Sample Gift Language - Establish an Endowed Fund with The Regents by WDi80kZB


									C-1: Outright Gift Letter Template [all highlighting to be edited; final should be single
To Establish a Current Use Fund 08/08
For Student Support with 209-Related Criteria
(includes reference to race, gender, ethnicity or national origin)
[Notes to Drafter: For all undergraduate scholarships and awards, please be sure to coordinate
with Mark Foncannon, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Scholarships at (530) 752-2789 or on the drafting of the selection criteria. Please note: In order for
donor to demonstrate that a gift gas taken place, the donor cannot control the selection process
by selecting the scholarship recipient.]

                                        <Donor Name(s)
                                         Donor Address
                                       City, State & Zip
                                     [on donor letterhead]>


<Name of university official (could be dean, director, etc.)>
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue            [UCDHS – Change address to appropriate Sacramento address]
Davis, CA 95616

Dear <salutation name of administrator>:

I/We believe in the excellence of the University of California, Davis (“UC Davis”) and hereby

irrevocably give the enclosed contribution of <gift amount and/or description of gift enclosed> to

the UC Davis Foundation (the “Foundation”), a California non-profit public benefit corporation.

[OR The Regents of the University of California (the “Regents”), to support UC Davis.] This

gift shall be used to establish a <scholarship/fellowship/award> to be known as the <Full Name>

(the “<scholarship/fellowship/award>”) in the <field of study> in the <Department of Name> in

the <College/School Name> and will support <one or more [define if undergraduate or

undergraduate and graduate] students each year. The “current use” fund shall be known by the

same name (the “Fund”) and shall be administered by the <title and area of position to serve as
<Administrator’s Name>
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fund administrator, for example: Dean of the College of ABC>, who as fund administrator will

ensure this gift is used for the purposes described in this letter.

[Note to Drafter: Language describing criteria for selection needs to be consistent with UC
and UC Davis policies. Due to Prop 209, University Development and UR-Administrative
Services will consult with general counsel regarding potential gifts citing specific selection
criteria relating to ethnicity, gender, national origin, etc.). If donor is not including these
factors in selection criteria, please use Gift Letter Template for Current Student Support with
General Criteria.]

In making this gift, I/we wish to provide student support based on the following criteria

<describe>. [NOTE: For undergraduate scholarships, please paste in the sample language

provided at the end of this letter. If used – please start new paragraph with next sentence.] I/We

understand that gifts and bequests that are restricted on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, or

national origin will be administered in a manner that ensures the funds are received by the

students with the characteristics defined by me/us, while at the same time not advantaging or

disadvantaging a student on the basis of his or her race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin.

This is accomplished by determining eligibility for financial aid without regard for those

characteristics and assigning aid from the restricted funds to students with those characteristics.

I/We acknowledge that the establishment, naming and selection processes needed for this fund

are subject to review and approval and must follow the policies of The Regents of the University

of California and UC Davis. I/We recognize that these policies and procedures may change from

time to time.

I/We also understand that, in accordance with UC Davis policy, there will be an administrative

fee of 6% (six percent) deducted from this gift to help support the costs associated with raising

and administering gift funds.
<Administrator’s Name>
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[Note: This example illustrates a gift fee taken off the top. The gift fee may also be paid from
an additional gift amount by the donor or from discretionary funds by the department, which
requires prior approval. For additional gift fee language and examples, please refer to the
Gift Fee Payment Option Examples in the Development Officers’ Toolkit.]

[OPTIONAL: For large current use gifts – an alternative use statement may be needed.] I/We

understand that unforeseen circumstances may alter the academic plan of UC Davis or remove

the subject area from the University academic plan. In such unlikely circumstances, the <UC

Davis Chancellor or Dean of the College of ABC> is authorized to redesignate the purpose of

this fund to further the objectives and purposes of the University, taking into consideration

my/our expressed wishes as described in this letter.

OPTIONAL: It is a pleasure to learn that UC Davis is in the quiet leadership phase of its first

comprehensive campaign. I am/We are honored that this commitment will be considered a part

of this important phase of the campaign. In public announcements and recognition, including

University and <College/School> publications and donor honor rolls, I/we wish to be recognized

as: <Donor Name or Names>. [OR: I/We wish my/our gift to remain anonymous to the extent

allowed by law.]

I am/We are very pleased to make this gift to further the excellence of <program/education > at

UC Davis.

Sincerely,                                         Optional:

<Donor name*>                         Date         <Donor name>                          Date
<Administrator’s Name>
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*Include title, If signing on behalf of an        include second signature if gift is from a
organization                                      married couple

Received by:

<Name of Campus Official, title>       Date       Isabella M. Corbin                    Date
<Name of College/School/Unit>                     Treasurer, UC Davis Foundation
UC Davis                                          OR for Regents gifts:
                                                  Isabella M. Corbin
                                                  Executive Director,
                                                  Office of Administrative Services
                                                  University Relations, UC Davis

Sample language for undergraduate scholarships:

The <NAME> Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) is to be made to an undergraduate student(s) in
the College <NAME> at UC Davis. As a scholarship, selection of recipients is based on
academic merit, therefore a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) and a Total
Scholarship Score are required. I understand that at the time of this gift the minimum GPA for
scholarships is 3.25 and the Total Scholarship Score is calculated as the sum of the GPA and the
scores of the reviewers. [Include here any other criteria that may be needed, including if
financial need is to be considered; Only if the selection criteria include restrictions based on
race, gender, ethnicity or national origin will we need to add Prop 209 language]. It is our wish
that the Scholarship be administered by the UC Davis Undergraduate Scholarship Office,
working with the Academic Senate Committee on Undergraduate Scholarships, Honors and
Prizes, or successor campus unit, following policies and procedures for awarding of
undergraduate scholarships to students. Since it is our intention that the campus have flexibility
in the awarding of the Scholarship, the amount and number of awards, whether they be
renewable, and similar determinations may be made at the discretion of the Undergraduate
Scholarship Office.

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