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									Medicare Premium maybe rising for seniors?

In the last several months many seniors have been shocked from a letter received in the mail
telling them their Medicaid premium will be rising by an additionally $1000 or so dollars.
Currently 2 Million or so elders have received these letters. They are considered in the middle-
income class bracket. There are very clear indications the 2 million number maybe increasing to
more like 19 in the not so distant future. Regardless of the contentious health care fights between
Obama and the republicans they both have signaled agreement on one piece of health care related
item. Medicare Premium for seniors, and re-evaluating the income level the government
considered well-off and placing more seniors within that category. The individuals that fall within
this class group are required to pay higher premiums for their Medicare services.

This plan works in a two steps to increase Premiums for seniors

        1) The Medicare Premium or surcharges are based on a sliding income scale. The
        surcharges would begin at individuals that make $85,000 or higher, and couples at

        2) The number of individuals or couples paying the higher monthly premium would
        gradually increase year over year through a freeze on income threshold. This is to avoid
        the increase that normally occurs to account for inflation. As inflation rises seniors with
        higher income would now be considered well off, and required to pay a higher premium.

Through the combination of these two changes listed above the number of individuals paying
higher premium would gradually increase at the rate of inflation or roughly around 5% this would
continue until the number of individuals paying a higher premium is 25% of the total Medicare
recipient pool.

This idea currently has backing from the Obama team, Republicans in the House and Senate, and
non-partisan expert as a way to manage the cost associated with Medicare while forcing
individuals at the higher income brackets to pay more of their Medicare charges.

As to be expected, seniors are not happy with these proposals. Many for years have not had a
premium increase until now. Medicare serves roughly 50 Million people in the US, fifthly percent
of those individuals earn less then 22,000 each year. The idea from the legislation is; Government
should not have to subsidies individuals that are well off and make enough to support their own
health care. Many Americans also agree with the notion as well. The thought is; If you are making
85,000 per year as a retired individual you should be able to pay an additional $1,000 towards
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