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                                 The Island President
                                        Discussion Questions
   1. Describe the specific environmental impacts that global climate change is having
      on the Maldives, including erosion, monsoons, fishing, and groundwater supplies.

   2. Describe any measures being taken by the islands to stave off the effects of the rise
      in sea level.

   3. President Nasheed conducted an underwater meeting of his cabinet. What was the
      message he was trying to send?

   4. India objected to many of Nasheed’s demands on reducing carbon emissions,
      arguing that they should be allowed to have “carbon rich” development, as the
      United States and other developed countries did. Do you think this is a fair
      argument? Explain.

   5. What is the significance of the 1.5°C and 350ppm CO2 limits that the Maldives
      and other island countries were insisting on during the Copenhagen summit?

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6. On the last day of the Copenhagen Summit, an non-binding agreement was reached by all countries to
   reduce carbon emissions. Would you consider this to be a success for the Maldives and other countries
   immediately impacted by global climate change?

7. Many members of President Nasheed’s cabinet were urging him to walk out of the Copenhagen Summit
   instead of being willing to negotiate the 1.5°C and 350ppm CO2 limits with China, India, and the U.S. Do
   you believe negotiation was the right decision, or should the Maldives have stuck with their moral high
   ground? Explain your answer.

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