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					Mursley Community
Funding Campaign
    Thank You to Our Funding Partners
       WREN
       Sport England
       Football Foundation & The FA Centre
       AVDC Community Chest
       Defra Leader
       Mursley Parish Council via S106

All partner plaques will be presented in prime locations inside or outside the pavilion,
open the Pavilion with Launch Party and invite them all
Core Values:

   Sport & fitness for all
   Teaching & learning through sport
   Enhancing community and social interaction
   Enhancing opportunities for local, regional & national partnerships

 Helping the children and the residents of Mursley find their place on our

What we do
 We present a range of unique opportunities for the children and residents of
  Mursley to connect with the concept of playing sport for fun and to enhance
  their opportunities to participate and learn with and from others.
 We aim to promote quality sports and fitness for children & residents
  through special events and activities by raising public awareness, regular
  networking with residents, partners and potential fundraisers.
The Vision

   To develop Mursley Recreation Ground into a centre for the
    community for sports, recreation and leisure.
Vision –
Draw here
The Vision

               New Space and outfield

                             Cricket Square

                                                             Cricket Nets

                                              Junior Pitch

                                               Jubilee Picnic

     See
     Blog:
     Presentation on 25th August – see photos
     Spread The Word
     Leaflet Drop
Community contribution

   As a community we can make an essential contribution
    to the finishing of the build
   Our larger funders require community fund raising
       to show we are behind the plan

MSA want to make it affordable for everyone to be involved
 and flexible enough for people to make a larger donation
 if they wish
Opportunities to make a contribution

   Targeted Local Business in MK - Community Partners
      Buy a Block of Bricks

   Mursley Community Supporters 2012
     Buy A Brick
Roll of Honour – Local Business Support
Approach 100 businesses in MK to make a donation
 Contribute to ‘Buy a Block of Bricks’ (block = 100 x £5)
 Target 10-15 donors
        Commercial team, Knock on doors, Letter, Flyer, Email, website

   Examples only
‘Buy a Brick’ – Community Supporters 2012
Via the MSA forum on 25th August and by networking
  throughout Mursley, email and flyer
 Donations made via website – one brick = £5 (minimum
 Target = 3,000 bricks
 One name per contribution on the wall inside pavilion
What Happens Next
                       Buy A Brick




   Campaign plan for businesses
   Update Parish Website

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