SOLON CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION
                            December 13, 2011 – 6:30 p.m.

The Solon Civil Service Commission met at Grantwood Golf Course while Daniel T. Clancy &
Associates was administering promotional examinations for the Solon Police Department.

PRESENT:      Commission Members Doberstyn, Huml, Patton, Human Resources Director
Cornhoff, Chief Viland and Secretary Perry

Mr. Patton moved to approve the Minutes of December 1, 2011 as presented. Mr.
Doberstyn seconded the motion.
Roll Call:          Aye: Huml, Doberstyn, Patton
                    Nay: None                        The Motion Carried

Documents were not available for approval.

Documents were not available for approval.

The report for the month ending November 30, 2011 was reviewed. No action was taken by
the Commission.

Letter dated December 7, 2011 to Daniel M. Haymer, offering him the position of entry level
firefighter with the Solon Fire Department.

Notarized acceptance letter dated December 7, 2011 from Daniel M. Haymer from the Solon
Fire Department. Employment to begin January 9, 2012.

Memo dated December 8, 2011 to the Civil Service Commission from Chief Viland
requesting a non-competitive examination for the position of full-time dispatcher to replace
Kathy Becka who is retiring after the first of the year.

Director Cornhoff and Chief Viland addressed the Commission regarding the request for a
non-competitive examination for full-time dispatcher. There are four equally qualified
candidates; all eager to be promoted to full-time. Chief Viland and Lead Dispatcher
Marybeth Terwilliger are creating criteria based on seniority, training/education and
evaluations. Director Cornhoff noted the criteria will be more subjective as opposed to
objective as the Commission has requested in the past.

Mr. Huml moved to approve the process requested by Chief Viland in his memo dated
December 8, 2011. Mr. Doberstyn seconded the motion asking for the criteria to be
submitted to the Commission prior to the next meeting for their review in anticipation of the
Roll Call:          Aye: Huml, Doberstyn, Patton
                    Nay: None                          The Motion Carried

Mr. Patton asked Chief Viland if his experience with the Tri-C examination process was what
he expected. Chief Viland responded that the process worked out well. His only concern
was that it lacked the diversity he had hoped to achieve, but said it appears to be
happening industry wide. He and Lt. Felton are reaching out to minority groups in the area,
have created a brochure and will be attending job fairs hoping to generate interest prior to
                                                              Solon Civil Service Commission
                                                                  December 13, 2011
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the next entry level test. Director Cornhoff noted the Fire Department has experienced
similar issues.

Mr. Doberstyn expressed his surprise at the small number of candidates currently taking the
Sergeant promotional examination. Chief Viland said he suspects it has something to do
with the patrolman not wanting to give up the overtime and the fact that they like being on
the road and working shifts. Two of the current Sergeants approached him noting they
were happy in their current positions and hoped it wouldn’t offend him if they didn’t take
the Lieutenant examination. He said from Sergeant to Lieutenant is a whole different job;
it’s not just a raise. Chief Viland said he has made some administrative changes within the
department and it will take some time for the culture to change. Mr. Doberstyn said he
understood because when he was a Lieutenant there were patrolmen making more money
than he did because of the opportunities for overtime.

The Commission questioned Director Cornhoff on the search for an Operator at Water
Reclamation. Director Cornhoff said there are few Operators in general but Director
Solanics was currently arranging interviews from among the applications he received.
Director Cornhoff said Director Solanics hopes to have his selection at the next meeting for
a non-competitive examination. Mr. Huml moved to approve re-advertising the position if
Director Solanics deems it necessary. Mr. Patton seconded the motion.
Roll Call:            Aye: Huml, Doberstyn, Patton
                      Nay: None                          The Motion Carried

Mr. Patton noted he would very likely be stepping down from his position on the
Commission due to his new obligations with the Board of Education. It will most likely
become official on January 8 so he could still be called upon for official business with the
Commission until that date if it becomes necessary. He begins his position with the Board
of Education on January 9. He said the Board approves payments to the City for various
recreational uses/activities and believes this to be the cleanest way to remove any doubt.
The Commission congratulated Mr. Patton on this new endeavor but will save their
accolades when it becomes official.

Secretary Perry asked for the years of evaluations the Commission wants to include in the
computations of the Police Department promotional examinations. The Commission stated
the last 2 years of evaluations.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at City Hall.

There being no further business to discuss, Mr. Patton moved to adjourn at 7:36 p.m.
Mr. Doberstyn seconded the motion.
Roll Call:           Aye: Huml, Doberstyn, Patton
                     Nay: None                          The Motion Carried




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