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					Soul Survivor B
7th-12th August 2011
Your Son/Daughter is now booked into Soul Survivor Week B from the 7th to 12th August
2012. Before you know it, we will be setting off with our tents in tow down to Shepton Mallet,
Somerset for a week of worship, teaching and lots of fun.

Enclosed you’ll find this letter, a kit list, expectations for those attending Soul Survivor & a
medical form which needs to be returned to Pete Stratton ASAP, along with a donation
for the transport & food. We will not be charging a fixed price for the food and transport
because we want to give each parent a choice of how much they can realistically afford...
The cost for food & transport is £50 per person for the week. At the same time however, if
you cannot afford this extra cost towards Soul Survivor, then please do not hesitate to contact
Pete Stratton.

Can you please send cash or a cheque (to “Frequency”) by Thursday 2nd August.

We will be leaving from Thame Cattle Market, Tuesday 7th August at 9:45am. If you can
make sure you are there at least by 9:30am, as we will have lots to pack into the van.

In the same way as last year, we will be providing all the daily meals together. This is so that
we can have time to have a short meeting each day to check that everyone is doing alright,
and a chance to have fellowship together and feedback from any meetings.
We will split everyone into groups for the week, these groups will be to help out with food
preparation and washing up, and will all have an adult responsible for that group.

Please also make sure your son or daughter have themselves a tent, or are happy to share
with someone else who is providing a tent. They will need to bring clothes for all weather
conditions as in previous years it has been very wet & muddy, and cold in the evenings.

On Thursday 2nd August (7pm - 8pm) at Christchurch (Upper High Street, Thame) we’ll be
having a compulsory meeting for all those attending and parents, which will provide us with
the opportunity to give you all the final details and also give you the opportunity to ask any
questions. If you cannot make this meeting please still get all the forms and money to me and
I’ll ensure you will get an email copy of the notes from that meeting.

Following the meeting we’ll be having a Sleepover for those attending Soul Survivor and the
local young people, for more information please refer to the enclosed sleepover letter.

If you have any queries or concerns before then, please do not hesitate to contact Pete

God Bless

                                       ←This is also the emergency contact number for Soul S. and the sleepover.
Pete Stratton – 07743364046
Youth Worker - Barley Hill Church, Thame
Email: youth@barleyhillchurch.org.uk         Pete Stratton, 18 Queens Road, Thame, Oxon, OX9 3NQ
SOUL SURVIVOR 2012 – Expectations,
Rules and Guidelines
Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th August

I am personally really excited by Soul Survivor this year, as it is my last event before I finish youth work with Barley
Hill Church. If it’s anything like previous years, I’m sure you’ll all have lots of fun and engage with God in some
amazing ways, but in order to make it as good as possible, we have created some expectations on your part. These
expectations have not been made up to annoy you, but a lot of thought and preparation has gone into making the whole
experience at Soul Survivor as good and safe as possible, for you and everyone else attending. Before leaving for Soul
Survivor you will need to sign an agreement to say that you agree with these rules.

Small groups:
At some point every day you will be breaking up into small groups to chat and catch up on how Soul Survivor is going for
you. The aim of these groups is to help you, challenge you and also encourage you to engage with other people from our
These groups will also be put onto a rota to help with food preparation and washing up around meal times. Please make
sure you engage when your group is on the rota, so that everyone does their fair share of chores.

Main Meetings:
Each day Soul Survivor has 2 main meetings (morning and evening) – everyone will be required to go to the first part of
all of these meetings and we will sit together in one group. You will be able to leave once the talk has finished and only
once a leader has given permission. I think it’s really a great time to learn from God and engage in worship together as
one youth group, it also means that we are there to support one another.

Afternoons & After hours:
During the afternoons and after hours your time is your own. You have the opportunity to explore the cafes, market place,
cinema, skate park, sports activities or just chill on our campsite, amongst other things. It is really important that we all
keep our eyes open for people within our group who may be feeling left out, and try and engage them in the things we’re
doing. You need to also ensure that you know when you need to be back on our campsite (e.g. if you’re doing food prep,
what time dinner is or the night curfew).

Single Sex Tents:
All tents need to be single sex and this means at all times; no boys in girls tents and no girls in boys tents. If you want to
commune together there will be space for this!

Night Time:
After hours and the catering vans all close at 12am, so to give you enough time to say goodbye to your friends and find
your way back in the dark, you need to be back on our campsite by 12:45am. Once back on the campsite we won’t be
enforcing a specific bed time every night but the leaders will judge what is sensible. Once you’re told to go to your tents
you will need to stay there; this is because when people in the group get too tired it ruins the experience for everyone in
the group, because it usually results in people getting easily angered or over emotional. We may end up doing random
tent checks at any time (including night times) so;
         a) Don’t get scared if a leader wakes you up
         b) If we find anyone missing, or a boy in a girl’s tent (or vice versa) there will be significant consequences, with
            the possibility of you being sent home.
         c) Don’t bring any items restricted by Soul Survivor or Frequency-Youth (detailed below)

Staying onsite:
You will need to stay on the Soul Survivor site at all times, if you need to go off site it is to only be with a leader and I will
personally need to know before you go. There will be someone doing a trip to Tesco most days, so if you need something
let me know.
        Anyone who would like to see the Soul Survivor site rules can find them at:
        They are mostly common sense, but we will all have to keep to them.

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect from Soul Survivor and what we as leaders expect from you, if you
have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

God Bless,          Alcohol, Drugs & Cigarettes:
                    There is a Soul Survivor site policy, supported by us which clearly dictates that there is to be no alcohol or drugs
                    on site – no questions asked. If we believe you to have been drinking or consuming drugs you are very likely to
                    be sent home. As for cigarettes I personally need to know before we leave for Soul Survivor that you intend to
                    smoke onsite. If this is the case you will need to smoke out of sight and without the knowledge of the young
                    people in our group. If we see ANY communal smoking or smoking around other members of our youth group
                    significant action will be taken.
Pete Stratton
Soul Survivor 2012 – Things You Need
to Bring!

Below is a rough guide of things you need to bring with you in order to “survive” Soul
As we will be providing and cooking meals for you, please don’t bring gas stoves, pots and
pans or food. There will be stoves you can use to boil water and make hot drinks etc

Camping items

      A Tent or an agreement with someone else (of the same sex) to stay in their tent
      Mallet, Pegs, and instructions of how to put the tent up!
      Roll Mat, or a small airbed
      Pump
      Pillow
      Sleeping bag
      Torch/Lamp
      Batteries
      Wash Kit – Shower gel (yes boys you do need this!!), shampoo, toothpaste and
       brush, soap, girly stuff, towels, deodorant.
      Any medication you take, inhalers etc
      Waterproof jacket, suitable shoes & wellies!
      Mug, tea towel (with name on it)
      Small folding chair (it is your responsibility to look after this chair throughout the week)
      Some Money for snacks or any books, CD’s, clothes you may want to buy
      Clothes – Please only bring what you NEED. The weather can be very
       unpredictable so be prepared for hot days, cold nights and just maybe as it is
       summer, A LOT of rain!!!

Other suggested items

      Bible
      Notebook and Pen
      Any daily Bible notes you use
      Something to entertain you – football, pack of cards, Magazine or book

I would encourage people not to bring valuables with them, although it is a Christian camp,
there can still be a lot of theft as people leave iPod’s and mobiles in tents.

God Bless

Pete Stratton
Youth Worker - Barley Hill Church, Thame

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