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									                                                Toastmasters International
                                                      Presidents Club
                                        District 14, Division D, Area 44, Club 1713

                                                    Record of Meeting

                     Participant                  Attend                   Participant             Attend
    Anderson, Charlene - Secretary                   X       Katzowitz, Ellen

    Anderson, Judy                                   X       Kingman, Anna                           X

    Brandon, Tom                                             LaPorta, Ed

    Brookmire, Dave - Treasurer                      X       McGoldrick, Rob                         X

    Carmen-Weaver, Sandy                             X       Miller, Mack - VP Membership            X

    Cobkit, Justin                                           Netterville, Rush

    Cobkit, Sutham                                   X       Nixon, Tom                              X

    Choudhuri, Kumar                                 X       Nogin, Yale

    Conway, Arin                                             Pollitzer, Ernie

    Cox, Lee                                         X       Rogers, Judi                            X

    Dawson, Jim                                              Samur, Gokhan

    Deason, Richie - Sergeant at Arms                X       Samur, Pinar                            X

    Dodell, Roslyn - VP Education                    X       Scott, Clemmie

    Field, Debbie - President                        X       Singla, Vikas - VP Public Relations

    Goodman, Lisa                                    X       Sovaiala, Andreea

    Hart, Rich                                               Steinberg, Ilene                        X

    Hilgers, Mike                                    X       Wagner, Vahn                            X

    Holtzclaw, Eric                                  X

    Jourdan, Daniel

Date: September 5, 2012
Location: East Cobb Government Center

Theme: “Fall”

       Call to Order:

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Richie Deason, Sergeant at Arms. Richie informed us that tonight’s
theme is Fall and that means a return to the grid iron! For those of you not familiar with the favorite past
time in the USA – Gridiron means Football: Pee Wee, HS, College, and of course, the NFL!! After our
jaunt to Indian Hills Country Club for our last regular meeting and our educational meeting last week at
Lisa Goodman’s offices, we are back on our home field this week (meaning the East Cobb Gov’t Center).
Richie thanked all of the people that were instrumental in hosting our educational meeting: Susan
McMullen, Tom Nixon, Jim Dawson and Lisa Goodman. Congratulations are in order to Rob McGoldrick
and Sandy Weaver-Carmen for winning at the Area contest level of the Speech and Evaluation Contest.
Sandy went on to place 2 in evaluations at the Division level. Unfortunately, Rob was unable to
participate in the Division level speech contest. Richie introduced Anna Kingman to lead us in the Pledge
of Allegiance and to give us the invocation.

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance:

Anna Kingman began the meeting with an invocation regarding Benjamin Franklin and the importance of
not being a procrastinator. We should strive to improve ourselves through Toastmasters and not put off
our self improvement goals until tomorrow.

 Rob McGoldrick began by welcoming all of us to the meeting. Rob showed us how GQ he really is
   and that he took Jim Dawson’s suggestion from the educational meeting that as Toastmaster, we
   should be the best dressed person in the room. Rob went over the logistics of the meeting and
   informed us that this was 809th meeting of The President’s Club because we are 30 years old and we
   founded in 1982. Rob introduced our guest: Dave Clarke. Rob then turned the lectern over to our
   President, Debbie Field to lead the business meeting.

Business Meeting:

   Debbie Field began the business meeting at 7:15pm
   Old Business – None
   Officer’s Reports
    Richie Deason (SAA) reminded us that the November 22 meeting has been moved to November
       th                                                                       th           th
    17 and that we will have back to back meetings in November on the 7 and the 17 due to the
    Thanksgiving holiday
   Mack Miller (VP Membership) requested that all guests please sign the guest book and reminded the
    guests that he also has membership applications on hand
   Dave Brookmire (Treasurer) status update on dues – 50% of the members has paid their dues which
    are due no later than October 5 . The dues amount is $60 and please make your check out to The
    President’s Club
   New Business - Judi Rogers requested that we pose for a photo contest at the behest of the District;
    we all complied complete with funny glasses (See attached photo – Yikes!)
   Debbie Field (President) reminded all of us that the 2012-2013 District Speech Contest Semi-Finals
    will take place Saturday, September 15 @ 2:00 pm at the UPS Headquarters located in Sandy
    Springs. Please see the attached link for all of the information:
   Charlene Anderson (Secretary) is still drafting the letter to the District regarding the contest deadlines
    and promises to have a draft to Jim Dawson and the officers prior to the next meeting
   Business Meeting ends at 7:30pm and Debbie turned the lectern to the Toastmaster
General Meeting Begins:

   Humorist: Vahn Wagner                    Grammarian: Debbie Field
   Vote Counter: Lee Cox                    Timer: Judy Anderson
   “Ah” Counter: Ilene Steinberg            Videographer: Tom Nixon

Joke mistress: Vahn Wagner – John’s Mom came to dinner and noticed John’s roommate, Judy, was a
very attractive woman. John’s Mom insisted something was going on between John and Judy even
though John vehemently denied her accusations and said they were “just roommates”. A few days after
the dinner, Judy mentioned to John that the silver plated ladle was missing from the kitchen and asked if
John’s Mom had taken it by mistake. John penned a quick note to his Mom and said, “While I’m not
saying that you took the ladle, I am just saying the ladle is still missing.” To which John’s Mom replied,
“While I am not saying anything is going on between you and Judy, the fact remains that Judy would have
found the ladle had she slept in her own bed where I placed the ladle.” Way to go Mom and great joke
from Vahn!!

Word of the Day: Indemenible?? – I could not read my notes. My apologies to Sandy.

Table Topics: Theme “Fall”

Table Topics Master – Sandy Weaver-Carmen

Question 1: Tom Nixon, please tell us about a fall or almost fall you personally experienced.

Tom replied that he is really old and falls down quite often and went on to tell a story how he tripped on a
handicapped ramp as he was leaving an NSA meeting. Tom’s next story dealt with mowing his lawn and
falling while going down a hill, running into a tree stump, falling down while the lawn mower continued on
without him.

Question 2: Roslyn Dodell, please tell us about a time when you fell in love with a person, place or thing.

Roslyn told us about how she met her husband, Neal, back in the 80’s and really didn’t like and/or love
him when she first met him. It took some time and she remembers that she began to fall in love with
Neal while on a trip on the Staten Island Ferry. She has fond memories of the songs from the 80’s that
remind her of that good time in her life when she fell in love with the man that she eventually married.

Question 3: Eric, please tell us about a time when you fell for something hook, line and sinker or were

Eric was young and naïve when he was first married and still in college while his wife was out bringing
home the bacon. Eric answered the door to the traveling salesperson that was selling the Zep machines
(rug cleaners/vacuums). The next day another salesperson came to the door selling yet another product
and Eric fell for that one as well. His wife was angry with him for spending money so frivolously and
consequently he is no longer allowed to answer the door.

Question 4: Pinar, please tell us about a time you were thrown under the bus or a situation wherein you
were the Fall Guy.

Pinar informed us that in her culture, it is unlikely that anyone would be thrown under the bus. However,
she had the hiccups one time because she was on a diet and was avoiding sugar. She had eaten ice
cream and her husband, Gokhan asked if she had eaten the ice cream and she admitted she had eaten
the sugary ice cream. In the end, Pinar threw herself under the bus.

All table topic speakers qualified

Seven minute break began at 7:42

Speeches: Prepared speeches began at 7:49pm

“Pride” – Dave Brookmire
(Manual: CC Speech #6: Vocal Variety; Time: 5 -7 min)

“Inspiration is Everywhere” – Mike Hilgers
(Manual: Adv. Humorously Speaking Speech #2: Leave Them with a Smile; Time: 5 - 7 min)

“It’s Not What You See, It’s the Meaning of It” - Sutham Cobkit
(Manual: Adv. Storytelling Speech #4: The Touching Story; Time: 6 - 8 min)

All speakers qualified

   Evaluators and Evaluations                                       General Eval    Charlene Anderson
   Evaluator for Speaker #1: Dave Brookmire                                         Kumar Choudhuri
   Evaluator for Speaker #2: Mike Hilgers                                           Lisa Goodman
   Evaluator for Speaker #3: Sutham Cobkit                                          Mack Miller

All evaluators qualified

Announcements: Richie asked that we help with the room clean up. Rob mentioned that there is Story
Telling at the Square in Marietta on September 6 . Our guest, Dave Clarke, shared with us that his
career is taking him on a new path and public speaking will play a big part. He enjoyed the meeting and
will be back.

Most Enthusiastic Helper – Vahn Wagner
Best Table Topics – Eric Holtzclaw
Best Evaluator – Kumar Choudhuri
Best Speaker – Sutham Cobkit – Sutham’s speech was about his homeland – Thailand and all of the
sacrifices his Mom made in order for him to have a good education. His Mom sold pineapples to make a
living and still operates her pineapple stand. When Sutham see Pineapples he always thinks of his
Mother and how she never said no to him when it came to his education. Pineapples motivate Sutham to
lead a better life. He asked us, “What is your Pineapple?”...

Meeting Adjourned at 8:49 pm

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