Basker Fundraising Letter by epRQRLT


									                                       September 15, 2006
Marcia C. Inhorn, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Society for Medical Anthropology       Dear SMA Member,
American Anthropological Association
                                       We are writing to ask for your support in securing the future of one of the Society for Medical
Board Members:                         Anthropology’s most prestigious awards, the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize. The Prize
Joao Biehl                             endowment was originally established to commemorate Eileen Basker’s passionate commitment
Arachu Castro                          to the study of gender and health and to extend her groundbreaking achievements in this field
Robbie Davis-Floyd                     following her death in 1986 at the age of 50. The annual competition for the Prize is open to
Douglas Feldman
Craig Janes                            scholars from any discipline or nation for a specific book, article, film, or exceptional PhD thesis
Vinay Kamat                            produced within the preceding three years. The Basker Prize is awarded to the work judged to be
Helen Lambert                          the most courageous, significant, and potentially influential contribution to scholarship in the
Thomas Leatherman                      area of gender and health.
Lesley Sharp
Elisa Sobo
Catherine Timura                       Over the twenty years since it was first conceived, the Eileen Basker Memorial Prize has amply
                                       succeeded in its aim to promote excellence in research on gender and health. Former
Ex-Officio:                            prizewinners (see the attached list) are among the most prominent anthropologists in the field,
Pamela Erickson
Mark Luborsky                          and several have gone on to become globally esteemed scholars. As the first and only book
Andrea Sankar                          award in this field for a considerable period, the Prize has almost certainly been influential in
Janelle Taylor                         spurring a publishing boom in the area of gender and health scholarship. By creating momentum
Lauren Wynne                           in this field, the Prize competition has also helped to substantiate the relevance of medical
                                       anthropology as an important related area.

                                       Sadly, over the past twenty years, the value of the Prize endowment has not kept pace with
                                       inflation, and it no longer generates enough income to cover the cost of the annual $1000 award.
                                       The SMA is therefore launching an urgent fundraising campaign with the aim of supplementing
                                       the Basker endowment sufficiently to secure the cash award at the existing level for future

                                       2007 will see the twentieth anniversary of the launch of the Basker Prize, and we are planning a
                                       number of activities at the 2007 AAA meetings to celebrate this event, including a special
                                       session and reception for all past awardees. This year is therefore the ideal time to launch our
                                       fundraising campaign; with your help we will be able to announce a secure future for the Basker
                                       Prize at its 20th anniversary year celebration.
Mailing Address:
                                       Please give generously via, the AAA’s secure payment
University of Michigan                 site. After completing your details, click on the ‘Other’ box and type in ‘Basker’. Alternatively,
School of Public Health                if you prefer not to make online donations, there is a donation form enclosed with this letter for
Health Behavior & Health Education     you to complete and send to: Suzanne Mattingly, Controller, American Anthropological
1420 Washington Hgts, M5140 SPHII
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029               Association, 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22201. Please indicate ‘Basker’ in the
                                       memo line. Any amount of support is greatly appreciated.
Phone (HBHE): (734) 615-9786
Phone (CMENAS): (734) 647-4141         For more details of the terms and conditions for this year’s Prize competition or about recent
Fax (HBHE): (734) 763-7379
Fax (CMENAS): (734) 764-8523           Basker prizewinners, please see the web page at
                                       With many thanks and best wishes.

                                       Yours sincerely,

                                       Helen Lambert                       Virginia Domingues                   Marcia Inhorn
                                       Basker Prize Committee Chair        Basker Prize Founder                 President, SMA

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