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Rappahannock Area of Narcotics Anonymous by otv6HS


									                   Rappahannock Area of Narcotics Anonymous
                                   Area Service Committee
                                          Minutes – May 1, 2011

                                              Next Meeting:
                                     Sunday, June 5, 2011 @ 4:00 PM
                                        Mary Washington Hospital

Meeting opens at 4:00 pm with the Serenity Prayer

Motion # 5-1/11: Kevin S. moves to “record this area service committee meeting” and Mark J. second’s the
Vote: Unanimous - Motion passes

Service Prayer read by Dawn R, Purpose of Area Service read by Cathy D, 12 Concepts read by Kemper B, 12
Traditions read by Tracy W, Decorum Statement not read.

                                             Group Roll Call
               Group                  GSR           Attendance                Comments
1    Just For Today              Cathy D.         Present
2    Set It Off                  Tracy W.         Present
3    Who Wants to Live           Terry C.         Present
4    In it to Win it             Christopher K.   Absent
5    Hope Fiends                 N.A.             Absent
6    Standing by Recovery        Lavita           Present
7    Clean Works                 Tim W.           Present
8    The Lie is Dead             Nelson           Absent
9    Start Living Group          Crystal N. (Alt) Absent
10   Freedom From Bondage        Kaila L.         Absent
11   Man Up to Recovery          Kemper B.        Present
     Flatbook Study Meeting
12   A New Beginning Group       Teresa S.        Present
13   Primary Purpose             Cathy D.         Present
14   Experience, Strength, and   Dawn R.          Present
15     Clean and Serene               Mark J.       Present

               New Group                   GSR       Times at ASC            New Group Info
1      Final Surrender                Matt V.       2 Time        Tuesdays @ 7pm – 8pm 103 County St. in
                                                                  Bowling Green

                        Area Trusted Servants & Subcommittee Chairs
        Position         Name         Attendance         Comments                   Report
     Chair          Carrie B.        Present     Given Quarterly              N/A
     Vice-Chair     open             N/A                                      N/A
     Treasurer      Lili D.          Present                                  Written
     Treasurer II   open             N/A                                      N/A
     Secretary      Kevin S.         Present                                  Oral
     Secretary II   open             N/A                                      N/A
     RCM            Antoinette B.    Present                                  Written
     RCM II         open             N/A                                      N/A
     Activities     Julie C.         Absent        Informed Absence           N/A
     H&I            Gena P.          Present       Lavita Representing H&I    Written
     Literature     Lindsay T.       Present                                  Written
     Outreach       Pat P.           Present                                  Written

     PR             Rudolph C.       Informed      Kemper B. Representing PR Written
     VRCC           open             N/A                                      N/A

1st Quorum Call: - 11 of 16 Group votes represented.
                           - 10 Procedural votes
                           - Quorum achieved

Motion #4-2/11: Dawn R. moves to “Adopt the Agenda” and Tracy W. second’s the motion.
Vote: Unanimous - Motion passes

Motion #4-3/11: Tracy W. moves to “Approve April’s Minutes” and Kemper B. second’s the motion.
Vote: Unanimous - Motion passes.

Administrative Reports:
Secretary Report: Given by Kevin S.
In the past couple weeks I had to buy some new hanging file folders so I’ll be making a motion to be
reimbursed for that, it was $9.03. I’ve also been looking into getting a digital recorder, lately I’ve had to
borrow one. Just trying to figure out which one we would need, there are so many different ones out there with
different features.
Treasurer Report : Given by Lili D.
Reporting on business transacted during April’s area.
 group donations                                                           deposit
Just for Today                  $     -     Kathy d
Set it Off                     10.00        Tracy                         $     7.81    change
Who Wants to Live              152.49       Terry c                       $     8.00    loose 1's
In it to Win it                17.00        christopha                    $   40.00     pks 10 ones
Hope Fiends                     $     -                                   $   85.00     5
Standing by Recovery           20.00        Lavita                         $   50.00    10
Clean Works                    $        -                                 260.00        20
The Lie is Dead                $        -                                 100.00        100
Start Living                    $      -                                  550.81        cash total
Freedom from Bondage            $      -
Man Up to Recovery              $      -                                  $      -      check
New Beginning                   $      -
Clean & Serene                  $    5.76   Mark j                             total:   $       550.81
Primary Purpose                 $      -
Exp., Strength & Hope          25.00        Dawn r                        lit deposit worksheet
                                                                          $      4.81 change
income                                                                    $   31.00     loose 1's
             group total       230.25                                     $      -      pks 10 ones
                  literature   270.81                                      $   15.00    5
                    7th trad    $    3.00                                  $   40.00    10
                                $                                          $
         reim rcm & HI         46.75                                      180.00        20
total:                         550.81                                                   100
                                                                           $     -      check
expenses                                                                  270.81        total
√1024 activities               155.00
√1025 secretary                20.00                                      CHECKBOOK
                                $                        Beginning                       $
√1026 CARNA reg don            280.00                    balance:                       3,908.15
√1027 RCM exp                  100.00                    Total Income:                  $       550.81
√1028 H & I exp                53.71                     Total Expense:                 $(1,199.86)
                                $                                                        $
√1029 Literature               591.15                    New Balance:                   3,259.10
total:                         1,199.86
RCM Report: Given by Antoinette B.

Nominations and Elections
Activities No Nominations
H&I No Nominations
Public Relations No Nominations
Treasurer No nominations
Take back to groups


Clarity Motion 148‐8 Mover: Bill M Policy Chair Second: Brad M New Dominion
To change CARNA Guidelines and Rules of Order Section XVI (146th): Service Districts, Letter E
From: Subcommittees, except for the Speaker Jam Subcommittee, will rotate their meetings throughout the four
To: Subcommittees will meet at least once every two months.
Intent: To ensure that the subcommittees meet regularly to serve the needs of the region and it’s areas to fulfill our
region’s purpose by allowing each subcommittee the freedom to build a strong subcommittee to serve the basic
functions of unifying the fellowship within our region.
1. This motion will allow for flexibility in the function of regional subcommittees, to explore options that can save
7th Tradition funds. This motion will also allow for members and groups to decide how best they are provided
needed services in allowing forum to follow function through potential increased participation.
2. This motion relaxes our policy so we can make changes that will contribute to our subcommittee growth and
better serve or region.
1. A motion in this form does not provide for any pre‐notification of areas, RCMs, GSRs or other interested addicts.
This will allow for meetings to be called on short notice without allowing for any other interested parties to
attend. This would allow for decisions to be made at the subcommittee level by select few notified members.
Take this motion back to groups to be voted on at 150th RSC

Motion 148‐9 Mover: Bill M. Second: Nancy S. Richmond
Motion: To purchase the liability insurance policy from Tammy R. CIC for a total of $1206.00 per year. The policy is
written by Philadelphia Insurance Companies. The insurance proposal including Bell Endorsements and Crisis
management Endorsement is attached.
Intent: To ensure the Central Atlantic Region including it’s areas and groups are following our 7th Tradition by being self
supporting in the event of a law suit.
Refer to Treasurer for impact statement until 149th RSC
Impact Statement: Over the previous 12 months, we have made one donation of $4707.421 to NAWS. The purchase of
insurance at a cost of approximately $1200 should be feasible, but will reduce the regional donation to NAWS by same
amount. Treasurer Pro Temp, Don V.
1. The initial proposal for liability insurance came from the loss of a meeting location in the BRANA Area due to a
request from the host facility for LIABILITY INSURANCE. Unable to afford insurance as a home group the meeting
location of many years was lost. In service to its groups BRANA initially asked for this issue to be explored.
1. Because of the impact on regional finances and our donations to WSC I urge not supporting this motion.
2. Quite often facilities where NA holds its meetings and events have riders in their insurance policies which
provide coverage for communities; also having liability insurance can invite frivolous law suits.
Take this motion back to groups to be voted on at 150th RSC
Motion 149‐4 Mover: Donna Lee P. Second: Brad M New Dominion
To approve the purchase of a projector and screen for use by the regional body not to exceed $700 to supersede 141‐13
previously approved for $300 for a presentation board never purchased and no longer needed.
Intent: to mange expenses by owning rather that renting this equipment, to eliminate individual member’s liability
incurred when borrowing this equipment from individuals or groups, to become fully self supporting declining outside
1. Come to a solution been talking about this for a year now.
2. Due to the numerous times used it will pay for itself.
Take back to groups to be voted on at 150th RSC

150th RSC will be June 18th with Open Forum at 11am at
UVA Main Hospital
1215 Lee St.
Charlottesville, VA

Parking available in the Lee St. Parking Garage
Cross the street from the Garage, go into main entrance, meeting space is just to the left of the Cafeteria.

There are a few things I wanted to discuss. Charlottesville will be the meeting place for Region, meeting at UVA hospital.
No other RCMs were will to 2nd a motion to revisit the centralization. I only use $50 for gas and believe that will be
efficient for the RCM if the budget needs to be changed. The region has a speaker jam, and no areas have used that yet.
I was wondering if our area would be interested in holding a regional speaker jam for fall 2011. I will be turning in
receipts today, $50 for gas, and $280 for our regional donation.

Subcommittee Reports:
H&I: Given by Lavita
We still have our 4 facilities there we bring meetings into. Every Tuesday at 9:30 at the Rappahannock
Regional Jail, Wednesday nights at 7:30 at the Respite house, group of men that are going in on Thursdays at
Haynesville Correctional Center, and a group that goes into the Crisis Stabilization Center. If you are
interested, contact Gena.

Literature: Given by Lindsay T.
Last month we sold $270.81. We met at Wegmans the 3rd Thursday @ 5:00. The subcommittee could use
some help, right now we have 2 active members. The literature balances as of April 2011 is $2,308.53. I had a
few groups contact me about getting their orders ready before area. This is still an option for the groups. I
ordered medallions this time form the anniversaries that are listed on the website. If you know of any special
anniversaries please contact me @ 540-848-4800.

Outreach:. Given by Pat P.
This is my last month as Outreach Chair. I have enjoyed my term. I hope that the next Chair will enjoy the
term as much as I did. However, I am willing to serve as Chair until someone steps up for the position
In Loving Service,
Patsy P.
P.S. I am still traveling to Tappahannock on Wednesday to support the “Lie is Dead.”

Public Relations:
Dear ASC,
        I would like to first thank GOD and the Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous. There isn’t a whole like to report this
month besides we received the IP holder and all IP’s and we met last week to briefly discuss some things in regards to
my time as PR chair. According to the by-laws, 3 months before a position is up there should be somebody shadowing
the position. Well, I’m to report that come June I will have only 3 months left before my time is up and it would be real
sad to see that subcommittee diminish.
        I would like to add in my that if need be I will stay “pro-temp” in my position but I would just like to add that I will
be focusing more on my personal goals come September. I would like to add this in closing and it may seem a little harsh
but my spirit is gnawing inside me. We all have personal lives now that we have gotten clean but without NA we would
not have these lives. We come and seat at the roundtable once a month past down by-laws and such and say how
important they are but when activities arise within our own Area these same addicts aren’t hardly there so where is the
Spirit within the Principles. I say that to say, every good leader needs to show the troops that they are willing to fight in
the war on the front lines too!!

PR Chair,
An addict named Rudolph C. (540)429-5284

Discussion about Hotline vs Helpline and how could an addict serve on the phone line if willing? Our RCM
will find out at region about who we would contact on PR about serving on the Help Line.

GSR Reports:
Just For Today: Sunday 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Attendance has really grown. Average 20+ people. Still need to gain more home group members and trusted
servants. A lot of newcomers. Group donation: $0

Set it Off: Sunday 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Our meeting is blowing up (getting bigger) every Sunday. Ms. Pat will be leaving us and she has done a lot in
my home group and we will like to acknowledge it with an eating meeting August 27th at TBS. Change back to
beginners meeting. A lot of newcomers. Group Donation: $20.

Who Wants to Live: Monday through Friday 12:00 Noon to 1:00pm
The group is doing well. The attendance is 20 to 40 people. We will be celebrating our home group
anniversary on July 16th all are welcome. We’ll be celebrating 13 yrs. Group donation: $149.53

In It to Win It: Monday 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Not represented.

Final Surrender: Tuesday 7:00pm – 8:30pm
This is our 2nd time at area. At our first time here we were 1hr open discussion meeting but now we are a 90min
7-8:30 and a permanent speaker meeting format. Group Donation: $20.00

Hope Fiends: Tuesday 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Not represented.

Standing By Recovery: Tuesday 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Group is still strong, lots of Drug Court and newcomers. Group Donation: $20.00

Clean Works: Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Meetings going well. Attendance is growing. Usually 35 – 40 participants on average. Group donation:
The Lie is Dead: Wednesday 7:00pm to 8:15pm
Not represented.

Start Living Group: Thursday 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Not represented.

Freedom From Bondage: Thursday 8:00pm to 9:00pm
Not represented.

Man-Up to Recovery Flatbook Study Group: Thursday 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Doing well. Getting things prepared for the 5th Anniversary speaker jam. We are still looking for another
location that will have us on Thursdays at 7:00pm that is larger than the current one. Teresa S. is celebrating 1
year on June 2nd. Group donation $0

A New Beginning: Friday 7:00pm to 8:15pm
About 50 people at the meeting. At least 4 – 5 newcomers. Group has decided to change the format of the
meeting for structure. Home group members have stepped up and now have a new secretary and treasurer.
Group Donation: $90.00

Clean and Serene: Friday 10:00pm to 11:00pm
We had a lot of newcomers these last couple weeks, we have sold a lot of NA literature in the last month. Need
home group members. Group Donation: ?

Primary Purpose: Saturday 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Group is growing in numbers. Still in need of home group members and trusted servants. A lot of newcomers.
Group Donation: $0

Experience, Strength, and Hope: Saturday 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Group is going well. A lot of newcomers. Nothing urgent to report at this time. Jeff W. is celebrating 8 yrs
May 21st. Group Donation: $0

There was some discussion about the accountability of treasurer duties at the Primary Purpose group. Also
about multiple meetings such as the Final Surrender group being 1 group holding 4 meetings and Primary
Purpose and Just For Today being 2 Groups holding 2 meetings.

2nd Quorum Call: - 11 of 16 Group votes represented.
                       - 10 procedural votes

Unfinished Business:
Motion to Region regarding centralization of RSC in Charlottesville
Most groups that held group consciences voiced that they felt the RSC should rotate.
Election of New Officers:

Motion #5-4/11: Matt V. Nominates Paul B. for Vice Chairperson and Paul accepts the nomination.
Qualifications: Clean date is 11/7/2004, served at the area level in Tidewater as GSR, VRCC, various other
service positions and has never resigned or been asked to step down. Willing to fulfill responsibilities as our
area’s Vice Chair.
Pro: Our Chairperson’s term is ending soon.
Vote: Unanimous – motion passes – Paul B. is elected Vice Chairperson

New Business:

Motion #5-5/11: Lili D. makes motion “to move the RANA ASC monthly meeting to the Fairview Baptist
Church, 900 Charlotte Street, Fredericksburg, VA. Beginning June 2011” and Tim W. seconds the motion.
Intent: Bigger room, coffee, easier access.
Pro: New spot has ramp leading to entrance making it easier to haul things like literature to the ASC.
Pro: Will not be hassled by security for parking and cigarette smoking.
Vote: Unanimous – motion passes

Motion #5-6/11: Kevin S. makes motion “For Secretary to be reimbursed $9.03 for purchase of 20 hanging file
folders from Staples.”
Vote: Budgeted for Secretary

Motion #5-7/11: Patsy P. makes motion “For the Rappahannock Area to sponsor a speaker jam in Fall of
2011” and Lavita seconds the motion.
Intent: Fellowship and unity within the region and it would be beneficial for our area.
Vote: Unanimous – motion passes

Motion #5-8/11: Lili D. moves to “send a check to Free State to pay for invoice #56866 for 91.44”.
Vote: Budgeted for literature

Motion #5-9/11: Tracy W. moves “to change the date of the GSR Assembly so it will not coincide with the
Ocean City Convention” and Kemper B. seconds the motion.
Intent: So we won’t have to choose between the two because they’re on the same weekend about fellowship
and service.
Vote: Unanimous – motion passes

Motion #5-10/11: Teresa S. makes motion “instead of having Regional Service meet in a centralized location
(Charlottesville, VA), the RSC meeting should rotate within the four quadrants so that trusted servants have an
opportunity to attend” and Dawn R. seconds the motion.
Intent: Trusted servants have an opportunity to attend RSC meetings that may not live close to Charlottesville.
Vote: 9Y 1N 0A – motion passes

Review of Group Status and Business (includes welfare of meeting not represented for 2
Hope Fiends: This meeting is in need of experienced members and trusted servants. Outreach will bring
meeting the contents of their area folder.

The Lie is Dead: Outreach is still supporting this meeting and will bring meeting the contents of their area
Open Sharing Session:

Discussion: NA Way magazines have been ordered. World convention is being held this year. Diamonds in
the Rough women’s convention is being held in Pittsburg PA July 29-31.

Adjournment and Serenity Prayer:

Motion #5-11/11: Kemper B. moves “to close” Matt V. second’s the motion.
Vote: Unanimous – Meeting adjourns at 6:14pm

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