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					Volume 28 Issue 08
                                         Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge
Aug 2011

                                     Virginia District Times
                                          Gold Wing Road Riders Association

District Director’s Thoughts
                               I wanted to thank everyone who
                            helped Angie out at Wing Ding with the
                            Registration duties for Virginia. Every-
                            one came out in force to help out. I
                            know that there were some snafus in
  Mike and Angie Mitchell
                            Knoxville but it has a ball. 12,368 of
     District Directors     our closest friends, getting together
                            and having fun, it just doesn’t get any
    Even though my EMG duties kept me running, I was able
to visit with many of the Virginia folks that were there. Virginia
certainly had its share of winners in Knoxville such as Lee
Mongomery, Boby Delp, James Oliver and Mike Akers were
winners in the Bike Show. Shirley Hogston was a winner in
the Mascot Contest. Tommy Wilson won a Trailer at closing.
Lot’s of good stuff!
   Coming up is our own Rally in the Valley. The preliminary
                                                                       District Staff        2
schedule can be found later in this newsletter so make your            Chapter Info          3
pans to have fun. We have layed out the Rally to get back to           District Couple       4
more motorcycle involved events, so get out a ride! Enjoy the          District Education    5
area and the events we have planned for you.                           District Training     7
                                                                       District MEC          9
    We have the Kentucky Rally coming up as well as the                VA Happenings        10
North Carolina Rally, so support our sister Districts if your          VA Events            19
time and budget allow. It is a great way to meet some new              RITV                 21
people and make some new friends.                                      Region N News        26
                                                                       National News        27
    See ya on the road.                                                Events
                                                                       Outside VA
Mike and Angie Mitchell                                                Region
VA District Directors                                                  Convention
              Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                                  August 2011

                              Virginia District Staff

Mike and Angie Mitchell           John and Michele Howe                  Dennis and Kristen Weston         CR and Diane Griffith
   District Directors                District Educators                  District Couple of the Year        District Membership
                                                                         Assistant District Director           Enhancement
                                                                             District Webmaster

Bob and Hope Carneal             Wayne and Kathy Whitworth               Greg and Karen Kestner                  Med Miller
 District Treasurers             Assistant District Directors           Assistant District Educators     Assistant District Educator

  Jonathan Whitworth
                                   Les and Diane Warren                 Karrin Frankie and Joe Dickson    Keith and Carol Lindgren
Assistant District Educator     Assistant District Membership             Rally Vendor Coordinators      Rally Camping Coordinators

                                                               Ken Taylor
                                                       Assistant District Director
                                                       District Newsletter Editor

  Page 2
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                            August 2011

            Virginia Chapter Directors
CHAPTER          LOCATION                        CD                  PHONE        SOC GATH INFO
  VA-A     Burke, VA               Mary O'Connor                   703 378 3873     2nd Monday
  VA-B     Va Beach                Bob & Ann Lutton                757 641 5500    2nd Wednesday
  VA-C     Hampton/Newport News    Julie Steele                    757 898 0735      2nd Sunday
  VA-D     Richmond                Rich & Debbie Bonham            804 748-9025    4th Wednesday
  VA-E     Fredericksburg          Gordon Combs                    540 840 0394    3rd Wednesday
  VA-F     Winchester              George & Brenda Tincher         571 934 7067      4th Sunday
  VA-H     Abingdon                Paul & Dorothy Baker            276 628 6047     2nd Tuesday
  VA-I     Manassas                Tom and Kathy DeWispelaere      703 593 2392      2nd Sunday
  VA-J     South Boston            Don & Teresa Mitchell           434 792 0816     2nd Monday
  VA-K     Roanoke                 Bobbi Jo & Durwood Harrison     540 890 2890     2nd Monday
  VA-L     Chesapeake              Martin Tengowski                757 986 2847     4th Tuesday
  VA-O     Williamsburg            Joe Dickson & Karrin Frankie    757 872 0690      4th Sunday
  VA-P     Charlottesville         Cynthia & Mike Traver           434 973 5613      3rd Sunday
  VA-R     Harrisonburg            Les & Diane Warren              540 377 6282      1st Sunday
  VA-U     Hanover                 Dave and Norma Miller           804 222 3119      3rd Sunday
  VA-V     Bedford                 John & Barbara Harmon           540 890 4899      3rd Sunday
  VA-W     Chester                 Bill Martyn & Jennifer Knight   804 241 6910     2nd Tuesday
  VA-X     Salem                   Tony & Vickie Ayers             540 293 4982     1st Saturday
  VA-Y     Leesburg                Bill & Susan Rodgers            703 729 0829      3rd Sunday

                               Virginia Plaque Location
                                     VA-I, Manassas, VA
                                CDs: Tom and Kathy DeWispelare
                                      Phone: 703 593 8392
                                    Available: Aug 14, 2011

 Page 3
            Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                        August 2011

               District Couple of the Year
                                  Along with being ambassadors of GWRRA and the Virginia Dis-
                              trict, our goal this year has been pretty simple. We have always
                              believed in and supported the Couple of the Year Program so we
                              wanted to educate chapter members about the program. We hoped
                              that we would be able to educate Chapter Directors more in the
                              hopes that they will be more apt to select a Chapter Couple of the
                              Year. We know that every Chapter has at least one couple who
 Dennis and Kristen Weston
  District Couple of the Year have gone above and beyond. We believe those couples should be
                              honored and shown the appreciation for all they do. More so, we
                              wanted to educate the Members about the program. We believe
that through education, more Chapter Couples of the Year would participate in the District
Couple of the Year Selection process.
    So over the last couple of months we have written about the program, its benefits and its
goal. Now Its August 1st and the Couple of the year selection is fast approaching. We almost
have all the Couple of the Year packages turned in with the exception of a few stragglers.
Kristen and I are a little disappointed that we didn’t have more Chapter couples decide to par-
ticipate in the District selection and we just can’t figure out why, but nevertheless we are very
excited for those few that did. These few couples are the best of the best and we expect to
have a really great selection on Friday Morning at Rally In The Valley, we hope you will come
out and support them.
   Who are they you ask?

                           Bob & Hope Carneal – Chapter D, Richmond
                          Kathy & John Skinner – Chapter L, Chesapeake
                           Lee & Mae Cappis – Chapter O, Williamsburg
                           Tommy & Gale Wilson – Chapter Y, Leesburg

   Don’t forget the All Chapter Picnic on August 27th, we are hoping to have a large crowd,
Kristen and I with help from some of the other chapter couples will have fun and food at the
ready, the parking lot is a large paved area so bring your bike, river off the back, bring a fish-
ing pole, but most of all bring a smile and be ready for some fun.

See you soon!

Dennis and Kristen Weston
District Couple of the Year

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            Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                  August 2011

                                 Rider Education
                                                What If????
                                        When you start planning out a trip, do you ever really plan
                                    for the “W hat ifs” other than giving ourselves plenty of time to
                                    get there?? W hat about the trip home??
                                       Well! John and Michele’s W ing Ding 33 great adventure
                                    started out great and ended with a blow out of fun.

    John and Michele Howe                During the T-CLOCS inspection several days prior to leav-
   Virginia District Educators     ing for WD33 I looked at the tires very closely. The tires al-
                                   ready had 9000 miles on them I knew we would put on at least
another 1100 miles during this trip. The rear tire had good tread, but from the side it looked like it
was wanting to Cup. I noted this and double checked the tire pressure, everything was good. The morn-
ing we left, I rechecked pressures and all was good. Now! From this point on is where I may have helped
out the end result of this story. Throughout the four day trip to and during WD33, I would visually check
the tires, but never once put a tire gauge on them. I have always been religious about checking tire pres-
sures. On Saturday morning, the day we were going home, I checked the tires and noticed that the rear
tire now had a small amount of cupping. As the group headed for home, several other present and con-
tributing factors affected the end result of this story: the high heat of the day, little more than Interstate
Highway speeds, cupping rear tire and a new trailer that the tongue weight was not measured. Michele
and I both started to notice that the bike was picking up more and more of a vibration, which I knew was
coming from the rear tire. At our first gas stop I checked the tire and found it had cupped even more and
was too hot to even touch. Now I know tires get hot, but this seemed to be extreme. The group had
something to eat and as we were getting ready to go I mentioned to the lead that I may be having issues
with my rear tire. As we started out again it was not very long before Michele and I felt larger vibrations
and I noticed my baker wing on the left side of the bike starting to shake. Little later when I looked in the
mirrors I could not see the bike behind me very well, the bike had a severe vibration. I told lead I needed
to stop. We were able to slowdown and ride the bike to an off ramp that was just up the road. On the off
ramp we took a look and the rear tire had gone flat. By the grace of God, the bike remained controllable
the whole time. Never once did I have the major feeling or concern we were going to go down, now I
cannot speak for what Michele was thinking (and I may not want to know). I was then able to ride the
bike to the parking lot of a motel nearby. This is where we got a good look at the tire, see picture one.

   I am sure many will argue with me, but I think few things helped us. First, I think my Centramatic Bal-
ancers were working overtime to keep the rear tire balanced, second, the pull from the trailer did not al-
low the rear of the bike to become free floating. Oh! And I should not forget the little Angels on our shoul-
   On Monday we were loaded up, see picture two, and taken to the repair shop.
Mark 4 Honda in Wytheville, VA had just one tire left. They took the bike in right away and we were back
on the road in no time and headed for home.

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                    Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                  August 2011

Con’t from Page 5

 Rider Ed Con’t

Now what should have happened to help make sure this situation did not happen?
1. Always check tire pressures.
2. Always know what your trailer tongue weight is.
3. If you see a problem with a tire, Stop and get it checkd at a repair shop while they are open! Re-
   member they are not open on Sundays and sometimes Mondays.

These are two things Michele and I never want to see again.

Until next time: Ride Safe and Ride Often

John and Michele

                                                        July Newsletter
                                                        Contest Winner
                                                    Congratulations To
                                              CD: Les and Diane Warren
                                                        NLE: Rose Hines

     Page 6
           Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                               August 2011

                             District Training
                               Leadership Training In Virginia
                               Rick and Elsie Baker, Former Virginia Leadership Trainers
                                   In July, Elsie and I stepped aside to allow new blood to invigorate
                               the Virginia Leadership Training Program. And, this move will give us
                               much needed time to devote to Elsie’s parents, who need more atten-
                               tion. Until the new Virginia Leadership Trainers are announced, Vir-
                               ginia District Directors Mike and Angie Mitchell will assume the duties,
                               or otherwise delegate them, per the Leadership Handbook. In this last
                               Leadership article from us, we’ll update you on the Leadership Train-
                               ing Program (LTP) from information compiled over the last 45 days.
                               And, until new Virginia Leadership Trainers are permanently appoint-
                               ed, we’d like to leave you with some insight on what you can be doing
                               for our GWRRA members in Virginia.
                                   First and most significantly, Leadership Training and Rider Educa-
                               tion courses, along with Membership Enhancement, Financial, and
                               Motorist Awareness presentations, will form the foundation of a new
                               “GWRRA University.” Goals include: universal instructors, on-line
     Rick and Elsie Baker      courses directly available to the member, and updated/better course
        Former District        materials. Already you may have seen the new Rider Education sem-
      Leadership Trainers      inars and some revised Leadership Training seminars at Wing Ding
33 in Knoxville. Just recently, all members have on-line access to the Officer Certification Pro-
gram, and a DVD is available for members with slow internet speed or without an internet connec-
tion. And, to track all of your education and training efforts, GWRRA will eventually use a new
combined database for Rider Education and Leadership Training. The Leadership Training Pro-
gram in particular has a tall hill to climb, as its seminars need some revision and much cosmetic
updating. The LTP Officer Certification Program (OCP), which trains members on the day-to-day
operation of GWRRA chapters, districts, and regions, may soon include modules detailing the re-
sponsibilities of other core team officers, i.e., the Rider Educator, Membership Enhancement,
Treasurer, and Leadership Trainer Officers. These new modules may replace the “pure leader-
ship” modules in the “second day” of the OCP. But, they will certainly be standalone too; so, defi-
nitely look for them to be available on-line where members can review them before taking on an
officer position. Lastly, you should expect to see a Leadership Instructor course in Virginia in early
December, per the current Virginia Leadership Training Roadmap. Recently, Virginia Rider Edu-
cator, John Howe, has been hinting at a Rider Education instructor course this year too. Members
can attend either one to become an instructor in either or both programs—get your chapter partici-
pants, who might make great instructors, to attend one of these instructor courses.
    Having closely coordinated the Leadership Training Program with VA District Directors Mike
and Angie Mitchell, and, of course, Former Directors Pat and Kathy Hasiak during their watch, we
think you need to stay on the course mapped out for Leadership Training in Virginia

  Page 7                                                                                        Con’t on Page 8
                  Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                           August 2011

Con’t From Page

Leadership Training Con’t
for at least the near term. Obviously, the new VA Leadership Trainers will want to take some new
roads, but let’s not lose our way in the interim. First, make Leadership Seminars available to our
members at the Chapter level—once a quarter at a chapter is not too often, and ought to be your
goal—that’s four per year per chapter. And, likewise, members may notice an absence of Leader-
ship Training seminars at the Virginia District Conventions, Rally In The ValleyTM (RITV) and as com-
petition is fierce from outside safety-oriented activities, from Rider Education seminars, and vendors.
Remember, a primary goal of GWRRA is to save lives, and Rider Education, in its many forms, di-
rectly meets that goal. Consequently, you should take the leadership seminars to our GWRRA
members at the Chapter level. The Leadership program trains members to lead this organization,
now, and for the future.
   Elsie and I will still be around to help. I am still a Senior Leadership Instructor and an Officer
Trainer. And, of course, I am still a Rider Education Seminar Presenter.
     Many thanks to all of you who have supported the GWRRA Virginia Leadership Training Program the last
eighteen months.

Rick and Elsie Baker
Former Virginia Leadership Trainers

                                       Region N Plaque Location
                                              VA-Y, Leesburg, VA
                                            CDs: Bill and Susan Rodgers
                                               Phone: 703 729-0829
                                              Available: Aug 21, 2011

     Page 8
            Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                     August 2011

              Membership Enhancement
                                Sunny and Hot Winging Greetings to All
                                  What a summer, plenty of sunny skies for traveling on our beautiful ma-
                               chines, just a little hot when you have to stop! Although for those that are for-
                               tune enough to travel the mountain by-ways, you will find the heat a lot less
                               troublesome. So my suggestion? Head for the hills!
                                  Our District Chapter Couple, Dennis and Kristen Weston, have sent out
                               packets to all Chapter Couples in our District, to see who wants to compete in
                               the District Couple Selection at the Rally in the Valley. Hopefully the chapter
   CR and Diane Griffith       couples have by now responded to them whether or not they will be participat-
 Membership Enhancement
                               ing. Remember, it is a lot of fun, a little work, and a good time is had by all who
                               do join in. Good luck to those that have chosen to join in the Virginia District
Couple Selection.
    Our congratulations go out to Tennessee Y, they were chosen by Region ‘N’ for the best Newsletter in the
1st quarter of the year. The newsletter Editor is Debbie Kilgore. I need to take this time to apologize to our
district chapters for not getting the second nomination to Region ‘N’ for the competition on the second quarter;
so much has gone on this past month that it completely slipped by me. Hopefully in October I will be more vig-
ilant. CR and I would like to congratulate VA Chapter ‘R’, and Rose Hines for publishing the winning newslet-
ter for the Month of July. Way to go!!
    We continue to encourage the Virginia Chapters who have made the commitment for Chapter of the Year
2011; the challenges that your chapter and members face helps your chapters to bond and grow. Please con-
tact the CHOY Coordinator for the Year 2011, Bill Rodgers of VA Chapter Y, if you have questions or need
any help. Good luck to you all.
   From the latest reports that we have received, it looks like Bob Carnes of chapter ‘V’ is leading in the re-
cruiting a friend contest. He has 7 recruits; Durwood Harrison of chapter ‘K’ close behind at with 6, check out
the District Web page to see an update on the figures.
     Les Warren is doing an excellent job on the districts ARL. He sends out the listings as soon as he receives
them, and would appreciate a quick response from either the chapter directors, or the chapter MEC’s about
any contacts that you may or may not have been able to make. We do thank you in advance for this. Remem-
ber he will only be sending you a portion of the districts listing (your general surrounding area) and not the
whole state; we are hoping that this has simplified your work load. This is done so that you may locate a par-
ticipating chapter member that may show up on another chapters report, and be able to have them (the spe-
cific member) make the corrected changes. You will not receive the No Contact Listing or the Expired Mem-
bers Listing sent to you. National does not want the individual chapters making direct contact with these
members; this will be done through the District, Regional, National, or International Directors.
   Will end this with the hope that each of you are enjoying a great riding season, and that you have lots of
plans to visit and participate with other GWRRA chapters.

Until Next time

Take Care and Ride Safe
CR and Diane Griffith
District MEC

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             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                   August 2011

                        Virginia Happenings
                               South Western Area:
                                  We attended the West Virginia District Rally from June 16 – 19 and were
                              part of many others from VA. What an impressive job WV did with their full acci-
                              dent response demonstration. Virginia was the largest outside participating Dis-
                              trict. Kathy won one of the marble game prizes which was a bucket of tootsie
                              rolls with gift certificates in it. About $230 worth of free night hotel rooms,
 Wayne and Kathy Whitworth Sheets gas, Hardee, Applebee’s and other free food. Then she also won their
    Ass’t District Director   Grand Prize of $250 Wing Bling certificate. Door prizes and Light Show awards
         South West           added to getting to lead the parade back from the Downtown ice Cream social
                              made it well worth the tri[p. After getting home we rode to Chapter V’s gather-
ing and relaxed with our ‘neighbors’. The following weekend we were busy with a District Meeting above
Culpepper furthering plans of RITV. Then Sunday June 26 Chapter K held their yearly New Member Orienta-
tion seminar and Team Riding Seminar that had many learning how Team Riding works and makes a ride not
only safer but more enjoyable for everyone.
    With July came more HEAT and has made riding more difficult. Those of us that have truly experienced
heat exhaustion and heat stroke know that it makes it more difficult to be in such high temps very long. Even
with drinking WATER, your core body temp gets too high to function properly. Especially for the more mature
riders. July 2nd found us riding to Chapter Xs gathering with the plaque available. With several chapters pre-
sent and the plaque was off to the north again. The next day to celebrate we rode to the ‘Thunder on the
Mountain’ ride and activities at Liberty University in Lynchburg. So many things to do and quite afew bikers
there including GoldWingers. Kathy had on her vest and was asked about what GWRRA stands for? We were
glad to enlighten anyone listening. It dawned on me that even at non-GWRRA functions our patches were a
conversation piece where we could explain all the activities our organization has to offer. With seminars, rid-
ing courses, First Aid training, so many benefits and the friends and fun parts; it’s an organization to be not
only proud of but wanting to share with others. Chapter Ks gathering including some MORE new members
along with stories from Wing Ding. The bike ride home on the Blue Ridge Parkway was a bit cooler than along
460 but still warm. Can’t wait for Fall and dropping temps! Saturday July 16th we were going to check out a
route for a ride and decided to drop by Star City Powersports in Roanoke. They are a Victory dealer as well
and was hosting ‘Victory Ride’ at that location. With a tractor-trailer load of tagged Victory’s of all styles to
demo they were offering a 25 mile, 40 minute tour on some of the nice roads nearby. Jonathan and I each
signed up and picked out a touring model of the Victory bikes. He rode the Victory Vision Tour model and I
took the Cross Country model. I got to tell you, OUR GOLDWINGS HAVE SPOILED US!!! The shifting, trans-
mission, continuous vibration, braking and total ride just can not compare to the GoldWing. Jonathan even
went on a second ride on a Cross Roads Victory and it was the same. I was very kind in my comments to the
Victory people when asked about the bike ride. WE left and started checking our ride route and rode upon the
Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at an overlook to take pictures and make notes. A motorhome traveling along
the parkway was suddenly passed (at solid yellow lines) by 3 speeding sport bikes. As we reentered the park-
way and continued our ride home we wondered how far they would make it. It was only about 9 miles before
we met flashing headlights and within a few curves we came across a laid down bike and a rider lying on his
back in the grass. He was still moving but obviously injured. Someone else had stopped so we continued until
getting a cell phone signal to call for rescue. I rode back to check and Rangers had arrived and shorthly after-
wards, fire trucks. Speed just doesn’t make sense when you can’t see whats around the curve. The next day
at Chapter Vs gathering Med Miller assisted in presenting a Co-Rider seminar right before the Chapter
meeting. We related our experiences of the last few days and reminded everyone of upcoming District events,
like All Chapters Picnic and the Rally In The Valley.
   Page 10                                                                                            Con’t on Page 11
                 Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                      August 2011

Con’t From Page 10

ADD SW Con’t

   July 29th I rode to help present the OCP at Burke, Va. The main thing I found was that some things even
with reading and studying, unless you’ve experienced it – it’s difficult to present to others. With help from Pat
Hasiak I hope we covered the Finances/IRS and Officer Grievance procedure sufficiently as his experience
with both gives him a truly top notch first-hand knowledge of those areas. It really is a very good program to
add insight to anyones knowledge of GWRRA. I believe everyone had fun with our interactions and the exer-
cises that were included in the program. The Horizons Program may be the only thing with more Fun! And
one of those is scheduled in the not too distant future. What fond memories we each have of that and includ-
ing additions to our list of friends that was cemented to us FOREVER! Special Thanks to Debbie and Randy
Markanich for those extra bottles of water for my 200 mile ride home. The bottles of water didn’t make it but I
did! Really looking forward to cooler temperatures!

Wayne and Kathy Whitworth
ADD South West

                                       2012 Gold Wing Unleashed

  Long known as the Queen of the Road, the new 2012 Honda GL 1800
Gold Wing was presented to the world at the International Motorcycle
Show held in Greenville on Feb 25, 2011. The won’t arrive in Europe until
2012 as it will be put on sale in the U.S. this year.

    The Honda Gold Wing ws first defined how much performance and
comfort a motorcycle can deliver to two riders during a weekend ride or a
cross-country adventure. Three and a half decades represents an eterni-
ty for most motorized products, as the Gold Wing enters its 36th year of
production. It again establishes a new and higher standard for what the
good life should truly be at the cutting edge of long distance motorcycle.

    When initially released to the public in 1975, the first Gold Wing dazzled the motorcycling press and consumers
alike. In short, the 999cc Gold Wing immediately carved out an uber-achiever niche all to itself, and to this day no
other name offers such a complete and well balance blend of motorcycle touring qualities. Its travel-oriented creds
include the latest generation of sophisticated electronic amenities, starting with an innovative GPS navigation sys-
tem with user friendly programmability for sharing favorite ride routes with friends and other riders, which can be
accessed online via computer.

   The Gold Wing also now incorporates a built in MP3/iPOD® interface fro a new SRS CS Auto™ technology
surround sound system for a premium listening experience. In addition, packages for Navi, ABS and airbag do
much to further the Gold Wing’s reputation as the most celebrated touring machine in motorcycle history.
This article taken from

If you are interested in grabbing you a new 2012 Goldwing, check out
overview-honda-2012-gold-wing-gl-1800.html and see what dealers are in GWRRA’s Honda dealer program.
You just never know what deal you may be able to strike up!

     Page 11
             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                 August 2011

                        Virginia Happenings
                               On the Northern Side of Things
                                  Dang….here we are reaching around the corner and knocking on the door
                               of RITV. Hard to believe we are just a little over two months before RITV will
                               be here. In case you have been predisposed and (yes I understand there
                               was no District NL for July) did not see the last NL with all the information,
                               RITV dates are 6-9 Oct. Registration and flyer information will be in each NL
        Ken Taylor             through Oct and is also available on the VA District website.
   Ass’t District Director        As you think about the events you want to partake in, for example, ERC,
           North              Road Captains Course, Trike Course, FA and CPR, you can free some of that
                              time up by getting some things organized in your chapter before RITV. Con-
tact John and Michele Howe or your ADD and see what we can do to help organize a class or two for your
chapter, or if there are several chapters in the area, such as in northern Virginia, we can surely combine
something with several other chapters and make it one big happy event. You just never know who may
show up.
   So have you had a chance to see the new 2012 Wing. I know for a fact some folks have and I have it
on good authority some folks within the district may even have one parked in his or her garage. Rumor
has it there is a blue one sitting in a garage just south of me. So I might wonder who that individual just
might be. Let’s just see if that person will fess up…Right Boss!
   Unfortunately, I have had to direct some of my attention away from GWRRA and take care of some
family business. As things start to settle down over the next couple weeks, I hope to have my full attention
directed back to helping when and wherever I can.
    A couple months ago I stopped by a cemetery to visit with a
couple old friends and I came across one awesome looking
headstone. I know, you may be rolling your eyes and shaking
your head wondering what kind of weird or unusual things I
might be up to. Nope not me, at least I don’t think so. As a
tribute to a fellow fallen rider, I have included a copy of the pic
and I hope you will think the same as I did….just one awesome
   There has been a lot of plaque attack activity over the last couple of months and oh by the way, in case
you have forgotten, the Region N plaque is resting in Leesburg under the safe and watch eye of Chapter
Y. Hopefully we can keep it in VA. Guess we will find out on the 21st of Aug.
    Well, I guess that is about it for now….I guess it is about time for me to head out and try something
out..oh heck….I know of three 2012 Wings now in the VA District. So the one in Richmond, one in the vi-
cinity of Leesburg and and yep, a white one is garaged in Triangle VA. Thanks so much mom and dad.
Miss and love you both! If you have purchased a new Wing, send me a pic and I will be glad to get it pub-
lished in the District NL and share it with the rest of your GWRRA family.
   Get your registrations for RITV and as you prepare for another great rally, ride safe and ride often!


   Page 12
              Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                          August 2011

                           Virginia Happenings
By Officer Trainers, Rick and Elsie Baker

Nineteen GWRRA Virginia members graduated from the 30 – 31 July 2011, Officers
Certification Program (OCP) in Burke VA. Please congratulate them!

                                                            Photo courtesy of George Craddock and Randy Markanich

         Gayle Babcock                Emily Butcher,        Ann Lutton,                         Ray Scott,
              VA-I                       VA-I CT P           VA-B CD P                           VA-B CE
           Wil Bell,                George Craddock,        Bob Lutton,                        Jeff Sterling,
          VA-Y MAC                      VA-I MEC             VA-B CD P                            VA-I CE
          Jay Brown,                   Isabel Gray,         Ray Pierce,                       Gayle Wilson,
          VA-E ACD P                     VA-I MEC           VA-O ACDp                        VA-Y CT & COY
         Burton Buller,            Kathy DeWispelaere,    Tammie Pierce,                     Tommy Wilson,
           VA-R COY                       VA-I CD           VA-O ACD P                        VA-Y CT & COY
          Mary Buller,             Tom DeWispelaere,     Tony Poulakowski,                       “XX P” indicates
           VA-R COY                      VA-I CD              VA-E CT                        “planned” next officer

    Page 13
             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                               August 2011

                        Virginia Happenings
OCP July 30-31 Con’t
Many thanks to Officer Trainers, Pam and Tommy Meador, Region N Leadership
Trainers; Officer Trainer Pat Hasiak, who honcho’d the program; Senior Leadership
Instructors Wayne Whitworth and Debbie Markanich, who were attempting to earn Of-
ficer Trainer Certificates; to VA-A and VA-A CD Mary O’Connor, who sponsored us in-
to the fine conference facility in Burke, VA, and to Elsie Baker, who organized us early
Saturday morning and checked in everybody.

    In 2011, every member, even remotely interested in how this great association is
run, ought to attend the Officer Certification Program, either in the classroom or on
line. You will learn GWRRA’s policies, procedures, and rules; which are completely
described and clarified for you. Your GWRRA experience will be enriched. The next
“In-Class VA OCP” is slated for 14 – 15 January 2012 in Virginia Beach, VA. You may
enroll in the “On-Line OCP” by contacting the District Leadership Trainer, any Officer
Trainer, or the District Director.

   Leadership Instructors and Rider Education Seminar Presenters should make a
special effort to attend so you can accurately portray GWRRA during the seminars
you present.

   The new Membership Enhancement Coordinator Officers and Treasurer Officers,
along with Rider Educator Officers, will greatly benefit by understanding our great As-
sociation: Why it exists and how to make it work for our members.

   Remember, any member may take the OCP, on a space-available basis, at any lo-
cation in the U.S. and Canada, or “On-Line,” to find out exactly how GWRRA is orga-
nized and run to ensure we remain friends for fun, safety, and knowledge.

    Please register for the GWRRA Officer Certification Program (OCP) slated for Vir-
ginia Beach, Virginia, 14 – 15 January 2012. You know Virginia Beach in the winter
must have better weather than northern Virginia! We’re looking forward to this loca-
tion. Attendance is by “pre-registration only” so we can prepare the logistics to better
support you. The registration deadline is: COB 3 January 2012. Contact: Virginia
District Director.

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            Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                August 2011

                       Virginia Happenings
VA-Y Leesburg, The Blue Ridge Wings
2010 Virginia Chapter of the Year
CHOY Report
Bill and Susan Rodgers
District CHOY Coordinators
    A Leadership instructor once asked us, as chapter directors – did we want every-
one to participate in every event - and we answered the following; while we hope that
everyone wants to participate in as many events as they can we know that everybody
is not the same and not everyone likes the same kind of event. So our job as CD’s is
to provide different types of opportunities so that everyone has the chance to ride or
participate in an event of their choosing; and have a great time while doing that.
    Wing Ding this year was a great example of how Chapter Y works as a family.
Chapter Y had 18 people, that’s about 1/3 of our total membership, go to Wing Ding
this year. For a small chapter – that is HUGE. What is so cool about that many go-
ing is that we were able to have 3 different ride groups, plus a couple of single riders,
and even a cage or two.
    We had a few that left early and camped on the way. We had a group that wanted
some extra stops and planned a ride through West VA and then to Fletcher, NC
where we met up with them. We had a group of “end to enders” who rode the length
of the Blue Ridge Parkway; and we had single riders drive down for a day. We had
folks come in from vacation in their car and we groups that separated to ride off on
the Tail of the Dragon.
    At Wing Ding, we had campers and those who preferred hotels. We met up at the
Convention center when we could and rode together when possible. At the end of
Wing Ding, we were together to celebrate Tommy & Gayle’s Wilson’s winning the Rid-
erEd grand prize – the Europa Trailer. A few left early, and some stayed late…no one
felt pressured to do anything they didn’t want to do. For us that flexibility is a bond
   We recognize and encourage the celebration of our individuality and at the end of
the day-or the beginning of a new ride—we’re family that comes back together.

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             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                          August 2011

                        Virginia Happenings
Corner                                       It’s All about the Rally
   For me, it starting to be crunch time when I make sure everything already planned is a “GO” and
that all information is being disseminated as quickly as possible to those who will be attending this
year’s Rally in the Valley, Harvest Fest.

August 15th – Deadline for ads. Ad forms have been sent out to the Chapters by e-mail. If your
chapter wishes to place an ad in the rally book, now is the time to get it in. Remember, it needs to
be “copy ready”.
August 15th – Nominations for Spirit of Virginia award must be submitted to the District Director.
Gift Baskets – Those doing gift baskets need to make sure that they have a listing of all items in
their basket for viewing. Additionally, we want you to know that the gift baskets will be locked up
each evening for safety.
Hospitality Munchies – Please feel free to donate your baked or bought goody to the hospitality
room for all to enjoy. In the past, Virginia was famous for its hospitality room munchies, and we
want to make sure we maintain this reputation. Fruit, chips, nuts, etc. are also good donations as
not all have a sweet tooth.
Door Prizes – any donations will be appreciated. Door prizes can be turned into Chapter B who
has that responsibility or you can bring them to the hospitality room once it is open on Thursday,
October 6th.
Table Decorations Contest – there will be a table decorations contest this year, following the
theme of Harvest Fest. Time will be allotted on Friday afternoon at 3:00pm in the Arena for you to
decorate the tables. We have made a slight change in that all tables will be placed up against the
wall for judging purposes. These tables will be set in place for you. Good luck to all.
Pumpkin Bake-Off Contest – all those participating in this contest will need to have their entry in
the hospitality room by 11:15 am on Friday to be judged at 11:30am. We have so many individuals
who have great culinary skills and we are looking forward to a great competition. Good luck to all.
Please, please go to the RITV link on the website to check out the special events of the Rally as
well as registration form for the Rally.
To all those who helped out in Knoxville at post-registration, thank you, thank you, thank you. Spe-
cial thanks to Linda Goodman, our own Deputy Dawg’s wife who helped out as well in order to give
me breaks and to do my seminar. I would be remiss if I didn’t also shout a thanks to Linda Black of
the Event Management Group who kept our cash registers running and was there to handle special
problems. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at Wing Ding, and that we will see you all in Ft.
Wayne, Indiana next year.

Angie Mitchell
The Better Half

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            Gold Wing Road Riders Association                             August 2011

       NC H-2 Mascot Mascotnapped
    I wanted to make you all aware of something serious that is going on in GWRRA.
There is a mascot thief on the loose and to make matters worse, I have been blamed
for this dastardly deed.
    Last month, North Carolinas Chapter H-2 had its mascot taken. I rode with Chapter
U to Durham to capture the Region Plaque last month and coincidentally their mascot
“El Torro” came up missing. I had no sooner gotten home from the visit and received
an email accusing me of this “kidnapping”. I could not believe that my friends in NC
would think that I would do such a thing! I understand that someone calling them-
selves the “Blue Phantom” has taken responsibility and even sent some ransom

    This picture was sent to the Chapter Directors of H-2. I understand that news of
this deed made it to the Home Office and they have placed a warning on the National
Home Page concerning this kidnapping. Despite my pleas, H-2 is convinced that I
have something to do with this and are assembling a rather large rescue team dubbed
Seal Team H-2 that is going to come to Chapter U’s Meeting this month to rescue their
mascot, and I’m afraid when they arrive and find that I do not have their mascot, they
may get violent and try to retaliate by somehow taking their anger out on me. In light
of this, I am asking for support from all of those that can come out and defend me of
this heinous crime. VAU will be making special arrangements to handle the crowd. I
appreciate all you can do to help me out in this trying time.

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              Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                                             August 2011

                        A Tale of Two Districts
   You never know what is going to come from a simple act or what people are going to enjoy.
   A few years ago while attending the last Region N Rally to date, 2008 it was, my wife Angie & I were asked to join the
Tennessee District Staff for dinner one evening. Having many friends in Tennessee, we gladly accepted. We met in
Johnson City Tennessee at a place called “Cootie Browns” . It was a local place that had kind of an old gas station motif
and look to it. When we arrived we were ushered to a back room that was separated from the main part of the restaurant
by a glass bay door. There were two long tables set up seating about 35 – 40 people. We sat at one of the tables that
was Tennessee folks and the other table was occupied by Alabama folks. These two Districts were familiar with one an-
other and as Alabama were the guests to Region N they were invited by Tennessee as well.
   As there were so many people there you can imagine it took a while to get our dinners, and a room full of idle Gold-
wingers can be a dangerous thing! The details of the beginning are a little fuzzy, but someone started tossing little pieces
of balled up straw paper at the drinks of one of the Alabama folks. This continued until it got boring, so a full scale napkin
battle ensued. Throughout dinner there were waves of “attacks” with Tennessee launching a full scale attack on Ala-
bama, and the Alabama folks regrouping and retaliating with a mass napkin attack of their own. Mind you we were in a
shut off room, but in full view of the rest of the patrons because of the glass bay door. Several times you could see the
jaws drop on some of the folks particularly the little ones. I remember one little boy walking up to the glass with mouth
open in disbelief as to say “they are gonna be in so much trouble”. We even threw napkins at one of the waitresses
walking in the next room. She had an even more priceless look on her face when 30some napkins bounced off the glass
next to her! After that the manager came into the room with a bottle of ketchup and choose the most innocent person in
the room to squirt to try to calm things down, ME. Luckily the bottle was full of ice water not ketchup and the force of it
knocked me out of my chair. At this point some of the Tennessee Staff were surprised we were still there, having thought
for sure we would be kicked out. The dinner and all out napkin war continued for quite some time, but like all good
things, this too had to end. It ended up with the waitress bringing a broom into the room for us to clean up after our-
selves, which we gladly did. The napkin fight was declared a draw and all that were there had a great time, including the
waitresses and the manager. I’m sure some of the other patrons talked about that night for quite some time too. Chuck
Caldwell was so distraught from the experience he promptly when back to the hotel and spilled his guts to Melissa Eason
who was the Executive Director at the time and was in attendance at the Rally.
    Before the end of the Rally, Ken & Julie Zahn the Tennessee District Director and Terry & Barbie Cleveland the Ala-
bama Coupe of the Year made a pact to meet on neutral ground and continue the battle. I’m pretty sure that Terry was
the one who started this whole thing even though he blames me. Anyone who knows me realizes I would never do any-
thing like that. They set up the first of four and counting Tennessee – Alabama Burger Runs which take place at the end
of July at Randys Restaurant in Trenton Georgia. This is located just south of Chattanooga Tennessee on the Georgia -
Alabama border.
   Each year both Districts meet at the Restaurant and eat, kick tires and enjoy each others company. The first couple of
years the restaurant supplied tons of napkins to continue the battle and even started closing for several hours just for the
gathering. I call it a gathering as there is no cost, nothing sold (except the food which they offer at a discounted rate)
nothing advertised, no formal ceremonies or speeches, just folks getting together to have fun. The first couple of years
they sold commemorative tee shirts but got away from that to preserve what it was intended to be, just folks getting to-
gether to have fun. The first one was just a couple of months after the Rally in 2008, and it it still going strong. Last
years attendance topped 300 and this year even with bad storms in the area there were over 200 there, mainly from
Tennessee and Alabama but folks from Georgia and Virginia also joined in.
    This was the first year I was able to make the Burger Run, but even three years later, I was thrilled to be there. Most
of the original folks from that fateful night in Johnson City were there, which gave me a chance to see them all in one
place, and relive what started it all, a bunch of GWRRA Members, getting together and having fun.
  Cootie Browns has long since closed but the spirit and memories that were made during the “Great Tennessee – Ala-
bama Napkin Battle” that evening will live on for many years to come.

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          Gold Wing Road Riders Association     August 2011

                              Virginia Events

Page 19
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association               August 2011

                              Virginia Events

                                              VA-A, Burke, VA

      VA-C, Hampton/
     Newport News, VA

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          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                 Rally - In – The - Valley

Page 21
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                 Rally - In – The - Valley

Page 22
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                 Rally - In – The - Valley

Page 23
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                      RITV 2011 Schedule

Page 24
          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                      RITV 2011 Schedule

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             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                               August 2011

                             Region “N” News
                                      “From the Bottom of the Triangle”
                                 Hello again, Region N. First, let us express our gratitude and appreciation
                              to each of our Districts, and all the members who volunteered their time to
                              assist with post registration at Wing Ding in Knoxville. No matter where one
                              looked at Wing Ding, you found Region N members pitching in to help make
                              the event a success and assist the numerous visitors to our area. In addi-
  Ed and Mary Ann Grazier
                              tion to our assigned responsibilities at reg-istration, we had a number of
      Region N Directors
                              folks contributing their time as Rider Course Coaches, LTD and Rider Edu-
ca-tion Seminar Presenters, Bike Show Judges and working the numerous program booths (Riders Ed,
LTP, MEPC, MAP, Recruiting and Retention, Information, etc). And, lest we forget . . . the volunteers
who as-sisted at the Chilhowee Parking Facility, in the heat and humidity/rain, who deserve a giant pat
on the back for their service. Ya’ll done GOOOOOOD!
   And, to Evan and Cindy Parton, we have to say how proud we were of how well you represented
yourselves and Region N in the International Couple of the Year Selection Process. There can only be
one International Couple chosen to be the Ambassadors of GWRRA, selected to represent our more
than 67,800 members. Evan and Cindy did a great job, and no matter what . . . “they’re still winners to
   Wing Ding 34 will be conducted in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so begin planning now to attend!
     The next event within Region N is the Kentucky District Convention “The Kentucky Blast”. Their
theme this year is “CASINO NIGHT” and promises to be a fun event. Jeannie and Buddy McKenzie,
and their District Team, have been busy planning all of the activities. We’ve included the agenda of ac-
tivities at pages 11 and 12 of this newsletter. There’s something for everyone, so come on along and
enjoy the fun. We hope to see everyone there.
    It’s our pleasure to announce the appointment of Richard and Becky Griffin as the newly appointed
Tennessee District Directors. They will accept the reigns of leadership from Ken and Julie Zahn, effec-
tive August 1. Join us in welcoming the Griffins to their new challenge, and in wishing only the best for
the Zahns, as they relinquish the leadership role of the Tennessee District.
   We are proud to announce that Region N has enjoyed positive growth for each of the first six months
of 2011. This positive growth can only be attributed to the efforts of our Chapters in a strong and pro-
active promotion of retention of our existing members and recruiting new friends into GWRRA. Keep up
the good work. Active Chapters, having fun, and consistently introducing new members to our many
and varied activities, is the key to our positive growth and the future of GWRRA.
Until next month,

Ride Safe and Ride Often
Ed & Mary Ann Grazier
Directors, GWRRA Appalachian Region “N”

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             Gold Wing Road Riders Association                                          August 2011

                        News From National
                                  Gold Wing Road Riders Association
                                    Announces Wing Ding 2012 in
                                          Fort Wayne, IN!       \

                              Phoenix, Arizona, July 11, 2011– The Gold Wing Road Riders Associa-
                          tion (GWRRA) will hold its 34th annual Wing Ding at the Allen County War
        Mike Stiger
    Director of GWRRA
                         Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in July 2012. Wing Ding, the
                         world’s largest Gold Wing tradeshow and “family reunion,” will open on July
4th and run through July 7th, 2012. The theme for this international convention will be “FUN IN THE
   Wing Ding first graced the City of Fort Wayne in 2002 and set attendance records as its loyal fan
base flocked to the self proclaimed “City of Restaurants” and enjoyed non-stop “Hoosier hospitality”
from every corner of the community. In turn, event goers left an economic benefit to the city in the
range of $5-7 million. GWRRA returned to Fort Wayne in 2005 with over 10,000 Members and
    According to Edward Price, Marketing Director, “This will be the third time we have returned to
Fort Wayne and we are thrilled. This is where we set our all-time attendance record back in 2002
with 13,721 Members and guests. We anticipate breaking that record in 2012! Fort Wayne has al-
ways held a special place in our Members’ hearts as one of the most “Friendly” and accommodating
cities we have ever been!”
   Wing Ding attractions include over 200 product vendors in the comfort of indoor, air-conditioned
exhibit space, free seminars on motorcycling, touring, safety and products along with live entertain-
ment throughout the four-day spectacle. Riders can also sharpen their riding skills by taking one of
GWRRA’s award-winning Rider Education Courses. And, riders can try out new Honda motorcycles,
courtesy of the Honda Demo Team. Wing Ding has established a loyal base of sponsors who make
significant contributions to $50,000 in cash and prizes that is part of the Wing Ding lore and excite-
   This convention will be a “community event” as well, with a Grand Parade going through Fort
Wayne and many other events happening throughout the city. There is also an international flavor to
Wing Ding with over 13 countries generally in attendance.
    GWRRA, whose motto is “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge,” is a non-profit organization
that has over 72,000 Members in 50 countries. The Gold Wing Road Riders Association has 4,000
volunteer leaders who provide rider education and social structure, as well as organizing events, ral-
lies, rides and meetings throughout the year. Call (800) 843-9460 for more information or check out
the website at

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          Gold Wing Road Riders Association            August 2011

                 Events Outside Virginia

                               KENTUCKY CONVENTION


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          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

                 Events Outside Virginia


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          Gold Wing Road Riders Association   August 2011

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