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									                           TABLE OF CONTENT

Section A. Qualifications                          2
Section B. Duties and Responsibilities             2
Section C. Termination of Membership               3

ARTICLE II: CHURCH STAFF                           4

Section A. Pastor                                  4
Section B. Other Staff                             5
Section C. Termination of Church Staff             5

ARTICLE III: CHURCH OFFICERS                       6

Section A. Moderator                               7
Section B. Church Clerk                            7
Section C. Trustees                                8
Section D. Treasurer                               8


Section A. Team Ministry Philosophy                9
Section B. Core Ministry Teams                     9
Section C. Special Ministry Teams                 11
Section D. Team Guidelines                        11

ARTICLE V: CHURCH ORDINANCES                      12

Section A. Scriptural Baptism                     12
Section B. The Lord’s Supper                      12

ARTICLE VI: CHURCH MEETINGS                       12

Section A. Worship Services                       12
Section B. Special holiday Services               12
Section C. Fifth Sunday Meetings                  13
Section D. Special Services                       13
Section E. Regular business Meetings              13
Section F. Special Business Meetings              13
Section G. Quorum                                 13
Section H. Parliamentary Rules                    13
Section I. Fiscal Year and Church Year            13


ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS                          14




Any person may offer themselves as a candidate and be received for membership in this
church at any regular church service in any of the following ways:

       1. Upon Profession Of Faith

           Any person publicly professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his or her
           personal Savior and declaring that it is their intent to be His disciple may be
           received into full fellowship after Scriptural Baptism.

       2. Transfer of Church Letter

           Any person from another church of like faith and order may be received into
           full fellowship by transfer of letter of recommendation from that church.

       3. By Statement

           Anyone who has been a member of a church of like faith and order and has no
           regular letter of dismissal may be received into full fellowship upon a
           statement as to their salvation experience and subsequent Scriptural baptism.

       4. By Restoration

           Any person, from whom fellowship has been withdrawn, may be restored to
           full membership upon presentation of evidence of repentance satisfactory to
           the church.

       5. By Testimony Of Believer’s Baptism

           Any person desiring membership, whose testimony is that they are saved and
           have received Scriptural Baptism, may be admitted into full fellowship by an
           affirmative vote of the church.


All members of the church are expected to participate in as many aspects of church life as
their circumstances, gifts and talents warrant. Serving in the Kingdom of God is divinely
ordained and therefore necessary in developing Christian character. Each church member
is expected to:

   1. Abide by the teachings of the Scriptures, articles of the Church Constitution and
      it’s By-Laws.

   2. Support the church by being available to serve on the various ministries teams
      using the Spiritual gifts, talents and skills one may possess.

   3. Participate regularly in the Worship services, Educational ministries and
      fellowship activities of the church.

   4. Support the church financially with God’s tithe and give offerings above the tithe
      to meet their own financial needs.

   5. Support the pastor, his paid staff and all volunteer workers spiritually, financially
      and socially.

   6. New members of the church are encouraged to participate in the church’s New
      Member Orientation Classes that they may know the history of this great church
      and become familiar with the various ministries provided.

When a member who is physically able does not participate in the activities of the church
for a period of six-months, that member shall be placed on the “Inactive Roll” and shall
not be able to vote in matters of the church.

Active members are those who have faithfully supported the church with their presence,
talents and finances for the past six months.


Membership shall be terminated by church action in the following ways:

   1. Death

       The name of the member shall be removed from the church roll uon his or her

   2. Transfer of Letter

       A letter of dismissal may be granted to a church of like faith and order.

   3. Erasure

       When a member of this church becomes a participating member of a non-Baptist
       church, membership shall immediately terminate. Should that church request
       information on the person or persons in question, the Pastor, along with the
       Leadership Team, shall send a letter to the respective church letting them know
       that the individual or individuals has/have been removed from his/her/their

     covenant obligations to Baugh Chapel Baptist Church, and are free to unite with
     that congregation according to their polity.

  4. By Request

     A member may have their name removed upon his/her request.

  5. By Discipline

     When a member is guilty of conduct unbecoming a believer so that the name of
     Christ is brought in disrepute, it will be the duty of the Deacons, in consultation
     with the Pastor, to confer with the person in the hope of total restoration to
     fellowship. If this is not possible and the person refuses wise council, the church
     is to be informed, and if the person will not listen to the church, their name shall
     be removed from the church roll and membership shall immediately cease.

                         Article II: CHURCH STAFF
Section A. PASTOR

     1. When a vacancy occurs, the church shall appoint a Pastor Search Ministry
        Team whose responsibility it shall be to seek out and recommend a Minister
        of the Gospel to the church for their consideration.

     2. Only one person can be presented and considered at a time.

     3. Only candidates who believe the Bible to be the infallible and inerrant Word
        of God and who subscribe to the Baptist Faith and Message as doctrinal
        guidelines may be presented for consideration.

     4. The Pastor shall be selected by secret ballot with an affirmative vote of 75%
        of the active members present and voting. Once called by the church, the
        Pastor shall serve indefinitely at the will of the church, or until his resignation.

     5. The Pastor, using his job description, shall function as the administrative
        leader of the church and administer the general program of the church,
        working with the staff, committees, Deacons, Church Ministry Teams and any
        and all other appropriate organizations in planning and coordinating the
        overall church program. He is to use his skills in proclamation and pastoral
        care in meeting the needs of persons in the church and community.

     6. The Pastor's salary, benefits and other matters relating to his employment
        provisions will be negotiated between him, the Pastor Search Ministry Team
        and the Finance Ministry Team prior to his calling, and after his calling, shall
        be reviewed on a yearly basis by the Personnel Ministry Team and

        recommendations for changes brought to the church and implemented through
        the church budget.

     7. The Pastor, because of his calling by God and his responsibility to God, shall
        be an ex-officio member of every committee and organization and his input is
        to be sought and recognized.

     8. The Pastor is the Spiritual Leader of the congregation and is “set” in the
        office by the Holy Spirit. He is responsible to God for leading members to
        witness, worship, grow and develop into mature disciples.


     1. Ministerial Staff: When it has been established that other part-time or full-
        time ministerial staff members are needed, they will be called and employed
        in a similar manner as the Pastor. Since they shall be an extension of the
        ministry of the Pastor, he must approve their nomination before they are
        presented to the church body for consideration. An appropriate job description
        shall be prepared and approved by the church before the selection of such
     2. Support Staff Members: When it has been determined that support staff
        members are needed, the Personnel Ministry Team shall determine the
        qualifications and prepare a job description, submit it for church approval, and
        then solicit, screen and hire the appropriate applicants and report such action
        to the church.


     1. The church shall be provided with two weeks notice of voluntary resignation
        or retirement of all staff members.

     2. Involuntary termination of all staff members shall be the responsibility of the
        Personnel Ministry Team and the Church Leadership Team in accordance
        with Matthew 18:15-17 and 1st Timothy 5:19.

            a. The involuntary termination of Ministerial Staff shall be recommended
               to the church one week in advance of a special called business
               meeting. A seventy-five percent (75%) majority vote, by secret ballot,
               of the active members present and voting, is required to approve this
               action. The terminated staff member will be relieved of their duties

            b. The involuntary termination of support staff members shall be
               accomplished by the Personnel Ministry Team and reported to the
               church with no church action required.

Any appropriate severance package for involuntary terminated staff members shall be
proposed by the Personnel Ministry Team and the Finance Ministry Team and approved
by the church.

                     ARTICLE III: CHURCH OFFICERS

The Pastor shall serve as Moderator. In his absence, the Associate Pastor or Chairman of
Deacons shall preside in this order. In the absence of these individuals, the Church Clerk
shall call the church to order and elect a “Moderator-Protem” for that business meeting.
The Moderator shall conduct all business meetings in accordance with the Church
Constitution, Church By-Laws and Robert’s Rules of Order, Modern Addition.


The Church Leadership Ministry Team shall recommend this individual to the church for
approval. The duties shall be:

       0. Keep complete and legible minutes of all church business meetings and
          present said minutes to the church for approval at the next business meeting.

       1. Ensure that the minutes of each business meeting are typed and filed in the
          Clerk’s Record Book, safeguarding at all times the records of the church.

       2. Maintain a correct record of members with dates of admissions, baptisms,
          dismissal and death.
       3. Issue letters of dismissal approved by the church.

       4. Request church letters for new members.

       5. Preserve on file, all communications and written official reports. Present legal
          notice of all meetings where such notice is necessary or as indicated by the
          Church By-Laws.

       6. Prepare annual Associational Church Profile (Letter) for submission to the
          Caroline Baptist Association.

       7. All records are the property of the church and shall be kept in the church
          office as permanent records.


The Church Leadership Ministry Team shall recommend from 3 to 6 names to the church
for approval. They shall serve as the Legal Agents for the church. Upon a specific vote of

the church authorizing each action, the Trustees shall have the power to buy, sell,
mortgage, lease, rent or transfer any church property. In addition, after consultation with
the Buildings / Grounds and Equipment Ministry Team, they shall recommend insurance
coverage on properties of the church.


The Church Leadership Ministry Team shall recommend this individual to the church for
approval. He/She will be responsible for the proper receipt, accounting and disbursement
of church funds within the policies established by the church for adequate financial
control. Duties consist of:

        1. Keeping accurate records in appropriate financial journals of all monies
           received and disbursed.

        2. Reconcile monthly bank statements and correct ledgers as needed.

        3. Sigh checks in accordance with church policies and procedures and verify
           the supporting data for each check request.

        4. Make monthly and annual reports to the church and Finance Ministry Team.

        5. Prepare and maintain records of individual contributions. Note: This may be
           delegated to the Church Secretary.
        6. Keep church staff and Finance Ministry Team informed of any trends or
           changes in fiscal matters.

        7. Serve as ex-offico member of the Finance Ministry Team and an active
           member of the Church Leadership Team.


Baugh Chapel Baptist Church is organized around five (5) Biblical purposes of the
Church with a Team Leader for each purpose, all functioning through the Church

Team Ministry is the provision that the work of the church and the Kingdom be done
effectively and efficiently. The “team” concept gives each church member an
opportunity to perform ministry at the point of his or her passion, Spiritual Gifts and
personal talents. Individual teams will be entrusted with the planning and performing of
the required action plans for their area of ministry. They will have full responsibility for
the decisions that pertain to their area of ministry as long as the decisions do not violate
the mission, vision and beliefs of the congregation.

Today’s church is divided into “Clergy” and “Laity.” Church members must see
themselves as being “in the ministry.” The team concept accomplishes this.

There will two (2) types of teams: (1), Core Ministry and (2), Special Ministry.


Core Ministry Teams are those teams that serve as an essential action of the church’s
mission. This concept replaces the “Standing Committee” philosophy of years gone by.

Core Ministry Teams shall be but not limited to:

CHURCH LEADERSHIP TEAM --- This team shall consist of the Pastor, Church
Ministry Staff, Team Leaders, Chairman of Deacons, the Church Clerk and the Church
Treasurer. It shall be responsible for nominating the Church Clerk, the Trustees and the
Church Treasurer. In addition, it shall be responsible for planning, coordinating and
evaluating the work of all ministry teams. They shall meet on the first Sunday of each
month in preparation for the church business meeting the following Sunday.

WORSHIP --- The purpose of the Worship Ministry Team is to encourage the
celebration of God’s love through Christ-centered individuals coming together as a team
to reach others in a modern, relevant and authentic way. The team is responsible for
providing opportunities for believers and non-believers to experience the presence of God
and be transformed by that experience. This team works with all choirs, groups, soloists,
musicians, praise bands, audio and video services, church greeters, councilors during the
invitations, ushers and preparation for church ordinances. The Worship Leader and the
Pastor shall lead this team.
FELLOWSHIP --- The purpose of the Fellowship Ministry Team is to provide
opportunities for God’s love to shine through us in vital relationships with each other.
This team is responsible for planning and coordinating church-wide fellowships, special
luncheons, community fish fries, etc., and for providing care ministry in the areas of
benevolence, Angel Food ministry, clothing and food pantry and ministry to the
homebound and shut-ins.

MATURITY --- The purpose of the Maturity Ministry Team is to strengthen
individuals in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through teaching the relevance
of God’s Word to everyday life and moving them to a deeper Spiritual commitment. This
team is responsible for the Sunday Morning Bible Study and special Bible teaching
ministries throughout the week (Home Study Groups, VBS, AWANA’s, etc.), and is also
responsible for New Members Training, developing new leaders and equipping believers
to become more like Christ. This includes the coordinating and providing children’s
activities and programs (Children’s Worship, Nursery, Pre-school care, etc.) and youth
activities throughout the year.

SERVICE --- The purpose of the Service Ministry Team is to assist individuals in
identifying their Spiritual gifts and talents and connecting them meaningful areas of
service. Their ministry shall be broken into two (2) specific areas:

   1. Personnel and Financial Ministry Team. This team is responsible for preparing,
      monitoring and administrating the annual church budget and for hiring and
      supervising all paid staff other than the Pastor and his ministry team.

   2. Buildings / Grounds And Equipment Ministry Team. This team is responsible
      for maintaining the church buildings, grounds, vehicles and all equipment,
      including recommending proper insurance, after consultation with the Trustees,
      be provided for the same. They shall be responsible for providing and enhancing
      the décor of the church, grounds and facilities for the special seasons of the year
      and church events throughout the year.

OUTREACH --- The purpose of the Evangelism and Missions Ministry Team is to
share the life saving message with others and to demonstrate His love within and beyond
our community. This team is responsible for helping church members to be trained and
involved in ministry and missions inside and outside the church. The Evangelism
Ministry shall use the GROW outreach ministry plan. The Missions Ministry shall be
divided into Men’s Missions and Woman’s Missions. The Men’s Missions is responsible
for special projects and events such as Promise Keepers, Men’s and Boy’s Associational
Fish Fry, recreation and special Bible Studies for men. The Women’s Missions are
responsible for the mission education (WMU), special projects and events, missions
offerings and special bible Studies for women.


Special Ministry Teams shall be appointed by the Church Leadership Team and
recommended to the church for a single purpose activity or event.


Each ministry team shall make decisions based on, first and foremost, the Word of God
and then the Church constitution and By-Laws. The church will empower them and
encourage them. The following guidelines will help in making these decisions:

   1. Every church member will be encouraged to become involved in a ministry team
      that best fits their abilities, Spiritual gifts and talents. A “Ministry Fair” will be
      held each year in January to help dissimulate team information and provide
      opportunities for individuals to be enlisted and to volunteer.

   2. The Leaders, initially, will be selected by the Church Leadership Team and
      approved by the church. Once the team is in place and operational, the team when
      required shall elect subsequent leaders who will be approved by the Church
      Leadership Team and recommended to the church.

   3. The Team Leaders will personally recruit team members from the list of every
      church member. No church member is to be left out as God has “gifted” His
      people to do “His” work. An up-to-date list of all team members will be
      maintained in the church office and reported to the church.

   4. Each team will write a purpose statement and a job description for their ministry
      to be approved by the Church Leadership Team and the church.

   5. Teams will submit budget requests to the Personnel and Finance Ministry Team
      before the October Business Meeting for inclusion in the church budget for the
      coming year and adhere to church finance policies and procedures.

   6. Ministry Teams will be accountable to the church and not become a Para-church
      organization. They will present a monthly report of activities and plans to the
      church in regular business session.

   7. Ministry teams are expected to commit to excellence, thus they will seek
      appropriate training and regularly evaluate the effectiveness of its work towards
      the mission of the church.

   8. Ministry Team Members, in order to be accepted by the church, must be or
      become active church members.

   9. No fund-raising for any ministry will be permitted without approval of the Church
      Leadership Team.


Baptism is a symbolic act of obedience on the part of the believer to show the death,
burial and resurrection of Christ. A person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior by
personal faith, who professes Him publicly at a worship service and who indicates a
commitment to follow Christ as Lord, shall be received for baptism.

       1. Scriptural Baptism is by immersion in the name of the Father, the Son and the
          Holy Spirit.

       2. The Pastor, any staff member or whomever the Pastor or Church shall
          authorize, may administer baptism.

       3. Baptism shall be administered as an act of Worship during any Worship

       4. Baptism shall be as soon as possible after the public confession of faith,
          preferably in the same service.


The Supper is a symbolic act of obedience whereby members of the church, through
partaking of the bread and the fruit of the vine, commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus
Christ and anticipates His Second Coming. The Lord’s Supper shall be observed at least
quarterly, preferably on the first Sunday of each quarter.

                     ARTICLE VI: CHURCH MEETINGS

The church shall meet regularly for public worship, prayer, fellowship, preaching, Bible
study, instruction, house-to-house visitation and evangelism. Regular meetings shall be
established by and for the church. These meetings shall be under the direction of the
Pastor, someone he appoints, or, as called for elsewhere in these By-law’s or by the


Believing that the family unit is of vital importance to the well being of the church, this
church shall strive to encourage family get-to-gathers on as many occasions as possible
by dismissing the evening services when the following holidays falls on Saturday,
Sunday, Monday or Wednesday:

        Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and July 4th.


The church shall have a fellowship luncheon on the fifth Sunday of each quarter, with the
meal either church prepared, catered or pot luck, followed by a Fifth Sunday Singing,
under the direction of the Church Worship Leader. This fellowship shall be considered
the evening worship service.


Revivals, Bible Conferences and other special meetings essential to the advancement of
the church’s objectives shall be placed on the church calendar.


The church shall hold regular “Celebration Fellowship Meetings” in January to plan for
the year and then again in June to rejoice and make adjustments as needed to reach our
goals. These meetings will be held on the second Sunday night of the month with a meal
either catered or potluck.


The church may conduct special business meetings to consider matters of special nature
and significance.

A one-week notice must be given for the special business unless extreme urgency renders
such notice impractical. Notice of the subject, date, time and location shall be announced
at all the services on the Sunday prior to the special business meeting.

Section G. QUORUM

A quorum consists of those members who attend the business meeting, provided it is a
regular business meeting or one that has been properly called.


Robert’s Rule of Order, Modern Edition, is the authority for parliamentary rules of
procedure for all business meeting of the church.


The fiscal year will be from January 1st through December 31st and the church year shall
be from June 1st through May 30th, or the same as the local School Year.


A Church Operations and Procedure Manual shall be developed containing church
policies, procedures and organizations. The manual shall be kept in the church office and
made available for use by any member or Team of the church. The church secretary shall
maintain the manual. The Church Leadership Team or appropriate ministry team shall
review the manual at least annually, with authority to recommend changes to the church.

                       ARTICLE VIII: AMENDMENTS

Changes to the Constitution and By-Laws may be made at any regular business meeting
of the church provided each amendment shall have been presented in writing at a
previous business meeting and copies of the proposed amendment shall have been
furnished to each member present at the previous meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution shall be by secret ballot. Seventy-five percent (75%) of
the active church members present and voting shall be required for approval.

Amendments to the By-Laws shall be by secret ballot and have a concurrence of a
majority of the active members present and voting.

Active members are those who have faithfully supported the church with their presence,
talents and finances for the past six months.


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