Rich Knight, President
                                              1839 Fellen Place,
                                          Mississauga, ON L5J 4S4

January 11, 2011

TO: All Canadian National Oldtimers’ Baseball Federation Inc. teams participating in the 2011 championship
tournament in Burlington, Ontario.

FROM: C.N.O.B.F. President

TOPICS: (1) Website Usage             (2) Waiver Forms               (3) Annual General Meeting

Congratulations on your team’s decision to participate in our nineteenth annual national championship
tournament. We are pleased to have you involved..


If you elect to use the website to complete the waiver process, you are to follow the instructions below under
WAIVER FORMS. You must also declare that you are using this system by notifying the president by e-mail
at as well as your Provincial Director. Otherwise postal mail delivery will be


1. Check the website for your “2011 Approved Roster” list of players who have played for your team in
   previous C.N.O.B.F. tournaments and have signed a valid waiver form. These players do NOT have to
   sign again. Indicate with a * those players on the roster list, who will be playing in this year’s
   tournament and add any new players’ names. Send this roster list by e-mail to your Provincial
   Director, and the President

2. Find on the website two “Player’s Waiver and Consent” forms; one is to be read stating what the
   waiver form covers. The second is the blank “Player’s Waiver and Consent” form which is to be filled
   out in full (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY) and signed by players whose names are not on the “2011
   Approved Roster” (three players per sheet).
   Signed waiver forms are to be sent by postal mail to the Vice-President so that the Federation has a hard
   copy on file. If you choose to send the signed forms electronically to the Vice-President, check to make
   sure that the forms will transmit clearly. Forms must be legible.

3. If your team is participating for the first time, all players will be required to read the “Player’s Waiver
   and Consent” form, fill out the blank waiver form in full ( PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY), and sign
   where indicated. Players, who do not complete the waiver form fully, will not be eligible to participate
   in the tournament.
   Follow the same process as in step 2 to send in your signed waivers.
   A team list will also need to be created. Send this roster list by e-mail to your Provincial Director, and
   the President.
4. Signed forms and the team list must be forwarded to your provincial director by June 17, 2011. This also
   Fits the time-line for submitting a team list only to the host (Burlington) for the souvenir program, as per
   rule13 below:

   Rule 13. A player may play for only one team during the tournament. Each team is to submit a roster of up to 21 players to
   the Tournament Chairman six weeks prior to the tournament opening date. Additions, not to exceed the roster limit of
   21 players, may be made prior to the tournament with the approval of your Provincial Director and the President.

                            DO NOT SEND ANY WAIVER FORMS TO BURLINGTON.

5. Teams failing to submit their roster list and waiver forms on time will be assessed a fine of $50,
   payable before the Annual General Meeting. Teams failing to pay the fine on time will not be eligible
   to play in the tournament.

6. To add a player after the June 17 deadline, you must contact your Provincial Director as soon as
   possible, provide information about the player to the director, who will then contact the president.
   Once a decision is made concerning the player, you will be notified about his eligibility. Forms for
   these additional players only MUST be submitted to the President by July 22, 2011.
   A team, registering a player by signing a waiver form after this date, must arrange delivery of a hard
   copy only, addressed to the President c/o the host committee, no later than 3:00 p.m. on Thursday,
   July 28, 2011 for players to be eligible to play in Friday’s games. Forms received after 3:00 p.m. will
   be deemed to have arrived on Friday. Those players will be ineligible to play on Friday. No forms
   will be accepted after Friday.

 NOTE: No e-mails or postal mail should be expected to be received by the President or your Provincial
       Director after Monday, July 25. Any documents, that may not reach the president or Provincial
       Director by this deadline, should be sent by courier and guaranteed to make the deadline.
       No phone calls should be counted on after Tuesday, July 26. If you cannot guarantee that you
       will be in Burlington before 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 28, courier service to Rich Knight is your
       best assurance that the player(s) will be eligible.


Each team should make certain that a team representative is present at this meeting. Information will be
presented which may affect your team. The meeting will be held on the evening of Thursday, July 28. Time
and location to be announced by the host.

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