shainock                       (713) 666-1881
Samuel Shainock by Lois & Sharla Blank; Susan, Jeffrey & Kacie    Fax (713) 666-7767
Penn                                                              4525 Beechnut Street
Murray Shanfeld by Midge & Norman Banchik                         Houston, Texas 77096-1801
David Shapiro by Stephenie Shapiro                                www.bethYeShuRun.oRg
Morris Sheinberg by Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Altshuler                   themeSSage@bethYeShuRun.oRg

Ida Shiffman by Sylvia Goldman; Rebecca Kleinman                  Read The Message online at www.bethYeShuRun.oRg
Ruth Shikora by Sheila & Marvin Rosenberg                         *Submissions for the March issue are due January 18
Sara Siegel by Evelyn Ludvig                                      ClergY
Frank Silverman by Dr. Edward & Bonell Rashti                     Rabbi David Rosen: dRoSen@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Pam Spain Singer by Helen Brounes; Carol & Larry Fradkin;         Rabbi Steven Morgen: SmoRgen@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Sherry Stoger                                                     Rabbi Brian Strauss: bStRauSS@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Patty Tapper Soffer by Jennifer & David Kaufman & Family;         Rabbi Jack Segal:
Paula & Steven Soffer & Family                                    Rabbi Danny Horwitz:
                                                                  Hazzan David Propis: dpRopiS@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Hy Starr by Kay & Tom Goldman; Clara Starr
Joseph Stein by Yvonne & Jeffrey Stern                            sYnagogue
Harriet Steinberg by Susan, Jeff & Kacie Penn                     Stuart Wilson, President: SwilSon@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Sandra (Sandy) Sugar by Bernard & Sandra Sugar; Seymour &         Luis Dorfman, Executive Dir: ldoRfman@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Jo Sugar                                                          Nicole DeLoach, Controller: ndeloach@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Gerald Suib by Linda Suib                                         Beth Yeshurun Gift Shop: giftShop@bethYeShuRun.oRg
                                                                  Marsha Weiss, Office Manager: mweiSS@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Lena Susholtz by Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Susholtz
                                                                  Julie Bernfeld, Member Serv. Mgr: jbeRnfeld@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Max Thurston by Roslyn R. Unger                                   Eileen Pettigrew, Food Serv Mgr: epettigRew@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Minnie Toplitsky by Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hirsch                        Tammy Friedman, Program Dir: tfRiedman@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Mushel C. Trachtenberg by Jacob & Beverly Trachtenberg            Robin Berry, Family Life Coordinator:
Stanley Turell by Marsha Turell                                   Elyse Schultz, Sisterhood President:
Anna Turetsky by Marsha Turell                                    Paul Katz, Brotherhood President:
Doreene Turk by Heléne & Max Rudick                               Lester Rosen, YES Group Chair:
Hannah Udashen by Greta, Kyle, Will & Daniel Drennan              Arthur Miller, Cemeteries Manager: amilleR@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Sidney Vise by Irma Frankel                                       sChools
David Wachsberg by Sol & Flora Wachsberg                          School Office (713) 666-1884
Irving Wadler by Marian Strug & Family; Ida Wadler                Tom Elieff, Head of School: telieff@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Arthur Weinberg by Rachel Weinberg Walker                         Gale Friedman, Pre-School Principal: gfRiedman@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Philip & Ida Weinberg by Inez & Maurice Eskowitz; Kay             Mindy Rosenthal, ES Principal: mRoSenthal@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Kaufman Shelemay                                                  Rabbi Brian Strauss, Rel Sch Prin: bStRauSS@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Rae Weinberg by Steven L. Gordon                                  Cantor Francyne Davis Jacobs, HHS Prin: fdaviSjacobS@bethYeShuRun.oRg
                                                                  Monica Woolf, Librarian: mwoolf@bethYeShuRun.oRg
Yale Weiner by Zelda Weiner
                                                An Unrestricted
                                            Endowment Contribution
                                             Beth Yeshurun’s Future
                                                     For more information call,
                                                   Michael Kashar 713-206-1712 or
                                                   Bubba Silberstein 713-206-3131

                                   Time sensitive material - please deliver promptly!

                                            An Unrestricted
                                            Beth Yeshurun’s
                                                     For more information call,
                                                Michael Kashar 713-206-1712 or
                                                Bubba Silberstein 713-206-3131

            Gail Best
            Let Gail entertain you singing the favorites
                     from the 1920’s - 1950’s.
               Wednesday, January 20, 2010
                      Your check is your reservation

Study Session with the rabbi                    Lunch at 11:30 AM
                                      Program & Lunch for $7 Prepaid ($9 at the Door)
   10:00 AM - 11:00 AM                 Please write “YES” on your check and mail to
        Zubowski B                  Tammy Friedman 4525 Beechnut Houston, TX 77096
                                     Questions? Please call 713-666-1881, Extension 312

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